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Simpson v. Lovejoy: Hostile Takeover (one-shot) (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Simpson v. Lovejoy: Hostile Takeover (one-shot)
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Simpson v. Lovejoy: Hostile Takeover (one-shot) 3 Weeks, 6 Days ago Karma: 2  

GENRE: Male AR, Humiliation, Femdom, Spanking

The doors of the elevator opened with a beep and Bart Simpson went out, quite nervous, to the lobby. It was Friday night in the low floor of the company and this young and successful businessman was looking forward to a big challenge. It took Bart only seconds to recover his cool, he fixed his hair and tie and remembered; he had to convince his superior to make a big investment. With his natural charm he would do it.

Jessica Lovejoy was more or less his age (some good 29 years old) and she was one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs in the city, having success after success, which had earned her reaching at an early age at the Junior CEO rank, that she shared with some men who were twice her age. She didn’t let herself dazzle by any of them, she was always professional, outgoing, straight and extremely smart, worrying for nothing else than money, no matter if that meant hurting someone’s feelings… or maybe even cut one or more heads with firings.

Reflecting upon it, Bart got a little tenser again. He took out his breath spray and applied, looking at the case. Of course Bart was nowhere was intelligent or prepared as Jessica; unlike her, he had dropped school, and he reached his rank using his natural charm and male privilege, and little more.

“Jessica might be smart”, Bart thought. “But she’s still a woman. And so far, no one’s been able to resist Bart’s good old charm for long…”, he said to himself, fixing his hair in a dandy manner.

In that moment, the screeching of a tire sounded and Bart immediately got firm. Through the dark ambient of thte parking, a blazing red Lamborghini ran and then parked. The door opened after one second, and Jessica immediately came out; she was wearing a luxury red businesswoman suit and red high heels. Bart held his breath as he saw her take off her the sunglasses she hid her tough face behind, and hanging them from her blazer’s neckline, just in the middle of her impressive breasts.

Jessica entered impatient, with her eyes ready to kill, when she noticed Bart.

“What are you doing here, Simpson”, she said, sparing the salutations.

“Jessica…”, Bart started. His young boss had completely gotten off guard and he couldn’t say more than that. “The thing I talked you about this week. This company… needs a 20% investment… by the end of the month.

Jessica halted and looked at Bart, with a condescending smile. The talented businessman suddenly felt naked.

“Oh, I see…”, she said, pretending to be polite at first. “You’re still going with that bullshit”, Jessica said, rudely, and ended with a sigh of annoyance.

Bart gulped, realizing Jessica had knew it from the beginning.

Jessica took a step forward, standing just on front of Bart’s face, and put her fists on her hips, looking at Simpson straight in the eyes. Easily, she could make Bart lower his eyes, like a scolded dog.

“Honestily, Simpson… I still have no idea what you’re doing here”, she said with restrained aggressiveness, and a trace of humour. “But in this whole time you’ve been nothing but a pebble in my shoe”.

Bart started sweating. Now Jessica seemed to stand taller than here, standing in her power with the authority of a goddess, which in that moment had total control of his destiny, no doubt.

“I think it’s time to terminate you”, Jessica proclaimed, with such a clear voice it sounded all over the underground parking lot.

Bart felt like fainting as he saw Jessica slowly raise her finger, with a red colored fingernail, and aimed at him directly, like she was accusing him of a crime. The young Simpson had no idea of what was happening, but suddenly the ceiling seemed taller and Jessica was getting away of him; towering over him.

Looking up, Bart saw Jessica smile cruelly, while Bart drowned more and more, submerging into his own clothes, that now had gotten so big they no longer fit him.

As he felt his briefs slipping down his thighs, until they heavily fell over his ankles, Bart instinctively put his hands over his penis that, now tiny and shrunk, wanted to hide from the good that had left him in such humble state. Looking at himself, Bart realized his enviable young adult body had turned into the soft and weak musculature of a little boy.

But his observation couldn’t last long. Almost immediately, Bart’s wrist was snatched by Jessica, which without any effort pulled him to lay him down on her lap, just as she sat in the lobby’s couch.

Bart was forced to move his hand aside while Jessica bent his arm behind his back, leaving his little buttocks naked and completely exposed, while he shook his butt desperately trying to escape.

“Is that what you wanted, Bart?”, she asked, with feigned sweetness, while she raised her accusatory hand.

Bart tried to raise his butt to avoid the upcoming hit, but Jessica was firm, immovable for a feeble boy like him. “Well, HERE YOU GOT IT”

*SLAAPP!* a precise swat landed strongly, making Bart’s butt tremble and making him crack into a scream of pain.


“You wanted me to force me lose my investment so you could get a house in Malibu?”, Jessica accused, and then she discharged another powerful spank.


“AAAIIIEEE!!”, Bart screeched, feeling the tears coming to his eyes.

“How many more behind me you’ve scammed this way?”, Jessica asked, ironically.

