Katie's new diaper puppet

Infinite AR - Episode 106837

Katie wished again and Jim ends up back in Katie's room. Jim felt a little weird. Then Katie put her mind into Jim's mind. Then Jim looked at his diapers and saw strings now attached to them. Katie is now in control of Jim's actions. She Jim tried to get a girl friend Katie made him mess himself in front of her. Then Jim tried to move out of his home but the moving truck disappeared and then Katie said to Jim. Silly boy only adults get to move out of the and your a baby. I'm am not a baby said Jim but as he said that he felt himself poop in his diaper. Are you sure you're an adult because that smell says Big Baby said Katie. Then Jim started to watch Tv but the parental lock was on his Tv and and it wa the same for his computer. Jim had become depressed an was always made fun of at school and everywhere he goes so he tries to commit suicide but his sister made a hole into the ground and Jim ends up back in his nursery room again. He never got diaper rash. He never aged beyond a 20 year old boy who looked like he had a ABDL fetish and Jim was stuck wearing the same poopy smelly diaper and the same blue onesie he wore when Katie got revenge on him. Jim's life was miserable and then Jim sat on his poopy diaper and started to cry on his knees.

  1. The End
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