i wish my life was how it was before...

Infinite AR - Episode 10400

while jim was asleep he dropped the card on the floor and there was flash of lightand suddenly jims clothes began to change his underwear started to puff up in every directionand all his other clothes dissapeared leaving him in just a diaper and a paci in his mouth, but it was more than that all the clothes in jims hoise started to change into diapers, footed sleepers, and onsies, plus bars started to rise out of his bed and a plasted nursery print cover stretched of his matress and all the other furniture in his room changed into baby furniture, then...

  1. jim woke up
  2. jim woke up to a diaper change
  3. jim woke up to breast feeding
  4. jim woke up and messed his diaper in front of his girlfriend
  5. someone walks in

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7/10/2013 7:08:40 AM

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