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TOPIC: Looking for a story
Spectrum_Analyzer (User)
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Re:Looking for a story 1 Year ago Karma: 10  
For whatever reason, that _link_ doesn't actually work. But it can be accessed here:
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vended (User)
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Re:Looking for a story 1 Year ago Karma: 7  
Well, this is an Archive, so :

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 07:20:14 -0500
From: Kittyboy Spec
Subject: Use Only As Directed

The following story contains graphic scenes of male/male incest between
characters under the age of 18, as well as elements of physical age
regression. If these subjects do not interest you, or it is not legal for
you to read them, please don't continue. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

Use Only As Directed
By Spectrum Analyzer ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Chapter 1:
Sibling Rivalry

It was generally agreed upon by most that Danny was a good kid. He was the
sort of boy that held doors for strangers, behaved and paid attention in
class, and generally was polite and well mannered. These qualities, though
admirable, did not particularly translate into high social standing,
however, since he was also small, unathletic, bookish, and kind of
shy. Mostly he did whatever he could to avoid standing out among his peers,
because it usually did more harm than good. Parents, teachers, and other
adults were the ones who were most likely to shower him with praise, which
didn't help his image with other kids.

In truth, he was just a nice kid, with an unusually ardent sense of
curiosity. It was a combination that was frequently praised, certainly, but
it did on rare occasions get him into trouble. After all, learning all
about a historical event or some other scholastic concern lead to good
grades, but Danny rarely restricted himself to any particular field of
interest. As a consequence, now and again, he had a tendency to uncover
embarrassing, intimate, or just plain private information, thus raising the
ire of the parties involved. Selectivity was a life skill he was slow in

It would be unfair to call this investigative urge voyeuristic in any real
sense, but even Danny would be forced to admit that it occasionally took a
more salacious turn after he hit puberty, some few month before his 12th
birthday. As his 6th grade year progressed, he found himself growing more
and more fascinated by the notion of changing and showering after gym
class. Not for his own sake of course; he was more than a bit personally
modest. But more and more, he definitely wanted to see the other boys, and
silently cursed the fact that such post-athletic activities were not
required until the later grades.

Danny was thus dubiously fortunate to have his 14 year old brother Kevin
living right down the hall. Kevin was a tall boy, his relatively lanky
_frame_ offset by his obvious athleticism. Kevin couldn't help but imagine he
was a model template for the other 8th grade boys he saw every day. He
found he couldn't help but fantasize about what his older brother looked
like under his clothes. Unfortunately for him, Kevin was not nearly so
fascinated with his little brother. If anything, he saw Danny as a pest at
best, and a potential terminal threat to his social life at the
extreme. The two boys rarely spent a moment together longer than Kevin
could help, which meant Danny hardly saw anything more than a bare chest on
hot days, or to and from the shower.

The latter of these would seem to be a prime opportunity to the casual
observer, but that would discount the fact that their father's study, a
rarely unoccupied space, was positioned in such a way at the end of the
hall, that it gave a somewhat wide view of both boys' bedroom doors, as
well as the bathroom. Any particular attempts at covert observation were
generally nullified by the virtual panopticon provided by that
viewpoint. All of this would normally be relevant, but as it happened,
their parents had elected to leave the boys alone for the weekend as they
attended a conference, something that had not previously been allowed.

And thus it was that, emboldened by a certainty he could not be seen, that
Danny found himself with his face pressed into the bathroom door _frame_,
trying to figure out just how much he could actually see through the
miniscule gap between the door and its enclosure. He held as still as he
could, so as not to bump the door and alert his sibling inside to his
presence. And so far, it was working! The young would-be voyeur found
himself enthralled as his older brother stripped off his clothes, giving
Danny his first glimpse of the older boy's unclad form. It was with no
small measure of delight that he realized Kevin was not only naked, but
getting erect as the room slowly filled with hot steam from the running

This observation provoked in him a sympathetic reaction, and as he watched
his brother's member expand to its full five and three-quarters inch
length, Danny felt a not-entirely-unpleasant tightness in his own pants. As
he watched his brother's slim, but tanned and subtly muscular form go
through the final steps of his pre-shower ritual, including a few
anticipatory strokes of his cock, Danny reached down to rub his own notably
smaller erection through his shorts.

It was an impulse he found difficult to deny, but it proved his undoing, as
the distraction lead to a loss of concentration, and a sudden loud THUMP
against the bathroom door. The rest of Danny's body stiffened in fear as he
saw his brother snap his head toward the door. Frozen in place by the
sudden shock, Danny failed to make the necessary scramble away from the
door and inevitable discovery. Instead, the door was pulled open, and he
was face to face with his older brother. Or, well, he would have been if
not for the fact he was almost a foot shorter than the older boy, somewhat
hunched over, and immediately drawn further downward to stare at the tented
towel wrapped around his waist, before stammering and stepping backward.

"You little perv!" exclaimed Kevin, his voice cracking, though he was too
furious to particularly care. "You were peeping on me in the shower!"

"N-no! I wa-" Danny tried to respond, searching for an out.

"Don't lie to me. I saw you staring at my junk and everything!" Danny,
flushed from adrenaline, went pale, and made a move as though to run. Kevin
caught him easily, before he could get any further.

"Geez, my brother is a creep!" he said to no one in particular, holding the
struggling boy's wrist.

"Let me go Kevin, I didn't do anything!" said Danny, wanting this to be
over. "Let me GO!"

"Ugh," grunted Kevin, trying to decide if he was disgusted or
embarrassed. "Just... get away from me!"

Kevin released his brother's arm and, in a single motion, roughly pushed
him away. Danny stumbled back and fell, his head hitting the wall. The
impact was jarring, though only momentarily painful for the younger
boy. Feeling ashamed, he reached up to reposition his glasses, knocked well
askew, intent on escaping to the relative safety of his bedroom. That plan
was derailed, though, when one side bent unnaturally, then snapped off
under its own weight, leaving one lens on the boy's face, the other on the
floor, the plastic _frame_s snapped in half.

Already shaken, literally and physically, the realization of his
predicament pushed him over the edge and, despite trying very hard not to,
he began to cry.

It would have been to his credit if Kevin's next actions had been born of
brotherly compassion, but it was more accurate to say it was parental fear
that inspired him, knowing it would be difficult to get away with breaking
his little brother's very necessary glasses.

"Oh geez," he muttered, not quite to anyone but himself, before turning to
his brother again. "Pick up the pieces, come on," he said, extending a hand
to help his quietly sobbing brother up off the floor.

"You're... you're helping me?" said Danny, sniffling and trying to regain
his composure.

"Yeah, I guess so," he replied, halfway annoyed to admit it. "I know where
Dad keeps some superglue, I think."

Danny gratefully took the offered hand, entertaining the idea that his
brother was actually being nice to him for once, but the way he was roughly
yanked upright made it pretty clear that Kevin didn't really care. Danny
meekly followed behind his brother, shoulders slumped, as he was lead into
their father's study.

Despite themselves, both boys found themselves a bit distracted from the
last few minutes excitement as they entered the dimly lit room. For younger
and older both, it was a slight thrill to enter without their father
present, since it was usually strictly off limits. Indeed, it hadn't
occurred to either of them to actually go inside, despite their
unsupervised state, until now. Their father's job took him to many faraway
places all over the world, and he often brought back unusual and exotic
items. The brothers took a moment to take it all in. Though they'd seen it
often enough with their father there, it seemed to take on a new air of the
unknown without his moderating presence. Danny found himself particularly
resenting his broken glasses now, as he held the _frame_s to his face.

"Over here," said Kevin, breaking Danny from his reverie. He looked to see
that his brother had already crossed the room to their father's desk, and
had opened a small cupboard. Danny reluctantly obeyed.

"I knew it!" Kevin held up a small tube with unusual writing on it, though
the words Super Glue were also visible in English. "Dad brought this back
from his last trip to Asia, along with a bunch of other junk. He used it to
fix my phone case when I broke it last month. Could hardly tell after."
Kevin paused. "Gimme those," he said, grabbing at Danny's glasses. Danny
barely was able to remove them from his face before Kevin yanked them away.

Despite his indelicacy with his brother, Kevin had a careful, steady hand
with the broken _frame_s and gel-like glue. "Hold these," he instructed,
pressing the glued pieces into Danny's hands. "Keep the two pieces pressed
together tight. Don't let go or it'll fall apart!" Danny nodded his head in
understanding, feeling small.

As Danny held the pieces together in a vice grip, Kevin started digging
through the contents of the cupboard. This made the younger boy very
nervous, since they already were trespassing somewhere they shouldn't, but
he didn't dare complain.

"Aw, sweet," exclaimed Kevin, pulling out a larger, clear bottle. Danny
struggled to make it out, but all he could really tell was that it was full
of a thick, semi-transparent white fluid. He could see more of the strange
writing, some English print he couldn't see well enough to read, and a few
blurry pictures.

"What is it?" he asked, and Kevin glared.

"Nevermind. You wouldn't understand anyway. You're just a little kid,"
snarled Kevin. He put away the glue and other items he'd set aside, but he
held on to the bottle. "Keep holding on to that for a while. It should be
pretty solid in, I dunno, 10 minutes. You can let go then, but be careful
for a while or it'll break again."

"Are you going to take that? It's Dad's," protested Danny.

"Mind your own business. I'll put it back. He won't even know." With that,
Kevin left Danny alone, a strange _expression_ on his face.


Danny didn't quite remember falling asleep, but it didn't surprise him when
he woke. Curling up under the covers, miserable, was usually a sure way to
fall asleep, even if the sun was still out. It was dark out when he pulled
on his newly restored glasses and climbed out of bed. It was not terribly
late according to the bedside clock, though it was nearing his usual
bedtime. Sleep had cleared his head and settled his thoughts, and he felt
like he ought to go find Kevin and try and talk things out. He felt pretty
bad for spying, and he wanted to explain how it was just his natural
curiosity and a desire to be closer to his brother, something Kevin
rebuffed at every opportunity.

The lateness of the hour instinctively encouraged him to be quiet, so his
door was opened slowly, and his footsteps were light, socks and thick
carpeting muffling any sound they may have made.

"Kevin?" he called out, in barely more than a whisper. No answer.

He ventured down the few steps of the hallway to his brother's door. A
faint glow made a halo around the door _frame_, not bright enough to be the
overhead light. The desk lamp, Danny reasoned. Perhaps Kevin was studying?

"Kevin?" he asked again, slightly louder. Still nothing. Maybe he was
sleeping? He didn't hear the older boy's characteristic snore, but he only
did that some of the time, when he was deeply asleep.

A little naive, and with just a touch of rare, but well-justified little
brother brattiness, he decided he'd open the door just a crack and check,
telling himself he didn't want to wake Kevin up if he was, in fact,
sleeping. Safely self-deluded, Danny carefully turned the knob, and slowly
opened the door a few inches.

"Kevin?," he started to say a third time, this time quieter. But the word
died on his tongue when he saw what was happening on his brother's bed.

