A ballerina for a mom

Infinite AR - Episode 10636

As it would be, Bridget's clothes hadn't regressed to her age and pants, panties, and bra slipped and fell off her. She stared confounded at them. Jim smiled at his young mother, and then the device started to smoke. Jim yelled, "Oh shit!" And Bridget started to cry. Would a 7 year old really cry just because I yelled? Jim thought. Then Jim smelled something horrible and relized his mother had just crapped herself. Jim quickly grabbed the device, only to be burned he yelped and Bridget cried harder. Jim sighed and begun to clean up the mess that was on Bridget's clothes. After that he found some of his 8 year old niece's goodnites and had to force them on Bridget, the entire time acting like a baby, rolling around, gurgling and such. After that, lacking better clothes, he forced on the ballerina tights. After that, he brought some baby toys from out from the attic, and let Bridget play with them while he worked on the device.

  1. Bridget began to remember she was 7
  2. Bridget remembers up to 15
  3. Bridget completly remember everything
  4. Bridget regresses/progresses
  5. Jim's sister comes home

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