kindergarten comes with a price

Infinite AR - Episode 1066

Jim peered over to his desk and saw his calculus homework. "Shit. I don't want to have do that." He thought. Jim then thought about how easy kindergarten was. He set the dial to when he started kindergarten and phased back in time. He started to phase into his younger body. He was sitting in a circle with the rest of his class. It was show and tell time. Suddenly he heard a girl ask "what's that thing?" As she looked at jims crotch. Jim looked down. "Fuck!" He screamed. The machine had malfunctioned. Jim went back in time, but the machine didn't give him kids clothes. Jim was now a naked 6 year old sitting in a circle with 20 other children. He stood up and ran out of the classroom towards the restrooms.

  1. jim was getting younger
  2. jims teacher found him in the bathroom
  3. jim made a wrong turn and accidentaly went to the high school hall

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12/27/2012 9:51:45 PM

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