By the light of the desk lamp, Danny watched his brother, his naked form
fully revealed to him, stretched across the sheets. Kevin's eyes were
clenched closed, his breathing was ragged, and his hand was clenched firmly
on his stiff and glistening adolescent cock. Danny was not so young and
inexperienced not to instantly recognize what his older brother was doing
and, embarrassed, he almost pulled away and shut the door. But two things
stopped him.

One was his own suddenly ragingly stiff erection, its four inches causing
and almost painful tent in his shorts. This was exactly the sort of thing
he'd secretly hoped to see when he'd peeked through the crack in the
bathroom door!

That alone may have been enough, but there was something strange about the
lewd and glorious display of teenage lust spread out before him. As he
watched, he realized that his brother's slicked dick wasn't just glistening
in the light, but actually glowing slightly somehow, an internal soft pulse
of light illuminating Kevin's skin everywhere the lubricating substance
touched him. Danny recognized the bottle his brother had taken from the
cupboard earlier, open and sitting on Kevin's nightstand, the fluid
contained seeming to swirl within, glowing with the same pulse.

Kevin seemed not to notice the prying eyes. He was fully engaged in his
personal labor, letting out the occasional soft, stifled moan of
pleasure. Nor did he notice as something even stranger occurred. Danny,
however, gave it his full attention.

It was subtle at first, barely visible. Kevin, a fairly athletic boy,
suddenly started looking a little softer, his fit and toned musculature
growing less distinct on his tall _frame_. Hair down his arms and legs, and
running faintly up his firm tummy began to recede, thinning and growing
wispier, or vanishing entirely. It was difficult for Danny to see, but the
light hairs on Kevin's lip that'd been too proud of to shave off just yet
also vanished, while the mild acne and vaguely oily sheen of his face
cleared up entirely. Danny thought he might be imagining it, given the poor
angle, but he also thought his brother was getting a little shorter in the
process. This was overshadowed by the much more obvious narrowing of his
shoulders and other, more subtle changes, that shifted his overall build
from "tall" to "lanky".

This was the Kevin that Danny remembered from right after his last major
growth spurt, a year or so earlier. The slightly higher, almost squeaky
sounding groans coming from his brother's lips resonated with that
assessment, since his voice had been changing around the same time. The
younger teen still enthusiastically jerking himself off on the bed had lost
most of his body hair; a wispy few dark hairs showed around his ankles,
while a much reduced scraggly bunch of pubes crowned his dick and smooth
balls, along with a similar sprinkling of underarm hair. Danny could even
see changes in Kevin's cock as the gawky looking thirteen year old wanked
it. It wasn't so much that it was shorter, but it had definitely lost
girth. It looked a lot smaller in his brother's hand, which itself hadn't
really shrunk at all. His brother seemed to be settling back in to an
awkward stage, his gripping hand and toe-curling feet looking too big on
his skinny body.

And that's when Kevin finally came, squirting a pressurized stream of
pearly white fluid a good foot into the air, before splattering back down
on his belly. He could not stifle his boyish groans as he had what was
clearly an unusually powerful orgasm. The pleasure of it rocked his
youthened body as Danny watched, stunned, not even realizing he'd been
rubbing his own cock through his shorts.

Danny was shocked back to reality as he was suddenly jolted with an orgasm
of his own. The novel and unexpected show, along with his own vigorous and
unconscious rubbing, had brought the eager twelve year old to climax
without even realizing it was near. He flushed deep red when he realize he
had a sticky mess soaking through the front of his briefs. Feeling more
than a little embarrassed, and not wanting to be caught spying (again!),
Danny quickly closed the door, trying to make as little noise as possible,
and hurried back to his own room, closing the own door with both haste and

"What just happened?", he asked himself, as he stripped out of his
cum-soaked undies. "And what did that bottle of stuff have to do with it?"
He wadded up the soiled, red-trimmed briefs and tossed them into a corner
with the rest of the laundry. Both boys did their own laundry, since there
was a history of bedwetting in the family, though they'd both long grown
out of it.

As Danny changed into his pajamas, he vowed to discover the truth behind
what had just happened. It would have to wait till the next day,
however. For entirely understandable reasons, he was suddenly quite
exhausted again, and sleep came quickly.

Chapter 2: Discoveries and Lamentations

Danny woke the next morning burning with curiosity, wondering just how his
brother would deal with his sudden transformation, and just what had caused
it in the first place. He'd woken once, several hours later, to go to the
bathroom. Kevin's snoring was unmissable, but it was different, softer and
higher pitched, a sure reminder of the amazing event he'd witnessed.

He was, therefore, just a bit disappointed to find Kevin eating breakfast
on the livingroom couch, his normal fourteen-year-old self. He wondered if
he'd dreamed the whole thing after all. Danny must have been obvious in his
surprise and confusion, because Kevin shot him an ugly (though not unusual)

"What're you staring at, perv?"

"W-what?" Danny stammered. "I'm not. You're just... not supposed to eat on
the couch," he said, searching for an excuse, and inadvertently coming up
with the one most likely to annoy the older boy.

"You planning to rat me out?" asked Kevin, his mouth full of colorful
fruity cereal bits.

"No, I- no." Danny didn't know what to say, so he poured his own bowl of
cereal. "And I'm not a perv," he said, a minute later. "I'm sorry I
peeked. I got curious, and you never let me hang out with you, and... I'm
sorry, ok?"

Danny's apology was sincere and heartfelt, qualities that, much like the
previous night's strange happenings, Kevin seemed to neither acknowledge
nor be aware of.

"Just stay away from me, perv. Be glad I have a football clinic to go to,
or you'd be in for it." School may not have been in session, but the
athletic program marched ever onward. Kevin finished off the last of his
cereal and dropped the bowl onto the end table next to the couch, and left
the room. Danny finished his cereal alone.


Kevin was out of the house within the hour, but Danny made sure he was good
and gone before invading his room to retrieve the bottle of goo. The last
thing he wanted was to be caught invading his brother's private
space. Taking care not to disturb anything, and making careful note of the
exact position of the bottle on the nightstand, Danny grabbed it and left
as quickly as he could. Truth be told, this was hardly the first time he'd
gone in to Kevin's room like this, but at that moment, he knew there'd be
special hell to pay if he was caught.

In the safety of his own room, Danny finally got a good look at the strange
bottle. Trying to read the writing was a waste of time, he was disappointed
to realize. He was pretty sure it was some sort of Asian writing, but he
knew that covered a pretty big range of languages. He'd seen enough anime
to recognize it wasn't Japanese, but that was about it. No help there. On
the other hand, there were some very intriguing pictograms printed along
with the text that were clearly meant to be instructional. They may not
have been as clear as English would have been for the boy, but he was
relieved to have something to go on.

The top set of pictures were two stick figure drawings of men, with an
arrow going from right to left. Though simplified and stylized, the man on
the right appeared slumped and old, the latter signified by a bald head and
beard. The man on the left, however, had a straight posture, a squiggle of
hair on his head, and both arms raised in a sort of victory pose. He looked
youthful and energetic in comparison.

Just below that was a second set, in a similar _style_, but considerably less
ambiguous in meaning. The image on the right was a stylized cock and balls,
entirely flaccid. In contrast, the arrow to the left side lead to an
unmistakably erect penis. Given what Danny had already seen, it wasn't
difficult to put the general meaning of it all together. This stuff,
whatever it was, not only made you horny, but it also restored youth and
vigor. He wondered if his dad knew what it actually did? Unlike Kevin, his
dad was pretty old, so the effect probably wasn't nearly so dramatic.

Squinting, Danny realized there was another, smaller set of pictograms
under the larger ones. These seemed to be directions and warnings. A few
had the universal "No" sign, the circle with a line through it,
superimposed over different things, including the number 18 and a down
arrow, in familiar numbers, as well as a stylized drawing of a head. One
was a slightly confusing drawing that seemed to be a hand on a
penis. Perhaps application instructions? Another was even harder to
interpret, but he thought it might be instructions on how much to use,
which seemed to be a very small amount. He wasn't sure what it all meant
exactly, but he was getting a clearer picture.

To the surprise of no one, Danny's curiosity was starting to get the better
of him. He decided he had to test this for himself, though he had no
intention of letting what happened to Kevin happen to him. He opened the
flip top of the bottle and, quite carefully, squeezed out a tiny drop of
the stuff on his finger. Danny had used enough to coat his whole hard
penis; this was the tiniest fraction of that amount. Unexpectedly, the goo
was actually slightly warm to the touch. He almost imagined he could feel
it moving, ever so slightly on his fingertip. It was almost like it was
alive! He tried to shake that idea out of his head, and continued.

Taking a deep breath, Danny steeled himself, and pushed his shorts down to
his ankles with his free hand. He looked down at his young dick, already at
half mast from the erotic memory of the previous night. It was much bigger
than it had been a year ago, and had a few hairs now, but it was still a
boy's equipment, not a man's, or even quite a teenager's. He hoped he
wasn't about to lose the little bit he'd gained. Swallowing nervously, he
reached down and smeared the pale white ooze onto the tip of his penis.

The sensation was practically electric, and the sudden jolt of pleasure
made Danny gasp unexpectedly. His partially soft member went rock hard in
an instant, almost painfully so. It was all he could do just to stay
standing. Indeed, he rapidly decided it was better not to, and he fell back
to his bed, taking a seat on the edge. He'd planned to assess things more
scientifically, but that idea went right out the window. Instead, his
small, soft hand was doing all it could to rub and jerk his suddenly
hypersensitive little pink cock, while his other arm propped him somewhat

As a twelve year old boy, he had something of a hair trigger at the best of
times. His little mess the night before illustrated that. But right then,
knowing he was alone in the house, and under the influence of the amazing
goo, he found himself squirming and wriggling as he brought himself to a
quick, intense orgasm, squealing from the pleasure of it. Not unlike his
brother the night before, when he came, it squirted hard and far, actually
splatting against his chin and chest, though there wasn't a lot to it. It
took the better part of a minute to catch his breath, but once he did, he
cleaned himself off with a nearby tissue, grunting softly as he wiped
against his still hard and sensitive cock. Despite the fact that he'd just
had a rather mindblowing orgasm, it took all his willpower not to grab
himself and go at it a second time, right then and there.

Concern got the better of him. He kicked off his shorts, still pooled
around one ankle, and pulled off his now slightly soiled t-shirt, and went
over the mirror in his closet. He looked himself over carefully. Was he
different? He definitely was. The change was subtle, but unmistakable if
you knew to look for it. He was pretty sure he was a little shorter, with
just a little more of the baby fat he'd recently started to lose. Just
enough to make him, well, cuter he supposed. More like the little kid he
was only just beginning to grow out of being. But especially damning were
the fine hairs around his penis, only recently grown in, and now completely
absent. His penis itself didn't seem any smaller, but as hard as it was, it
was hard to tell.

