Baby Teen

Infinite AR - Episode 10506

Looking around though the women's costumes Jim comes across a big pink onesie with ruffles around the bottom, with matching little boots. It was in a bag that came with oddly three big diapers they, had a pink tint to them that told you a baby girl would wear then. Also in the bag was a pink pacifier and a bottle both for the size of a young teen. Jim looks around checking for anyone then he grabs the costume and heads into a dressing room. It was a dream come true. Sure a little small but he had to try it plus the store claimed all costumes would fit. He rips open the plastic bag holding the goods then in seconds drops his own clothes. Double checking the dressing room door was like he pops the pacifier in and sucks on it. Opening a diaper he places it on the floor and lies down to put it on. Taping it in place Jim smiles in the dressing room mirror. Next came the pink onesie, which Jim carefully snaps in place. The whole time Jim never has to force the outfit to his size it fits on like a glove. Slipping on the booties Jim feels light headed. He looks in the mirror and his hair is lighter and down to his shoulders. Suddenly the long hair flies up and ribbons hold the hair in cute pigtails. Jim's chest puffs up making almost B cup breasts at the same time below deck a hole forms replacing the true sign of manhood. Sucking the pacifier to keep from screaming and freaking out Jim knows the girl in the mirror is him and only one thought crosses his mind

  1. Get out of the costume!
  2. Where is mama?
  3. Dreams do come true
  4. I really have to go potty
  5. SE

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11/11/2008 8:28:50 PM

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