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Opening up a long forgotten story (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Opening up a long forgotten story
Sappyolhusky (User)
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Opening up a long forgotten story 4 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0  
I've been doing things on deviant art for a while and haven't gotten back to this story, so feel free to add to it and post it, I'd like a mention on DA but that's not required.

The band was going crazy. The crowd cheered as the song was in full swing. The sinner on stage, Ms. Dazzle was hitting everything right even by her standards and her dance was full of energy. Her wide curvy hips bopping to the beat and her voice soothing and sparkling with energy. The entire thing was a spectacle to be had with lights smoke fire and even a few jumbo screens zooming in on the woman’s beautiful face with a little star on her cheek.

Just as the final song was about to hit it’s climax an odd pink and baby blue beam struck across the sky, It seemed to come from a distant building a few blocks from the stadium. The entire crown stopped their cheering and the entire center was dead silent. They all looked back to their diva, who was now slightly confused. She looked at her clothes that were once form fitting and stylish but now were childish and laced. she looked around a diaper showing underneath her rising skirt tail.

The entire crowd watched as she fell to the floor, the cameras zoomed into her wide innocent eyes. All the cameras except one, the one usually focused on her butt, it zoomed in on the diaper as it started to expand. The diva started to giggle looking at all the people around her and started to sing into the microphone. Her singing was good, for baby babble that is. As the shock of seeing their beloved diva poop her diaper wore off the crowd started to panic and run out of the stadium.


The police were wrapping their heads around the attack, “You mean someone shot a laser and turned her into a baby?” asked the new detective Sarah. The chief Samantha nodded, “Don’t know how they did it but we got to stop it...” she said looking over a file. There was a loud shouting outside, “And we have to keep the public calm while doing so...” she said with a grimace. Sarah and Samantha poured over the files and reports.

“It seemed like it came from the gramalkin building, a local firm that does some auditing.” She said as she took down the address. “Since they didn’t keep any files on hand and rarely needed to use computer they didn’t have any video surveillance.” Samantha said as Sarah cringed, “Dam it the one lead...” She said sighing. The chef looked at her, “Just because there isn’t any film don’t mean we are in a cold bucket of shit yet...” Samantha said gesturing for the girl to come with her.

The two walked down the road towards the building, “I don’t understand no one was in the building where they?” she asked. The chief sighed, “Kid let me tell you something about forensics” she started to say as a pink and baby blue bean was shot from a nearby building. Sarah shoulder rolled out of the way and pulled out her gun, “Dammit!” she said seeing the small figure run out of sight.

She looked to her boss, “Hey chef...” she started to say seeing the blank look in her boss’s eye. Sarah watched as her boss’s uniform became a bastardization of her proper uniform, with a skirt making it look more like a toddler’s dress the a proper uniform. A large pacifier covered her mouth and most of her cheeks and she started to suck it rhymically. The surrounding people started to panic as she girl leaned forward and started to poop her new diaper, “Boss? Boss?” Sarah screamed as the girl started to giggle.

Sarah bolted to the building they saw the woman on, she had to be in there, there was no way she could of jumped to another building, “JHPD close this door and keep it closed!” she yelled at a woman as she ran in. She bolted up the stairs while telling the woman at the front desk to stop the elevators just in case. She ran up all the stairs to the roof.

There was nothing, “Hey dispatch I need a squad or three down here stat!” she said into her radio as she searched the roof. There was no one but there was something, Sarah bent down to find a note attached to a rather large purple huggies diaper, “Giver her a good chance she’ll enjoy it!” it read in handwriting. Sarah growled as she got out her fingerprint dusting kit.


Back at the police headquarters the entire place was being rocked back and forth by the crazed citizens. Samantha as sucking her pacifier lightly, her diaper changed her tummy full, much to the chagrin of Katherine, she fell asleep right on the floor of her old office. Sarah sighed, “On the bright side the kill-shoot-the… oh whatever he left some fingerprints and a bit of hand writing!”

Sarah knew she had the best lead she could hope for but many others were too scared to even look it up. One woman Sarah knew well was visibly shaking as she requested the data be analysed, “Um maybe we should just give them a public warning?” said Mandy. Sarah gave her a look, “Mandy, do i need to show you what happened to Ms. dazzle and your superior again?” she said gesturing to the trash can with Samantha’s dirty diaper in it, Mandy groaned.

Sarah grabbed Mandy once the analysis was done, “Hey where are you taking me?” she said trying to pull back. Sarah growled, “I’m in charge now and I need a partner!” she said grabbing the keys to the best cruiser. Mandy sighed, “But I’m just the forensic!” but Sarah paid her no heed.


