We Can Talk Later

Infinite AR - Episode 10836

"We can talk later" Jim huffed as he reached for the ray gun while his mother was lost in a trance.

Unfortunately, it didn't work quite as planned. The gypsy woman didn't look pleased and mumbled something Jim couldn't understand. Before he could even touch the ray gun his arms simply went limp and fell to his sides. Nothing he did would change that.

"Such an impatient boy!" the gypsy said.

"What did you do to me???!!" Jim yelled.

"SILENCE! You anger me!" was the answer he got and then found his voice was now gone as well as the movement in his arms.

The gypsy woman turned back to Jim's mother and grinned. It was not a happy grin but rather a mischievous grin. She again mumbled something that Jim couldn't understand.

The next thing Jim saw was a shape forming in the crystal ball. He stared intently trying to make some sense of the form he was seeing. He soon realized he was seeing his mother's older self inside the crystal ball. Not only that, but he could begin to hear her as well.

"Jim! Jim! Help me! You have to help me! What's happening to me?"

Jim couldn't answer even though he tried. His arms and voice remained paralyzed. The gypsy could see the questioning in Jim's eyes.

"I might've helped you had you obeyed me and helped me. We could've helped each other. Now, I don't care to help you at all. I have a different plan entirely. Just to let you know what I've done, I've separated your mother's adult personality from her body entirely. Now her teenage persona doesn't have the burden of this other personality trying to take over again. But as long as this adult persona exists, there's always the chance you could return her to the body."

Jim's eye's showed panic! His mother's adult image pleaded from inside the crystal ball to stop this. "No! Please, noooooo!"

"Worried, huh?" the old woman asked Jim "Well just watch what I'm about to do. I'm going to return your mother back to her body... Where would I keep a personality around here anyway?"

Jim's eyes showed relief upon hearing that. The gypsy woman must've just been showing her power as a warning or something he figured.

"Just one little thing I need to do first...." the gypsy woman said "You see, in order to not worry about her adult persona taking over I need to weaken her. Now... how to do that....???"

The question almost seemed rhetorical. Panic returned to Jim's eyes. The gypsy woman was still punishing him!

Jim's adult mother beat her fists onto the inside of the crystal ball. "Stop this! Please! Please! No!!!!"

The old woman laughed and then held her hands around the crystal ball. "Tick Tock, Tick Tock, It's time to reverse the clock!"

Jim watched as his mother tearfully beat on the inside of the crystal ball. He soon saw something else... the image of his mother was getting younger inside the crystal ball!

"This should work nicely. I'll just rejuvenate that stale old personality of her's until it's too weak and immature to be a factor!" she explained to Jim.

Back she went. From middleaged to a young woman. Then to teendom. She kept pleading for the old woman to stop the process but she refused. As she grew younger her pleas become less and less. By the time her teen years had nearly passed she began to look comfortable with what was happening.

"She's forgetting how to be an adult now" the gypsy explained with a laugh. "Her mind is untraining itself.

Jim watched as the image grew more juvenile by the second. From teen to tween to child. Jim had to stop his mother's adult personality from regressing to a simple child. With all the strength he could muster he was able to overcome the gypsy woman's spell and yell out "m m m Mom! No! You have to remember!"

The child peered out at him from within the crystal ball and put her thumb in her mouth.

The gypsy woman grinned "I don't think she's listening to you! I believe that should be good enough. Her body is now a teenager with her teenage personality intact, and her adult personality has been reduced to a thumb sucking 3 year old! Too innocent and weak to be a threat at all to her now dominant personality. You mortals... Always trying to use science when there are other ways!"

The image of the child faded and Jim's teenaged mother began to awaken from her trance. Before she fully regained her senses, the gypsy woman took the ray gun for herself. "I'll take this now!"

Jim's paralysis ended.

"Hey, like, the old woman isn't in my head anymore!" his mother exclaimed

  1. ..But why do I feel like sucking my thumb?
  2. The gypsy woman turned the ray gun on herself
  3. Jim's mom wanted to go find a party
  4. The gypsy woman laughed and turned Jim and his mother into children

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