He wasn't sure what to do next. Kevin had grown back up over night, but
he'd also gotten a lot younger. Danny figured he must have simply rolled
over and fallen asleep when he was done, and never knew anything unusual
had happened. Would it take less time for him? He just didn't know. What he
did know was that he was having trouble stopping himself from playing with
his still stiff dick, and had needed to force himself to pull his hand away
several times. He decided to put some clothes on. He pulled out an old
favorite set of clothes from his dresser, ones he'd started to
outgrow. They were a little too short and tight in places, but he still
wore them sometimes, at home at least. His parents wouldn't let him wear
them to school anymore, and he understood that. It was a good test, and it
confirmed his suspicions. They fit pretty good now. He figured he must be
about six months younger; enough to be an important change to him, but not
enough that anybody else was likely to even notice.

Absentminded playing with the tent in his shorts, he looked at the
clock. He still had an hour or so before Kevin got home, but he figured he
shouldn't take any chances. Taking as much care as he was able, distracted
as he was down below, Danny embarked on his mission to return the bottle to
his brother's room. He was nearly waylaid by the wicked impulse to roll on
to Kevin's bed and jerk off like his big brother, but he shook his head and
ignored the very bad idea. Instead, he finished his task and went to the
living room to watch cartoons. He was actually rather glad when Kevin
finally did get home. It provided a distraction from imagining what various
cartoon characters looked like naked. The stuff was insidious, though he
felt like he was getting a handle on it. He was glad he was able to get his
hands out of his pants before Kevin saw him though. It wouldn't have done
much to help discourage Kevin's new nickname for his little brother if he'd
been caught doing that.

Whatever relief he may have felt was considerably dulled, though, when not
just Kevin, but several of his football buddies came through the front

Danny was no animal behaviorist, but he instinctively recognized the
adolescent male patterns of dominance and social positioning through
aggression, both physical and psychological. It was something he himself
was frequently subject to, though almost exclusively on the receiving
end. He found the whole thing distasteful, and preferred to be nice to
everybody, if he could. What was interesting to see here, he thought, was
that though his brother was definitely in the privileged social class
thanks to his looks, athletic abilities, and other qualities, he was not
the top dog of his own little clique. He swung back and forth from
domineering to eager to please, both in near equal measure, at least among
his peers.

Unfortunately, to impress upon his friends his own personal power, Kevin
chose to exercise it on his younger brother.

"Twerp!" he exclaimed, "We have the living room. Quit spying on us and get
back to your room." Their was an air of menacing bravado; clearly in this,
he was confident of himself. The other teens laughed as Danny flinched at
the verbal assault, which spurred Kevin on. "Go on, get out. Or I'll break
your glasses again."

Knowing smiles illustrated that Kevin had clearly bragged about the night's
events to some degree or other, and Danny really worried.

"Ok, ok, I'll go. Lemme know when I can come out, ok?" He felt downright
tiny, giving in, but didn't feel like he had a choice.

"Yeah, whatever," said Kevin, dismissively. He smirked and turned his back
as Danny retreated to his room. "And geez, wear some clothes that fit for
once!" he yelled, as a parting shot.


Wear something that fits? Kevin's teasing words as Danny slunk back to his
bedroom echoed in his thoughts. His clothes had been fine when he put them
on, even a little loose, but that wasn't their normal state. He realized
now that they DID feel a little tight once more, so he decided to have a
closer look. Opening up his closet to get to the mirror there, he realized
that once again, his belly was showing below the hem just a bit, and the
whole outfit just generally looked too small. Eagerly, he stripped off,
needing to verify he really was back to normal.

It was a little tough to be completely certain that he was back to his
previous height and build, but there was one conspicuous place that would
give a definitive answer. Sure enough, as he dropped his shorts and
too-tight briefs, there they were: the dozen or two fine, wispy hairs that
proved his pubescent status. It seemed to prove his theory correct. The
stuff wasn't permanent, and the more you used, the more effect it had. He
wished he knew how long it had actually taken for Kevin to grow back up,
but it had almost certainly taken longer for it to wear off when Kevin used
it. A plan was forming now, and he definitely was going to try it again.

Unfortunately, it would have to wait until later, because he was trapped in
his room for the duration, and the other teens in the house complicated
things regardless. Instead, the sounds of laughter, television, and video
games haunted Danny the rest of the day. He did his best to amuse himself
with games and videos on his mobile, and read a book he'd picked up from
the library for a while, but just knowing he'd basically been "grounded" by
his big brother made time drag even slower than usual.

Around 5pm, Danny thought his long incarceration might be over, when the
doorbell rang. Now properly dressed, he stepped out into the hallway toward
the living room, and saw Kevin paying for a pizza delivery.

"Alright!" said Danny, who was certainly getting hungry.

"Who said you could come out?" asked Kevin, closing the door as the other
boys retrieved sodas and paper plates.

"I heard the door. I just... I dunno. But you got pizza," said Danny. It
had made sense at the time.

"Yeah, we did," Kevin replied, emphasizing the "we". "You can have
whatever's left, but this is for me and my friends. So beat it."

"Why are you always so mean?" screamed Danny. This was too much! "I'd
never, NEVER do this to you!" He didn't give Kevin time to respond before
running back to his room, slamming the door behind him. He was too close to
tears, and he wouldn't give him or his friends the satisfaction of seeing
the younger boy cry.

It was a few hours later yet before Danny heard anything from his brother
again; plenty of time to cry it out and recover. Finally there was a knock
at the door.

"Ok, you can come out or whatever. Everybody's gone," said Kevin, when
Danny opened the door. His tone was contrite, at least a little, but he
offered no apologies.

"Fine," said Danny, trying to project anger, though it came off more like
pouting. He made a bee-line to the pizza boxes still set out in the living

They were completely empty.

"You couldn't even save me one piece?" said Danny, incredulous.

"Don't get your shorts in a wad. I told you, it was our pizza. Make a
sandwich or something if you're hungry. Or order your own, I don't care."

Danny just gaped, unable to find the words to replay to this affront.

"Look, whatever. We got food, so deal with it. You're a twerp, but you're
not a damn baby, so feed yourself." Danny paused. "I need a shower. If you
try and peek again, I'll break more than your glasses, you got that, perv?"

"Fine," repeated Danny, nailing the anger this time, his young fingers
balled tightly into fists. "I will make a sandwich. I won't even THINK of
peeking. I promise."

"Well... good," said Kevin, a little taken aback. He wasn't going to let it
bother him too much though. "I'm taking a shower then," he said, and left
Danny alone once again.

Chapter 3: Retribution

As Danny prepared and sat down to eat his lonely and disappointing dinner,
he listened to the sounds of his brother washing away the day's sweat and
grime down the hall. Though he honestly had no intention to peek, he felt
like he'd have hardly needed to. As he made his way through his potato
chips and ham and cheese, he could clearly hear the tell-tale sounds of
Kevin jerking off under the steamy hot streams of water. He supposed he
might just be hyper-sensitive to it now, but it seemed much more likely
that Kevin was putting on a show to try and entrap his younger brother. It
was cruel. He knew that in a day or two, Kevin would be over it and he'd be
back to just the usual background radiation of indifference and casual
abuse. He still had too much of his childhood fear and awe of his parents
to really stick it to Danny while they were around. But their extended
absence was definitely encouraging him to new heights, and Danny didn't
know how much more he could take. He had to act, to really do something
that would have an impact.

The rhythmic sloshing and exaggerated-sounding vocalizations eventually
stopped, replaced with the more irregular sounds of normal washing. Kevin
had finished his special not-so-private time, Danny supposed. By then, he
was deep in thought, assembling the half-formed pieces of his scheme that,
til now, he hadn't seriously intended to go through with. When Kevin
emerged from the shower , damp and wearing just his boxers, and resumed
control of the living room television, Danny quietly and voluntarily
excused himself back to his own room. A few days earlier, he'd have been
thrilled to be around his brother in such a state of undress. Usually he
went back to his bedroom to air dry, but he apparently was enjoying baiting
the so-called perv. Danny pointedly didn't acknowledge it, looking away,
something Kevin misinterpreted as meek submission. It was time to play the
waiting game, until Kevin went to bed.

Time has a tendency to crawl when you're watching a clock, and so it did
for Danny, for a while. Eventually, though, his mind did wander. The
possibility loomed large that he would miss his opportunity entirely, as
the hours ticked passed the increasingly sleepy twelve-year-old's usual
bedtime. Though he fought it valiantly, he did eventually begin to doze
off. Thus, it was something of a surprise to him when he heard the
tell-tale snore of his brother, deep asleep in the room nearby. He looked
at the clock, and realized how much time had actually passed. He shrugged,
smiled a conspiratorial smile, and gathered the few supplies he'd gathered
for his caper.

The key element to his plan was the bottle, of course, and he prayed it was
still where he'd left it. It would have been too suspicious to hold on to
it himself, too much risk of being caught. Second to that, though, was a
pair of thin non-latex gloves from under the kitchen sink. Pulling them on,
he noted that they were really too large for his hands, sized as they were
for an adult, but they'd have to do. He slipped a small LED finger light, a
party favor from a friend's birthday, into the pocket of his pajama
shorts. He had no idea if he'd need it, but the room would be dark, so best
to plan ahead. That taken care of, he gave himself a last second once-over,
and decided he'd more quietly barefoot on the carpet. Slipping off his
socks, he was ready to go.

The hall outside was quiet aside from the heavy breathing and occasional
dramatic snore from the room nearby. A light was still on from the living
room, illuminating the hallway. His brother's door was closed, so he
decided to switch off the lights, so the sudden change in brightness didn't
wake Kevin up. He took several minutes letting his eyes adjust to the dark
and trying not to talk himself out of following through with this clearly
insane idea. Then, it was time to open the door.

He was careful and quiet, much as he had been the previous night, and he
heard no sign of stirring inside as he cleared the entryway. It was
actually slightly brighter inside, thanks to the slight illumination from
the bedside clock and numerous power indicator lights from the electronics
in the room. It wasn't much, but it gave Danny's night-adjusted eyes enough
light to make out the shape of the teenager on the bed and, to his relief,
the bottle of goo right where he left it. He couldn't see too much else
yet, from the far side of the room, but it seemed Kevin had not used it
again that night, since he looked to be his normal fourteen-year-old size
and shape.

As he infiltrated the room, he quietly noted that his previous incursion to
retrieve the bottle was still paying dividends. Though the landscape had
changed subtly since that morning, thanks to his brother's typically
teenage clutter and apathy for order, the major landmarks were still
intact. Even in the dim light, Danny could make out just enough that, along
with his mental map, he could avoid a catastrophic trip and fall over a
pile of dirty laundry or scattered sneaker, and was unlikely to step on any
noise-making undiscarded trash, or other random _object_s, left where they
fell to menace unsuspecting feet with unknown pointy ends or toe-stubbing

The process of navigating to his brother's bed seemed to take hours as he
carefully crept inside. He was taking no chance, stepping lightly, his soft
bare feet padding imperceptibly across the carpet. In truth, his furtive
creeping only took a few short, anxious minutes before, finally, he was at
his brother's bedside. There before him, sprawled out broadly across the
bed, was Kevin, his lower half covered by a sheet, the heavier blanket
kicked to the foot of the bed at some point before the older boy had found
his way to full, restful sleep. Danny wished he could see better, because
even in the darkness he could tell that his brother was sleeping without a
shirt on.

