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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Finished) (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Finished)
shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 2  

Fortunately, everyone began to calm later. The girls came out of the pool and Marissa prepared the camera to commemorate this unofficial ex classmates reunion. The other four girls were already posing in their swimsuits as Marissa set the timer, and she finally walked in _frame_, with me naked on her arms. During all these games, I realized had been reduced again into a 6 months old or even less.

The picture went right up to Facebook, where Ruth _title_d “5 cuties and her teacher #exreunion” and also tagged me at the pose of the baby. Silvia, that by this moment had already managed to hack into my account (“Mr. Thomas Greer, Literature teacher and mentor”) and change my profile picture to one of my baby self, accepted the tag. And soon, the picture was flooded with “I loves”, comments and shares, for both friends of the girls and contacts of mine.

I was able to read many of them. Most of them were aimed at the group of three girls, commenting on how hot they looked. But there also comments from Marissa’s contacts: “You look so happy with your baby, Marissa. Kisses”, I read, from one of Marissa’s childhood friends. Also, “Who is this little guy? I know him?”, from a male classmate which seemed confused; “Tom Greer; you were two semesters at his class, dumbass”, he received as response from one of his buddies.

There were also comments aiming at me. “Greetings Mr. Greer, you’re looking really cute now”, said another of my female students. There were also some “Mr. Greer is so cute later, I weakly opened my eyes. I was alone in the bed, still completely naked and still very much a baby. It was Marissa’s apartment, my new home, and the clock marked 12:00 p.m. I was still sleepy and I guessed I simply had waken up because I felt the absence of Marissa, which I didn’t see anywhere around. The lights of the bathroom were on, though. I tried to do anything but I was exhausted. So, I simply waited, barely awake, for the door to open and get my mommy back.

Half a minute later or so, I saw the most beautiful image I store in my memory. The door opened and under those low lights, Marissa came out, completely naked in her plump and tender beauty, and walked directly towards the bed. Her face had an _expression_ of satisfaction and profound love. I was hypnotized looking how her gentle breasts giggled as she walked to me, her plump feet, delicate with their tiny toes, softly hit the rug, and her precious pubic hair caught my attention.

She instantly laid down over me, covering with my body. I stood still and aspired the sweet fragrance of her body. She smelt of pink roses, of feminine soap and baby powder. She smelt like mom. Her body was all fresh and humid; her hair looked still a little wet, I assumed she had just taken a shower before sleep. She embraced me on her arms and smooched at my head, my cheeks and my face, weakly; I realized she was just as exhaust as me. Holding me tightly against her chest, I received a final, profound kiss in the lips and closed my eyes along her as the lights dimmed.

“She smells like mom. She feels like home”, I uttered in my mind, reminding my Literature formation, as we both, mom and son, lover and lover, ended up falling asleep completely naked, in the others arms. “She’s my final destiny”.


Next day will be the final day, and it will be very different
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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 2 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 2  
The final act begins!

Don't miss it!

DAY 4 “The Day of Reconciliation”


Next day, I woke up as an adult man in Marissa’s bed. The clock marked 11:00 a.m. I opened my eyes at once, and looked to the ceiling. I was completely naked, I had my arms and legs spread, and I had rested well. None of this seemed stranger to me again.

Without getting up, I looked around for my clothes. I saw my adult white briefs next to me, resting unshamelessly on the bureau next to the bed, perfectly at my reach of my hand. I ignored them and got up, walking to the door with a feeling of certainty.

At the living room I was met by Marissa. She was wearing her ‘housewife’ outfit again, this time with a black skirt, a green blouse, high heels, and also an apron. Our eyes instantly met and she slightly to nod at me, with a face of seriousness and mutual understanding. I smiled, then she smiled. Hers was a smile of satisfaction, with a slight dash of naught.

Marissa then set her perfect butt in a chair and tapped her lap. She gave me another looked in the eyes. I didn’t hesitate and walked towards her; my penis began to get a semi-hard and I didn’t care. As I walked to Marissa’s chair, I turned to realize Silvia was there too. She was sitting in the couch carelessly, mostly looking at her phone, but she raised her eyes and they found mine as I went to Marissa. I saw her face of seriousness, perhaps the expectation on her big round, deeply human black eyes, and she gave me the slightest of her nods as I was about to reach the chair.

I came on front of Marissa, closed my eyes briefly and instantly submitted to her. I saw her smile again as I laid down over her lap, leaving my manly and rounded ass cheeks completely exposed and at her wishes. Marissa didn’t wait. She gave the slightest of the caress with her fingertips over my coccyx, which made me close my eyes and almost let a sigh. Then, she wrapped an arm around my waist. Her hand was raised and she instantly discharged a very strong swat to my naked buttocks.

I almost jumped but I stood the impact. My balls got hard and shrunk a split second after the impact, and my penis began to erect more. Marissa didn’t wait. 2 seconds later, she repeated the process with another very hard spank, that reached my naughty buttcheeks with a whipping sound. Again, I flinched, my toes got up from the floor but I managed to resist the impulse of curling my toes. With mechanical precision, a third spank came after, then a fourth one, and I did my best to resist.

Marissa didn’t express anything but the same satisfaction as she gave me five, six, seven more swats. As the punishment went on, Silvia began to sketch a smile, one of a mix between concern and some worrying, maybe one of some naughty guilty pleasure.

Nine, ten, eleven more swats, and I was about to start sweating. I did the best I could to relax my butt so Marissa could enjoy the spanking, but it was getting increasingly challenging. My penis was also getting harder and more erected at every spank, and I feared its tip will soon start to caress Marissa’s thigh, which would bring a disaster.

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen more swats. My butt had already become bright red under the inhumane spanking of Catherine, and I had to start holding my buttocks tight even I didn’t want to. I started to stretch my legs and toes in tension, as long as I could, to resist the punishment. But as the swatting sounds came one after another after another, I was getting more motivated to resist.

