Marcie Mayhem

Infinite AR - Episode 1014

Jim called up his girlfriend Marcie. "Yes Jim, what's up?" "I have to come over right now and show you something, you are never going to believe it!" "Hmmm, alright I guess. Make it quick though, as my parents are due home in an hour and my dad is still pissed at you for the last invention of yours." "Hey, how was I to know the formula for speeding up the growth of your lawn would also turn it purple?" "Yeah , we do have a lawn like no other now. Anyway, hurry on over and show me." "Alright, see you in a few." Jim put the device in his book bag, and headed to his girlfriend's house just a couple houses away. As he knocked on the door, he got out the device to show her. Only, she picked the wrong time to grab his arm and pull him in the house. The next thing she knew...

  1. Baby Marcie
  2. back to a preteen
  3. middle age clothing and hair
  4. she is her current age, naked, and in a diaper
  5. mentally an old lady

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4/3/2006 4:59:09 PM

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