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TOPIC: Re:Deleted
Utopianfubar (User)
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Re:Deleted 7 Months ago Karma: -10  
to quote from the _link_ you provided previously

"The answer is no, the answer will continue to be no. So no matter how much whining, bitching, complaining, insulting, and shitposting you will continue to be no. Till the day Nico decides it's a "yes" it will still be a no 20 years down the line. Now you making a fuss in here is not going to make the situation change, but the more you insult people the more likely it is you will never see them. Even if they go on the market, I'm sure can partially speak for Nico, that you wouldn't have the ability to purchase them due to your attitude and treatment of people.

So quit bumping this thread every-so-often. Learn that you'll have to deal with disappointments, much like some of us. Billions of people haven't been able to finish the Epic of don't see them flaming (minus those that burned the Library of Alexandria) and insulting people.

As someone who truly enjoyed LT, and his stories, I can say that it feels very much like an insult to him to be posting crap about other people while trying to get his stories. The owner reserves the right of sale, and Nico is taking that right."

Or maybe from Nico himself

"I haven't been around because I've wanted to move on from this place for various reasons, some of which I'm sure you can guess. An individual who shall remain nameless brought this topic to my attention.

Do not post trip's stories."

Well done sir

Thank you.
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