As the spanking went on by, Silvia started to take his eyes away of the fun, and now was not only watching in total attention. Her eyes were shining, the smile of hope was getting wider and wider, almost turning into true happiness. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty swats. By that moment, Silvia had already began to nod, unconsciously. She was counting on me.

Marissa didn’t even flinch and continued spanking my buttocks mercilessly just like in the beginning, without uttering a single word. Twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four swats, those came like a pendulum clock, my butt was already used to the punishment and I felt the excitement. I was about to make it. My cock, however, expanded more and more as I was close to the final line.

Twenty-four, twenty-six swats. And then, the machine stopped. No more swats came and a couple seconds later, Marissa let my waist off. I understood I was free to stand. Silvia got up of the chair at the same time at me, too, looking at me in expectation and holding her cellphone nervously between her legs.

As I stood up, my penis jumped up like a spring, at the maximum state of an erection and about to touch my own belly. Silvia looked at it, horrified, and after that, Marissa put an eye on it, smiling pleased.

“A boner. That’s good. It means you’re healthy”, she said, with a bit of joy on it.

Silvia turned to me, still concerned, and I returned the glance.

Two seconds later, Marissa offered me her hand. I took at and she walked me to a big changed table. My butt was still bright red, and I wore the color with proud. As I walked, though, the stinging pain was more than a bit uncomfortable. But I had to do a good role, even when I forced myself to walk a little like a robot to prevent my wrecked cheeks to rub with each other.

Silvia followed us to the changing table and as we arrived, I instantly got up it and laid down, mouth above. As Silvia hurried to take out the baby stuff, Marissa tasted the moment. She held my ankles with one hand and raised my legs, leaving me in diaper position, with my red buttocks aiming to her, and my still hard and erected bulls hang between my groins.

As she did so, I saw her face towering over me, this time with a very naughty look on her eyes, Cheshire-like smile of satisfaction.

“Let’s make you into a baby”, she uttered, sinisterly.

I didn’t make any reaction. Silvia offered Marissa the baby wipes, and she took one. She started rubbing my buttcrack without any kind of mercy or regard. She wasn’t rough or anything, but she knew my butt had just been punished, I had a big boner I wanted to repress, and I just wasn’t ready. I felt her fabric-covered fingertips between my crack, rubbing my buttocks from the inside until she left my butthole conveniently clean. Then, with another wet towel, she began to polish both of my buttocks, getting them clean and ready, and fortunately this brought to me a sense of refreshment.

Still concerned, Silvia opened the bottle of baby cream and offered it to Marissa. My mommy dipped her free palm on it and then she began rubbing the cream all around my whole butt. I couldn’t help to one almost inaudibly sigh of relief, as the refreshing cream brought some necessary tenderness to my harmed buttocks.

After rubbing my cheeks circularly several times, Marissa also put some cream all over my testicles and even reached at the _base_ of my penis. This time, I had to make an even effort to help from moaning, as my boner, which was already receding, strengthened because of that sudden caress. Finally, Marissa passed her index with care all along my buttcrack, and my whole butt was feeling a lot better by then.

Marissa took her time, and after five seconds or so, she herself took out the big disposable white diaper. She showed it me to my face shamelessly, and slowly began to unfold it, showing me how big it was and how comfy its insides were. I didn’t move a muscle. Silvia hurried to make baby powder rain all over my butt and genitals, and then helped Marissa to lift my hips, so she could be able to smoothly slide my diaper under my bottom.

With Silvia standing behind us, watching with expectation, Marissa slowly began to wrap the diaper around my waist and hips. She made a funny face when she had to stretch it a little more in order to cover my boner, which by this moment was in a manageable state, but I didn’t flinch. Finally, with all care and finesse, her expert feminine fingers tied my diaper, and then she closed the tapes with her long fingernails.

There it was. I had been turned into an adult baby, wearing nothing but the diaper I deserved.

Marissa lowered my legs and walked back, laying me lie on the table. She stood behind next to as I got up. Marissa looked at me with satisfaction but also a trace of cruelty. Silvia didn’t completely relax, in fact she looked maybe even more nervous now; her whole body was doing what it could to prevent from trembling, but she was smiling intermittently and closing and opening her eyes very quickly.

I got up and walked towards the girls, having completely accepted my diaper investiture. As I stopped, Marissa extended her arm and touched my hair briefly.

“Well done, honey”, she said, in an inextricable way. Then, she gave me her hand, which I took. “Now prepare. Our guests are almost here”.

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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 2 Months ago Karma: 2  

It was still an hour before our guests arrived home. The first twenty minutes, everything returned to normal. And I mean, to normal… to natural. To my new natural. I felt how all the pressure began to quickly disappear, and we were a happy trio again. I helped the girls to get the apartment ready for the visits. Wearing my diaper all the time, I helped them to take out the chairs, dust the living room, cleaning the bathroom, preparing the snacks…

We were all busy but we related just like natural friends, only exchanging a few words every now and then because we focused in our chores, but everything flew well and I felt perfectly comfortable and relaxed.

Finally, at 12:30, the doorbell rang.

“Can yo go open, honey?”, Marissa asked me from the other room.

I walked to the door and didn’t hesitate to open. There were the three girls: Karla, Ruth and Allison, this time in their modern, casual clothes. They were perfectly made up and their hair carefully dressed for the street, and also all they were wearing some very feminine accessories, like a bright red purse, high heels, bracelets, and they had their fingernails (and sometimes toenails) painted in red, green and pink respectively.

“Hi”, I said, showing me to them wearing nothing but a big bulky white disposable diaper.

Marissa arrived right after and passed on front of my, greeting each one of the girls with a handshake and kiss in the cheek or the air next to the cheek.

“Hey, so good you’re here”, Marissa said, joyfully. “Sorry, we had a hard time cleaning the house before the appointment. Hi, Karla. Come in, come in”.

“Hi, Marissa”, Karla said, shaking her hand. “Hi, Mr. Greer”, she said as she came in, extending me her hand while smiling and perhaps trying to choke a giggle for looking at the adult me, the teacher she saw for about three years in very formal clothes, naked and wearing nothing but a diaper.

