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Need help in thinking of a story title (Draft) (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Need help in thinking of a story title (Draft)
Jeffr_2bya (User)
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Need help in thinking of a story title (Draft) 6 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 39  
No name yet (Rough draft so far)

By me and Libra

14 year old Paul was going to use the bathroom when he noticed the nursery. He had been force along on a trip to visit one of his mom's friends.

Eve was her name and he wasn't sure if that was her first or last name. The baby boy William was back in the kitchen with his mother being breast fed under a blanket.

Paul had excused himself not solely out of embarrassment, but because it was making him very aroused. Eve was a strange woman. More of a hippie then Paul had ever seen in anyone else. She grew most of her food and made most of the things in her house from raw materials.

It was the bottle of baby lotion that had caught his eye. Paul did learned soap is okay for jerking off, but can leave you dry or even cause a rash. Vasline felt weird to him so he liked to use his mom's hand lotion she kept stocked in the bathroom.

Glancing around for anyone coming he slipped into the nursery. He picked up the glass bottle no surprise to see the homemade label then unscrewed the cap to it.

Oddly enough it smell wonderful with a flowery scent to it. When he tilted it and some of the lotion pour onto his open palm he saw it was perfect for rubbing on skin to skin. Not too greasey nor did it seem to absorb into the skin right away.

"Perfect. " Paul said in a low voice then pocketed the bottle then he went into the bathroom to take care a bit of business.

Within two minutes he was in the heaven of pure pleasure and flushed then washed all signs of his sin down the pipes.

He meant to return the bottle to the nursery, but his mom greeted him in the hallway telling him it was time to go.

Force to leave he felt his heart hammering away as he past Eve now standing and still breast feeding her baby boy. The stolen bottle felt heavy in his pocket.

Two days passed before Paul felt less guilty about swiping the bottle. Since Eve didn't call his mom about it he figured she didn't miss it. Paul was busy counting his chore money including all he earned from doing odd jobs for other people. When the front doorbell rang. He stuffed his counted cash into his pocket then stashed the rest into his hiding spot.

Since his mom was out doing some shopping he guessed it might be the next door neighbor Tammy who came over for her monthly visit. She was a really hot 16 year old girl in need of a little extra money.

There was no love interest from her side of their arrangement, but Tammy was willing to let Paul have a little fun with her for a price.

Paul had worked and saved all summer just to meet that price. He really liked Tammy, but the love wasn't mutually between them. His mom would be gone for hours if not longer. Tammy was a free sprite so her mother wouldn't have noticed her missing.

"Hey ya, Paul. " 16 year old Tammy said when Paul opened the front door.

"Tam...Tammy. " Paul said a little embarrassed by the smile she gave him.

"So are we going to have our little bit of fun or do I have to wait? " Tammy asked.

Paul pulled out off of it and showed it to her.

"Half now and the other half later. " Paul said thinking it was best if he treated this like a one time business arrangement.

"Oh Pauly, don't you trust me? I suppose you could wait for my little sister to mature in a few years. She has got a real crush on you. " Tammy said putting on a hurt pouting face in such a sweet sounding voice that made Paul's pants a little tight.

"If you changed your mind that's okay. " Paul said next and started to pocket his money.

"Okay, but you better have it all afterwards. I know a few guys a lot bigger then you. " Tammy warned and even that sounded sweet coming from her lips.

"My bedroom, I will be there in a second. " Paul said handing her the money.

Tammy grinned then pocketed the wad of cash into her small purse then watched as Paul quickly made his way into the bathroom.

Paul missed the look of disappointment on her face when she realized that Paul wasn't just some dumb kid. Oh well she thought. She was on the pill and he poke her a few times with that prick of a penis of his then explode into a early orgasm. She had planed just to walk away with the cash knowing he never tell anyone what he was saving up for. If he whined too much maybe a quick hand job then she be on her way.

She gave him five minutes at best if he wasn't already jerking himself off in the bathroom already.

She almost felt sorry for him. This would be the high point of his life for the next few years or even his entire life if he was really unlucky.

Tammy went to his bedroom then she was amused by all of the childish things he still was hanging onto even at his age. Tammy stripped naked then turned off the lights. She thought it would be best so she didn't laugh when he showed up buck naked.

Paul was getting ready and even stripped off his clothes with his heart beating like a drum in his chest. He was finally going to do it with someone and she was pretty hot in his opinion.

Paul stripped out of his clothes then tossed them into the hamper. He decided to dab a little Eve's homemade baby lotion on his hands to help things along. When he made his way to the bedroom he found the room in near darkness, but could see well enough even with the curtains closed.

"Keep the light off, sweetie. Come here and touch my titties if you like. " Tammy's voice said and there lying on his bed in a very relax pose was the girl he only dream of seeing naked before.

"I got a little lotion to help things along. " Paul said and proceeded to rub it on her tits.

Paul's hard on was getting painful now and Tammy really hope he explode right now.

"Hmmm, that stuff smells really good. " Tammy said and felt silky lotion making her tits go hard.

