Jim gets the gun, and mommy loves her babies

Infinite AR - Episode 103685

Jim grabbed the gun when it was dropped. He immediately took revenge and shot Jeremy’s belly. Jeremy groaned loudly and pushed out a giant load of muck into his diaper. Jim giggles at him. Suddenly mommy grabbed them both and put them on her lap. “ mommy’s baby boys must be hungry after making such big poopies.” She pushed their heads onto her boobs and held them there. Jim started to suck with no problem, while Jeremy squirmed and fought. “ your not leaving until mommy sees you’ve drank all your milkies” that made Jeremy start sucking. Jim shot his moms boobs. They tripled in size and mommy didn’t seem to mind. Jim’s belly was starting to bulge from the huge amount of milk they were drinking. Jeremy too, though he was having a much harder time. Jim got done first, his stomach bulged out and gurgling loudly at him. Jeremy finished later, his stomach just as bad. Mommy smiled at them and pushed their faces in between her boobs. “ poor baby boys. Your Tummy’s are so loud. Let’s get you two into your cribs for a nappy.” She picked them both up and took them into his little sisters room. She still had a crib, despite being three, but mommy didn’t trust her. She put them both into the crib and walked out, turning off the light.

  1. The two boys argue
  2. The two boys actually nap
  3. Follow mommy
  4. Jim starts shooting jeremy
  5. Jeremy fights the gun out of Jim’s hands

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