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Reincarnation with ar element in X-Men mini series (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Reincarnation with ar element in X-Men mini series
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Reincarnation with ar element in X-Men mini series 1 Month ago Karma: 6  
In House of X #2 we learn long time X-Men character Moira MacTaggert has been a mutant this whole time. Her power arent the usual kind. Its nothing she can use any time. Her power is reincarnation. Every time she dies, she is reborn but not as an entirely different person but the same person. Each time she finds herself back in her mother's womb fully aware and with all memories and intelligence still intact.

Throughout the issue we see all 10 versions of her life she has lived. She mentioned in first life she had a husband, kids, grand kids and died of old age. Second time she is thought to be a prodigy/genius since she was super smart as a baby and as a kid (when really she just already knew the stuff) and because she knew her husband's faults never married.

There is a catch, during third life she is captured by the villains Mystique and Destiny. right before Moira is torched to death. Destiny tells her she can only die and relive so many times (11 or 12 I believe) before its for good and if she dies as a child before her X gene can activate (usually around 12-14 years old) she wont reincarnate.

The story picks up with life #11 where she uses her knowledge of what both human and mutantkind is capable of to get Magneto and Prof. X to work together for a utopia.
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