And after that, she gave a third spank, that sounded with the strength of a whip and make Bart’s butt go shiny bright red.

“Well, I’m no stupid local university alumna”, Jessica explained. “You can’t bring to me a ‘charming’ brat to make business with. Or he will get the same as you!”


Sadically, Jessica discharged once and again more ruthless spanks against Bart’s tender flesh. The boy couldn’t resist more, his legs twitched and began to tremble without control, while he cried rivers, his nose running out pathetically.

And while he did it, his body was getting smaller and smaller, younger and younger, like he shrank by feeling Jessica’s great power. Outside of the lobby, though, the parking lot seemed completely in silence.

After twenty five strong spanks, one for each year, Jessica inhaled and finally let a sigh, pleased and satisfied. Bart was now only a small weeping baby, unable to do anything, rolling on her lap.

“Well, that was therapeutic”, the young entrepreneur smiled, relaxed, placing her hands under baby Bart’s arms. “I’m glad we could solve our differences”.

Meanwhile, Bart, naked and wet, with his butt still punished, as crying without control. Jessica smiled by seeing him, this time in a good mood, and took him to her chest to choke at his weeping.

“There, there”, she said, now in a good mood, as she wrapped him in her arms and started tapping his back. “You must start taking everything in a more mature manner”.

After a couple minutes being cradled by Jessica, baby Bart started to relax because of the repetitive wobbling, until his weeping began to cease.

“There, there”, Jessica said, pleased, while she rubbed baby Bart’s little red buttocks to palliate the swelling.

Then, once she found him to be calm enough, she took him away from her chest.

“You must be exhausted”, Jessica said.

Bart was now face to face with two big and swollen bags of delicious milk, protruding behind the tight bussinesswoman suit of the girl. With two fingers, Jessica unbuttoned her blazer and then her blouse.

Baby Bart was hypnotized and started to drool as soon as he smelled the fragrance of two pinkish delicious nipples that came out from the bra, and as soon as he got them at his reach he was eager to cover them with his mouth, suckling desperately just like the needy infant he was.

“That’s it, that’s it…”, Jessica said, looking Bart down, pleased, as she held her own breast and squeezed it softly to discharge an even stronger stream of addictive mother’s milk in the mouth of the baby, who couldn’t stop drinking at mouthfuls just like it was air.

“Just like I always knew, Bart, you’re nothing but a little useless baby, a tiny parasite in complete need of a capable and intelligent woman like me”, the businesswoman whispered.

Bart, who was nested on her chest, didn’t seem to mind it. Maybe he was not even able to understand a single word coming to his ears. He just laid there curled against Jessica, with his eyes completely closed, as he calmly kept suckling happily at her lady boss’s milk.

“Drink a litlte more, Mr. Simpson. Just a little more”, Jessica smiled ironically, while she slightly caressed the soft and short hair of baby Bart. “A new life is waiting for you”.

- Beba un poco más, Sr. Simpson. Solo un poco - se sonrió Jessica irónicamente, mientras acariciaba el suave y corto cabello de Bart. - Le espera a usted una nueva vida.

In the end of the parking lot, suddenly two little lights shone. They got bigger and bigger as they approached to the elevator lobby. In matter of seconds, the doors opened and a brown-haired girl entered. She was a little younger than Jessica, but she looked sweeter and her outfit was no less luxurious than Jessica’s. She was wearing a tight blouse, a long skirt and two big round glasses.

“Oh, Ms. Lovejoy, am I interrupting at…?”, the young girl stopped, a little surprised, seeing her boss sitting in the lobby’s couch with her arms crossed, nursing and cradling a little baby boy.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Allison. Au contraire, so good you’re here”, Jessica said to her assistant, without any noticeable reaction. “First time?”

The girl looked quite confused. She turned to her side and saw a pile of man clothes on the floor, and the white briefs of an adult man shamelessly extended on the floor at her feet, which made her blush a little.

Seeing this, Jessica quickly got up from the couch, as she buttoned her blouse and carried on her arms the now asleep little baby Bart.

“You must be wondering about this mess”, Jessica explained, as she walked to Allison. “Just another weak boy unable to compete with a successful businesswoman”.

Jessica extended her arms and Allison did the same to receive baby Bart. Seeing him asleep on her arms, the assistant trembled, a little nervous. Allison raised then her sight, to find her boss from behind.

“Put him a diaper and then take him with the others”, Jessica said, raising a commanding arm without turning, as she walked to the door with the self-confidence of a goddess, her high heels resounding in the whole building as she swayed her phenomenal butt and hips.

Midway, she turned to look at Allison and told her, with pleasure:

“Tonight I have a date with a real man, and I’m starting getting tired of taking care of babies who shit their diapers”.

Allison just stood frozen with the little Bart on her arms, while Jessica put her sunglasses again; the stunning woman then got in the car and drove away in the middle of the night to find something more interesting to do.

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