Teenage rebellion.

Infinite AR - Episode 10557

“Honey, please return me to my original age.” Mom asked. Jim was confused. “Why would you want to go back to being old? I mean, you weren’t that old before but-“ “JIM,” Mom interrupted in a stern voice. “I can’t go around looking like a teenager. What will the neighbors think? Not to mention we’d be putting your father on some sort of predator’s list if word gets out he’s married a teenager.” “Okay, I see your point.” Jim said in a defeated tone. “I should be able to set your age back to the way it was. Just stand over there and hold your pants up until you grow back into them.” Mom stood still holding up her pants just as instructed. Jim then zapped his mother again and...

  1. Mom returns to her normal age.
  2. Mom is now in her late twenties/early thirties.
  3. Nothing happens.
  4. Mom’s mind reverts back to her teenage self
  5. Mom gets younger.

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2/28/2019 12:30:36 AM

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