As Paul proceeded to climb on top of her he blurted out a silly question.

"Tammy, your not a virgin are you? I am and its cool with me.

" Paul said in a nervous tone that made him sound years younger.

"For you. Lets just say I'm. Come on, Paul. Deflower me. " Tammy said in that seductive tone she only used in the bedroom.

Paul's first few thrusts were clumsy and he was already sweating from the effort.

Tammy had to admit the long summer of him doing extra chores and odd jobs gave him a nice body. Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible she decided some cheer leading was in order.

"Oh yes, Paul. I'm a naughty little virgin. " Tammy said and Paul responsed in a low tone by saying "Yes, you are. "

It felt like Paul was getting bigger on her. Even his penis felt harder. Tammy changed her first impression about him. He wasn't just a skinny kid with a little prick like she thought.

"Fuck me, harder. " Tammy yelled her really starting to like this now.

They orgasmed together and not realizing it Tammy was reliving her first time with Paul.

"Ouch, Jesus! " Tammy said and pushed Paul off of her. The final and last thrust was really painful.

Briefly she wondered if he had popped a pill to make his dick so hard.

Paul fell sideways still riding the last wave of pleasure. He barely noticed as he hit the floor.

Something was off about Tammy. Paul wondered why the hell she kept clenching up, but it made for a tighter hole each time.

"Sorry, Did I hurt you? " Paul asked wondered if he was a bit too rough on her.

"Please, damn I do sound funny. Hit the light will ya. I be taking that other half now. " Tammy said now their little business arrangement was over with.

Eager to see her in all her full naked glory in the full light Paul jumped up then flipped the switch.

"Whoa, what the fuck!?" Paul said next seeing not a 16 year hottie on his bed, but a girl of 12 years old sitting there naked.

"Whats is your...." Tammy said looking down at her body. Her breasts were really high up and small. When she looked further down she was only partly glad to see she still had a bush, but it wasn't anything close to what she had before.

"What the hell happen to my body? " Tammy asked then nearly screamed it when she asked again.

"I don't know. " Paul said then felt extremely guilty. He was slightly confused whether he just had sex with a minor, but looking at her body she was still in her teens.

Tammy gather up her clothes then dashed for the bathroom. Paul heard the door slam shut then a panic sob.

Paul noticed a spot of blood on the sheets then decided he needed to clean up his room. Maybe he passed out and this was all a dream.

Forgetting about his own modesty he carried his bed sheets and clothes then tossed them into the washer. Then he dressed in clothes he took out of the dryer. Finally he went back to checked on Tammy again.

"Tammy, you okay in there? " Paul asked after a soft knock.

"My bra and panties don't fit me anymore. What do you think? What the hell I look like i'm 12 years old again. " Tammy said her voice in a panic.

"Should I call nine one one or maybe your mom? " Paul asked then the door flew open. Clad in oversize shirt and one of Paul's shorts was Tammy with redden eyes.

"You think a doctor can fix this? Look there has to be a reason for this. Magic or something. " Tammy said then realized she must have hit upon the cause of her sudden return to early puberty.

"Okay. " Paul said slowly seeing only a half crazy tween in front of him now.

"Okay, your not a wizard or something or got some gypsies's blood in you do you? " Tammy asked and Paul only shook his head no.

"Maybe you have a ring or amulet someone gave you that might be in your room now? " Tammy asked her thoughts whirling around in her head.

It was then the front door opened then closed shut.

"Honey, I'm back early. Come help me with the food. " Paul's mother said and Paul turned a little pale.
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Piper (User)
Gold Boarder
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"There's the Rub"? 6 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 13  
"For in that sleep of death what dreams may come..."

I've heard it said that references to death in Shakespeare's works were really references to "le petit mort" or sex. Though that might have been a rumour started to get teens more interested in English literature.
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Otacon29 (User)
Expert Boarder
Posts: 81
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Re:"There's the Rub"? 6 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 5  
Can we look forward to another chapter of this?
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Jeffr_2bya (User)
Platinum Boarder
Posts: 886
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Re:"There's the Rub"? 6 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 39  
There will be more. I just posted this little teaser.
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Steven (User)
Expert Boarder
Posts: 122
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Re:Need help in thinking of a story title (Draft) 6 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 4  
How about the _title_ of "Lotion Commotion" or "Baby you got Lotion".

"Oiling for youth".

Just some things that popped in my head.
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RegressingAger (User)
Gold Boarder
Posts: 219
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Re:Need help in thinking of a story title (Draft) 6 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 7  
Since the owner of the lotion is a woman named Eve you should try and play with some biblical tropes for the _title_. Something like "A Lotion from Eden" or something with Eve's name in it. But if Eve doesn't really have much a role in the story then maybe you should consider something like "There Goes the Neighborhood" since you seem to have a lot of different characters all living next to each other. Of course that _title_ implies that their will be more regressions in the story than simply Paul and Tammy which might just be wishful thinking on my part. If that isn't the case I'm not sure what to suggest.

Loved the preview by the way. Hopefully this story can be named and fully written soon.
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