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Karate Bart (Simpsons one-shot) (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Karate Bart (Simpsons one-shot)
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Karate Bart (Simpsons one-shot) 3 Weeks, 6 Days ago Karma: 2  
DISCLAIMER: This was conceived as a short comic, so don't expect any deep story or anything. Hope you can enjoy this small vignette.

GENRE: Male AR, Humiliation


It was a joyful day for Bart. After months of hard training, in which he strengthened his spirit with a warrior’s discipline, he just got his black belt of karate.

“Be careful, young Simpson”, sensei Akira had warned him, though. “You’re a good disciple, but a big ego, can mean your fall as a samurai”.

“Arigato, sensei”, Bart pretended to be respectful, wearing the belt and bowing.

As soon as he got out of the dojo, Bart knew exactly what to do. With his new rank, he was ready to show Laura, her neighbor, his new skills. She would for sure be impressed seeing how good martial artist he was, and there would be no place on her heart for another candidate.

“Hey, Laura”, he saluted, from behind the sense. “Wanna take a look to what I have here?”

Laura peeked out and saw Bart in full karate gi and in an arrogant pose, so she just giggled and played along.

“Hey, Bart. What are you wearing?”, she said, barely able to hold her laugh.

“What does it look like?” Bart feigned virility. “It’s a warrior’s belt”.

Laure giggled and asked joyfully.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Bart would have gotten offended but that day he was in his highest self-confidence. So, he kept on with his pose, and punching his chest, he exclaimed:

“That I’m a true man. You need me to show my skills?”

Laura again did what he could to prevent from laughing, but she asked, still in a jokey tone:

“Ok, let’s see what you got”.

Bart started flexing and performing some manly katas. That didn’t impress Laura at all and she started to take a better look at Bart, seeing all his uniform and noticing there was something wrong with his black belt. Maybe it was too big for him, or it was simply badly tied, but she definitely noticed something.

“What’s up, babe? You still haven’t fainted?”, Bart asked.

Laura began to create a plan on her head as she moved towards.

“Maybe you still have something in your cartridge that could impress me, Karate Kid”, she asked, cruelly.

Bart snorted, rejecting her attitude, and he immediately assumed a battle pose.

“Okey, lady, take a step backwards, then”, he said, in a tough voice, flexing his legs like he was taking impulse. “I’ll show you my best move: the Crane Kick.

“Well, let’s see your kick”, Laura said, laughing in the inside while she looked at Bart’s belt.

Bart squatted to take impulse and took a try:

“Three… two… one…”

While Bart was doing that, he was so focused on preparing the move he didn’t notice Laura’s hand slipping behind his back, ready to act in the precise moment.

“¡HYYAAAA!”, Bart performed a scream worthy of a samurai and took off in a powerful jump.

The Simpson kid was ready to perform his super kick, when in horror he noticed something was holding him from his waist, preventing him to jump.

“Sorry, Bart…”, Laura said behind him. “Now we’ll see how good you wear your pants!”.

And saying that, Laura took Bart’s belt off in a single move.

The Simpson boy was left unbalanced and despite his great jump, he immediately started to fall, while his karate pants fell down, leaving him in tiny whities.

“WHAAA…!”, the ‘great warrior’ Bart yelled, falling on his booty, with such a smash to his butt he had to clench his teeth.

“Oops, I’m sorry, Bart!”, Laura laughed, without feeling really sorry.

The hurt and humiliation were as big, Bart instantly began to cry like a river. With his honor lost, he had shown how childish he was on front of the women he desired the most; he only wanted to disappear from there.

“BUAAAHH!!”, Bart cried loud and pathetically. Very soon, his body started to get smaller, until he turned into the little naked baby he actually was, floating over a pile of warrior clothes way too big for him to wear.

“Awww, I’m sorry, Bart”, Laura began to pity seeing baby Bart crying. “I thought a ‘great warrior’ like you would be able to cope with failure”, she added, a little disappointed.

Instead of helping him, this only made Bart cry harder. At this point he was nothing but a six months old naked baby throwing a tantrum in the ground, while shaking his fists and legs.

“Aww, come here, sweetie”, Laura said, crouching to pick up baby Bart, who kept crying disconsolate.

