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TOPIC: An Easy Job
babyboy305 (User)
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An Easy Job 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0  
So a while back I tried writing a story on here without doing a lot of proofreading or asking for help beforehand and it didn't really turn out like I had wanted it to. I'm trying this out again only this time I'm asking for some help and/or advice for my new story I'm writing. I'm still pretty new to this, but I have a lot of ideas on what to write, any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm posting the first part of it below, I'm titling it "An Easy Job", it's a physical male regression story.

An Easy Job:
My name is Timothy, I’m twenty years old and about to start my third year of college, this was supposed to be an easy summer in which I’d make some decent money; little did I know how wrong I was. I had gotten what appeared to be a great job from an ad online. The job was a position for a camp councilor and quality control tester for Sunnydaze Daycare’s Super Summerfun Camp. Sunnydaze was the most popular daycare in town, I had even gone there when I was little and had loved going to their Super Summerfun Camp at Lake Hebe as an older kid. I enjoyed working with kids and the job paid well so I decided to apply.

The job de_script_ion stated that I would be closely working with the children during the summer camps. During the breaks in between camps I would be testing out things like staff response time, the food, and giving feedback on the camp’s activities. I knew there were only four one week camps during the summer, which meant that most of the time I’d just be helping them test new ideas and food out for the camp. It sounded like I was just going to be paid a lot just to stay at a summer camp, which to me sounded like a great way to spend my summer break.

I thought I was going to have some tough competition for the job, I was expecting some other people my age to apply, but I was surprised to get a call back right away to schedule an interview. Something was kind of strange about the interview though, they scheduled it two weeks before the first camp and they told me to bring my things for the summer with me. I thought it was odd that they were already asking me to bring my stuff for the summer when I hadn’t even got the job yet. When I asked why they wanted me to bring my things, they said my resume looked good enough for the job and that the interview was just a formality. They also said they did an evaluation before sending new councilors to the camp so they were going to do them both at the same time. It was probably my excitement over having gotten the job so easily that blinded me to how unusual and suspicious this all was. Then again at that point I had no real reason to mistrust Sunnydaze and if anyone had told me what was going to happen to me during the summer I would’ve called them crazy.

When I arrived for my interview it was early in the morning and I was tired, unfortunately for me the daycare opened at 7:00 AM and they only could fit my interview in at 6:30 AM. I didn’t complain much though, I was going to have an amazing summer and earn some easy money, it would be well worth me waking up early. To my surprise, the staff at Sunnydaze was waiting in the parking lot with a trailer for my stuff, which they quickly helped me unload from my car. If I hadn’t felt so tired I would’ve realized how weird it was that they were doing this before my interview, but at that point I was just happy to have the help. Upon entering the building I was greeted by an overly enthusiastic blond girl at the front counter.

“Hello! You must be Timothy! Can I call you Tim?” She said very loud with a huge smile on her face.

“Uh…hi, yeah Tim is fine…I uhh.” I said groggily, but before I could get another word out she quickly cut me off.

“Great! So good to meet you Tim! Sara, the person who will be your sitt…interviewer is running a little late this morning, but you can feel free to go take a seat in room: 18 MS and wait for her there.” She said just as loud as before.

I was happy to be rid of her as I quickly walked down the hallway to 18 MS, but I was confused as I opened the door. Inside the room was a crib, a diaper changing station with lots of diapers, a high chair, a play pen with lots of baby toys, and finally there were two chairs: one looked like a normal office chair and the other was a soft leather one. I quickly walked back out and went back over to the receptionist.

“Umm excuse me, but I think I heard you wrong when you gave me the room number, can you give it to me again?”

“Sure Timmy, you’re meeting her in room 18 MS” She quickly replied.

I was kind of annoyed, I hadn’t been called Timmy since the third grade, I was about to snap and tell her not to call me that again but I remembered where I was. It must have just been a slip up; she works with young children a lot after all. Still I wasn’t sure if she was correct, a nursery was not place to have an interview, even if it was just a pointless formality.

“Uh are you sure that’s the right room? I went in there earlier, but it looked like a nursery so I thought I had misheard you.”
“Oh it is (both the right room and a nursery), we’re in the middle of a move right now and don’t have a lot of office space. Just take a seat on the leather chair in there and Sara will see you shortly.”

This job kept getting weirder and weirder, but it’s not like any of this was a big deal, yeah this might not have been very professional but I didn’t care. I was surprised the leather chair was for me, it was very comfortable and nice, I sunk right into it and before I knew it I fell asleep. My brief moment of rest was interrupted very quickly; I was awoken by a snapping and clicking sound. I looked around in shock and saw my arms were cuffed to the chair’s arm rests and restraints were tied around my waist and legs. Standing over me was a beautiful brunette woman with long curly hair.