They arrived at the house of a Jack smith, it was on a slant road and had a step set of stairs leading into it. Mandy frowned, “How do you work this thing again?” she asked fumbling her gun. Sarah sighed, “Rookies...” She said as she pushed Mandy to the stairs. Mandy reached the top, where the door was quite close to the stairs, she opened up the door, “Ahhhh!” she shouted as several pink and baby blue beams shot out from all edges of the door.

Sarah looked up, “Mandy what's-” she said as she watched her friends diaper droop, right in her face. Mandy stepped into the door knocking over the trap, “Crap!” Sarah shouted seeing the elaborate contraption. she stepped in as mandy lowered herself into a crawl, “M-Mandy… I-I...” she started to say as she looked into the house. The house was clearly abandoned for quite some time and reeked of dirty diaper, and not must from mandy’s freshly messy one.

There was a note attached to a diaper, “Well done, either by know it was a trap or by getting lucky you aren’t a baby! Now how about you give your friend a change? I’m sure she’ll enjoy it!” Sarah noticed it was different handwriting. She looked to Mandy who was content to just stare at her with big innocent eyes, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to give you that stupid big brain of yours back!” she said shedding a tear, while petting the girl.


The citizens had laid off from harassing the police station as Sarah got back, “Oh thank god...” she said picking up the changed Mandy from the back seat. She walked into the station struggling to hold her friend with just one hand while she opened the door. She walked into the main room, “Somethings not right here...” she said not seeing anyone. Something brushed past her leg, “Hun!” she gasped as she looked down to find Diane.

Impact on the floor there were all her coworkers, all in desperate need of a change all of them in the purple sided huggies. Most were crawling around in dresses similar to Samantha's while others were just in shirts, but either way they all clearly showed their sagging diapers. Sarah placed Mandy down with the other two former fornicis that were laying down and cuddling softly.

Sarah took out her gun, “Shit! How’d this guy get in here?” she said in a panic. She walked into Samantha’s office, the stench of dirty diaper ever present and there was a note. It was in an even different handwriting, “Don’t worry when you’re a baby I’ll make sure to change you… I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!” it read. Sarah went into a panic and looked all around the station.

She searched high and wide but found nothing, but more of her friends in diapers. She felt like crying she slumped down exhausted, “Oh god no...” she said to herself. A little while later she felt like going to the washroom, “The bathroom!” she yelled realizing she hadn’t checked there, she ran up, remembering what happened to Mandy. She kicked it in form the side, then when nothing happened she moved in gun at the ready.

There was just a chair with several packs of diapers and a tv, “We interrupt this program to tell you that Ms. Gerald will be giving a press conference regardless of the current events that have taken place.” Sarah sighed, “Oh no no no!” she screamed as the tv cut to a simply text screen, “Enjoy it!” it read.


Ms. Gerald was an infamous politician for the past four years. No one really liked her, some were even sure she rigged the voting but nonetheless she loved being in public. Sarah knew she had to outsmart the person behind this. She arrived to the outdoor press conference in a hoodie as she scouted out the area. No one but the several babysitters she hired knew the police force was completely gone.

She looked around, “What?” she said not seeing neither snippers nor armed guards. She had expected that there would be snipers everywhere trying to keep Ms. Gerald safe. she started shoving herself thought the crowd. She walked up to Ms. Gerald, “Ms., JHPD detective Sarah, if you don’t mind me asking… why aren’t there any guards?” she asked as the politician smiled putting on perfume.

“No need darling! Why would anyone want to harm little old me?” she asked sound cocky and narcissistic. Sarah sighed, “Well if you think no one… no one in this world, wants to see your butt put into a big diaper then I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.” she said walking off. She knew that Ms. Gerald was going to end up in a diaper by the end of today but she still needed to catch her crook and get her to change back the entire police force.

She managed to get it so no one could possibly slip past in any of the buildings with the help of many people in them, all she could do is wait. Ms. Gerald started her speech, “Good morrow my fair and beautiful people!” she started off. The crowd was tight and Sarah was bumped hard enough to drop her radio, “Aw dammit!” she said. Ms. Gerald continued,” or should i say… my little rugrats!” as a beam was fired by the building behind the stage.

Sarah had bend down to grab her fallen radio only to watch as the pants on the woman in front of her became a frilly skirt and her diaper expanded outward. The crowd screamed as bolt after bolt of pink and baby blue light hit person after person. Sarah stayed low to avoid being shot by the baby ray, “The one building i couldn't get to!” she said to herself watching another young woman became a very young woman.