“There, there”, Laura first tried to rock him in her arms for a minute, and while that helped to make Bart calm and stopped from shaking, it wasn’t enough. Then, she had an idea:

“Oh, I know, this will cheer you up”.

Laura moved Bart away from her chest for a second, and using her gloved hand, she raised her blouse to show the baby a small but quite appetizing pinkish breast. Bart was completely hypnotized as soon as he saw it, instantly calming, and led by Laura’s hand, she immediately put his lips around it.

“See? This is much better now, Bart”, Laura said, while a now very calm Bart enjoyed suckling at her nipple.

Laura took a look around, indecisive about what to do. Then, her eyes went on the pile of clothes Bart left after turning into a baby. While still nursing Bart, the girl crouched to inspect the clothes. She carefully take Bart’s white briefs in her fingertips and examined them.

“Mmmhh, I don’t think you’ll be able to fill these longer”, Laura considered, without holding a giggle.

Then, she thought a little more and had an idea.

“Let’s take you home, dear”, she said, turning round and getting out of her porch and going to the street.

Laura entered the house of the Simpsons until she reached Maggy’s changing table. There, like an expert mother, she immediately laid Bart down, taking advantage to look at his cute and plump little naked boydy. She especially noticed at Bart’s tiny pee pee, laying very cutely over a pair of very round and very little wrinkly balls.

“Hee hee”, she laughed instantly. “It looks like our ‘great warrior’ won’t get any girls with that very soon.

Baby Bart didn’t understand what was happening, but the sole view of his new mommy’s clean and smiley face made him giggle and shake his little legs happy.

“Time to diaper you”, Laura said, taking her jacket off and hanging it from a nearby perch.

Laura quickly found the baby stuff, taking a tube of cream, that with expert hand she started rubbing on the baby’s groins, the cold cream making little Bart crack at more giggles.

The noises alerted Ms. Simpson, who entered the room very surprised and somewhat intrigued.

“Oh…”, Marge exclaimed, looking at the unexpected visitor. “Who’s here?”

“Ah. Hi, Mrs. Simpson”, Laura said, turning at her, without stop making powder rain over Bart’s round tushy, while holding the boy’s ankles with one hand.

“Oh, she’s taking such a good care of my son Bart!”, Marge exclaimed, getting closer to see how Laura took out a big and soft white diaper, that she was about to put on the naughty kid.

Bart was laughing all around with all this game, and he laughed even more as she saw his mom, looking at her with an _expression_ of innocent joy that made Marge’s heart warm and blush.

“Yeah…”, Laura joined the contemplation. “Bart is a good baby, Mrs. Simpson. He’s a little naughty, though, hah hah.

Meanwhile, Lisa, intrigued by the sudden absence of her mother, got closer too, getting on her tiptoes to rise and see, interested, how Laura began to diaper her little brother.
“Laura, I’m impressed”, Marge said, seeing how easily her stepdaughter taped her son’s diaper.

“You said it!”, Lisa added, in her characteristic high-pitched voice.

“Heh heh. Thanks, Mrs. S.”, Laura answered, placing her palm on her mother in law’s shoulder and turning to see her.

Then, she took Bart by his armpits, now completely satisfied and wearing his precios diaper, and put him on front of her face.

“Isn’t this better than that silly karate nonsense you said you liked?”

Bart stared at her happily, with a face that showed total ignorance and stupidity. But, for sure, he agreed.

Laura spent that evening at the Simpsons house, having a good time with her mother in law, her sister in law Lisa, while they took care of baby Bart. At 6 pm, Laura changed Bart’s diaper, gave him a hot bath in the tub and put him a new fresh clean diaper and her baby blue footsies pajama, before laying him down on bed and cradling him while soothing him with a lullaby, until he fell asleep.

It was dinner time. Pleased and calm, Laura came back home, at the entrance of which there was a garbage can. She picked up Bart’s old forgotten karate clothes and threw them in the can without a second thought. Then she threw Bart’s “big boy” briefs, which would be of no use for him longer, and over it, the fancy warrior black belt.

She took a final look at Bart’s tighty whities and karate outfit in the trash, and took a final giggle. With them, they also went to the garbage those ridiculous ideas baby Bart had about being manly and powerful.

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