Despite himself, this excited him. He was a boy on a mission, but this WAS
the target, after all. He let his eyes adjust further, taking in the
lightly muscular adolescent torso. Kevin was slimly built, but toned, and
while he was a fair bit short of what was surely his full adult height, he
had a tall, if slightly lanky look to him. Despite the hair on and under
his arms, his chest and tummy were still bare and smooth. His face had lost
much of its boyish look, in favor of sharper, more mature features, and a
few areas had enough facial hair development to leave a bit of stubble from
shaving. However, he was still young looking and fresh faced, if lightly
afflicted with a sprinkling of teen acne. Far from adult, yes, but to
Danny's eyes he often seemed impossibly grown up, in comparison. Seeing him
like this gave Danny pause. In sleep he had a peaceful _expression_, far
different from the cruel, angry, or annoyed one Danny was more used to

He didn't let that stop him. Danny braced himself, because he knew this was
where things would start to get tricky. Quietly setting the bottle down on
Kevin's nightstand, he gingerly took ahold of the rumpled and lightly
tangled bedsheet, and carefully lifted and pulled it back from his
brother's body. He froze as Kevin shifted almost imperceptibly, but the
moment passed, and the sheet came off. He was so focused on his task, that
it failed to register what exactly was under those sheets.

He almost squeaked when he turned back to see what he'd uncovered.

Danny had not really fully worked out the logistics of getting his
brother's pants off, which was absolutely essential to his plan. He had
hoped that, perhaps, Kevin was sleeping in just his underwear, so he only
had to negotiate the removal of a single _layer_. This was, it turned out,
not going to be an issue at all, because apparently his older brother had
taken to sleeping completely naked.

With his still-improving night vision, Danny scanned up along Kevin's fully
exposed lower half, a much better view than his furtive observation the
night previous, even in the dark. Some parts he was familiar with, though
rarely seen so close up. His legs were slim, but firm from all the running
he did for sports, with a moderate coverage of light brown hair. Despite
his brother's still relatively small size, he was already wearing size 11
sneakers, and thus his feet seemed more than a little out of proportion to
the rest of him. This was a stark contrast to Danny, who still fit into
some of the larger children's sizes.

Of course, of more interest was further up. In contrast to his lower legs,
his upper thighs were still nearly hairless. The area between them, on the
other hand, was anything but. Danny had only seen this brother's junk in
any meaningful way once, and that had been last night. It was hardly a
clear view even then, and this was an entirely new experience. He had very
little context to judge size and development, but it all looked pretty big
to him. Indeed, while Kevin was still a developing young man, he actually
was slightly ahead of the curve in terms of sexual maturity, which got him
bragging rights in the locker room. The near-hairless flesh to either side
provided a stark contrast for the fairly dense and curly brown hairs that
crowned his cock and balls, the latter of which drooped loosely between his
legs, the bulging shape of them clearly visible under the skin, even in the
dark room. Kevin's penis was soft, though there was enough blood flow to
make it push away from the warmth of Kevin's body so Danny could see it
easily. Danny vividly remembered the size and shape of it when it was fully
hard, but even now it seemed impressive to his inexperienced eyes, draping
obscenely along the older boy's thigh.

Danny knew he couldn't just stand there staring. The longer he waited, the
more he risked Kevin waking up before he could do anything, which would
definitely be a bad thing. He did regret the necessity of the gloves
though, because he found that he REALLY wanted to feel what Danny's soft-
and later hard -cock actually felt like. He rubbed the too-loose, rubbery
material encasing his hands between two fingers, staring at the
not-quite-limp shaft. Once more, he decided that it would have to do.

After only a moment's further hesitation, Danny grabbed the bottle from the
nightstand, and popped the top open. He flinched at the sound, but Kevin
didn't stir. He poured out a small amount at first into his cupped hand,
then more. He really wasn't sure of the right dosage to get what he was
after. He could feel the warmth of the stuff through the glove, and the
small pool in his hand glowed just enough to be visible in the dim light,
but not so much that it hurt his ability to see in the dark. He took a deep
breath, and reached out to Kevin's waiting cock.

On contact, the goo seemed to practically engulf the teen's flaccid
equipment, but it was just an illusion of gravity and the unnatural,
faintly pulsating glow of the stuff. Kevin groaned softly and shifted
position, but to Danny's relief, he didn't seem to wake. His cock, however,
snapped to attention with almost instantly, startling the boy almost more
than his brother's sudden sound and movement. Reflexively, he pulled his
hand away. Danny knew first hand just how strong the effect from the
strange fluid could be, so he wasn't entirely surprised by this reaction,
but it was still a moment before he could gather his wits to continue.

Kevin's cock was SO much bigger than he'd realized. Though not fully mature
yet itself, possessed of a vaguely boyish slender, smooth character, it
still dwarfed Danny's preteen tool, itself straining hard in the younger
boy's pants, in both length and girth. At the same time, the teenager's
testicles had drawn up nearer his body, as though sensing they would soon
be needed. This made the two dangling orbs, now pressed closer together,
seem much more substantial in an odd way, the wiry hairs standing a bit on
end providing the illusion of extra volume.

"Whoa," he mouthed silently, regaining his sense of purpose. He couldn't
afford to get too distracted. Gingerly, with a certain amount of awe, he
wrapped his hand around the rigid shaft. It somehow looked even bigger, now
that it was in his hand. His point of reference was his own young cock in
that same position, and both size and positioning conspired to make his
brother's look so much bigger when put into this context. Slowly, Danny
began to stroke his big brother's cock.

It was awkward at first. He never had done it from quite this angle after
all, and the size and shape were alien to his only recently experienced
hands. Still, he picked up his pace as he grew more confident in what he
was doing. It wasn't all that different after all, he thought, as his hand
glided across the hot, throbbing flesh. Kevin tensed and relaxed
repeatedly, and eventually started subtly squirming on the bed under the
younger boy's tender hand. Danny did his best to tune it out. He had a
plan, and he was finally doing it. Nothing was going to stop him.

The goo pulsed in a steady rhythm, though the frequency seemed to be
increasing ever so slowly. Danny fancied his brother must be growing a
little younger with each pulse. A day? A week? He had no idea of know for
sure if there was even any relationship at all, but it just seemed right
somehow. He imagined he could see Kevin getting slowly younger with each
pulse, with each stroke, but the changes were too subtle to see, at least
at first. It wasn't too very long, though, before the effects began to
compound, and the differences became readily apparent.

It was hair that Danny noticed first. There wasn't all that much he could
see, but there was plenty he could feel, and with each stroke of the cock
he seemed to be feeling less and less of the impressive bush of pubes he'd
seen glisten in the glow-light. The entire area was drenched in the stuff
now, and he could see the individual hairs, proudly standing under the
weight of it, faintly glowing. As the moments passed, there were fewer and
fewer of them, the remainder drooping as they became finer, less course,
and less dense. They were all but gone everywhere but right above the
still-big dick, the rest of Kevin's crotch almost baby-smooth.

Danny was beginning to see other changes now. Certainly the hair under his
brothers arms had gone much the same way as between his legs, leaving
nothing but a wispy tuft. But more dramatic was an undeniable reduction in
the athletic teen's mass, the advantage his pubescent hormones had given
him in the building of muscles swiftly being revoked. He still looked like
an active young man, but he was no longer a star-in-the making as far as
football went. Danny heard Kevin groan, and he wasn't sure if it was pain
or pleasure. Whichever it was, it seemed to mark a new stage in the
still-teenage boy's transformation.

Indeed, now Kevin was starting to look like the boy Danny remembered seeing
practically passed out after jerking off the night before. It wasn't just a
loss of muscle mass that was affecting his brother's build, but now his
bone structure was getting in to the act too. Danny watched as his brother
slowly lost the broadness in his chest, shoulders narrowing, his torso
reshaping from a distinct "V" shape into something with somewhat straighter
lines. He could actually see just a hint of the outline of his brother's
ribs. He was fully reverted, from the up and coming fourteen year old
freshman athlete, to the gawky eighth grader he'd once been, all hands and
feet and awkward limbs. It was a period Kevin had gratefully passed
through, and the next year and a half had been dedicated filling out his
growing _frame_; all gone now.

Inevitably, Danny finally realized that the cock in his hand, stiffer than
ever, was also smaller. He could feel his own finger tips pressing into his
thumb and hand more and more, as the tight grip closed around the slimming
shaft. It seemed no shorter yet, though the steady up and down pace of
Danny's hand made it somewhat difficult to say for certain. This sensation
only lasted for a few moments though. The changes seemed to be slowing to a
definite stop, the pulses of the goo reducing in speed and intensity.

It wasn't enough. Though Kevin was clearly younger, he was still older,
bigger, and stronger than Danny, and he'd surely be back to normal by
morning. He hadn't used enough. He needed more.

He recovered the bottle with his free hand and, not slowing the pace of his
masturbation, he liberally drizzled it across Kevin's crotch and up his
belly, toward his chest. He didn't know how much difference it would make,
but more coverage had to better, right? He sat the bottle back down and
went back to work. His hand worked quicker now, thanks to the additional
fresh lubrication. With his other hand, he began to rub in the additional
goo on Kevin's upper body. Kevin moaned again, this time certainly in
pleasure, and began to move. Danny didn't stop. He couldn't. Not now.

"Danny?" came a strained, bleary voice. Oh no, he thought, Kevin is waking

"It's just a dream," he offered weakly, determined to see this through. The
pulses had resumed the previous faster frequency, so he knew it had to be
working. And actually, he could see it, now that he was getting a better
look at Kevin, as he struggled to sit and open his eyes. He could make out,
with some difficulty, interesting changes in his brother's face. The faint
shadow of his stubble was completely gone of course, with only a hint of
peach fuzz left to indicate it was ever there. His darkness-acclimated eyes
could also tell that Kevin's brief battle with acne (before some expensive
pre_script_ions won the war) had resurged, leaving red blotches across his
forehead, chin, and cheeks. It was, however, a losing battle, and the red
menace was already in retreat, leaving smooth, faintly translucent flesh in
its wake. In little time, Kevin's skin had regained a boyish clarity, its
flirtation with adolescent oiliness firmly behind it. Or was that ahead of

"What're you doing?" Kevin mumbled, his voice at a notably higher timber
than it should be, only dimly realizing that he was being partially held
down by his younger brother's slick left hand. Though perhaps younger was
rapidly becoming the wrong word. Danny could now say with certainty that,
not only had it lost girth, but the cock in his hand was definitely
shorter. It was starting to feel a lot like his own, in fact, and he was
forced to change to a more familiar grip, using fewer fingers to keep his
strokes steady. Kevin was getting shorter all over, losing inches of height
in little time, while his gawkily oversized hands and feet dwindled into
something smaller and more delicate. The hair on his arms and legs grew
fine, light, and finally all but vanished, and the hair under his arms was
long gone. Only a proud halo of dark, fine hairs was left around the former
teenager's youthened little cock.