“Hi, Karla”, I stretched her hand without any hesitation or grudge, and so I did with the rest of the girls.

As our guests sat in the sofa, me and Marissa sat in two chairs next to each other (mine was a little lower than hers), while Marissa sat in a couch next to us. Marissa asked my other students if they were thirsty and Allison and Karla said yes. Marissa asked me to go for water and I complied with no delay, getting my diapered ass from my seat and coming back with a plate with two full glasses of water on it, which I then handled to Karla and Allison.

“Thank you”


, they replied, and then I sat down again next to Marissa, who sat very relaxed and satisfied at my service, like a complete boss.

The girls sipped their water and once they got comfy on their places, the chatter began.

“So… what we were talking about last night… are you into any business right now?”, Karla asked, assertively. “A job? Marissa?”

“No”, Marissa asked, with confidence.

“Silvia?”, Karla asked, turning to Silvia.

“No”, Silvia said without raising her eyes from her cellphone.

“I’ll start with my internship practices first”, Marissa elaborated. “They’re not paid… I mean, they’re not necessarily paid, but if the supervisor likes your work, they can get something for you”.

Marissa didn’t say a word and just kept browsing on her phone, as Karla began exposing her ‘business opportunity’.

The conversation was quite tame and the girls didn’t completely agree at everything, they weren’t convinced at Karla’s offer, but saw some value on it. Karla understood, and the topics soon began to change.

You know girls, they always talk so much. They talked about classmates, their old classes, their new challenges, then Allison brought up concerts, which Silvia got very enthusiastic about, then talked about investments, housework… I was pleased enough following their conversation as good as I could, but I was more than comfortable just sitting there in my diaper and letting the adults talk, as the good baby I was.

Aside from me, Ruth was the one that didn’t say anything all this time. She didn’t seem to care much about any of the conversation, but maybe only scholarships, which she listened to very attentively. But what I noticed was that, every now and then, she took a look at me and made a grin, like suffocating a giggle, at my sole sight.

In fact, and I know it wasn’t my imagination, all three girls looked at me at some point, and brushed off my ridiculous state with a sort of grin or nervous smile, all of them having to choke a chuckle or incurring into a mute one. That was a little uncomfortable for me, but I knew I had to get used to being a big baby in diapers and being treated as the joke I was; from that perspective, the girls were being very kind to me, and I had to respect it.

What cut the tension every now and then was Marissa. Every time something was needed, she asked me too. I brought a big plate with cookies, having to use my strength and squat in -order to place it in the very low center table of Marissa’s apartment. I had to stand in my toes and my diapered made so many squeaky creaking noises as I slowly squat down, and I’m sure I heard more than a couple giggles that moment, but I got the job done.

“Thank you”

“Thank you, Mr. Greer”

, our guests said after that, and I just nodded and come back to my seat.
After another twenty minutes of chatter during which the women nibbled at their pastries and cookies, with big effort Ruth raised a hand and asked for the bathroom, whispering.

“Oh.”, Marissa was in the middle of biting a cookie, but then she turned to me. “Dear. Would you show her?”

“Sure”, I said.

“Tom will take you to it”, she explained to Ruth.

Me and Ruth got up at the same time, and then after turning to her friends blushing a little, she followed me as I walked her by the aisle. I was walking a little robotic trying to muffle a little my creaking sounds, but I was sure she was looking at my big diapered butt from behind while I took steps forward with my bare feet, so, it was kind of pointless.

“Here it is”, I showed her the door, pushing it to open it a little.

Ruth turned her head both sides, with a little hesitation. We were alone in that aisle.

“Lock? No lock? Whatever you prefer”, I said.

She walked in the bathroom lowering her head and uttered in a mumble:


Then as she closed the door, I went back to the living room to let her do her stuff, and sat down next to Marissa again.

Ruth didn’t belate in coming back later, fixing a little the skirt of her black dress, and sat down back at the sofa, a little embarrassed, without looking at me.

The talk went by for another 10 minutes or so, and then it was Allison who wanted to go to the bathroom. She didn’t ask for it, just instantly got up and announce it. I was about to wake up, my diaper already doing its creaks, when she put her hands on front of her, like halting something.

“No, no, I can get there for myself”, she said and continued walking, so I had to sit down.

Allison came back quickly and another 15 minutes or so with chatter, I felt something. By that moment I had already had a glass of lemonade, so it was making its effect. My bladder felt half-full and I had to go. First I tried to repress it, looking nervously around me while I sipped more lemonade. But as the girls got more into their talk, and when I thought they were paying the least amount of attention to me, I decided to let it go.

I made an almost imperceptible hissing sound as I discharged my bladder, letting the urine soak the diaper all from inside. I only wanted to let out a little bit of pee to feel better, but I ended up relaxing more and more and it kept coming out for three, four, five seconds… I was getting a little nervous, I didn’t know it would be that much, but I found myself unable to stop until I completely emptied my bladder.

I finished my mischief and continued sipping on lemonade every now and then, with the same attitude like nothing happened, hoping the girls won’t notice. But of course, the chatter momentum started to decrease and decrease and finally reached a dead zone, where there were a couple seconds of silence followed by a dialogue and then more silence.

It had passed only 5 minutes after I had peed myself, and the chatter was getting very slow, when I realized Allison was getting a little fixated looking at me. The chat was lively for a minute more or so, but then it reached its longest plateau so far.

“… but well. You know how the world works”, Marissa finished her phrase and Karla nodded. But, as soon as she ended talking, Allison opened her mouth.

“Is… is he peed?”, she asked, turning to me and doing a slight nod.

I tried to pretend, first turning to each side and then lowering my sight to my diaper.

Without worrying much, Marissa lowered her hand and put it over my junk, feeling my diaper. In fact, this sort of slap made a kind of ‘splashing’ or ‘sploodging’ sound, that was audible.

“Yup, he is”, she said. “Excuse us a minute”.

