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TOPIC: Re:My work in progress
bribri666 (User)
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My work in progress 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0  
Hello Archive!

I have decided that I feel confident enough to express that I have another idea for a story and I have started writing it. This one may not come as quickly, but I feel the need to post part of the opening to test the waters. I am expanding upon some things which I overlooked in Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum and am going to focus more one one character instead of multiple to see if that helps. I am also not going to rush myself and have taken my feedback from the last experience and will apply it to this one and I hope it turns out better, even though I am proud of what I accomplished when I wrote my first AR story.

So here goes, Bribri666's tentatively _title_d: "Work in Progress":

A young woman sat in a chair, vexed by the problem she was trying to decipher for her Visual Ideas course. She had been turning over various ideas in her head and was either convincing herself they wouldn’t work, or that a particular idea was trite and couldn’t be used. She glossed over the course syllabus that had been provided by her instructor and it read like a most wanted list for a lot of modern art trappings as if modern art had been taken over by a bunch of young teenage nerds in their parents _base_ments blasting some sort of epic gothic _meta_l music while trying to work on a Dungeons & Dragons module.

Per the instructor, there could not be anything of a fantasy related nature, basically stated in a line that “Winter may be coming, but so are failing grades.” The young woman sat in her chair, and while she did not watch Game of Thrones, she was aware that was a catchphrase from the show and got its meaning. It had crossed her mind to make a collage of unicorn related designs, but she decided not to, to keep in check with the guidelines.

Whatever her eventual design ended up being, it would have to take on a repeated pattern of sorts that would look nice when tiled and displayed without giving the viewer a splitting headache of sorts and so she mulled over it a little longer and decided that a star pattern of sorts would fit. She had to be careful to stick to stars, and not deviate into pentacles and pentagrams, despite the fact she wore a pentacle around her neck, as to avoid running into religious designs which were also deemed overused per her professor’s instructions. She was not Pagan, but she felt a degree of comfort at having the item around her neck as she was made aware that a protection of sorts was offered by having it present there, and she thought it looked nice with most of the clothing she owned, especially the black blouse and knee-length skirt that she was wearing.

So, once she had sketched out a rough guideline on a sketch pad, she proceeded to making it digital. She grabbed her PC sketch tablet and stylus and laid the sketch down on top and placed the over lay sheet on top and sketched the design into her PC. A lock of her long jet black hair fell down from around her ear and in front of her face and with a swift motion of her right hand, she lifted her hair back behind her ear and grabbed a ponytail band and made a nice bobbing ponytail behind her head. Within minutes of restoring order to her hair, the stars blazed forth with all the effort she had given them on the paper. A couple more clicks and the pattern was tiled and expanded to form a fully fledged desktop wallpaper which she also saved into an 8.5”x11” format and printed out.

She then signed it in the upper corner with her full name, Jennifer Dwame, as required per assignment instructions on the syllabus for all coursework, and saved the file to a flash drive she had purchased for the course. With the file saved and printed out, Jennifer shut her computer down and glossed over her handiwork and smiled. There was the distinct possibility that other star related artwork might be turned in by her peers in class, but she felt satisfied and content with what was produced, especially with the smaller stars inside of a pattern of larger ones. More importantly, however, was that she didn’t get annoyed or agitated by looking at it. To Jennifer, it seemed as though black and white, the stars had taken on a life of their own, and sort of nonchalantly twinkled as she gazed at them. She placed the paper in her course folder and returned it and her book and syllabus to her backpack so she wouldn’t lose track of them. Tomorrow, she would turn the assignment in, even though she did have a few more days to work on it, and she could push it out of her mind.
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RegressingAger (User)
Gold Boarder
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Re:My work in progress 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 7  
Wow this is incredible. Just _base_d off this short little segment I can already tell that you've improved your prose a great deal since your last story. I'm just as hyped to read more of this story as I was with your last preview, but by all means you should take your time with this. However, as a fan of your writing career on here, please don't take too long. This site seems starved of good Female AR since well your last work actually.
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bribri666 (User)
Senior Boarder
Posts: 49
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Re:My work in progress 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0  
Still working on this story. I'll update this thread when it is done.
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