"Danny, get the hell off of me," said Kevin. His voice was laced with
uncertainty about the situation, quivering with repressed pleasure, and,
after an embarrassing squeak in the middle of his less-than-menacing
demand, a full octave higher than it had been. His rounder, softer face was
conflicted, mixing anger and the sensations of a surely impending pre-teen
orgasm. Realizing something was very wrong, he fumbled for the lamp on his

The sudden light blinded Danny for a moment. In sudden shock, he squeezed
Kevin's young dick a little too hard, and almost lost his grip. For his
part, Kevin got a good look at his little brother, his hand wrapped around
Kevin's slicked up erection, and an unmistakable tent in his pajama shorts,
left unattended. The bizarre reality of his physical alterations failed to
register in his rational mind in the face of this slightly more mundane, if
almost equally unbelievable scenario.

"You fucking little perv!" began Kevin, searching for a threat painful doom
big enough to match this clearly insane violation of his person, his voice
the shrill tenor of an angry young boy. And yet, for all his fury, he
couldn't make himself act on it. It just. Felt. Too. GOOD.

Danny was staggered, but resolute, and he resumed the unrelenting erotic
assault. Kevin actually squealed slightly in pleasure as Danny's hand
pistoned the slick little rod. Thanks to the light, he could now see his
brother in full. No more than twelve years old himself, Kevin was still a
tall-looking boy, and still bigger than Danny, despite their nearly equal
ages. He knew Kevin had a significant growth spurt somewhere around there
that had made a world of difference. It was something Danny had yet to
experience. Even so, Kevin was undeniably no longer a teenager. His face
had lost much of its sharp definition, with slightly chubby cheeks and a
smaller, softer nose, his eyes seeming bigger and brighter already. His
skin practically glowed in the light, and freckles were starting to fade in
across his nose and cheeks. Even his hair was showing signs, as it
lightened from his teenage dark brown toward the sandier tones of his
childhood photographs.

On the other hand, puberty had not quite abandoned him just yet. A last few
fine hairs were still holding out around his cock, and his testicles had an
undeniable plumpness to them that suggested physical maturation. It was the
latter than concerned Danny at that moment. If Kevin shot his stuff,
orgasmed, whatever, would the process end? It was still too soon! The
still-developed balls were pulled tight against his brother's body, and he
was pretty sure that meant they were getting ready to shoot. He had to
speed it up, especially since Kevin looked ready to put up a fight. One
which he still might be able to win.

"It's ok Kevin, really. Just- just enjoy it, ok!" Danny kept up his manual
stimulation, which kept Kevin from protesting, and grabbed at the
bottle. There was still plenty of stuff where he'd already put it, and the
goo was still glowing. He didn't think adding more now would do much
good. To hell with it, he though, and decided on a tactic. One-handedly, he
quickly squirted out another glob of goo onto Kevin's chest, dropped the
bottle, and scooped the stuff up. This batch was destined for elsewhere,
and soon Danny's hand found its target: his brothers flushed and freckled

"Hey, the fuck!" protested Kevin, as the warm good was spread along the
side of his face. But this too felt good. Weirdly good, and different from
the other intense sensations flooding his young body. Danny rubbed it up
and around, caressing Kevin's cheek, and rubbing circles around his

"Dannyyy, stop," he protested again, but there was a different quality. Not
only was his voice beginning to lose its hint of preteen gravel, but Danny
though it came out almost as a whine, of all things. Perhaps it was just
the change of voice. Whatever it was, his tactic seemed to be
working. Danny watched as Kevin finally lost his size advantage, dropping a
few inches in just a minute or two. At the same time, though, he began to
lose rail-thin appearance. Instead, his growth spurt gave way to baby fat
filling in those spaces between the ribs, and producing a bulge in the
formerly flat tummy. Danny was still hoping to lose the remaining remnants
of his last pre-pubescent growth spurt, but it was returning in force for
young Kevin, as he raced past 11 and zoomed into 10. It was easy now for
Danny to jerk off his brother's hairless wiener while still massaging along
his soft belly, chest, and face. He was so much smaller now. He was
starting to seem small, even to Danny. He was the big brother now.

"I feel funny, Danny," said Kevin, his voice soft and uncertain. He didn't
sound much like his former big brother at all anymore. Danny could hardly
remember what he'd sounded like when he was 10... no, 9. It was so long
ago, or seemed that way. He sounded downright cute now, though. Not just
the pitch of his voice, but how he was saying it. He remembered Kevin as
being imposing, even though. But then, Danny had always been undersized
himself, and Kevin had always had a two year lead.

Now Danny had the advantage of years, and he couldn't help seeing Kevin as
a cute, chubby little kid. A naked little kid with a nail-hard little prick
in Danny's grip, whining in pleasure from it and making funny faces. Danny
couldn't help himself. He may have giggled.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna...,' said Kevin, his voice distressed and
shrill. Danny was afraid his laugh had hurt now-younger boy's feelings. But
then he realized it was something else. Little Kevin's regression seemed to
be slowing to a stop as he lost a last inch or two, and gained a little
more soft padding in the process. He was a freckly little roly poly
eight-year-old, chubby, but not fat, and sporting a mop of dirty blond
hair. But most significant was the fact that the little toes on his youth
size 4 foot were curling, his hands were balled into small fists, and his
eyes were screwed shut.

"Dannyyyyy!" squealed Kevin, his voice pitching higher and louder as he
stretched out the word. His now-older brother was not at all prepared as
the incredible orgasm ripped through the regressed teen. It was far more
intense than anything he'd ever known as a half-mature young man, and it
was considerably more than his little body was able to handle. His rock
hard prick jerked and spasmed in his brother's hand and, to Danny definite
surprised, began to squirt jet after jet of cum! It rocketed into the air,
thick and white at first, then thinning down to a clear watery fluid,
before finally dissipating. It rained down stickily on both boys, though
Kevin's orgasmic seizure was not yet finished. Instead, it continued to
pulse and throb in an almost painfully pleasurable dry orgasm before,
finally, relenting.

After that, even if he'd had the physical ability and will to do so, Danny
discovered that little Kevin would not be attempting any retribution just
yet. Instead, a look of deep relief washed over him and, sighing heavily,
he passed out, completely exhausted. Danny, too, could feel consciousness
flagging as the adrenaline rush of his task began to flag and, after making
an effort to clean up both himself and his brother, he stripped off his
gloves, switched off the light, and fell asleep next to him.

Chapter 4: Giving and Getting

Danny awoke to an all-too-familiar sensation. Damp, rapidly-cooling sheets
were something he thought he'd finally grown out of; his very last incident
had been almost two years ago, after all. He groaned softly in
disappointment as he rose to full consciousness, rolling over to untangle
himself from the sheets. He stopped short, though, when he realized two
things: one, he was not in his own bed, and two, he was not alone. The haze
of sleep was gone in an instant as he recalled the previous night's events.

His crestfallen _expression_ shifted briefly from confusion, to an elated
grin, as he saw the gently snoring boy cuddled up next to him. Despite the
smaller size, softer features, and the tousled, now nearly blond hair, it
was still unmistakably his brother Kevin. His reduction in age appeared to
have relieved him of his characteristic log-sawing snore, but replaced it
with an older nocturnal nuisance. Little Kevin, not Danny, was the
bedwetter at hand. The now-older boy giggle softly at the discovery,
remembering how much he'd been teased before he grew out of the condition
himself, only for their parents to remind Kevin of his own late-lingering
nighttime issue. He'd wanted to make Kevin little again, but he hadn't
expected consequences like this.

"Danny?" came a soprano whisper. Kevin was stirring now, the movement of
the bed and the puddle soaking into the sheets around him bringing him out
of his heavy slumber. "What happened last night? I feel weird... why are
you in my bed?" His volume was rising as he grew more aware and awake. "Did
you wet my bed?" There was a hint of righteous teenage fury in the last
question, but it lacked the same impact he'd been able to deliver the day
before. Something more than simply his reduced size and childish voice.

Pulling himself up into a kneeling position on the bed, Danny shook his
head, trying not to smile. "Nuh-uh Kevin. You did. Got me kind of wet too,

"I wet the bed?" asked Kevin, his face a mix of confused emotions.

"Yeah, you did," said Danny, mentally steeling himself for whatever
reaction was coming. He knew Kevin was going to be mad at him, but he just
wanted him to know what it was like to be the little one for a while.

"Noooo," wailed Kevin, his impassive face breaking into despair. "It's not
fair!" he cried, his cheeks reddening and his eyes tearing up.

Danny _b_link__ed in surprise. He hadn't expected this. Yelling, screaming,
threats of bodily harm, certainly. That was the Kevin he knew, and even
shrunken down, he still expected his brother to be, well, his
brother. Instead, on the verge of actual tears, the boy in front of him
sure was acting his apparent age, if not even younger. He wasn't quite sure
what to make of it all.
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"Hey, hey, it's ok Kevin," said Danny, leaning over to put an arm around
the softly crying former teen. "It's ok, you're just little is all. It's
kinda normal." This did not quite have the calming effect he hoped for, and
Kevin sobbed in response. Danny was almost as upset by this reaction as his
brother seemed to be over his nighttime accident. Despite it all, he had
never wanted to hurt Kevin. Just change his perspective for a while. He
seemed to have succeeded way beyond anything he'd expected.

"Don't worry!" he said, giving a reassuring smile. "I'll help get you all
cleaned up. It'll be ok, I promise."

"You- you will?" Kevin stammered, fighting back tears, searching for the
emotional maturity and control that seemed to suddenly be missing.

"Of course I will," Danny replied, and pulled the damp little boy into a
hug. This finally seemed to help calm to the younger boy, settling him
enough to remember to ask some important questions.

"Danny?" asked Kevin, "Why am I so little? I'm not sposdta be little, am? I
thought I was big. How come I'm not the big brother?" The questions came
tumbling out with little pause or consideration, as Kevin processed his new

"Don't worry about it too much, ok Kevin?" Danny hesitated only slightly,
wondering if his brother had forgotten the previous night's activity
somehow. "We'll figure it out, but don't you want to get out of all this
wet stuff first?" said Danny, waving an arm expansively toward the soaked
sheets. Kevin nodded two big nods in affirmation, and started to
disentangle himself from the liquid-heavy sheets, rolling into a sitting
position on the edge of the bed. He hesitated, peering down at the floor,
the drop to the floor suddenly seeming scarily far down, his feet dangling
rather than planting firmly on the ground as he instinctively
expected. Danny followed suit on the opposite side, albeit without the need
for pause or consideration. As Kevin pondered his climb off the bed, Danny
began to strip the bed of its sodden coverings. As he did, he realized that
whatever other inconveniences it brought, Kevin's nighttime drenching had
done much to wash away whatever dried remnants of his explosive orgasmic
eruption had been left on the now-younger boy's body and sheets.

