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Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story
smoothrubbersoul (User)
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Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story 5 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 2

I am looking for constructive critizism about this story. It is lightly _base_d on personal experience but i need help figuring out what works and does not work for people. Thanks a ton. It's interesting and I NEED to know what to focus on and how to focus. At some point there will be a play.

Carpe Heri
{Seize Yesterday}

Chapter 1
Anna was a little nervous.

They both were not really sure what to expect.

Josh had begged to come to this party. Anna had babied him before but with just the two of them it was always difficult.
The both of them thought that being around others would help them. Anna would have other adults to talk to; and Josh would have other babies to play with, and each of them would see how other people played and learn about their roles.
There was a palpable tension between them. The night before there had been a bit of a fight.
Josh had accused Anna of always getting her way and never giving him his turn. He felt that she was never doing anything for him but the minimum, if that.
It was not true in their day to day lives, however when the red light in their relationship shown down, Anna was the focus of a lot of their outings. The kinky underground was unique in many ways but many times and in many ways the woman was at the center of desire and focus, leaving men wanting if they were not either degrading the woman or sucking of her high heel elevating her to the crest of some pedestal.
She did not want to leave Josh feeling neglected, However she was more upset that she felt guilted into today’s adult nursery. She was not happy about how immature josh had been when making his case but she knew how much josh loved his diapers and wanted a chance to play baby, so might as well do it with a room full of mommies babysitters, and of course babies.

Josh knew he had pushed her buttons so mostly kept quiet. She was coming to the party and had promised to let him be a baby and take care of him. His baby fantasy had come up a lot in conversation but not many opportunities to act it out. so he just tried to be pleasant and make things easy for her while he was still wearing his big boy pants.

She was just getting off of the freeway when Anna let out a sudden yelp. She was using her bra as a pocket and her phone was vibrating between her breasts.

"Want me to get that?" Josh asked.
"Absolutely not." Anna pulled out her phone as they slowed down at a light and glanced at the screen. "Besides it's an e-mail alert not a call. Plus on top of that I drove since you want to be too small be allowed, so if there is anything you need to know i'll have to read it to you anyway."
"I'm sorry, i was trying to help " he said with a retreating posture.
Anna responded in over enthusiastic baby talk." Such a sweet baby. No, no. Just like you said last night it's Josh's turn."
She reached into a bag in between the seats and without taking her eyes off the road she quickly slid a pacifier into Josh's mouth.
"It's just an e-mail from one of the ladies who organized the party. i really do want to be a good mommy for my little Joshy. i set up a playdate for my baby boy with her lil guy. aren't you excited? The mommies are gonna chat while you two crawl on the floor and compare your accidents. That reminds me are you still dry? i know youre not a total baby till we arrive but i really should have diapered you before we left. There is a reason they are called accidents." She said as she patted the crotch of his jeans.
Her patronizing tone was almost too much, but Josh knew this was not the time to _object_. In a few minutes they would be at the party and they would both calm down and meet some new people and start playing in a way they had never tried before.
Josh pulled out his pacifier. "Thank you for this. I love you."
Anna softly snatched the pacifier out of his hands. "Its odd." Her words were dripping with jovial but loaded sarcasm. "I almost understood that. My ears must be playing tricks on me, Babies can’t talk, but you're so cute when you try."
A large smirk stretched across her face. Pressing the pacifier back into his mouth, she cooed "i love you, too." and pulled his forehead closer to her for a quick kiss.
"We’re here."
They gathered the bags from the back seat and trunk. Anna was impressed by how many bags there were when it came to particularly young age play. Multiple changes of cloths, mittens, toys, bottles, changing matt, play pen, blankie, baby food, not even get into the contents of the diaper bag, but also and especially, the extra diapers. can't run out of those, especially today.

After the way the conversation went in the car Josh was not sure if he should even be walking let alone carrying some of the bags from the car to the front door, but of course chanced it.
Josh heard from behind him as he was about to begin fumbling for the door.
"Set those down and come here for a second."
Anna took on a conciliatory tone set the bags she was carrying down and hugged Josh. For a moment Josh felt a sincere fervor usually reserved for someone boarding a plane. He returned it in kind.
Anna removed the pacifier from his mouth.
"I really want you to have a good time today. I talked to one of the ladies in the email and I think I will too and this will be good for the both of us. "
"Thank you, Anna. I know it's a lot to ask. This is not the easiest role for you to play and it means everything to me that you are trying."

"Thank you for saying that. I love you too. I'll be fine."
She paused and looked down for a second and then taking his hands and staring softly into his eyes she said "I just hope that you understand being a baby is hard too. I hope you're ready for it because after we say hello in there that's all you are. And that I intend to be strict with the rules. You want to find out what it's like to be a baby? Well, that's exactly what I want to do for you. You don't get the best of both worlds. So you want to be my baby?"

"So much." Josh said squeezing her hand.

"That is what I needed to hear." She put the pacifier back in his mouth with a quick "I love you."
They both picked up the bags and headed inside.

Chapter 2:

The waiting room was simple and dim. There were heavy curtains hanging in front of each hallway entrance muffling almost all light and sound from inside.
There was a single girl sitting at the front desk. She was sucking on a pacifier that failed to hide her smile behind it.
"Wewkaam..." She took out her pacifier. "Welcome to our daycare. My name is Kitty. I'm so glad you made it."
Kitty pushed to clipboards and pens towards them.
She turned to Anna.
" Is this your little boy?
Noting the pacifier in his mouth, " He is adorable. I hope he is a good boy so we can play later."
Anna smiled and pat josh's bottom.
"He is such a good boy, and so well behaved for such a little guy. My name is Anna and this is Josh we should be on the VIP list."
"Oooo, how exciting!" Kitty said as she leaned in. She took the pen out of josh's hand, and from under the desk held out several crayons offering them to him.
"If he doesn't know how to write his name he only has to make a mark on the signature line. Come on little guy I just need you to color a bit right over here."
Guiding his hand she helped him make an X in bright teal crayon on the waiver form.

Josh was amused by the treatment and the two girls exchanged A smile that made Josh think he had missed something.
"Are those boxers he is wearing? I am sorry Mam, but we have a policy. Children under two need to be diapered at all times."
Josh began to respond but was immediately hushed and interrupted by Anna.
"Oh I am so sorry. We will go and fix that right away. Which Way to the changing station?