Marissa got up and so did I. She offered me her hand and I took it as she began to walk.

The girls went mute and followed us with the sight as we headed to the big changing table that was right there in the left.

“You keep talking”, Marissa ordered, without much care, and in compliance the girls re-aligned their eyes.

“So… you mean this business…?”, Silvia raised, without stopping to look at her cellphone.

By that moment, she was carelessly laying down in the couch in a weird position. Karla turned to her and continued the chatter.

Naturally, I laid down in the table and Marissa raised my legs and begun to remove my urine-soaked diaper. As we had forgotten to put a trash can nearby, she just put it at the side, where all the girls would be able see it if they turned their heads to us.

But at this moment, they had already forgotten the awkward urine incident and were getting very much into the talk with Silvia. Even Allison and Ruth were paying attention this time.

Embarrassed, I was laying naked in the table, with my buttocks, penis and balls completely visible for anyone who decided to turn to here. I really hoped the girls wouldn’t. But they did. The conversation very quickly turned a little less interesting, and Ruth and Allison relaxed back at their seats, with Allison stretching her arms and Ruth’s fingers anxiously rubbing at the screen of her cellphone.

Marissa had already began to wipe my butt and groins with the baby wipe, when Ruth decided to turn to us and she instantly giggled at the sight, letting her sight wander a little around us. Karla was very passionate about her talk, though, and didn’t pay attention.

As for Allison, she was quick to notice what Ruth was seeing, and joined. She let a mute “ha” I could perceive coming from her chest, as she saw Marissa from behind, wiping well along my crack. Or maybe they were my balls, hanging and laying flat over the cotton mattress which made her laugh, but she was having a good time.

They didn’t care much whatsoever not pay much attention for much time. Soon, Karla was doing her ending speech, at the same moment Marissa had taken out the powder can. As Karla finished, Silvia couldn’t help roll her eyes and turn them to me. Karla and soon all the other girls did the same out of curiosity and saw, with a big grin, how Marissa made the power rain all over my groins.

This time the girls did enjoy the view, watching it fascinated, and I knew a chuckle would come out in any time, but they managed to help themselves until my balls and groins and the round part of my buttocks were almost completely covered in white.

Yes, now I was having my diaper changed in front of my female students, but one of her fellow female students, but not as a baby but a grown man. Silvia rolled her eyes in the other direction, doing a funny grimace, knowing she had screwed it up.

The girls, though, were so entertained, they kept staring with a big grin, and without doing much of an effort to hide it, at how Marissa quickly applied the cream to my butt, even spreading my cheeks briefly and making by anus completely visible, and then she put me the diaper on with complete expertise.

As soon as we finished, Marissa gave me the hand and I began to get up. The girls instantly snapped out of their little diversion and pretended to be still looking to a different place.

Marissa and I sat down again, with me now in my shiny and dry new diaper, and the chat continued for 30 more minutes or so.

During that period, I tried to ignore it, but something else began to bother me. It was a feeling in my low back, which began to make me more and more uncomfortable. I ended up standing up in a very sudden fashion. Fortunately, I had always been a grey person and I was insignificant to these girls, so they didn’t even notice (or they didn’t care). Not even Marissa seemed to notice or she didn’t mind me. I felt it was coming.

My body got all tense and I began to move towards the center of the living room, taking little steps to the sides one by one. As I said, I didn’t know to do, but I knew what I had not to do. I stood there completely still for a good 20 seconds or so, trying to fight against the idea. And then I failed.

“FFFFFFRRRRTTT…”, that started deep and quickly become louder as it continued, came out of my rear, without being able to do anything to stop it. I had expected it to be at least muffled by the diaper a little, but it wasn’t.

The sound broke the conversation in such a sudden and unexpected way, all the girls turned and laughed at it. It was a very casual, natural laugh, coming from all of the girls, because the sound was indeed really funny and cartoony, so much I ended up letting an awkward chuckle too, as I began to sweat and get nervous because of the embarrassment.

Fortunately, the girls brushed it off quickly, with a few chuckles for a couple more seconds; as I said, it was a natural laugh, so they didn’t entertained themselves too much with the occurrence, but it left them in a better mood and with a smile on their faces for a while.

As for me, I couldn’t be more embarrassed* (SEE ALTERNATE/EXTRA SCENE, BELOW) But I managed to keep afloat for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn’t move any more, thought, so I just stood there, on front of the girls, frozen in embarrassment.

There was little chatter after that. Around 20 to 30 minutes.

It was 3:00 o’clock and it came the time to say goodbye.

“Look how late it has became”, Karla said, pretending to look at her watch. “Time does really fly by”.

The other girls began to move at their seats as the goodbye processes began.

“Well, we leave you so you can have lunch”, Karla said a couple minutes later. “We also have things to do, don’t we?”

The other girls nodded with “right”, “yeah”s and so.

And soon we were all up standing and doing the final greetings.

“Goodbye, Marissa. Thanks for the visit”.

“See you later, Karla”.

“I’m sending you a Whatsapp with the info. What was your number?”

“Hope you’ll be ok, Ruth. Allison”.

And as we opened the door for them:

“See you. Have a good afternoon. Thanks, Marissa” and a smooch and a handshake.

“Thanks, Silvia”, and a smooch and a handshake and a hug.

“Thanks, Mr. Greer”, and a smooch and a handshake and a hug.

But I gotta say, I wasn’t prepared for hugs. I could again breathe the fragrance
of their hairs and perfumes, but I gotta admit the skin to skin rub, as I wasn’t wearing a teacher, gave me a semi-hard on.

“Take care, girls, I was the last one to say goodbye, standing there with only my diaper on and the door open, and waving my hand.

We saw them go by and closed the door.

I let a sigh. The visit had finished and I was alone again with my girls.