It took Kevin several seconds to build up the courage to finally take the
short hop off the edge of the mattress, on to the floor. He expected to
tumble and fall, but he was surprised to find himself land lightly on his
feet, the jolt of the impact greatly decreased thanks to his dramatically
lighter body. When he turned around, he saw that Danny had bundled all the
wet sheets up, and was getting ready to carry them to the laundry
room. Kevin knew he'd promised to help clean up, and it had made him feel
better, but after the moment had passed he really hadn't expected Danny to
follow through. He watched in mild fascination, but his mood abruptly
changed when the bigger boy stepped toward the door to leave the room.

"Danny?" said Kevin, calling out his brother's name once more, surprised at
his own sudden sense of insecure panic. "Where are you going?" Danny

"Just to the laundry room. Stay here, I'll be right back, ok?" Kevin found
he abruptly really did not want to be left alone. The look of childish
fear, with the apparent promise of tears not far behind, was not lost on
Danny. "I won't be long, I promise," he said, still smiling kindly. It was
getting more and more obvious to him that Kevin hadn't merely gotten
physically younger. He wondered if it had anything to do with his desperate
application of his goo to Danny's head. After all, there was that warning
on the bottle, however vague it had been. Had he made a mistake? Either
way, he was going to make the best of it.

Kevin squeaked out an unhappy "Ok" and watched his bigger brother leave. He
stared at the empty doorway, and listened to the sounds of the washing
machine being loaded and started up. He felt small and insecure, and he
didn't want to be alone right now. He guessed he actually was pretty small
for real, and couldn't understand it.

"I'm back!" said Danny, reappearing in the doorway, changed into clean, dry
clothes while he'd stepped out. Kevin was immediately relieved, his
concerns washed away by the sight of the big twelve-year-old. He wondered
how long his brother actually been gone. It sure had felt like a long time,
like an hour or something! His sense of time, like his emotional control,
was not serving him well. "How about we get you cleaned up, huh? You want
to take a shower?"

The smaller boy shook his head yes. "Ok Danny," he said. Danny smiled and
stepped forward, and took gentle hold of Kevin's hand. Danny seemed so big
next to him, at once intimidating and reassuring, as the larger hand
enveloped his own. Suddenly feeling shy, he fell quiet as Danny lead him
into the bathroom.

While he'd already started coming to grips with his new, smaller size in
the bedroom, the bathroom was something of a revelation even so. Where
yesterday Kevin had admired himself in the bathroom mirror, today he was
hardly more than head and shoulders above the countertop, requiring a
distinct upward glance to see himself. He'd need a stool to wash his hands
right, he thought. A glance at the toilet dragged up long forgotten fears
of falling in, though he was pretty sure he was still big enough to use it
like a big boy.

The bathtub, however, made him rethink his claim he was big enough to take
a shower. The rim of the tub, formerly an easily stepped-over obstacle, was
now a formidable barrier, a more than knee-high wall he'd practically have
to climb over. He could see he'd have to be inside before he could even try
to turn the knobs for the faucet, and he wondered if he even could. They
were really big compared to his little hands, and he thought they were kind
of hard to turn, even when he'd been a big teenager. To top it all off, the
shower head was way, way out of reach, and he couldn't adjust the spray
even if he wanted to.

Meanwhile, Danny was already leaning in to get the water going, saying
something Kevin didn't quite catch about the water. He was smiling, but
Kevin wasn't reassured. Instead, he was hit by a sudden panic, and tried to
back away, tugging against his brother's grip. It felt way too strong to
slip away, even if he wanted to, and he knew Danny wasn't even trying to
hold him there.

"I don't need a shower Danny," he said, halfway hiding behind his brother

"Don't be silly. You know you do. Come on," said Danny, not sure what the
problem was. Then, following his brother's nervous gaze, he made the
connection. He couldn't help be feel a mixture of amusement and
satisfaction seeing his shrunken sibling so insecure about something so
simple, but it wasn't something he relished. Instead, he knelt down, and
pulled the boy into a hug.

"Would you rather take a bath instead?" Kevin nodded, a pleading look on
his face.

"Ok, we can do that instead," Danny said, turning off the shower and
plugging the drain, letting the warm water fill the tub. "You think that's
enough?" he asked, once the tub was about halfway full.

"Yeah, probly," said Kevin, absently chewing on a knuckle as he slowly
calmed down.

"Then let's get you in the bath," Danny said, hugging the smaller boy once
more, and then carefully picking him up. It was a little effort for the
slightly undersized twelve-year-old, but Kevin was small enough now he
could easily manage it long enough to lift him over the rim, and set him
carefully down into the warm water.

"It's not too hot, is it? Too cold?" asked Danny, shutting off the faucets.

"No..," Kevin replied, feeling smaller than ever, not sure what to do now.

"That's good," said Danny, straightening back up. This was, he realized,
the first moment he'd had to really get a good look at the new Kevin. Yes,
gone was the tall, athletic, and mature teen. In his place was very much a
little boy, soft and round, but delicate. Danny vaguely remembered his
brother like this, but at the time he'd been smaller and younger too, and
Kevin had still been the bigger, bullying brother. It was hard to see that
rough and tumble kid in this lost-looking little boy. One part of him
didn't seem to lack any confidence though, and it made Danny grin when he

"Hey, you've got a stiffy, huh?"

Kevin looked confused, then mortified, looking down and covering himself
with his hands. He'd been naked this whole time, but it never even occurred
to him. His little three inch prick was standing at full attention,
sticking straight ahead, cocked slightly upward, like a little finger
pointing straight at his formerly little brother. He tried to remember just
when it had happened.

"It's been like that since I woke up," he muttered, red faced. It had, too,
though he had no idea why.

"Well don't worry about it," said Danny. "It happens at any age, I
think. Even little kids."

"But I'm NOT a little-," protested Kevin. "Not a little kid for really," he
finished, his little surge of misplaced teenage pride dying out,

"I know, I know," said Danny. "I didn't mean anything by it. Why not sit
down, and I'll get you a wash cloth, so you can wash up."

Danny didn't wait for an answer, and opened up the cabinet above the
toilet. It was a slight reach for the bigger brother but, just like shower,
Kevin realized it would have been impossible to reach it himself. He sat
down into the water, pouting a bit, splashing the water on himself
lightly. It was actually pretty relaxing and soothing, though the warmth
was making his embarrassingly little stiffy feel extra good in ways he
wasn't sure he wanted to think about. Now that he was really aware of the
persistent hardness down there, it was getting kind of hard to ignore. His
thoughts were interrupted when Danny squatted down to give him the
washcloth. Lost in the sensations of the bath, Kevin reddened again when he
realized he'd been playing with himself without realizing it. He hoped
Danny hadn't noticed either.

"You need any help?" he asked.

"I wash myself," complained Kevin, squirming and pulling up his knees,
trying to cover up both himself and his embarrassing behavior.

"Ok, ok. Just, lemme know if there's anything I can do." Danny stepped back
and had a seat on the toilet seat cover.

Kevin blushed again when he realized Danny was going to keep watching.

"Do you have to watch?" he asked. He couldn't help but remember the other
night, catching Danny peeping. It was surreal, like it had happened to
someone else, though. This time he wasn't angry; just embarrassed.

"You're a lot smaller now. I just wanna make sure nothing happens to you,"
said Danny.

"Hrmph," grunted Kevin, deciding he had a point. Fumbling with the soap a
bit, he got to the business of washing himself up. It was a strange
experience, familiar yet alien, but it gave an opportunity to explore his
body and see how much it had changed. He couldn't believe of smooth and
clear his skin was, and he was really soft and round all over. He
remembered how different his teen body had looked, but it didn't feel like
him anymore. Different as it was, his younger body felt pretty
natural. More or less.

"Hey, be sure and get between your legs. You need it there most of all,"
Danny pointed out. Lost in his exploration, Kevin flushed again, briefly
certain he was being teased about his stiff little dick, before remembering
why he needed a bath in the first place: he'd wet the bed. The memory
didn't help the red in his cheeks go away any faster.

"Geez, Danny," Kevin complained, but he picked up the cloth anyway,
scrubbing under the water. The stimulation was incredibly distracting, and
he pulled away after only a few moments. He was embarrassed of how it
probably looked, and even more by how it felt. To take his mind off it, he
decided to lay back to rinse out his hair. It was actually kind of awesome
to be able to fit in the tub like this and submerse himself, without being
cramped or uncomfortable. He was starting to remember why he liked baths so
much when he was little the first time. As he sat up, though, he realized
his little stiffy had been standing up out of the water like the periscope
on a submarine. He quickly returned to his more modest sitting position in
the water, certain he'd lost whatever dignity he had left.

Danny had seen, though he'd gotten more of a kick out of his brother's
round little tummy on display than his wiener. It was quite a change from
the flat, muscular midsection he'd had before. He tried not let his
enjoyment show, and stood up to retrieve a towel instead.

"I guess you're clean now? You all done?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Kevin. He stood up, water cascading down his young body, and
tried to cover himself up with the washcloth. He lost his grip on it,
though, when Danny suddenly reached under his arms, and once again lifted
him back over the edge of the tub, and stood him back down on the bath
mat. With little more than a peep of surprise, he was suddenly enveloped in
a soft, fluffy towel. The yellow terrycloth wrapped around his entire body,
draping over his shoulders and hanging to his knees. He wondered where
Danny had found such a huge towel, only to realize it was one he'd used
many times, only back then it had been wrapped around his waist, and
provided far less coverage. With a small sigh, a mix of resignation and
relief, he held the towel closed with one hand, and took Danny's hand in
the other when offered.


Kevin dug into his Lucky Charms with relish, the sugary cereal tasting a
lot better than he remembered. He was sure he could eat two or three bowls
full, but in truth he was starting to get full only halfway through his
first. He kicked his feet a bit as he ate, feeling full of energy after the
bath. He'd needed help getting up into the chair, especially after Danny
had piled a few cushions on top of the seat so Kevin could actually reach
over the table to eat comfortably.

Breakfast was a welcome distraction, especially after the minor fiasco of
trying to find Kevin something to wear. After much digging, Danny found
some Pokémon underwear he'd held on to purely out of nostalgia, and an
extra small t-shirt, both of which were still a bit large on little
Kevin. Still, he was covered, and grateful. Even if the fabric rubbed him
in funny sorts of ways, now and then.

Danny ate at a slower pace, watching his newly younger brother eat. Even
so, he'd already finished most of his own cereal, leaving only a small pool
of milk behind. It was good timing, as Kevin soon pushed his half-full bowl
away, clearly finished, though just as clearly wishing he could fit a bit
more in. He didn't seem to realize he'd managed to splash milk on his shirt
in the process.