Kitty pointed to the back. Anna took Josh by the hand.
"No diapee?!
I am such a bad mommy. We'll get that fixed and never make that mistake again. “

Once past the heavy curtains they could hear the nursery music playing in the main room and caught a glimpse of someone wearing oh so many ruffles from their head down to their padded bottom, with bows atop their shiny mary janes.
They passed it by and headed over to the coat check area where they set almost all of the baggage to the side.
"such a big boy, helping mommy with all of Joshies’ things! We only need this bag for now.",
She declared hoisting the main diaper bag over her shoulder.
Anna walked up to Josh and tilted her head. "So who the heck put you in all these big boy clothes?"
Josh was starting to feel the weight of the atmosphere. Disarmed by Anna’s imposing unfamiliar authority, he shrank.
Before she had finished her sentence she pulled Josh over by the waist of his jeans, unbuttoning and pulling them down in one smooth motion. His boxers dragged with them to the floor.
"Howd awn…!" Josh yelped through his pacifier. They were still in the hallway.
Josh covered his exposed privates.
"Silly baby," Anna mocked.
"Remember what I said? We just finished saying "Hi." I just heard you try to use two too many big boy words."
She put her hand on top of his head pushing him down till his naked bottom plopped onto the floor.
"Start getting use to this view." She said as she hovered over Josh.
He started to pull on a shoe lace and heard himself yelp as Anna slapped his hand.
"This was your idea. Believe me i know it’s hard to adjust but if you are having trouble acting your age, Mommy, of course, can help."

She turned around and opened and one of the accessory bags.
"I did not think we would have to use this, especially so soon. But let's go ahead and take away any temptation you might feel to "help" anymore. Silly boy."
A thick pillowey mitten was slid over his right hand. The interior of the mitten was small forcing his hand into a loose fist leaving no room for his fingers to spread or move about. The wrist strap was opened with a surprisingly loud ripping noise as the Velcro was pulled open, tightened, secured, and sealed. His left hand found itself in a similar predicament immediately after.
"I am starting to wonder if you really ever understood what you were asking for when you tried to convince me to let you “be a baby.”"
"You can't do much more than shake a rattle; if you can even get a good grip with those mittens on. Not a little boy. Not even a toddler."
"I have to do everything for you now. Why…? …Because you can't. After all you're just a baby."
"We better finish getting you dressed before you start piddling all over the floor."
Josh viscerally felt the hit his ego just took, but before he was able to process it, other people begin entering the coat check area and Josh looked up at them with a red face.
He sat on the floor with one shoe half off and his pants and underwear awkwardly sagging around his shins.
"Aww. He just couldn't wait."
Anna turned to hear the voice. It had come from a woman in a retro dress worthy of an episode of Mad Men. The anachronistically dressed woman turned to the girl she had walk in with. She was draped in a long coat.
"Give me your bag." The woman who was clearly in charge said to her unseasonably dresses friend.
She pulled a changing pad out from the bag and offered it to Anna.
Anna smiled and thanked her.
"He wanted to pretend to be a big boy so bad before we got to the nursery. I didn't have the heart to stop him."
Anna unfolded the changing pad and coxed Josh to scoot onto it. Josh began to notice how the conversation was slowly elevating above him. Bit by bit he was not being talked to, but instead talked about.
Anna asked "Would you like to help?"
"Of course." the woman replied.
"My little girl over there is going to be starting kindergarten soon.” She said of her full grown companion.
“I kind of miss having such an adorable little baby. My name is Rachel." She said as she knelt down next to Anna.
Anna shot Josh a look that was somewhere between, “Oh boy!”, and, “I told you so”.
She reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off with no resistance from her boyfriend, who seemed less and less sure of what was happening.

The ladies pushed Josh down flat. Rachel removed his shoes and pants.

"If it wasn't already clear, JOSHIE; you just ran out of your adult privilege."
Anna told him as she set up the diapering supplies and unfolded a plastic diaper that looked comedicly big.

"Adult privileges…?”
“…He's way past having any adult privileges."
Grasping his hand over his mittens Rachel added,
"I’m not sure your little guy can count his own toes! Forget keeping his pants dry."
Joshie suddenly felt the mass of padding sliding under his raised bottom chased by even more. It had to be a long, wide diaper doubler. Anna tugged at all sides of his diaper giggling a bit at Rachel's comment.
Rachel handed Anna the baby powder and lotion.
"You’re so right," Anna agreed. "I have no idea why I let him come here in big boy clothes."
"He looked pretty silly. But now his mommy is putting him in a fresh clean poofy diaper and the baby is going to look so cute in the nursery with the other little kids and babies."
Joshie looked up from the changing pad at the two women hovering above him. They were chatting and beginning to seem like they might become friends. He laid there with his legs in the air. The two young women were so engaged in their chatter, they hardly acknowledged Joshie even as Anna nonchalantly spread the baby lotion covering his exposed privates. Now it was coming together for him. His privates were suddenly anything but, neither his, nor private.

Josh wanted to hang out too, but Joshie was beginning understand.
"Eyee waww..."
The pacifier garbled his words turning them to babble.

With a cloud of baby powder now floating in the air, Anna shot him a stern look. The moment passed. Her gaze softened and she said in a high pitched enthusiastic voice, “Ba ba ba bah. It’s ok little one. Almost done."

Rachel leaned in, "Be good while grownups are talking." She stated as she pushed the pacifier deeper into his mouth.

Anna pulled up the front of Joshies diaper. She pointed his powdered pee pee down into the diaper and pulled the diaper’s edges taught against his belly and hips.
Rachel smiled at the two of them and glanced over to see her little girl smiling too, still politely waiting.
Anna looking like she was solving a puzzle. Joshie was slightly scrunching up his face like he was told a different set of rules and trying to keep up.

Josh always loved wearing his diapers, and especially putting them on. As he heard the tapes rip open, it suddenly felt different. One at a time the tapes were stretched over the front of the diaper sealing him in. As the last tape was secured the ladies sat upright on their knees, positively glowing as they peered down at their work.

"Awwl dun!"
The smile grew. "Awlllllll done!" Joshies girlfriend sang down at him as she repeatedly patted the front of his diaper.
Rachel added to it one heavy pat muffled by the diapers bulk.
"Such a cutie! You can dress him up if you want but I think he has everything that he needs."

Joshies eyes widened a bit at the comment and any confidence he had melted away as he looked at his softly bound hands and wriggled in his snug diaper. He sucked harder at his large pacifier as reality became apparent.
Anna grinned thinking about it. She explored the site of her baby boyfriend.

She thought as she listened to his fresh diaper crinkle and forcing his legs apart, and the immature kissing sound coming from his “paci” as he sucked.

Anna was feeling better than she had anticipated.

Josh began to sit up when Anna had an idea. She gently pushed Joshie back down onto his back.

“He is probably good but I don’t think we are quite done yet.”
Rachel has walked over to her little girl and removed her long coat, now reveling the school girl jumper underneath. She hung up the coat and turned back to Anna.

