Nostalgic Much?

Infinite AR - Episode 10559

Jim's Mom, or because of her age "new sister", still couldn't believe it. One moment she was a tired middle-aged mother, the next she was back in her perky high-school years. However, while she was amazed, her mind thought about grander things. Jim's Mom saw that the machine could make the family rich, and even make them more happy. She thought back to the days where Jim and his little sister Katie were younger. Cute and always the happiest bunch of kids; She missed those times. But as her nostalgic run ended, Jim's Mom knew now she could make it a reality!

Without missing a beat, the Age-Ray that Jim had so carefully worked on was now pointing in his direction. As his mom fiddled with the machine, Jim started to panic.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Jim said flatly

"Well, I was just thinking back to when you and Katie were younger and how it would be great to have some kids back in the house again. And since your going off to college so soon, this will be great to have some quality time with you again!" Jim's mom said as she raised the ray to Jim's body and blasted him with it.

Already feeling the effects of the ray, Jim yelled "Mom, I don't want to be younger. You didn't even ask me".

"You didn't ask me if I wanted to be younger. And besides, this will be fun" She said, watching Jim slowly shrink in age to...

  1. Ten Years Old
  2. Eight Years Old
  3. Six Years Old
  4. Four Years Old
  5. Two Years Old

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