Family Matters

Infinite AR - Episode 1013

Jim smiled as he tinkered with the settings before heading downstairs. His mother, Martha, was downstairs making dinner when Jim found her. He smiled and set the gun to change her mind and environment before using the device. She began shrinking, her dress shrinking down with her. Eventually, she had de-aged until she was no more then 10 years old. He smiled as she looked around nervously, wondering what she was doing there.

He went to find his father, who was in the back barbecuing. He smiled as he used the same settings on him. The grown man soon deaged, passing Jim in age as his clothes shrank down with him. Soon, he fell to 10 years of age like Jim's mother.

  1. Jim makes them even younger
  2. Jim focuses on someone else
  3. Everyone starts disappearing now that his parents are to young to have had them

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1/19/2006 4:23:29 PM

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