“Oh really?”
“Yeah, replied Anna. I made sure he got plenty of fluids and it’s about time for another bottle anyway. I don’t want to spend the whole party carrying him back and forth to change him.”
“Oh I see.” said Rachel with a smile.
She walked over to Joshies diaper bag and handed Anna another huge diaper. This one was coated with cute prints of teddy bears and airplanes, and alphabet blocks. It had a much more pronounced crinkle to it as Anna began to unfold it.
Joshies eyes got big again. This was already the largest diaper he had worn, and now another? The one he was wearing was plain white and already changed the way he had to move. Somehow the plain white felt a little more dignified, less silly. This extra diaper was so cartoony and loud. Except for the size there was no way to tell this was an adult diaper. It even had only two giant tapes. Josh had never seen it before. He moved around a bit trying to get a better look at it.
“Now now, none of that baby boy. I want to make sure you’re protected. Plus, we are at a party we have to make sure the furniture is protected too. No leaks.”
“What a lucky baby boy!”
Rachel added. “I better check my little one too.”
Rachel lifted the skirt of her little girl squeezing the crotch of the Disney print pull-ups she was wearing underneath. She quickly tore open the sides and pulled them down.
“Sweetie, why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty? You were such a good girl waiting quietly while I helped Anna with the baby. You will get to play with the other kids soon, but first…”
Rachel reached into her little girls diaper bag and pulled out a changing pad. “…Come over here.”
Rachel laid out the pad next to Joshie who was having his new diaper slid under his already well padded bottom. Anna took out a large baby bottle from the diaper bag, sliding the extra large nipple into Joshies mouth filling it. Joshie grasped the bottle between his mittens holding it on his own, just barely. He began sucking down the milk, assuaging some of the nerves that had built up in his belly, but now unable to get a clear view of what was happening between his legs.

“This is my Clair Bear.” Rachel announced as Clair lay down on the changing pad making a pouty face.
“Aw, she does not look happy.”
Anna announced as she began to perforate the outside of Joshies first diaper.
“Clair doesn’t like wearing little baby diapers but sometimes it’s just the right thing to do, especially when she doesn’t tell Mommy when she needs to potty!”
Rachel explained as she shook her head approaching Clair’s face until they were nose to nose. She gave Clair a quick kiss on the forehead before sitting upright and finishing preparing Clair’s diaper.
Joshie turned his head and saw Clair now laid flat next to him. Their eyes met. Clair looked over at Joshie drinking his baba. Then she saw the size and heard the pronounced crinkle of the diaper being pulled up between Joshies legs and shot him a sympathetic glance.
She lifted and spread her legs, then felt the padding slide under her bottom and closed her eyes as she felt her hips being jostled, smelled the powdered and frowned when she heard the sound of the tapes being ripped open.
Rachel and Anna sat on their knees in front of their respective little ones and smiled at each other. Anna pulled up the diaper and stretched the front of it over Joshies belly completely eclipsing the previous diaper. The first tape was opened and delicately secured, high and uncompromisingly final. The second tape was let loose and sealed to create a reassuringly inescapable hug that made up this diapers definitive, loud, colorful, debilitatingley thick, announced presence.
These new tapes from this second diaper felt like a waist belt with the top of the diaper sitting well above little Joshies belly button. Josh realized that his diaper covered almost a third of his body. There was no hiding this thing. The heft of the thing intimidated him even further causing him to feel more trapped by it than even the heavily padded mittens.

He had wanted to play baby but had he though this through? In his mind this would be more of an interactive game. With every comment and action, things were being done to him instead of with him. At that realization he began to understand what Anna had meant.
This was not the cutesy Dom, sub dynamic he had envisioned in his mind.

He had a lot of experience being a male submissive. As a submissive he had a point, a purpose: jobs, tasks, goals. With the addition of this second diaper and the mitten strapped around his hands and wrists, he was seeing more and more clearly that as a baby the diapers were not for him.
They were for his mommy or babysitter. He may have enjoyed them while he was an Adult Baby. As an Adult Baby he had some agency; but the diapers were no longer for him. They were a tool to make his mommies life easier.
He had just crawled into a prison. One lined with cartoon characters and bright colors but one full of bars, straps, buckles, unreachable tapes and snaps, and as he wriggled around on his changing pad, diaper fully sealed and secured; his mommy had to help him sit upright, the bulk of his tight diaper making it a significant challenge. Baby Joshie began to understand the world that he had been asking for.
Anna saw Joshie processing everything from the giant baby diaper, the girl being changed next to him and the helplessness he was beginning to feel.

“Good” she accidentally said out loud, taking away Joshies mostly empty bottle.

Rachel having finished changing her own little girl, echoed the sentiment.

Rachel stood up and pulled Clair to her feet.
“I think we are ready. Let’s go play!”
She said with a demeaning high pitched tone. Clair didn’t care. She giggled and the two headed off into the main room with a light skip in their step despite a moment of hesitation when Clair first heard the sound of her own diaper.

Anna’s satisfaction poured from her face as she watched Rachel and Clair excused themselves. She looked down at Joshie. He seemed to be experiencing the same uncertainty she had been feeling walking into this party.
While her confidence was building up because she had thought to e-mail Rachel before the party for advice, she stood up and saw Josh, rather Joshie, begin to learn how his appropriate, yet punch line of a diaper, would let him move.
Joshie, now sitting upright, had to rock just a bit to push himself forward onto is hands and knees.
Anna let out a burst of a giggle as she saw his extremely round padded ass sticking out. It was adorable, and she was enjoying her work despite her initial hesitations. She loved seeing the amount of effort it took him to get even this far. He was barely even off the changing pad. Putting those diapers on him had been a bit of work. Watching him deal with them was already worth it. She wondered if he understood how stuck he was.

Joshie pushed forward onto his poofy hands. He put one foot down underneath him, then clumsily, a second. He adjusted his footing and he stood up. He tried to take a step. It was clear that his best effort only made for a clumsy waddle.
He tried to work around his cacophonous crinkling diaper. It relentlessly announced itself with every bend step and adjustment.

Anna put her hands on her hips and leaned to one side, letting out a sigh. Her grin had not left her face.

She bent over and picked up Joshies pacifier and placed it in his mouth. His mitted hands were raised up high for balance as he wobbled in place. His face had an all too appropriate look of someone silently pleading for help.

She took a few steps back. “Come on baby. Come to Mama.”

Mommy coaxed the baby forward, but her demeanor broke as she chuckled, seeing the baby’s wide gait. The impressively loud diaper showed her a version of her boyfriend that she couldn’t have fathomed.
She embraced her baby boy looking deep into his conflicted eyes.

“You are adorable. I love you” All four involved arms wrapped around the other’s body followed by sounds of relief. Soft breathing came from them both and their breath for a moment was in perfect sync.

“Now… why the fucks were you just walking?!”

Joshie turned red. His whole body frowned as Anna guided the back of his huge diaper back to the floor.
Joshie looked up at his mommy as he felt himself shrink into the floor.

