Enter the Gypsy Woman

Infinite AR - Episode 10585

Jim and his mother entered the gypsy woman's shoppe. "Hello children" the gypsy woman said as she greeted them "What can I do for you?"

The woman stared at Jim's mother as if she saw something askew with her. Jim's teenaged mother wasted no time in explaining what she wanted.

"OK, it's like this- Jimmy here found a way to make me young again but he like wants it to be temporary or something. No way do I want that old hag coming back so I want you to help me get rid of her. You know, get her outta my head"

"Ok, let's take a seat and see what I can do" the old woman replied not at all sounding surprised at the story.

Jim eyed the raygun still in his mother's purse. If only he could get it back he could stop this before it gets out of hand.

The old woman pulled a scarf off of an object at the center of the table which revealed a crystal ball underneath.

"Now, look deep into the crystal ball..."

  1. The gypsy went to work on the request
  2. Jim and his mother drifted off to sleep
  3. The gypsy woman agreed to continue but only if....

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4/22/2008 1:16:03 AM

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