Infinite AR - Episode 10812

Hours passed. The feeling was just so incredible, moreso than any previous diaper defication, that the two started to eat and drink and use their diapers with abandon until they could no longer walk. The diapers seemed alive and would pleasure both young, ageless women every time they were used. It was impossible to resist until each was being enveloped by an expanding diaper.
Sharon was the first to go. As Dizzy watched Sharon disapear within her expanding diaper and then, as if a balloon had been pierced, the diaper deflated. Dizzy was worried to see that it was now empty but that feeling didn't last long due to the soft, wet material undulating between her legs as she continued to wet. Soon the warm cloth-like material closed over Dizzy's head as well and she passed out.

  1. A brave new world
  2. It was all a dream...or was it?
  3. Prison
  4. Nursing
  5. You're dead

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4/14/2008 2:13:46 AM

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