Oh Brother!

Infinite AR - Episode 1015

Jim's older brother, David, was a bit of the recluse. Jim found him sitting in a bean bag chair in his room, listening to some loud music in some headsets. Jim smirked as he set the device. At first, Jim knew that he wanted his brother to realize what has hapening to him, but he wanted everything and everyone around him to change around him. He set the gun accordingly and zapped David. He began to shrink, his clothing shrinking along with him. It took him a little while before he realized what was going on, but by then, it was too late. He was now no older then 12 years old. His room was decorated with posters of kid shows and movies.

'What the...?' Dave asked under his breath as he looked around.

He got up and walked over to a mirror. Upon seeing his image, he began shaking a bit in shock.

Jim could barely contain his laughter

  1. Jim makes Dave younger
  2. Jim changes Dave mentally
  3. Jim changes Dave into a girl

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1/19/2006 12:10:50 PM

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