Joshie needed some practice to get a hang of this new role, but he seemed to be a natural. Looking down at her boyfriend, she noticed a subtle dark patch grow bigger and bigger on the front of his diaper.
He showed no signs of noticing. Maybe he was nervous. But if he was wetting his pants unaware, she knew she had made the right choice, most especially if his “accident” was intentional. It’s hard to tell when someone wants to wear a diaper.
She pulled another one of her bags from the corner. She presented a bright lavender snap crotch onesie, and dangled it in front of the baby.
“I’m so glad you love your diaper,”

“Mwwah ffa..” Joshie began to babble from behind his pacifier.
Anna’s finger quickly pressed it into his mouth silencing any idea of a response.
“Let’s get this on you and we can finally do exactly what you asked for. You are just a baby, and I am just taking you to daycare so I can hang out with other mommies, daddies, nannies and sitters.”
She pulled Joshies arms up and the garment over his head. Then forcing him to lay down, she pulled the back and font of the onesie together. She clicked the snaps between his legs, one by one, as they stressed just a little wrapping around baby Joshies sizable diaper.
“I am really trying to be a good mommy. You are the one who asked to be a complete baby. I asked around. Even among the “littles” you are a pretty small baby. I figure _base_d on how you seem to want to act, at least before you learned walking, talking and basic motor function was out the window; you are about 12 maybe 14months?”
“If you were a quick learner you might be walking. Just a bit….. Not even close.”
She shook her head as she looked down at the baby.
“It’s ok though. Mommy took care of it.” She said as she pointed to herself. “We came to the party you wanted to. You are dressed like you wanted to be.” She shot Josh a quick wink.
“Now this is the last time I intend to explain or even talk to you like the grown up you don’t even want to be.” She pat the front of his diaper.
“I’m so glad you are cute like this. Your little worried face behind your paci. It’s ok baby. Mommy will keep you safe.”
Anna started to choke up a bit.
“I love you……..”
“Oh, and if it wasn’t already clear, don’t even try to ask about the bathroom, for ANYTHING. I made sure you’re covered. Your whole bottom and then some is covered. My beautiful diapered baby boyfriend….”

“You know what? Scratch that. You’re just my little baby boy. I don’t date guys who can’t talk or use the potty.” She exclaimed, smacking the back of Joshies diaper, creating a muffed _base_ sound that Joshie could barely feel through his _layer_ed dypee.

“I love you… Welcome back to babyhood.”

Her eyes were a bit foggy and her words were labored. Her resolve was completely unfettered.
Josh had no words, nor was he supposed to beyond, mama, and baba. Welcome back to babyhood? Joshie leaned forward on his hands and knees biting his pacifier tightly. He tried not to move, as any movement allowed his noisy diaper to butt into the conversation that he wasn’t even allowed into.
“Ma… ma..”
Joshie said as his eyes teared up. His pacifier fell out of his mouth and his posture bowed. He crawled towards her and she knelt down next to her baby.
The front of his diaper began to swell and droop down. Anna heard the sound of his diaper beginning to fill, and she saw it expand between his legs.
“What a good baby.” She said with a slow deep voice, as she stroked his hair.
Anna let out a large sigh, “Let me check.”
She leaned over and gave “widdle Joshies’” diaper a test squeeze.
“I know I took a while, but already? How are you already so wet, you need a change?! Stupid baby.”
The babies’ diaper slowly swelled as Josh’s failure to hold back all he had been made to drink became apparent.
Joshie squirmed sensing the difference his accident had made.
At first he had tried to let just a little go. He had to relive at list a bit of pressure he was starting to feel. Just a little bit.
It had come on so fast. Then a river’s worth of force was slowly eroding the efforts of a particularly ineffective bouncer. The flood defeated any thought of holding back. Joshie began to submit to everything reality was suddenly overwhelming him with.

He felt the first _layer_ of his diaper grow warm. Then He could tell as it spread through the doubler. The doubler, on cue, started to expand. His first diaper filled.

Anna looked down at him. Reading his faced she saw what was happening. She began to come adjust her point of view. As even the xl-baby diaper that she had lovingly wrapped around her boyfriend drooped. It looked identical to every baby or toddler she had ever seen, or sat for who required a trip to the changing table.

Anna thought to herself, “I told him to drink a lot; then he did what I said……Ok fine. This is his day, and I guess now I’m just a mommy, and my baby has a soggy bum.”

She turned to him “I don’t know about you; but I want to go into the party at some point.”

Unfamiliarity had given her pause before. Now she was feeling she was running behind. She had not touched up her makeup and outfit, and now her baby needed a second diaper change made her feel left out. Especially as she had watched Rachel join the others in the main room. She released a harsh grunt.

The pacifier fell from Josh’s mouth as he slightly sat up.
“Hey… hon. it’s ok. Can I help?
Her eyebrows approached each other at an angle. “My little man is so sweet.” She reflexively shot back at Joshies’ comment.
“What are you?” She quickly sounded off, placing Joshies’ pacifier back in his mouth.

Anna stood up, grabbed the supplies she needed and pinned Joshie down. She adjusted him as she needed.
Anna placed a fresh changing pad underneath her newly initiated baby.
He showed a brief sign of surprise and an instinct to issue a question. Before he inhaled; Joshie was silenced by the combination of her: palpable will, her dexterity, and paralyzing stare, coupled with the silly feeling that came along with the knowledge that he not only wore a diaper, but had made use of the warm squishy thing.

Anna opened the outer diaper. Joshie felt the release of heat, as well as the drenched front fall forward between his now raised legs.
Anna used a touch more care at the, heavier, second _layer_; or the first depending on which way one wishes to count.
Either way Baby Joshie lay directly in front of her, legs lightly flailing.

Joshie felt as though he was playing the worst version of “Mother May I”. He had just wanted to dress up and pretend for a bit. He had no idea that what he asked for required this kind of effort, certainly not this kind of preparation or attention. Though he liked the attention, he did realize that his girlfriend was frustrated. He had just ruined a fresh diaper that Anna and Rachel hand dressed him in, and he was now afraid to” speak, unable dress, or feed himself with his mittens, and feeling the weight of helplessness set in as Anna’s voice replayed in his head.
“Welcome back to babyhood.”

Chapter 3:

While the baby let those thoughts dance through his head, a group of people walked in and set down their thing. Anna cooed down at her naked little guy. As Josh looked up from his changing pad he caught a glance of the crowd. This was an age play party. People could come and play at whatever age they pleased, but Josh noticed that no one else had a bulging butt, or a waddle like his.
Maybe they just had not finished getting ready. Every attendee who walked by saw the site of Joshies’ legs kicking petulantly in the air. He turned an astounding shade of red. Most set their things down but a few stopped to watch, and hover.

Dirty diapers were removed and set aside. Joshie seemed to curl up tighter as baby wipes explored is bottom, one cold swipe at a time. Powder was sprinkled and hung in the air. Joshie then lay confused embraced and helpless.
Josh felt like apologizing. Joshie didn’t know how to begin. It was fine. The thought was interrupted as Joshie felt his hips being jostled and a surprisingly large diaper was scooted into place. Some extra padding followed, as Anna positioned it between the diapers leak locks. The she did it again before pulling up the front. With the extra doublers this single diaper was almost as big as the whole first diaper.