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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 2 Months ago Karma: 2  
And here's an extra bit from DAY 4 PART 2


As for me, I couldn’t be more embarrassed. Or that was what I thought, when I realized my fart hadn’t come alone, and a source of heat had extended through the rear of my diaper. I began to sweat cold and didn’t know what should be my next move or how to do it. But fortunately, Silvia was quick to read me and realize what was happening, because she got up and walked straight to me.

“Don’t worry, I got him”, she said, and pushed me by my shoulder so I started walking towards the bathroom. The others girls, to my surprise, seemed to realize what had happened too, because they all turned to me and Marissa and couple more nodded in agreement, with a bit of a condescending fashion, as they saw us going, then quickly resumed their conversation.

As Silvia left the living room, she also snatched the peed diaper from before from the table and then she led walked me to the bathroom. She then open the door for me and we went straight to the adult changing table the girls had especially for me, and Silvia dropped the peed diaper in the garbage can in the way.

“We gotta put you a new one”, Silvia said, as we arrived to the table, and then she laid me down on it. I hadn’t still recovered of my shame, and I was just about getting into a new one.

This time Silvia took out first the baby stuff as I breathed deeply. Then, she put the things next to me, rolled up her sleeves and prepared to untape my diaper. She was just doing at, when a terrifying noise sounded across the room. The door of the bathroom opened, and my whole body chilled with the goosebumps.

“Silvia! Can I come in?!”, it was Ruth’s voice, from outside of the bathroom.
Silvia was a little annoyed when she got interrupted by the request. She looked at me and my crush, then turned to behind and then back to me again. Ruth maybe had had too much lemonade and I knew from my teaching days she got a small bladder.

“Yeah! Yeah, no problem. Come in”, Silvia said loudly. The toiled was outside, so there wasn’t a reason why she couldn’t use it while we were in the other part of the bathroom, with Silvia changing my diaper.

A couple seconds later I heard Ruth’s heels getting across the bathroom, and the sound of the lid of the toilet opening. All this, while Silvia untapped and spread my diaper, revealing the little mess I had done.

I heard Silvia take a deep breath quickly, but then, without saying anything, she hurried to take the wipes and clean me the best she could. I was still worried about whatever Ruth was doing at the toilet, so I attuned to my ears to find the smallest threat. I thought I heard the sound of some liquid drops, but it might have been my imagination.

After cleaning most she could without moving me, Silvia caught my ankles in her hand and proceeded to rise my legs, and then began to clean me with more baby wipes. Fortunately, it wasn’t nearly as severe as it could have been, and I tried to focus on the fresh feeling of the wipes as Silvia began to clean me. But then, as my eyes wandered across the room and beyond, in embarrassment, I caught something else.

At least I thought I saw it, in a flash: behind the door, I think saw a sort of tuft of dark hair moving, very briefly. But my heartbeat instantly increased. I took a deep breath. From my angle, I couldn’t see much, but I calculated, _base_d on perspective, someone could be there behind that wall easily, and able to peek to see us. I rose my face to try to exchange a gaze at Silvia, but she was too busy doing her job down there to notice. So, I had no chance to confirm anything.

My butt and penis were completely visible and someone’s eye could be easily peeping through the entire changing. At that very same moment, Silvia began to wipe all along my still messy buttcrack, from down to up to my perineum. I shut my eyes in fear someone could be watching me suffering that terrible humiliating experience in that very same instant.

Silvia kept doing her job and quickly pulled away my filthy used diaper, closed it and rolled it into a ball, then as a basketball pro she threw him to the trash can where it landed straight. I had still to be completely cleaned, so more wet towels and then dry ones came, to leave my nether parts perfect. In that moment, as nervous as I was, I decided to stare at the ceiling, hoping for the better and that I had seen wrong.

But, as Silvia was about to end up cleaning me, I couldn’t resist the temptation and I rolled my eyes again. My heart shook again, as I could see in a very quick flash, something that I thought were a hand, an eye and a ponytail of brunette hair, holding behind the edge of the wall but quickly disappearing in an instant. It might have been my imagination, or at least I tried to convince myself it was. So, I just sighed at the idea that I had and was being peeped all this time, and get used to the idea.

So, after I was clean, Silvia give me a soft affectionate swat in my buttocks.

“There you go, homie”, she said, with a breath of relief.

Then, she quickly powdered my butt and fit me the diaper. She gave me her hand so I could stand up and as soon I began to do it, I think I heard steps close from the other part, getting away, and a very low squeak at the door of the bathroom. It might have been my imagination, I repeated myself, but anyway, Silvia and I washed our hands, and then walked the aisle back to the living room.

Now with me fit with a clean and fresh new diaper (the third one of the day), we sat down to keep on with the conversation. No one said nothing, and I chose not to turn to see Ruth. But, for what I could glance, she seemed to have just arrived, and moved her head a little uneasy. I tried to take the idea out of my mind, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t completely do it for the rest of the visit.

There was little chatter after that. Around 20 to 30 minutes...
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Finished) 1 Month, 4 Weeks ago Karma: 2  

WARNING: Strong sexual content

I managed to survive the experience of presenting myself, as a grown man, naked and in diapers in front my former female students. I even managed to survive the experience of having my diaper changed in front of them, by one of them. What could come next? I didn’t know.

Everything got relaxed then. Marissa and Silvia and I prepared the meal for the launch. If there’s something a little bit more humiliating than being a grown-up man around in only a diaper, being a grown-up man around in only a diaper and also an apron while aiding women to cook.

But, we finished in record time and sit down to the table to have lunch together, like in the old times. We had made a good lime chicken with rice and salad. Grown-up food. I had it with spoon and fork and knife and napkin, like an adult, and we talked like adults. Even though, as you know, I’m a baby, so I didn’t say much and let the girls to say the smart things so I could listen and learn.

We ended at 4:30 p.m. and sat down in the living room. I watched some tv (they picked the channels) and as multi-task as females are, the women watched it while also doing important things, like doing money accounts, reading a paper and so on.

At 7:30, my students decided it was time for their teacher to take a bath. They rolled up their sleeves and got with me inside the bathroom. They made me step in the tub and Silvia quickly pulled my diaper down, while Marissa helped me to remove it and discard it into the trash can. My erection was very visible to them but they didn’t seem to care.