The sniper had very good aim being able to hit a specific target as they ran jumped and dived. Women everywhere were crying and screaming. none of the buildings nor alie ways were open so there was no where to hide. One woman watched in front of her as three woman fell to the floor fresh diapers being dirtyed. She jumped arked and moved more dexterously than she ever thought possible only to be hit right at the edge of the artificial road block.

Sarah looked to Ms. Gerald, she walk laughing her ass off as the people went from running away to crawling confused. She ran onto the stage, “Not today bitch!” Sarah said, to sound cool over any other reason as she thrust her open palm into the woman’s nose. Ms. Gerald fell to the floor incapacitated as Sarah made her way through the curtains.

She ran up the stairs faster than she thought possible and got to the roof her gun out stretch. There was a woman holding what looked to be a sniper rifle, still shooting the beams at those trying to run. As Sarah got closer she noticed this woman had a diaper on, “Him...” she whispered as she got in close and pistol whipped the woman.


There was a rather large crowd of large babies outside the building as Sarah carried the other woman towards Ms. Geralds collapsed form. Than she noticed that Ms. Gerald had a diaper on, “What is this revenge of the diapered losers?” she said to herself as the smell of all the people got to her.

A large group of people arrived to help after they saw what happened on tv. Some carrying away the cutest babies they could find, others simply trying to change the impossible amount of diapers on their hands. There was a lot of work to be done as Sarah put the two incapacitated women into her car and drove off to the station.


There was a rather large crowd inside of the courtroom, “Well Ms. Gerald, and Ms. parker” said the judge, “This court finds you guilty of terrorism and sentences you to share the same fate as those you have wronged!” she said as Sarah moved forward with the sniper rifle in hand. Sarah sighed, “You sure there’s no way of reversing this? If so i might let you go!” she said still thinking about her boss and Maddy and the rest of her friends.

Ms. Gerald waited for the tape around her mouth to be removed, “No there isn’t a single- Ikarus!” she shouted as the gun started to flash. A blinding light engulfed the entire courtroom and the sounds of _meta_l breaking to pieces was heard. Suddenly Ms. Gerald’s bonds were undone and she started to run. Sarah dropped the sniper rifle as it disintegrated and grabbed her pistol. Sarah chased Ms. Gerald up the stairs and onto the roof, “Stop right there!” Sarah said firing a warning shot.

Ms. Gerald just giggled, “All your friends are poppy heads!” she teased, like a child. Sarah ran full tilt towards her and tackled her, “You take that back you poopy head!” she said. Ms. Gerald just giggled, “wats so funny?” asked with a childish lisp, Sarah as she watched Ms. Gerald’s hair go into pigtails. Sarah felt something grow underneath her, Ms. Gerald was already wearing a diaper, It had to be Sarah’s she watched her own fairly short hair fall down in long pigtails, “Uh-oh...” she said.

Sarah got off of Ms. Gerald as she raised her legs and pooped the now visible diaper. Sarah waddled away, she felt the bulk of the diaper as her uniform became much like Samantha's did. She felt as though her brain was being torn apart as an urge to poop her diaper came about. With a tearing feeling, her fear and anger melted away into a soft innocent looked as soft mush filled her diaper. The only thought going through her now empty head was, “Need diapy change, enjoy it!”


Back on the ground floor the judge felt her diaper grow warm as she sucked on her pacifier. The large crowd gathered to watch the two woman condemned sat gurgling and sucking. The woman looked around, thought her diaper and dress were different her mind was not, “Tee-hee, that bitch.” she said as she found her skeleton key and undid the bindings. She held her hand over the gun’s ashes and it became whole again.

The woman squatted down, dumping a massive load into her diaper, peeing it on the way back up, “Well that was a nice test run...” she said dusting off the gun. She walked through the court doors, “Hey! you’re not-” said one of the bailiffs as she was fired upon. The other bailiff watched in horror as her co-worker fell to her butt and pooped herself, the woman turned towards her, “Why don’t you change her? I’m sure she’d enjoy it!” she said as she disappeared.
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Utopianfubar (User)
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Re:Opening up a long forgotten story 4 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: -11  
I like the plot but it's very hard to follow.
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vended (User)
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Re:Opening up a long forgotten story 4 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 8  
Same thought.
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Sappyolhusky (User)
Fresh Boarder
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Re:Opening up a long forgotten story 4 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0  
That's what I thought and why I didn't post it, I'd prefer a lot more suspense build up and some clever police detectives paridoe content. If you take it up that is unfortuently someting you'll have to deal with.
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