His tummy full, the important business of breakfast was finished, Kevin
started thinking of other important things. Danny, seeing the cutely
serious _expression_ on his face, braced himself for the coming questions,
frankly surprised it had taken this long to get back to them.

"I'm not sposdta be little, right Danny? I was bigger before," Kevin
asked. His tone was careful and deliberate, despite the childish

"You were," nodded Danny. He was curious now. "Do you remember how big?"

"Well yeah," Kevin replied matter-of-factly. "I'm ten- wait." He knew he
wasn't supposed to be ten. That was the last time he'd wet the bed before
today, a happy day, but that was years ago. Danny watched him count off on
his fingers, trying to work it out. "Thirteen?"

"Close enough," agreed Danny. He didn't think it would help right now to
mention he'd been closer to fifteen than thirteen at this point. For his
part, Kevin completely missed the fact that his question hadn't been
answered directly.

"Well... what happened? How'd I get little again?" This was the question
Danny was expecting, and he'd been quietly rehearsing just what he'd say.

"Do you remember that stuff you took from dad's cabinet?" he asked. Kevin
nodded. "Well I kinda saw you using it. You know, when you were playing
with yourself. I thought you were studying or asleep, but you weren't."
Kevin's _expression_ was a mixture of embarrassment, annoyance, and anger as
the fuzzy memory of how his teenage self would have reacted bubbled hazily
to the surface. Danny continued.

"I didn't mean to keep watching, but while I was standing there, you
started getting smaller. I dunno know how, but that stuff made you get
younger and younger." He paused to reflect on his words. "You, um, looked
like you were really, really enjoying it. It didn't look like you even
could tell stuff was happening to you. But it was. I think maybe you used
too much, because when you were all finished, you know, squirting and
stuff, you were this big, and you fell asleep. I didn't want to leave you
alone, so I laid down with you." Everything he'd just said was entirely
true; just lacking some important details. He didn't like lying that way,
but he didn't think the real truth was going to help him.

"You were peepin' on me?" he said, definitely annoyed. There was none of
the fury there he'd shown in previous nights though. Instead, he was mostly
sheepish at having been caught jerking off at all. Vaguely, he was actually
a little surprised Danny even knew much about that. He was pretty glad he
wasn't having to explain. It would have just looked silly.

"I- I'm sorry, I really am," stammered Danny, speaking for both what was
said, and was left unsaid. Kevin had something else on his mind though.

"I'm kinda afraid it's still doin' stuff to me Danny," he said, a plaintive
whine creeping in to his voice.

"Huh? Why?" asked Danny.

"Well, you said it was makin' me feel really extra good and stuff down
there. And I, I kinda remember that part," he said.

Danny nodded, nervous.

"I'm still all hard and stuff Danny. I keep hafin' to stop playing with
myself, and it's really hard not to! Even your old undies are makin' me
feel like I gotta put my hands in my pants, 'cause it keeps rubbing my
stiffie." The regressed boy paused to take a breath. "Can't you please help
me make it go away??"

Danny was stunned as his brother, tears welling up, squirming in his chair,
hands now definitely in his lap, begged him for help. Not knowing what else
to do, he got up from his chair and crossed the few short steps around the
table to his brother's side.

"What can I do?"

"Just... just make it go away!" he wailed, leaning back in his chair,
thrusting the hard little rod upward, hands on either side of it. The
Pikachu-print fabric tented dramatically, and Kevin whined in erotic
frustration. Overcome by the desperation in the young boy's voice, Danny
did the only thing he could think of. Wrapping one arm comfortingly around
his brother, he pushed the small hands away and snaked the other hand in
under the loosely fit elastic waistband.

Kevin gasped sharply as he felt his brother's hand wrap around his
straining little erection. The sensation of the warm, slightly moist flesh
completely enveloping his sensitive member was incredibly intense. He was
quite sure he'd never felt anything that felt so amazing, though he'd have
admitted was wasn't remember that sort of thing too well right then.

"Is this ok?" Danny asked, as he began stroking the immature little
dick. He actually had felt this before, but it had been hurried, desperate,
and with a heavy coating of slippery goo. This was very different. More
personal, more intimate. Then, he'd been rushing, and not paying much
attention, trying to get it over with. Now, he was genuinely close to his
LITTLE brother, doing something he desperately wanted, making him happy. It
was everything he'd hoped for, if not quite the way he expected it. The
only thing that could have made it better is if he'd had an extra hand to
play with his own increasingly needy young shaft.

Almost immediately, the smaller boy was squirming in his arms, bucking
against his grasping hand. Danny, realizing his hand just wasn't slick
enough to let Kevin do what he was trying to do, changed his
tactics. Relaxing his grip, he took ahold of the desperate rod with two
fingers, grasping the loose skin around the small head, and working it up
and down, more vigorously now.

Kevin responded to the change with vigor. Though he missed the feeling of
having his small cock wrapped in a warm, wet place, this was more
satisfying in a way, his bigger brother's two fingers more than enough to
satisfy the sensitive flesh. His breath grew ragged, and small sounds of
pleasure started squeaking out of him as he was worked toward a climax.

When it finally came, neither boy could be sure if it had been seconds or
minutes or longer since they'd started. Kevin's small sounds grew into
louder grunts, and Danny held him closer. At some point, the Pokémon
underwear managed to get pushed down, and he watched the faintly purplish
head peek in and out from between his fingers atop the slender pink shaft.

Danny felt Kevin tense up in his embrace. His chest was heaving, and his
eyes were squeezed shut. With a shudder and a strained groan, Kevin's
immature prick began to pulse and spasm in an intense, full-body
orgasm. Danny wasn't entirely sure what had happened until the younger boy
finally relaxed, going limp in his arms. He removed his hand from the
still-stuff rod, and realized that unlike the last time, there was no
gusher to clean up. There was nothing at all. Kevin's cum had been
completely dry! Danny wondered what that was like. He hadn't started
jerking off until after he'd started shooting, even if it wasn't very much
those first few times. He'd never had a dry cum though.

Kevin didn't realize anything especially unusual had happened, other than a
really awesome orgasm. He felt really good, all over, and snuggled against
his brother, dozing a little, but not falling asleep. Danny let go of his
brother's little cock, pulling the cotton briefs back up. The tented bulge
was still there, and Kevin grunted softly at the contact, but didn't stir
much more than that. Not quite knowing what else to do, he decided to
bundle the momentarily spent boy up in his arms, and carried him to the
living room couch.

Being lifted in and out of the bath had been startling to little Kevin, but
not completely strange, since it had happened so quickly. Even as his older
self, there were certain bigger boys, and even a few adults, who sometimes
found one reason or another to lift the young teen off his feet. However,
being picked up, held, and then carried across the room by Danny like this
was shifting his perspective, driving home his change from big brother to
little. Though he squeezed in panic for just a moment, by the time they
made it across the room, he realized he was safe in his brother's arms
after all. Content to stay there for now when they reached the couch, he
happily snuggled into a new comfortable spot in his brother's lap.


Danny must have dozed off, because the next thing he remembered, Kevin was
very much awake. He had his hand down his pants, and was vigorously jerking
his still-hard little wiener. The up and down motion in Danny's lap was
causing a similar reaction in his own pants, as the soft, squirming form of
his little brother bounced around. That, plus the almost adorably erotic
display in front of him, was making the older boy almost as horny as Kevin
appeared to be.

"Dannyyy," he whined, pausing briefly to turn and look at toward him. "It
wasn't good enough! It's still all hard and sexy feeling and won't go

The older boy looked at the clock, assuming hours had passed, but it had
only been a little while. Kevin seemed just as hard up as ever, as though
his recent immature orgasm had never even happened. Danny started to wonder
if maybe he was stuck like this. Stuck as a permanently horny little eight
year old boy, forever. He couldn't imagine what that would even be like!

"I could jerk you off again, if you want," offered Danny. What else could
he do? Danny quite honestly had little idea what other options even
existed. 6th grade health class had covered the mechanics of intercourse,
nocturnal emissions, and a few veiled references to masturbation. The
schoolyard innuendo that might have educated him further had not yet
reached his young ears, and he'd yet to develop quite enough interest in
the subject to go exploring on his own, despite his usual curiosity..

"No!" shouted Kevin, sounding all the world like the start of a temper
tantrum. "That's not good enough! You gotta do better!"

"But Kevin, I don't know HOW to do better than that. What else can I even
do?" Danny was at a loss, his sexual inexperience and naivete obvious. This
only served to frustrate the frantic Kevin further. Unfortunately for him,
his scrambled mental state was making it really hard for him to actually
work out exactly what else Danny could do in the first place himself. He
could come up with the general notion, but describing it was a whole other

"You know... that thing with your mouth. Do that!" he said, frustrated by
his own loss of words. Kevin no longer cared particularly about his
dignity, how he looked, or what his brother saw or did. He had a need, and
it was getting worse by the minute. "Just lemme show you, o-KAY?" he said,
exasperated and impatient, his voice going extra high on the last syllable.

Though more knowledgeable than Danny in theory, Kevin was no expert on the
concepts he was so awkwardly attempting to explain, even before his
_meta_morphosis. He'd certainly never performed the act himself, though he'd
often fantasized about being on the receiving end many times in his young
life. Thus it was largely the vaguely remembered fantasies of a teenage boy
that inspired the now much younger boy's demonstration for his
brother. Small hands tugged at the elastic waistbands of Danny's shorts and
underwear, roughly yanking them down his hips. Danny was too surprised by
this to protest, and even found himself raising up slightly to accommodate
his brother's task, not really sure what was happening. After a brief and
thoroughly awkward struggle, the older boy's preteen cock was exposed to

On hands and knees between Danny's legs, Kevin sized up the sight before
him. He'd been acting without thinking much, his impulse control shrunken
down right along with his age. Even so, for a brief moment, he found
himself stopping to consider what he was doing. His brother's cock,
immature though it was, loomed large in front of him, the pale pink shaft
twice the size of the one jutting insistently out between his own bare
legs. He reached out to touch it, and stroked softly along its
length. Danny made a sound somewhere between a gasp and a giggle as Kevin's
finger slid down to the _base_, pausing for a moment to feel of the few
sparse hairs around. He looked up to see his brother, eyes wide and a
little unfocused, practically holding his breath in excited, uncertain
anticipation. He looked back down. His warm breath made Danny's cock
twitch, and his own throbbed a little harder in sympathetic
response. Acting on impatient impulse, he opened his mouth, and lowered his
head on to the waiting shaft.