Then, they kneeled before the tub and ordered me to squat down. After that, Marissa opened the top faucet, showering me with cold water that made me snort. They half-giggled a little and began to rub me with the sponge, with Marissa starting with the legs and Silvia taking her sponge to my buttocks, which she washed, from outside and inside, meticulously. Then, as Marissa took care of my chest and shoulders, Silvia made me raise an arm at a time and covered in soap my armpits. Neither of them touched my penis.

Now, I had to sit down in the tub for them to do the rest. I sat my naked buttocks in the ceramic surface of the tub and Silvia opened the faucet again. I was showered with more jets of water, which dragged away all the soap but were very cold. I snorted again; it was cold, but it felt good.

Silvia started to rub my legs and feet with soap, while Marissa took some shampoo and started to massage my hair with it. Then, they opened the tub’s faucet, opposite to the shower. The water was hot and the experience was being really pleasant. As they finished rubbing all the soap and shampoo, I stayed just there, sat enjoying at the foamy steamy water. As I did so, the women got up and discussed something. I was instructed to stay at the tub for a moment while they got out.

So, I was there alone in the tub for 2 minutes or so, like a happy satisfied manbaby. I had done everything right that day, and I was able to happily submit to my superior female authorities. I stood the spankings I deserved for being a stupid baby who thought one day he could be a man. I served the female with humility and endured their embarrassments.

During all the way, I felt natural and never forced upon; I knew exactly what I had to do, which were these things I had denied in fear for most of my life, but now I had finally faced my complexes and reborn into a new self, assuming my true natural persona. I thought I was doing just great, and I had no idea of what was coming next. I only hoped Marissa and Silvia to be there for me, because without them, I was absolutely hopeless.

Relaxed, I had nothing more to think about. So, after a few seconds I opened my ears and I could hear from far away, perhaps the main door of the apartment, “bye, Silvia”. “See you later”.

Then, Marissa came back to the bathroom. She came to the tub and opened the sink. So, the water and I was left sit there, naked, wet and clean. Marissa helped me to get up and wrapped me into a blanket, and there in its warmness she help me dry my shoulders, my hair (which she made a mess with) and part of my bum. Then, she turned round.

“You can finish drying by yourself”, she said, drily, and disappeared through the door, that remained open. I got out of the tub and continued drying myself, and wondering what was all that about. After I did so, I put on some deodorant and shaved the little facial hair I was. And then, I got out of the ‘bath’ section of the bathroom, with no idea of what was going to happen.

I was still rubbing my shoulders with the towel, when I took a look at the toilet. The lid was down and there was something on it. I got closer and I saw it with a bit of surprise: they were my adult tighty whities, just out of the laundry machine and hot from the drier, and they had a note on it, in Marissa’s letter:

“Tom. You were a good baby today. Enjoy them -XOXO, Marissa”.

Surprised and pleased, I picked the briefs, raised my legs and began to put it on. A weird sensation of empowerment filled my butt and my cock as soon as I fit that warm cotton fabric around them, and my erection was instantaneous. For once in God knows how long, I felt like a man. But this time not like a toy man, like a façade of a man. I felt like an honest man, that had fought his babyhood habits and won. And now, I was ready to show my true self to the world.

The night was falling and the dusk was visible through the rectangular windows as my dark silhouette crossed through the aisles. I finally arrived to Marissa’s room, which was lightened by a reddish pink light and immersed in a cave-like mood. I opened the door and I was greeted by Marissa’s face and the sight of her wavy hair loose and her shoulders bare. She was in the bed, and it was safe to assume she was completely naked under the blankets.

As I walked to the bed, filled with self-confidence and determination, my boner protruding under my tighty whites, I saw her aim me the sexiest gaze I could ever imagine, a mix between love thirst and profound lust, with big doses of delicious naught. I took my time to make her impatient, and walked next to the bed. Marissa rolled on it, laying down on her side and her breasts became visible, they looked tender spread over the mattress and her nipples were very erected, like aiming at me or trying to touch me.

As her arms came to me, inviting me to the bed, I allowed her to wrap me under the blankets and rolled over under them, embracing her in a long and passionate kiss in the lips. Our bodies were rubbing and aroused beyond belief, she touched me all over, caressing my chest, pinching my nipples in the slightest, her hands were then down to my butt which she squeezed with lust. And finally, she passed one hand under my taint and then took it to feel my bulge over the fabric of my briefs.

As for me, I began holding her chin while kissing her cheeks and temples all over, hearing the uncontrollable sighs and moans as we engaged in our lovely communication. Then, I caressed her neck with my fingertips, more moans as I laid her down in the bed mouth above. My kisses crossed all through her neck in a trajectory and then I began to massage her breasts, who were blooming and pumping with her nipples really hard. I kissed them and I licked them until her moans were muted as she had to bite her own lip in contention.

We then rolled in the bed several times, I breathed the fragrance of her hair once and again as I caressed her tender back and then reached to her phenomenal ass, squeezing the buttocks and spanking them to her pleasure. She let a very primal moan as I passed the edge of my hand through her buttcrack, from down to upwards, softly stimulating the nerves on her anus.

Then, she pushed me to the wall where she rest my head and spread her legs to sit down and “ride” me, with my briefs still on. She grabbed my dick, knowing it was completely hers, and stuck it to her vagina, which had become hot and very wet, and began to rub her against me. The sensation was delicious and I closed my eyes, making the best I could to resist, as I put my palms on Marissa’s torso and started caressing her all over her body.

We were enjoying ourselves too much this foreplay before the big act…
And then, the unexpected happened.

The door of the bedroom opened and I saw Silvia standing there. She was completely naked, offering her frail and skinny body to my sight, and with an _expression_ of innocent lust on her precious face. After a second, she instantly run towards the bed and jumped to it.

