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Infinite AR - Episode 10807

Watching Sharon take the shower of immortality was quite a show. As the water cascaded down her body and through her hair, washing the suds from her long dark locks, she began to change though not nearly as much as Dizzy had. Her hair grew longer, her breasts swelled, her skin smoothed and tightened ever so slightly, her waist shrank and toned, and even though it was hard to make out her ass molded into buns of steel beneath her shrinking diaper. Stepping out of the shower to towel off she felt more alive than ever before and knew then and there that she'd enjoy her new life with Dizzy.
It didn't take them long to start making out and having hot lesbian sex with a few of the toys that Sharon had brought along with their change of diapers. But as they expressed their love for one another in a physical fashion Dizzy started to get a little jealous of Sharon's body, after all Sharon started out as a girl and ended up with the better assets.
Wanting to keep her desire for a better body a secret, Dizzy suggested a romantic shower together. Knowing what she was really after Sharon bolted for the bathroom with Dizzy in hot pursuit.
With the steam rising they worked up a good lather as they emptied the bottle and stood in the stall caressing one another until the water ran cold and even after they continued to play with the rivulets on their skin until they had evaporated. Each had used her diaper several times during this intimate exchange but because they were so infatuated with each other they failed to notice just how much the diapers were expanding.
It wasn't until they had stepped out of the shower and decided to get a change that they noticed a problem. Neither of them could remove their respective diapers. This was enough to put a damper on their day. It was like the diapers had reverted to their old ways but this time the clock was missing.

  1. They panic and fight it to no avail
  2. Act 2
  3. Curious, they explore this development
  4. Once you pop you just can't stop
  5. Back to the store!

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4/14/2008 2:01:17 AM

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