A tall man in a dress shirt commented, “I love how with littles you can almost always tell about how old they are by the size of their diaper.”
Anna turned away from her baby to look up at the gentleman.
“Oh?” She smiled. “How old do you think he is?”
The man in a dress shirt stroked his chin. “I would guess a year and a half.” He paused. “…maybe two?”
Anna chuckled.”Really? I didn’t know that.” She then pulled out another one of the enormous cartoon covered diapers and slid it under Joshies bum.
“…and now?
“Wow…” The man in a dress shirt returned the smile. “…defiantly 12 months or less”

“Thank goodness,” Anna added. “We couldn’t have anyone accidently trying to feed my little guy any solid food.”
She smirked at Joshie as she began opening the superfluous diaper’s tapes.
Joshie heard all of the extra crinkles and saw all of the nursery print that had made him nervous before. Only now it was bigger, rounder, and coupled with the knowledge that everyone was going to see; and they would know exactly how big a baby he was, or at least what Anna had turned him into.
The tension of the final tape pressed against baby Joshies’ diaper’s landing zone.
“There we go. I can tell you think it’s too big, but it’s time to go to the party.”
Anna Pulled at both set of snaps from Joshies onesie, securing them in place.
“I know you can’t walk wearing this thing, but don’t pretend like you wanted to be able to!

“Goo goo ga gah ga, mum mah!”

Joshie recoiled out of embracement, made so much worse by the man in the dress shirt standing right there.
She pulled the pacifier out of his mouth, and caught Josh off guard with a big boy kiss.
It came on fast and lingered for a long moment.
As their lips met, Josh’s body language changed.
His lips massaged and squeezed hers. There was urgency present. The two were suddenly affixed, fueled by a confused desperation.
Anna pulled away leaving Josh’s lips mid air, utterly alone and reaching.


At least until the pacifier raced into the baby’s mouth.

Anna hopped up to her feet. She walked up to the man in a dress shirt. He was tall and she had to look up into his bearded face. “I think he is finally ready.”

“With a diaper like that he is ready for just about anything.” He chuckled. “It looks like you have a few things. Would you like some help?”

“Oh thank you, so much. I just need to grab his diaper bag for now.”

The man in the dress shirt walked up to Joshie still laying on the changing matt.
The man in a dress shirt took a knee and scooped up little Joshie, propping him up on his forward knee.

Josh was completely surprised. He may have been playing a baby but was still heavy. As the baby’s diaper compressed between Joshies bum bum and the man in the dress shirts thigh, a cloud of baby powder shot out of the sides of his diaper.

Anna and a few others who were just passing into the nursery belted out a hearty laugh that made people in the adjourning rooms wonder what the missed.
Then with one smooth movement, he stood up with Joshie cradled across his arms. Josh was looking very surprised making him chomp down on his pacifier even harder. The man in the dress shirt then propped up Joshies head against his shoulder with one hand across his back. Moving his other hand under the big baby’s diapered bottom he filled out the support and completed the image. Joshie put his arms around the man’s neck, now looking over his shoulder.
Anna was so pleased. She could only imagine what was going on her baby’s mind, as this man bounced him slightly and rhythmically pat his bottom.
This was all new to her and she wondered just how many things her boyfriend was going to have to start getting used to. Everything about this place was new to her. Playing Mommy was completely new to her. Then she looked at her boyfriend and started to feel just a bit sorry.

For the first time she felt that she would be fine and maybe she didn’t have to change much. She would make sure her baby was fine, but nothing was the same for him. It was too late for him. He had asked for this: begged, dreamed, idealized, and even laid a guilt trip on her about “…wanting to get his way sometimes…”

He was going to get it. On his hands and knees, he was getting it.
“Look at my little man!” She trotted up to her suspended baby.
There was no way she was going to be able to pick Joshie up. Now she saw his legs dangling and a strong hand across his round crinkling bottom making his legs helplessly dangle at a near right angle poking out from his diaper. The baby tried to hold on, even though his mittens wouldn’t let him grasp a thing, so Joshie wrapped his arms around the man’s neck.

The new Mommy, with the slightly sinister smile threw away the changing pad on the floor and grabbed the sizeable remainder of his baby’s diaper bag.
She paced up to Joshies face. It was slightly scrunched up as he pressed it into this new friend’s shoulder to hide himself.

“Oh, what a sweet baby.” Anna gave Joshies cheek a light pinch.

Joshie looked adorably pathetic in this strangers arm. Even if he had started to kick and scream, at this point he would just be dropped onto the floor and find himself hardly able to stand and forced to crawl away in infantile fury. Even if he did he would still have to beg someone to let him out of his mittens. Where did his cloths go? It dawned on him that he wasn’t even sure.

Josh felt like this was a lot, but he still wanted to see it through. It was all so new to both he and Anna. There were still so many chances for the two to get to share some time as, loving mommy and her baby. She just needed to get comfortable in her role, right? And Josh… his eyes got big. He needed to not forget his potty training he thought to himself.

There was no warning. Out of nowhere realizing that the first _layer_ of his dypee had grown warm and he could feel the first indications of swelling between his legs. It occurred to him that at no moment did he notice that he was starting to wet his diaper.

Carried by a stranger, not just wearing a diaper but needing it, and his girlfriend looking up at him as she walking behind the man carrying him into a nursery, Josh stopped being Josh. They only place he heard that name at this point was in his head.

As the three of them entered the nursery two of them were smiling. It was hard to tell about the third. His pacifier covered his mouth as he gently sucked.

The nursery was longer than it was wide. A lot of the littles were already playing with each other: trucks, blocks, and dolls action figures strewn throughout. Joshie saw Rachel and Clair putting together a large pieced puzzle. Clair waved as Joshie was carried past her and the rest of the little kids. Anna picked up Joshies mitted hand and shook it mouthing “Hello.”, at Rachel’s little girl
When he was finally lowered onto the floor he looked around him and saw a semi-circle of play gates sectioning off this corner. They were joined together in the center by a high, wide baby gate.

The padding on this floor was thicker than the rest of the nursery. Joshie saw the toys the other kids were playing with then looked around to discover that the ones surrounding him behind the baby gate were: bigger, brighter, simpler, soft, and the first one that he gave a light swat to sounded like an infant’s rattle. Everything looked liked it was meant to keep someone safe; especially, if that someone put it in their mouth.

Joshie looked up and saw the man in the dress shirt and his Mommy open and step over the play gate with ease. He tried to follow by standing up from a sitting position, but his knees were so far apart he couldn’t do it that way.

Joshie rolled over. Now on his hands and knees, he began to crawl toward the closing gate. He had never felt like this before. He saw his Mommy close the gate with a little too much satisfaction, and two heavy plastic clicks finalizing it.
Joshie sat up on his knees leaning against the baby gate. He could see the switch to open it, but it was impossible to reach from where he was. There was no way his mittens would leave him able to manipulate it.

Anna knelt down outside the playpen. “Be good. Mommy will be right back.”
The pacifier fell out of Joshies mouth. “khAw we dwAy da guga GAgaug” Joshie tried to talk but suddenly realized his mouth was completely numb and he was only succeeding in drooling on his onesie.
His Mommy laughed again at her little man. “It’s ok. I can’t understand you. It’s because with our VIP entrance one of the ladies gave me something to soak your pacifier in and something else to put in your bottle.”

