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TOPIC: Just an idea for a story
trellum (User)
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Just an idea for a story 3 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0  
I just had this idea. There is a little village in a foreign country. All the villagers are different from the rest of the world. They can lived up to 200 years and they also look really young for their age.

They grow up normally until they are 1 year old. They keep growing but really slowly. It takes them ten years to grow up one year.
So they look like 2 year old babys by the time they are 10 and look like 3 when they are 20. Mentally they grow up normally and because they are secluded from the rest of the world is normal for them to be that way. They behave like normal people. They begin to develop sexually when they reach 100.

Mentally they grow up normal. So they think like adult the normal way. So when they are 30 they look like 4 year old but they are mature and inteligent as a normal adult.
Because half of their lives they don't have sexual desires they focus on other things making them more intelligent and wise.

The village doesn't have contact with other people so they don't have tecnology. The village is located in a big island in the north. They have mild winters and adquiring food is easy.

The village is discovered but kept a secret.
A corporation or maybe a goverment or something (I don't know what to put)
offers to some of the villagers a new life. A few of them accept and leave.
The organization puts the villagers in adoption. The villagers only speak their native language so they don't really know what's going on.
They are treated like kids but they don't know why.

Is just an idea I had but I really suck at writing stories though I get some good ideas sometimes. If anyone likes it I would love to see a story _base_d on this. What I like is that the concept is technically not Age Regression but somehow it is. I also love when someone looks younger than he really is. Way younger.

I was thinking maybe one of the villagers lives for some years with an adopted family and learns how things go and eventually becomes a profesional thief or assassin.
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