“Oh, I’m sorry Tim; I didn’t mean to wake you. I was hoping you’d wake up after your transformation, it’s much better that way, oh well this should be a fun experience for you anyway. I’m Sara by the way; I’m going to be your babysitter during your time here at Sunnydaze.” She said with a devilish look on her face.

“Sara…wha..I don’t understand. What are you talking about? What transformation? Why do I need a babysitter? I thought I was going to be councilor.”

“Shhh you will find out soon, just stay quiet and relax Tim. I’m going to take you on a little trip back in time.” She said as she turned a handle on a cylinder with a hose and respiration mask attached to it.

Sara quickly forced the mask onto my face; I tried fighting it but couldn’t do much in my current condition. She strapped the mask on and then I heard her slowly turn a wheel on the cylinder and immediately heard a hissing sound. Suddenly as I breathed whatever it was in, I felt relaxed…helpless…paralyzed. I could hear Sara chuckling as I inhaled more and more of the strange gas.

“There we go, just breathe in Timmy, now listen carefully. This is a magical gas that will make you younger the more you breathe in. You probably thought stuff like the Fountain of Youth was just a myth huh? Well guess again, you see my sisters and I managed to create this wonderful concoction long ago, it’s great for making us look young and beautiful.” Suddenly she began turning the wheel faster and continued talking with a mischievous look on her face, “It’s also really good for getting our favorite kids back to their old selves. We missed you very much Timmy, and now you’re going to help us make the daycare be even better. To start off we’re going to give you enough gas to turn you into a 1 year old baby.”

Magic gas? Really?! These people were nuts! Who knows what crazy type of gas she was forcing me to inhale right now. More importantly if they actually knew how to make people younger why would they waste their time running some childcare center? I was going to get killed by a bunch of maniacs, why were they doing this to me?! Why couldn’t this just have been my great easy job?! Why was everything turning out so weird today?! WHY WAS I FEELING LIKE I WAS SHRINKING?!

“He he, I can see the look of confusion in your eyes, you didn’t believe me but now the effects of the gas should be getting noticeable. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bothering to work at a daycare if I have something as lucrative as the Fountain of Youth at my disposal. Well you see Timmy, my sisters and I are in need of test subjects for our various experiments. We can’t just use our clients’ children, they would tell their parents when they got home, you on the other hand are supposed to be at our camp all summer. Don’t worry though, you’ll get to go to camp and we still intend on paying you once this is over. Yes that does mean that unfortunately the effects of the gas are not permanent, you’ll get one week older each day.”

One week older every day? That didn’t seem right at all, if what she was saying was true I would still be a two year old by the time summer was over. I was starting to panic; this couldn’t be happening to me, I had to get out of here now! I began to struggle against the restraints but they held firm and the gas kept forcing to relax back into a sitting position.

“Please don’t struggle Timmy, it’s far too late now, you’re going to have fun as a little baby again. Oh and don’t worry about the fact that you won’t grow up fast enough to leave us by the end of the summer, we have another gas that can make you older, we need to test more than just baby things after all. Now relax and just let the gas take you back to your childhood.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, this had to be a really bad dream, maybe if I just tried going back to sleep again everything would go back to normal. Actually that idea sounded really good, especially since the gas was already relaxing me, it would’ve worked fine too had I not shrunk really fast just then. This was really happening! I had shrunk down to the size of a freshman in high school, but even that size didn’t last long as I seemed to be growing younger faster and faster. Middle school flashed right by, then I was a grade school kid again, before I knew it I was about the size of a kindergartner. All the while Sara was just standing there keeping the mask over my face, the restraints were no longer holding me, but I felt too relaxed to move. My clothes had long outgrown me and would have been fully covering me if Sara hadn’t removed them.

“Almost there wittle Timmy, oh you’re going to look soooo cute! I’ll go get your new clothes so you don’t get cold…or have an accident”

I felt the _layer_s of baby fat rolling onto my body as I got younger and younger, suddenly the process slowed down as I saw Sara turning the wheel in the opposite direction. My body shrank a little bit more and then most of my teeth and hair disappeared. Sara quickly put me on the changing table and put me in a diaper and tee shirt. I could move again as soon as I heard the Velcro strap on the diaper snap shut. Sara sat me down in front of a mirror and to my horror I saw myself as a cute lovable baby.
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ARWolf (User)
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Re:An Easy Job 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: -11  
Great so far! Please continue!
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