She reached into the diaper bag. “It’s not feeding time yet but you’ll need this.” She secured a bib around Joshies neck.

“The stuff I put on your pacifier is what made your tongue go limp and your mouth numb. Have you guessed what the stuff I put in your bottle will do? I didn’t spend that much time fixing your diaper because I wanted to.”

She stood up and gave the back of his diaper a gentle pat.

“I think I saw it on your face already. Just relax and it will all be ok. After all, you won’t have a single thing to say about it.”
She let out a laugh as she pressed Joshies pacifier back in his mouth, whispered, “Aw, poor baby…”

“baba dypur mafm gag a gag a goo.” Joshie babbled as he fell back onto his warm diaper.

Anna blew her new baby a little kiss. He saw her walking towards the man in the dress shirt through the baby gate.

Josh felt a pinch of jealousy as Anna walked away. It took more than one try but he got his feet underneath himself and began a pathetic waddle to the edge of the playpen. He put his mitted hands atop the rail and started to try to work his legs over.

Anna looked back at her baby and saw his infantile effort.

She felt her face tighten with frustration.

She didn’t know which was more pathetic, they way he looked standing there in his giant diaper and onesie, or watching him struggle to lift a leg over the side of the playpen as his diaper hobbled his efforts.

She stomped over and took his hand.


She snapped and gave the top of his hand a slap.

“No. No. No. Bad baby! You have to listen to mommy and when she put you somewhere, it’s because Mommy knows what’s best for Joshie! I am going to talk to some grown-ups now, so I can’t do that and worry about you crawling all over the nursery playing with whatever the baby can get into his mouth. Bad bad baby. And this is the second time I have warned you about walking on your own. That’s too dangerous for someone your age! Do you understand this game? Do you get that this is no longer a game?”

“Of course not, love…”

Rachel happily chimed in from the floor where she was still doing the puzzle with Clair Bear.

“.. He’s just a baby.”

Joshie fell back on to his bottom with a muffled thud, still on the baby side of the playpen having been defeated by its walls. He heard a few giggles from around the rooms from some of the big kids as well as some of their mommies, daddies, and sitters.
The man in the dress shirt approached. “We have something that can help with that. I have something that will defiantly make sure he can’t get very far off the floor unless someone carries him.”

Anna spun around on her heels like a dancer changing to a much brighter tone. “Thank you so much. That would be amazing. I’m just so worried about my baby.” She turned around glaring at Joshie. “He can be so fussy when he doesn’t get his way.”

“I just want to make you happy. You want to be a baby. Now you are. It’s a big change”

Anna acknowledged the accidental pun by poking his diaper, noticing the tell tale firm feeling that comes after wetting.

“Oh, I see you have been a busy little guy.”

Anna stroked the side of Joshies’ face. It will be ok. You have wanted this for so long. I know it different when you imagine it, but that is why this is important. You are a baby now.”

The man in the dress shirt returned and easily stepped over the playpen walls. He handed a small cluster of loops.

“These are for his legs. I’m sure it’s hard for him to remember how he is allowed to use them, but these will make sure he remembers every time he tries.”
Anna accepted them and stepped into the play pen, kneeling next to Joshie. She sorted through the things she was given for a moment.

“I have no idea where these are supposed to go.”

The man in the dress shirt smiled and knelt down taking the series of loops.
He had an odd smile which looked downright diabolical from where Joshie had landed. The man lightly pushed Joshie onto his back, his legs now in the air. The man took two loops and secured one around each of Joshies thighs. He followed it up by strapping on two smaller manacles around Joshies’ hovering ankles.
He then stretched out two pieces of webbing with clips at each end.
One click, two clicks, Joshies’ ankle was now attached to his thigh from the back keeping him from straitening it out or even extending it past 90 degrees.

One click, two clicks, the other leg was now in the same situation.

“There you go baby. You’ll never have to worry about tripping again, since crawling is all you’ll be doing.”

“That’s so perfect!”

“Oh, Joshie is going to have so much fun. He can’t walk, he can’t talk, he can’t use his hands, and he can’t do much of anything!”

“Poor little baby. He has to learn how to actually be a baby.”
She looked down at his crotch, which confirmed her statements.
Anna sighed and dropped her shoulders. She said, “Aw, but now I have to change him.”
The man in a dress shirt gave her a look for a moment then, said in an empathic earnest tone that made the obvious clear,” Hon, he is wearing a diaper. Change him when you are ready.”
A light went off and shined behind Anna’s eyes. She wasn’t Josh’s mommy; Joshie was her little baby. He was a helpless bystander under her care and control.
If the baby wanted something it was her choice not his. Everything was her choice. Like this, he couldn’t say anything since he couldn’t talk.
He couldn’t do anything other than what she let him. He would have to eat what she fed him, drink what she put in his bottle, play with whatever she put in his playpen with him, and most certainly, since he said he enjoyed his diaper, only be changed when she thought he needed to be.
In one moment in her head the tables had dramatically turned. She initially felt burdened by the thought of having to take care of an adult baby, but it was suddenly clear. She looked down at her baby in his soggy diaper and said with a look that told Josh all that she has just realized.
“Poor baby, you can just sit there and stink till Mommy’s ready.”
Then she went back to her adult conversation, and Josh felt the weight of his swelling diaper as well as the sense that she was no longer his girlfriend. He had arrived at the party with his girlfriend, but would leave under his mommies care.
He looked back at Anna through the playpens walls. He batted at a mobile dangling above him. A small sob escaped his numb mouth as a small wet trickle sounded off from between his legs. He looked out at the big kids playing all their big kids games, with all their big kid toys.
Chapter 4:

Joshie rolled onto his front. He pushed himself up onto his knees. As the webbing _link_ing his upper leg to his ankle pulled taut behind him, it hit him. There was no way he could stand, or even squat in this condition. He was reduced to crawling, so he did.
He inched across the playpen away from the gate and rolled onto his back. He tried to sit up but with his legs now restricted he resigned himself to lying on his back. He couldn’t even pass as a toddler. This was confirmed as he heard Anna and her new friend giggle as they watched his hobbled journey across the playpen.

“Why so sad, baby?”

Joshie looked up. It was Kitty, the girl from the front desk.

She leaned over the side of the baby gate. Her pacifier, no longer in her mouth, dangled from a colorful clip attached to one of the straps of the juvenile shortalls she wore. She had tied ribbons in her golden brown hair giving her a side ponytail and it bobbed back and forth as she questioned the safely isolated baby.

Joshie looked up at her a bit embarrassed and confused. He didn’t know how to even begin to respond now that his words had turned to mush. He was pretty sure he would not find a pen to help him out, at least not on this side of the playpen.

Kitty opened the baby gate and entered the play pen. She closed the gate and walked to one side.

