The trip to the mall

Infinite AR - Episode 10059

The girls' aging process slowed vastly -- but did not stop -- during their drive to the mall. When the two girls arrived, Kati was already a few months shy of 16, her blonde hair now at her upper shoulder blades and her breasts nearly a full B-cup. However, Jamie was now 22, nearly 23, sporting full C-cup breasts, her raven hair down to the small of her back. It appeared that despite the fast-aging process slowing down, Jamie was aging two years for every one that Kati aged.

The girls ended up in the Gap, where they both assumed they could pick out a few outfits they could afford. After about 45 minutes, they left. Kati, now 17, in a top showing off her tanned shoulders, while 25-year-old Jamie was in a blue top with mid-length sleeves that accentuated her fuller bust and blue jeans that accentuated her beautiful legs and ass. Interestingly, the two had also purchased a few outfits a size or two bigger, as if some hidden instinct was telling them they might need them later, although consciously, neither one knew why.

"What do you want to do now, Jame?" asked Kati.

"Let's go get some food," Jamie replied. "I'm hungry."

The two headed for the food court, where there were plenty of options.

"What should we get?" Kati asked.

"I'm leaning toward getting a chili dog," Jamie said.

As if in response, a thin layer of fat began to develop throughout Jamie's body. It was almost as if, as she aged several months standing their, that chili dog became representative of her eating habits during that period of time. She became 5, then 10, then 15 pounds heavier. Her jeans felt tighter, but at least her already full breasts appeared fuller, the line of cleavage more pronounced.

At the point a hardly noticeable double chin started to form, a tiny voice in the back of her mind --as if some part of her was still vaguely aware of the accelerated aging -- screamed in horror.

"On second thought sis, I think I'd rather get a grilled chicken wrap," Jamie said.

Almost instantly, the now 20 pounds Jamie had gained melted back off, as if now the wrap became indicative of her eating habits. But that's not all that happened -- an additional 5 pounds melted away as well, and her muscles throughout her body tightened, as if over the months she had just aged she had become very health conscious. Jamie was still quite curvy, but her C-cup breasts rose even higher on the slightly stronger pecs in her chest, and she now had perfect calves and abs.

The girls waited for their food, and Jamie paid the cashier, a brunette 16-year-old named Tammy.

"Here's your change ... hmm," Tammy said as she handed Jamie the money.

"Is there a problem?" Jamie asked?

"Sorry miss, felt a bit lightheaded for a second, " Tammy said.

"Hope you feel better," Jamie said. She walked over to the table Kati had picked out, and the two now young women, conversed and ate.

"What should we do now?" the now 18-year-old Kati asked. Her body remained mostly unchanged, as she had reached her full adult height, but her hair had taken on a slightly more college-aged style.

"I'm not sure," replied the now 27-year-old Jamie. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a man of about 30 years old that she found attractive. Nearly instantly a flash of ecstasy rolled over her body. Her nipples were hard, she felt aroused.

"Hey, Kat," Jamie said, "I have the strangest urge to go ...

  1. "Introduce myself to that guy."
  2. "look at wedding clothes."
  3. "look at maternity clothes."
  4. SE
  5. The story shifts to follow the now-aging Tammy

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