Marissa moved aside so I could be in the center, and I gladly welcomed her to my chest, wrapping her under my left arm and holding her by her waist, and caressing first the crack her slender bottom with my thumb, something I had always wanted to touch.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had my two favorite students naked in my arms, at the same time and in common agreement. I looked down, and saw them together, crawl across my lap, looking up at me with very naughty faces.
“Here we are, Mr. Greer…”, they said, shaking their delicious asses. “Did we behave, or do we deserve a spanking?”

I was left frozen for a few seconds. My boner was about to explode; I had never been as aroused in my life, but now I was because of such a naughty suggestion I couldn’t ever have dream when I used the be their teacher and them my students. Then, they laid down on my lap and kept on shaking their naked butts, rising and offering them to me.

“Come ooon…”, they said. “Aren’t you going to do it?”

My hands were trembling in nervousness and they must have noticed, because Silvia giggled and Marissa’s face became a rictus of laugh. Then, without telling, Marissa suddenly raised her ass almost of to my face, and an airy, wet-sounding fart came out with a funny loud-pitched noise. She laughed at my confusion and then so did Silvia, who gave a soft swat to her classmate in the ass.

Of course, I joined, and began slapping my students’ butts all over, while they seemed to shake them and get them closer to me, their shaking getting more mellow and lustful every time. After a few spanks, their butts were red and ready, and their pusses dripping. I heard Marissa’s moaning deep, while Silvia bit her lips in order to prevent herself from doing so.

Once I was safe and aroused enough, I took Silvia by her neck and brought her face to me violently. I kissed her in the mouth and she closed her eyes, seemingly overwhelmed by how my tongue was exploring hers with such lust.

I put Marissa at the side for a moment, so I could concentrate in welcoming the newcomer. I let Silvia go and let her breath, to start all over again, now softly. I took her by her face and began to kiss her lips slowly, many times. Later kisses started involving were with tongue and everything; she didn’t correspond me with the same passion, instead she let me be the one giving as she received with innocent purity. Then, I began to smooch all over her face and to caress it with my lips.

Meanwhile, Marissa wrapped her arms around my waist from behind, and massaged my stomach with her fingers all over, get a hold at it in a sensual manner. As I began to corner Silvia’s back against the bed through kisses, Marissa moved her hand to my boner and began to stroke the tip, making me even more aroused than I was, while her other hand fondled my buttcrack and buttocks all over.

I went down to kiss briefly Silvia’s neck and then got a hold of her nipples between my fingers. Silvia’s breasts were very small, but I honored them. I massaged them with my fingertips until she moan and her hair was covered in red blush. Then, I start kissing the nipples and then suckling them once and again, briefly.

Silvia’s body was shaking all over, and then my hand went down her stomach, covering her skin in goosebumps. I reached her cunt, which was completely shaven, and start feathering first with one index. The effect was explosive, and her thighs broke into spasms without control. I continued feathering with the same softness, as Marissa rose to my face and began kissing at my neck. I turned, and saw her in complete lust, her tongue stuck out and I covered it with my mouth and sucked it, while I moved on with stronger caresses for Silvia.

After Silvia got wet enough, I turned round and resumed my encounter with engage with Marissa. After going through all her body with my hands, and kissing her once and again in the neck, my hands finally reached her cunt. It was wet and soft like a sponge, and I could introduce my fingers without any effort. As I started to masturbate Marissa, her eyes glitched, _b_link__ing in a weird way. I kept on, increasing the rhythm, for 20 seconds or more; she closed her eyes and I could hear her moans increased in frequency.

Meanwhile, Silvia was doing something weird, she sort of rode my back, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, and began to moan as she pretended to hump me. When it seemed Marissa had had enough of me fapping her, and she moaned loudly, I turned round and hugged Silvia, who hugged me tight. My big boner, still trapped under my briefs, instantly fit under her vagina as I started dry humping her. She almost screamed in pleasure.

Marissa’s arousal was at its peak still, so she crawled in the bed and her hands went all over my back, until they reached the elastic of my briefs. Without waiting any more, Marissa pulled my whities down, while I was still humping Silvia, and revealed my bare butt. I raised my knees so she could remove my briefs entirely; so, Marissa was able to pull them down up to my ankles, and then threw them off the bed.

That was it. We had reached the endgame. It was a naked man versus two naked women, and I had to keep on. Wanting to be gentle, I slightly closed Silvia’s around my penis and began fucking her thighs. Marissa grabbed my buttocks and squeezed them, she manipulated at her whim, caressing them all over, feathering my crack with one of her sharp nailed fingers, and finally descended all over my rear, feeling it with her face and giving me kisses and even licks.

After some good thigh fucking with Silvia, and feeling I lost control of my nether parts because of the caresses she was doing to my rear, I felt like I was ready to penetrate Silvia. But I didn’t want to end the game right there; they deserved more pleasure.

So, I lowered my head up to and I started kissing her pussy, which made her arc her back in commotion. She submitted, though, and shaking as if an electric current flew through her body, she let me lick her vagina over and over. After some good 30 seconds, Marissa pulled me apart from Silvia and turned me round. She laid down at her back at the same time she pushed my head down until I reached her pussy.

Compared to Silvia’s it was much spongier and it was much more wet and flexible; I instantly used my best tongue tricks to reach her clit, and she began to contort as she melt with pleasure. Marissa had me there for another half a minute, during which I had no idea what Silvia was doing, but judging by the bed shaking and her panting, I guessed she was masturbating. I was knelt in the bed, with my head down and my butt risen up, and suddenly I felt a strong swat in my buttocks, which aroused me more.

Marissa moved her hips with rhythm and vigor, as she was about to reach an orgasm, while Silvia’s moans increased in volume, at the same time getting more intense and desperate, to the point it seemed she was in real pain. Then suddenly, I felt Silvia’s hands pulling from behind. I had to separate my mouth from Marissa’s cunt, as Silvia turned me round, and without any warning, she put her legs around my waist and let go.

