An Even Younger Sister

Infinite AR - Episode 1016

Kati, Jim's 12 year old sister, was where she always was, sprawled out on her bed talking on the phone in her room. She was wearing a pink and white striped seelveless sweater and blue jeans, her short brown hair hung back behind her ears.

Jim smirked and set the device, firing it at her. The beam surrounded her as her phone dropped to the floor. She began shrinking down as she looked around nervously. Her clothes began shrinking as she got shorter and pudgier. She dropped down to toddlerhood, becoming a girl no more then two years old. She was now dressed in a pair of pink shortalls with a white t-shirt. Her hair was now in curls as she looked forward, surprised. Her room had changed as well, all her trinkets and makeup changing into plush toys and dolls as her room took on a pink hue.

Jim watched from the hallway, laughing to himself as he observed what was going on.

  1. Jim sets the device and zaps Kati again
  2. Jim decides to test the gun on someone else
  3. Jim is fine with the results and tries to decide what to do with it.

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