She picked up a fuzzy, pastel colored tiger stuffy. Joshie heard a distinct crinkle come from under her shortalls as she walked. He didn’t need to hear it to tell she was wearing a diaper. The rear of the diaper poked out the back legs. Kitty knelt down in front of Joshie.


Kitty emphatically shook the tiger, making it rattle, as she gently accosted Joshies’ face.
“Grrrrrr… He’s gonna getchya!” She pulled the tiger back. “He’s gonna getchya… and he’s gonna cover you ooooooooo…” She pulled the tiger back and paused for emphasis. “…with KISSES!”

“Mwah! Mwah! Smooches all over! ”

Joshie couldn’t help but to giggle at Kitty’s nursery rhyme ready voice and the silliness of it all.

“Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!”

She made him scoot back in defense but continued to press forward with her assault until Joshie rolled onto his back.

His pacifier fell out of his mouth as he now found himself in changing table position. His legs were in the air and his diaper made sure his thighs didn’t come close to touching.

Kitty’s tiger immediately followed up its first attack with a series of tickles making the baby snort and kick.

“Thauwwp eep!” Joshie blurted and struggled.

He wanted to say, “Stop it.” But only unshaped noise came out.
Kitty knelt over the baby and pressed the tiger against his chest. His attempt at speaking left a drool trail running down his face. She took a corner of Joshies’ bib and wiped his chin. Joshie hugged the tiger turning red.

“Aw. It’s ok widdle guy. All clean.”
She glanced down and flattened her hand across the front of his diaper. She could feel the baby continue to piddle while his diaper grew warmer, heavier, and then start to swell.

“Ah. I see. All that tickling? It’s ok baby. That’s why your mommy put those on you. Besides, my Daddy makes me wear a diaper too,”
She pat her crotch making a muffled _base_ sound. Kat picked up and wiped off his pacifier.

“Mine are nowhere as big as yours are; so it’s not even like you need to be changed yet.”

As she finished her sentence the pacifier was back in the baby’s mouth.

“Here, I have a present for you.”

She removed a pacifier clip from the front of her shortalls and attached it to Joshies onesie. Without removing it from his mouth she looped the string through the pacifier’s finger loop.

“That should help you a lot, especially with those mittens. With some practice you should be able to get your own paci back in your mouth when it falls. You know, like a big boy.” She giggled and gave the front of his diaper a friendly swat.”

“You’re really cute you know. Feeling a bit in over your head?”

The baby nodded.

“It’s ok.”
She stroked Joshies hair. “Shhhh shh shh shhhhh. It’s ok. You have never been a baby before right?”

Joshie just starred up at Kitty and squeezed the stuffed tiger.

“You probably dressed up in a diaper, wandered around, drank from a bottle when it suited you. I bet after a few minutes of a wet diaper you just tossed it off and carried on with your day.”

She got nose to nose with Joshie.

“Maybe you jerked off in it first?”


“ …Or were you the kind of guy who would flood the diaper and sit in it completely soaked, until you felt like taking it off, or were about to get caught, or else just finished masturbating?”

Kitty raised an eyebrow as she continued to stroke Joshies hair.

“Just kidding; the jerking off part wasn’t a question. All guys try to jerk off in their diaper at some point.” She explained with a wink.

She leaned in and whispered. “It’s fine. When Daddy makes me wear a diaper sometimes I try; At least when he is not looking…”

Josh let out a full laugh causing more drool to run down his chin.

“…sometimes… when he is.”

Joshie laughed louder and harder, the tiger slipping out of his useless grip.
Kitty laughed with him.

Anna, still talking with the man in the dress shirt looked over from where they were talking.

Seeing that they noticed, Kitty quickly leaned over and babbled at Joshie.

“Ah boo boo boo.”

Kitty shook her head closing in on Joshies face. Again she used his bib to wipe his face. She looked up at the two adults on the other side of the playpen and smiled innocently. They both smiled back and returned to their conversation.

Kitty scoot back, and grasped both of Joshies mittens helping him sit up.
Now seeing each other on the same level Kitty handed Joshie the tiger back and continued.

“Here is where I bet you went wrong, Mr. Josh.”

Josh perked up at the sound of his un-infantilized name.

“You wanted your girlfriend to play too, nothing wrong with that.” Kitty said.
“She was a bit apprehensive but you kept on asking. You probably told her that you wanted to “play baby” or “be her baby”, or “to babysit you”. “

Josh let his pacifier drop, but this time it dangled from its clip.

“Yeah….” She went on.

“I doubt you wanted to be a baby, even if you thought so. You wanted to play the way you did alone, but with her by your side: changing your diaper, feeding you a bottle, but not actually treating you like a baby. Still watching TV, walking around, talking with her; even if it’s in that stilly mock baby talk adults do when they impersonate a baby.”

Josh’s face drooped.

“How often when you would dress up in a diaper did you poop yourself?”

Josh looked up meeting her eye as he shrank.

“Come on, Mr. Drooley face. Shake the tiger once for no, two times for yes… Never…? Maybe, once just to try it?”

He was back to feeling like Joshie. Pinching the toy between his mittens he shook the stuffed tiger two times.

“You see?”

Joshie began to tear up and let out a sniffle.

“If you had really wanted to be a baby it wouldn’t have been a question. Every time… after all they are babies. You told her time after time you wanted to be a baby. Now, she finally decided to let you be one. More than that, she is insisting on it. She got you a VIP pass. At our Daycare we call it a V.I.B. pass, Very Important Baby.”

“Maybe she knew what you really meant, what you really wanted. Maybe not, but today you are going to learn a lot. Not your ABC’s or anything, but let me put it to you this way; even if you could get out of those mittens and take off that adorable wet diaper….. You better not. Baby Joshie is going to need it after what was in your baba.”

She returned Joshies paci back into his mouth. Joshies’ bib was getting wet again, this time from tears.

As Kitty unlocked the gate she turned back.

“Looks like you really love the tiger. He is yours, baby.”

“You’re so darn cute.”

She smiled back at him as the baby gate’s lock clicked shut behind her.

Joshie squeezed his tiger. When he was able to speak clearly he would name it Hobbes.

“Hawwvuah” was the best he could do for now.

He saw the big kids playing and coloring outside the playpen. He shook Hobbes making him rattle. Joshie thought to himself as his bottom squished, “I need a diaper change…. “

“…Goo goo.”

Chapter 5:

“What did you do the baby? Why is he crying?”

The man in the dress shirt took Kitty by the wrist and giving her a hard swat on her bottom cuing her to getty-up.

Anna quickly trotted over to the playpen and hopped over the rail. She slid up behind Joshie and took him in her arm and began rocking him.

“What happened baby? Oh, poor little thing.”

Joshie submitted and the pacifier fell from his mouth. Anna saw the pacifier clip pinned to the front of his onesie.

“Apologize to Anna and tell her what you did.” said the man in the dress shirt. He opened the baby gate and pulled Kitty though with him.

Kitty began to whine. “I didn’t do anything Daddy. I just played with Joshie.”

“Aaron, stop!”

Anna said to the man in the dress shirt.