Silvia’s vagina smoothly covered my penis, whose strength increased in order to take on, and I took her by her waist. She held me tight. I had her face next to my ear and I could listen in the highest volume her panting. I lifted Silvia once and again, making my penis get in and out of her vagina, and she began to moan in pleasure. Then, I laid her down in the bed and kept penetrating her, she spread her legs almost completely, letting her off.

Silvia stood still and let me slowly back up, feeling every millimeter of my cock rubbing inside her well lubricated vagina. And then I came back, strongly, extracting a powerful moan in which she almost deposited her soul. I noticed the tears on her ears and the total lack of control of her body. I know one more thrust and she would be mine. So, with a final push, I penetrated one last time my student and exploded together into a wet orgasm.

The scream for that girl’s first orgasm was impressive, and I was left completely dazzled by the pleasure I got for making her enjoy so much. Already submerged in the orgasm, I thrusted her once more. Like I had rubbing salt on her wound, I heard her almost tear down in that second orgasm that took whatever was left of her breath, as I got more of my semen inside her juvenile cunt.
I was about loosing all my force, when Marissa’s arms grabbed me from behind. I instantly moved over her, and taking me by my hips, she was quick to aim my penis so I could storm into her vagina. I laid down all over her, and as I vigorously made my way into her pussy, Marissa hugged me and held my nape, caressing my hair. I felt all the heat of her body, every sensitive inch of our skins rubbing together in perfect harmony, taking us to paradise.

I was finally with the woman I loved, with someone that accepted me like I was, and she seemingly thought the same. She began to laugh. She was laughing at the same time she cried hysterically in joy.

With the last inches of my libido, I thrusted her once again, feeling all the skin of her gentle vagina’s hugging mine. We both moaned in pleasure and love.

“I love you”, my voice cracked at her ear.

“Thank you”, I heard her laugh and felt her tears of joy running all over my temple.

I had to do it once again. My penis was almost run out any steam, and about to get flaccid, but I could back up, and do a final, that made us both scream at the same time, and practically knocked us out, with great pleasure, in a final orgasm.


Knocked out was the word.

As I ended up with a final, profuse ejaculation, I felt something else escaped from my manhood. My penis was still touching her vagina when it began to shrink down. And it was not only my penis. I was exhausted, panting deeply, and with each breath, my body decreased, regressed, got younger and younger.

I could feel getting smile, there between Marissa’s sweet thighs, as I laid down on my back. Soon, I was a teenager, in less then a second, a pubescent boy. My whole world was spinning and I was dizzy beyond belief, but still pulsating because of the pleasure of the orgasm. In the background, as I felt my age escape away like sand between my fingers, while in the background I could only hear the deep breaths of Marissa and Silvia, who struggled to recover.

As the regression began to deaccelerate, I became a kid. Trying a final feat of strength, I put a hand in the bed, like I was trying to climb at something, while actually I only tried to reach to Marissa for her to protect me, to find a way to prevent this from happening. Then, as I kept regressing, I became a toddler, all my virile features completely gone, my strong physique turning into the weakest ; and my penis almost completely deflated and turned into a cute and ridiculous toy.

And finally, I became a baby, a helpless tiny infant on front of Marissa’. Marissa received me on her arms, wrapping me on them and under the blanket like I was a treasure for her. I wished I was able tell her something. But now, there was nothing, literally nothing, which I could do, aside from trying to breath. I was totally, completely exhausted; I had deposited 26 years of my life inside these girls, and so I ended without any strength left to use for my own.

At least I knew I wasn’t dying. Marissa’s nude warmth and softness protected me and gave me a sense of safety, and I only expected to recover on her arms. After some good 10 seconds, she seemed to have recovered. She wiped some tears, took a couple deep breaths, and took her own breast with her hands. She moved her nipple, still swollen with precious milk, feathering my baby lips, like teasing me, and I opened my mouth quickly, and began to suckle.

Marissa smiled, pleased, and breathed deep once again, making her hair up, as she fed me.

Silvia rolled on the bed, breathing deeply too, and ended up with a ‘woo’, impressed. My students exchanged a glance of satisfaction and pleasure, and breathed deep one more time.

15 minutes later, completely recovered and relaxed, the girls were laid together under the blankets, still naked, with me in the middle.

“So… that’s it?”, Silvia asked, breaking the ice.

“Yeah”, Marissa said. “That was it. All of it”.

“… all of it?”, Silvia asked, intrigued.

Marissa looked down to look with proud the little creature her teacher had become, now resting on her chest like an infant.

“Mr. Greer blew his last load of manhood”, she said, holding her breast next to my mouth while I eagerly kept suckling. “No turning back this time”, she added.
Juliett lowered her hand to caress the fine hair of my baby head, with love.

“He’s forever my baby now”, she added, with a dark intimate pleasure.

Silvia had crouched and picked something from the floor.

“... not that he was much of a man anyway”, Silvia added with irony, as she spun my underwear on her finger once and again.

As for me, I did everything I could do now: I clinched tighter to the chest of my mommy student and kept suckling on her breast, enjoying the sensation of my final resting place as I drifted to the shores of sleep.

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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Finished) 1 Month, 4 Weeks ago Karma: 2  

Silvia got up from the bed and showed herself completely naked. Intrigued, Marissa sat on the bed, holding me against her bare breasts, now not covered by the blanket any more, as I kept feeding.

Silvia crouched and raised a foot, then began to put my underwear on. My briefs fitted perfectly on her hips, someway and so she stroke a comical ‘ta-da” pose.

“Hey, don’t they look better on me?”, she asked, enthusiastically.

As she said that, Silvia turned round and stuck her buttocks out for Marissa, shaking her hips in some sort of a silly dance.

Marissa could only laughed at the idea.

“Ha ha! Knock it off, Silvia!”, Marissa said, giving a soft swat of scolding at her friend’s cottoned butt.

“Whaat?”, Silvia turned and asked, pretending she was offended. “I guess little Tommy will need some sort of a father figure”.

My girls continued arguing as the camera panned out, and so did this story end.

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