Dozens of tiny observations flitted through Kevin's mind, though he hardly
focused on any of them. The taste, salty and bitter, but also vaguely
sweet, or something. The smell, vaguely familiar, similar to less
intimately experienced contact with himself and other boys. It felt very
little like a finger, which had been his best guess at what it must be
like, warmer and softer, at least one the surface. He closed his mouth
tighter around it, letting his lips close around near the _base_, the shaft
pressed flat against his tongue. It was a mouthful, but not uncomfortably
so. He held it there for a moment, unsure exactly what to do, but instinct
spurred him on. He began sucking gently on the hard cock, like he might a
piece of candy, licking at the head of it with his tongue, and working it
with his lips, alternating with gentle suction pressure.

Danny gasped in mild shock. It wasn't hard to work out what his brother was
going to do once he'd gotten in that position, really, but he was not
prepared for the intensity of it. This was not much like masturbation at
all in his experience. Kevin's mouth was warm, nearly hot, and soft and
slick. His nimble tongue had just a hint of texture that was even better
across sensitive flesh than the cushiony feeling of his lips as they'd slid

Kevin continued enthusiastically, prompting grunts and squeaks from the
bigger boy. After a few moments, he realized that some of them were sounds
of pain, and he slowed and looked up, questioning. Danny was smiling, and
put a reassuring hand on the eight-year-old's head, lightly touseling the
messy blond hair.

"You're doing great Kevvy," he said, trying to sound supportive. "I think
you're, like, biting me a little though." Danny guessed that probably
wasn't intentional, or part of how this was supposed to be done. Kevin
nodded carefully, echoing that thought, and resumed, being more careful.

With the occasional scraping sensation out of the picture, Kevin's eager
sucking and slurping quickly grew more and more intense for his
brother. Danny could only compare the quickly building sensations to his
own experience with the mystery goo. It had been a different, more
desperate experience, but for the sheer awesomeness of the sensation, it
was the only thing he could think of. His first cum, not so long ago, had
certainly been intense, but it had been such a surprise that he hadn't
really appreciated it. This was almost like another first time, except now
he could really enjoy the way it was bound to end.

The smaller boy had never before really envisioned himself sucking anyone's
cock, aside some briefly entertained ideas about trying to get at his
own. To his surprise, though, he was enjoying it. Enjoying it a lot!
Sucking Danny's wiener felt so good; almost as good as playing with
himself. He didn't understand why, but he could feel his own little cock
throbbing as it bounced between his legs in time with his up and down
motions. It drove him to suck his brother harder and faster. The little
sounds Danny made as he kept going only made the feelings better. Knowing
his brother was enjoying this as much as he was made Kevin want to grin in
happiness, if only his mouth weren't occupied.

Neither boy was tracking the time, and probably would have been surprised
at how fast it happened. Grunts turned into groans, turned into
moans. "Kevin, Kevvy, oh gosh!" rasped Danny, as he felt himself tip over
the edge. He couldn't help but thrust his hips upward a few times into
Kevin's busy mouth as his orgasm rolled over him. With a strangled shout,
his climax hit. Kevin held on tight as his brother shook and shivered, the
young cock briefly growing bigger than ever as his body worked to pump the
still-scant fluids the recently pubescent boy was producing. The thin semen
flooded into Kevin's mouth, salty mostly, with a strange undertone, and an
odd texture. He swallowed it reflexively and kept working the cock in his
mouth. To his disappointment, Danny pushed him off, too sensitive now, the
pleasure almost painfully acute.

It seemed to take forever before Danny found his voice again. "Oh crap,
wow," he finally said, still a little breathless. Grinning and a little in
awe, he fixed his gaze on the pent-up younger boy between his
legs. "Did... did you ever do that before, Kevin? Or- or, did anybody ever
do it to you?" Kevin shook his head no to each question, feeling
sheepish. "That was- that was awesome!" exclaimed Danny, voice
squeaking. He considered further though. "Did... you like it? Or was it,
like, gross?" He seriously hoped not, both for Kevin's sake, and for his
own, since he'd promised to do this.

The blush on Kevin's cheeks threatened to obscure the sprinkle of freckles
that crossed them, but Kevin answered. "No, I- I really liked sucking your
wiener Danny. It felt really good."

A still-flushed and smiling Danny to pull the smaller boy up into a close
embrace. "Thanks a lot Kevvy. I think I get it now," he said.

"Pleeease Danny, me now?," asked Kevin, a mix of desperation, frustration,
desire, and need in his voice and _expression_. He softly ground his aching
little boner into Danny's side, and licked his lips in envy, the flavor of
the now-softening preteen dick still lingering at the back of his throat.

"Ok Kevvy, ok," said Danny. "Just give me a minute, I promise." Kevin
nodded ok, his hand finding its way between his legs, as he tried to hold
off the needful feelings there.

Though feeling sated himself, an advantage of being twelve was a quick
rebound time, sexually and otherwise. Though he would have gladly enjoyed
the opportunity to savor his recent experience longer, the fact was that it
only took just a few short minutes before he'd recovered enough energy to
turn his attention to his little brother. Unfortunately for Kevin, he not
only possessed the body of an eight year old, but also the patience,
self-control, and time-sense of one. It seemed to take forever for Danny to
finally sit up straight and really give Kevin his full attention.

"You ready?" he asked, though he realized it was a silly question. Hardly
waiting for the affirmative nod, he held Kevin close and repositioned
himself so he could raise up on his knees. He carefully laid Kevin out on
the other end of the couch, head on a pillow, and looked him over. His soft
little pink body, pudgy with baby fat, was tense with anticipation, the
thin, three inch rod standing up like a miniature rocket, ready to
launch. He'd seen Kevin in nearly this same position the night before, but
he'd been so much bigger and more mature. Danny smiled one last time at the
needy little boy, and said "Ok."

Where Kevin had been eager to demonstrate, but basically hesitant to carry
out the act, Danny's curiosity was piqued, and he was all too happy to get
started. More than that, he felt more than a little guilty for forcing this
on his brother, even if he was still convinced it had been for the best. If
he could make the smaller boy feel good in the process, then even better.

Being the larger of the two, it was a little more difficult for him to get
into a good position to start, but there was plenty of room on the
couch. He hunched over and took ahold of Kevin's smooth, hairless thighs,
and easily spread his legs apart. Sinking down, he got to eye level with
Kevin's prepubescent penis, and admired the differences this close up. Gone
were the obvious veins, and the bumps where stay hairs grew in. Instead it
was smooth and unblemished; not merely smaller, but simpler too in a way,
as though lacking in detail. Unable to resist his curiosity any further,
and with a fair idea of what he had to do now, Danny closed the gap between
them and gave the quivering shaft a long lick along its length.

Kevin let out a soft, anxious moan, little more than a high, breathy
whisper. Danny paused to ponder the flavor. It was mild, vaguely salty,
with a hint of... soap? Yes, that was it. He remembered giving him a bath
not so long ago. It made sense. He smiled, got in closer, and took the
whole thing into his mouth. Unlike Kevin, who'd had a bit of a mouthful,
Danny really did find it to be a lot like sucking on a finger, at least as
far as size and shape. The velvety soft texture was unique though, and the
smooth and uninterrupted circumference of the shaft was very different, as
was the soft shape of the purplish head. Danny felt Kevin strain in
pleasure inside his mouth as he began to work on the horny little boy.

Learning from the mistakes Kevin made when demonstrating on him, Danny knew
right off to carefully avoid using his teeth, and made the quick
realization that actually "sucking" on the dick wasn't the best move he
could make. Instead, he concentrated on his lips and tongue, working up and
down, licking softly. It wasn't difficult to do it without taking it out of
his mouth, since it was so small. he found he could even take Kevin's
marble-sized balls into his mouth here and there, licking at them other
times, which made the boy squirm and moan.

Danny quickly grew bolder and more comfortable with what he was doing,
pressing in even closer. His shoulders spread Kevin's legs wider, then up
and over them entirely as he worked his arms up Kevin's sides. As he licked
and sucked the hard little wiener, he began to stroke Kevin's sides and
chest. He could feel goosebumps rise along his brother's skin as he did
so. Kevin's breath grew heavy and ragged as Danny intensified his
efforts. His feet now dangling just above his brother's back, Danny could
feel Kevin's toes begin to curl as the boy reflexively tried to spread his
legs wider, unprompted. After a short time, he realized that he could hear
words being softly repeated between strained moans of pleasure.

"I'm gonna... Danny... I'm gonna...." Kevin couldn't complete a thought as
he boiled toward yet another orgasm. This only spurred Danny on. He felt an
odd sort of pride knowing he was making his brother feel so good. He
redoubled his efforts, trying to stick to the things that seemed to get the
strongest responses from the boy beneath him. He took the small cock deep
inside his warm mouth, closing tight around it, working it with his tongue,
then darting it out to brush against the tight little sack below, and

He was so intent on what he was doing that he hardly noticed that the
whispers were abruptly growing louder and louder. "Danny.. Danny! I'm
gonna... GONNA!" Kevin squealed as his body stiffened. His hips raised off
the couch cushion, his legs wrapping tight around Danny's torso, his hands
clutching Danny's softly stroking arms. Danny felt the hard little cock
twitch stiffly over and over, the balls pulled up almost flat against his
body as his body tried desperately to squirt the fluids it was too young to
be making, his entire body rocked by his incredible dry orgasm. Danny
lingered as he was while his brother spasmed in pleasure, no longer working
the little cock, but not pulling away either, making sure he could
experience the entirety of his youthened brother's full orgasm. He could
only wonder what it would have been like if Kevin were old enough to
squirt. Perhaps some other time, he pondered.

Finally, after what seemed a very long time- and indeed, it was a few
minutes -Kevin sighed and relaxed, and his cock actually began to soften
for the first time in quite a while, and Danny pulled away. His brother's
eyes were drooping, his body limp. Danny looked down at him, concerned,
though he didn't look anything more than just a very tired little boy
indeed. He carefully disentangled himself from Kevin's slender little legs
and climbed off the couch. After taking a moment to pull his shorts back
on, he leaned down and gathered the exhausted kid up in his arms. He was
dead weight for a moment, but then he stirred and held on to the older boy,
laying his head on his shoulder.

"Thanks Danny... I love you," said Kevin, before falling asleep in his
brother's arms.

Danny didn't know what to say, but he hugged his brother, and carried him
down the hall. He stopped and lingered for a moment at Kevin's doorway,
then changed his mind. Instead, he went the rest of the way down the hall
to his own bedroom door, and nudged it open. Kevin's bed was nice, and he'd
cleaned it up, but somehow it just didn't seem right. He laid Kevin down on
his own bed instead, making sure the unconscious boy was comfortable on a
pillow. Then, he followed behind, laying close next to him, pulling up the
covers and wrapping an arm protectively over Kevin's sleeping form.

As Danny rested, he realized their parents would be back soon, some time in
the evening. Kevin seemed to have finally broken the erotic spell of that
strange goo, and he wondered if that meant he'd be back to normal by
then. As he snuggled up to his still-little brother, he even imagined he
was getting bigger again already. Maybe. Very comfortable and content, and
tired himself, Danny began to drift to sleep, smiling. Whatever happened
next, he thought, it had all been worth it.
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