“Sometimes babies just cry.”

Joshie sniffled looking up at Anna.

She proceeded to check his diaper. “He just wants a change, such a cranky baby. “

Anna called out. “Rachel. Do you have a second? Would you please bring me Joshies’ diaper bag?”

Rachel put her hand of her little Clair Bear’s head and stood up. Clair watched her mommy walk away as she held onto one of the last pieces of her puzzle.

Anna fingered the pacifier clip on her baby. “Kitty, weren’t you wearing this when me and Joshie came in?

Kitty was clinging to her daddy after her scolding. She poked out from behind him.

“Yeah...” her words quietly squeaked out.

The man in the dress shirt pushed his little girl forward.

“Come on. Answer Anna so she can hear you.”

“Aaron. She is fine.” Anna’s voice shifted into preschool sing song.

“Thank you so much Kitty. Wow! That was so nice of you.”

Kitty pointed to the stuffed tiger on the floor.

“That’s his too.” She looked up at Daddy Aaron checking if what she said was ok.

“Oh my Gosh! You are such a wonderful little girl! You’re so sweet. How did you know my little guy loves Calvin and Hobbes? A tiger is perfect for him. I bet this is his new favorite toy!”

Anna picked up the tiger holding it in front of Joshie as her rocking turned into more of a bounce. He reached up and pulled it to him. He couldn’t fight the smile growing on his face.

“Aww, he loves it.” She swung him three times back and forth in her arm. “Of course we have to call him Hobbes.”

All of the sad had fallen off the babies face. She had guessed the name of his new tiger. “Hawwohthh!” fell out of his completely numbed mouth.

“That’s right baby! Hobbes.”

As Anna continued to rock Joshie he made Hobbes rattle between his mittens. Rachel came through the gate with the baby’s diaper bag and sat it next to Anna.

“Thank you, madam.” Anna said with an appreciative smile.

“But of course.” Rachel answered back as she gave a quick curtsey, and a little kiss at little Joshie. She then returned to her Clair Bear and the triumphant completion of their “Little Mermaid” puzzle.

Cradling Joshie with one arm, she fumbled through the bag with her free hand. She eventually pulled out a full bottle, quickly sliding it into her now smiling child’s mouth. Thoughts didn’t have time to enter his head before he started sucking on the rubber nipple now filling his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah. There you go little guy.”

Joshie quickly adapted to the bottle pressed into his mouth. He sucked fast and hard. Anna cautiously removed the bottle.

“Easy, baby, nice and slow, or I’ll never be able to burp you enough.”

She slid the bottle back into Joshies’ mouth. He slowly nursed to bottle. Here in Anna’s arms with a bottle in his mouth was the first time he felt comfortable. His mind calmed down. It had been a big day. He exhaled around the nipple in his mouth. His eyes closed and his body relaxed. The moment he did his mommy looked down at his diaper as she heard a ‘wushhhhing” sound. If her baby had already needed a change, it was certainly overdue.

Anna rocked him for a few moments before she removed the half empty bottle from her baby’s mouth, lowered his head to the floor and scoot back.

She reached for the diaper bag. Anna pulled out a changing pad laying it flat. Aaron took notice, grabbing Kitties crotch. He looked down at her with a big cheesy, frowney face. He picked her up carrying her over to Anna and Joshie. He lay Kitty down next to Joshie and said, “Could you watch her for a minute while I get her bag?”
“Don’t be silly.” said Anna.
“Baby Joshie doesn’t mind sharing.”
She passed Aaron her baby’s diaper bag.
Aaron reached into it and pulled out one of Joshies shockingly thick cartoony diapers.
“This is a lot bigger than Kitty is use to but it will defiantly work.”
Kitty looked up and the diaper in her Daddy’s hand and began to make whiney noises. She looked at Joshie and Anna next to her. The baby’s wet diaper was already off and being rolled up by his mommy.
“Daddy, no….” She huffed out.
Her face was scrunched up and her attitude was sour but not defiant. Aaron removed his little girls diaper and cleaned her up. He had caught up to Anna in her diaper changing.
The two parents exchanged glances with their little ones sprawled out, naked for the waist down, in front of them. Each of the babies looked at each other, then between their legs at the person above them. Kitty shot Joshie a harsh glance. Did she blame him?
Their bottoms were raised and the oversized pampers slid underneath them. Joshie was embraced but had shrunk back into himself just letting it happen. Kitty looked through the playpen walls and saw some of the other parents and kids watching. She closed her eyes while her resentment grew. Her embracement was being watched, she wasn’t some stupid baby…why?
Her diaper was being taped shut. Joshie was having his diaper stuffed with extra padding. Anna seemed as though she didn’t want to let anyone down by allowing the new diaper not being as thick as the one before. Joshie felt the diaper being pull taught and sealed. He looked up at Anna almost apologetically. She looked down at him with a comforting stare. She then jerked open the diapers tape, smoothed out the front of his diaper, and pulled it tightly together. She gave Joshie a smile with a stern, affirmative nod. Her harsh smile morphed into something more maternal as she saw her baby on his back, lightly kicking, adjusting to the new diaper, bigger, thicker, and sitting even higher above his hips.
Anna and Aaron cleaned up the aftermath of the diaper change. The little ones were set free. At least as free as the playpen would allow them to be.
The clean up completed, Anna said “I’ll go toss this stuff in the garbage. Besides, I need to go run to the car. Joshies’ diaper bag is beginning to run low.”
“I’ll go with you.” said Aaron. “The kids will be fine here. Besides,” he gave Kitty a ha
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Crap, I haven't stirred things up in here for a few years, so why not go for it?

Your story, if that's what you call it, sucks big time. Most short stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end. It should have character development. It should have conflict. There should be reasons that characters act the way they do.

This drabble seems to be a stream of consciousness thing. This happened, and this happened, and this happened...

I scanned your story; I didn't read it. I don't read blocks. The formatting is horrible. Paragraphs are willy nilly or nonexistent.

I think you are a kid, so the crappy writing is forgivable (assuming you are under 13). If I'm right, you shouldn't be posting here at all.

Folks, keep in mind that he was begging for critiques.
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lilbabyboy (User)
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Re:Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story 5 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 2  
I think it's pretty well written. I don't read AR stories like they're fine literature, I read them to cum.
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Douglas Greene (User)
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Re:Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story 5 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 1  
Well, lets all remember that. We at least know your mindset.
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vended (User)
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Re:Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story 5 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 8  
I wouldn't use terms as harsh as yours, Douglas, but I do agree the story lack some full fleshedness. ^^'

As for the the form, having space between each line of dialogs is necessary, and for the content, it lack I think proper narration, which as it is make it look like a flow of events happening to characters we feel nothing for.
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lilbabyboy (User)
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Re:Need feedback Carpe Herri / Diem story 5 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 2  
Is this not a fetish website? Do you post long, sober critiques on PornHub about framing and the lack of a narrative thread in the interracial gangbang videos?

I need my porn directed by Martin Scorcese!!
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