What the gyspy woman wants. . .

Infinite AR - Episode 10827

Jim eyes the raygun in his mom's purse as she gazes into the crystal ball. He would have to be quick to change her back before she is gone forever.

"Now Jim, you don't want to do that." The old gypsy woman said quietly. "If you interupt me now, the results would be serious."

She waited a moment until Jim's mom was completely dazed. "Neither of you asked what I wanted in return. What I would like is for you to use that invention of yours on me so I can be around your age again.

"And in return I'll -

  1. I'll hide her mom's personality from her new self. But I'll give you a word that can bring her back or vice versa.
  2. I'll split the two into different bodies.
  3. Let me think about this while you change me into my early twenties. I was quite beautiful once.
  4. Jim decides not to wait but goes for the raygun.
  5. Something else happens.

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4/22/2008 3:04:09 PM

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