Release the load

Infinite AR - Episode 103696

. They must have moved in their sleep, because Jeremy woke up on his side and Jim woke up with his face half pressed onto Jeremy’s diaper. Their bellies both still full and hurting. They sat up and looked at the time, only about an hour later. Jim sitting on Jeremy’s lap groaning as his stomach cramped. “ I gotta gooooo...” he complained. Jim quickly grabbed the gun out of his diaper in case. “ yeah. Me too baby boy” Jim looked back at Jeremy. “ if I’m a baby boy then so are you, your sitting in a diaper too.” Jeremy sighed. “ fine jimmy. But I guess we gotta just let it out huh. “ Jim nodded in agreement. Jim lifted his butt up a little bit and pushed, grunting softly. His diaper filled up and broke, sending most of it down into the second one, a giant soft mucky load browning his entire diaper. He painted and sat down on Jeremy’s lap fully again. Jeremy blushes at how big of a load just filled up Jim’s diapers, and the warmth on his lap from it. His belly grumbled, so Jeremy grunted and pushed himself. His load was just a big, except his was lumpy and thicker. Both boys diapers now completely brown and faces blushing red

  1. Mommy comes to get them
  2. Let’s see what mommy is doing
  3. The boys get horny
  4. Jim shoots them a way out

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