The magic Store - Intro

Infinite AR - Episode 10758

Jim was shopping in a magic store in the mall. He was 17 years old. He had short, straight, brown hair. He also had blue eyes. Jim was straight and had a girlfriend. He lived with both his parents and his younger sister. He had a strong interest in things that were being transformed.

He was wearing boxers underneath his pajama pants. He found pajama pants to be very comfortable so he often wore them around to different places. He was also wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Six blocks away was where Sharon, Jim's girlfriend, lived. She was watching music videos while laying on the couch. She was 17 years old, just like Jim. She had long, wavy, brown hair. She also had blue eyes. She was also straight. She lived with both her parents, and her twin sister.

Sharon had B-cup boobs, which were covered by a bra and a long sleeve shirt. On her lower half, she was wearing panties, and sweats.

Back at Jim's house, his parents were saying good bye to his younger sister. They were going out of town for the week. Her name was Fionna. She was 15 years old. She ha shoulder length, curly, red hair. She also had blue eyes. She was straight, and had a boyfriend.

For the last afternoon, and night, she was grounded from using the toilet. She had to be put in diapers for her punishment. She got a bad grade on one of her projects in school. While in her punishment, she learned that she liked to see other people in pull-ups.

Fionna had D-cup boobs. She was wearing a tube top on her upper half. On her lower half, she was wearing a pull-up and shorts. Her pull- up for the moment was dry. Fionna was told that she could change out of her pull-up into underwear after she used her pull-up.

Becky was in her room. She is Sharon's twin sister. She has long, straight, brown hair. She has brown eyes. Unlike her sister, she is a lesbian. She also wets the bed. This is caused by a disease. Her diapers don't bother her, after all, it beats waking up in a wet bed. She has a fetish that she likes to see others wet and poop in diapers; especially girls.

She has C-cup boobs, which were covered in a tanktop. On her lower half, she was wearing kapris styled pajama pants and her diaper. Her diaper was soaked and she would need a change soon.

It was Friday morning at ten in the morning.

  1. Jim's point of view
  2. Sharon's point of view
  3. Fionna's point of view
  4. Becky's point of view
  5. The wand

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