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TOPIC: Diaper Law WIP
Stolas (User)
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Diaper Law WIP 3 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 4  
I really liked the concept of "the Diaper Law"'s world so I wanted to try my hand at playing in it a bit.

“I am fourteen. Why does this stupid law even apply to me?” John shouted, the boys voice crashed against his mother like waves upon a rocky shore. “Because you are a boy. Besides, I don’t have a choice either.” Fatigued from a night of endless screaming sessions young Johnathon relented. “Fine.” His retaliation came in one primal scream. He might have been a lad, but John knew there was ultimately nothing he could do. He’d heard the stories from friends of what happened to guys who broke the new law. They’d been sent to reeducation camps and never returned the same. In fact his boy Jamal, who was once the most rebellious guy he knew returned as a pullups wearing wimp who shrunk before his own shadow.

Boys and teens within society now occupied roles comparable to toddlers. Since the introduction of what was colloquially known as the “Diaper Law”. Skyrocketing teen pregnanacy rates demanded action, and the newly elected president was swift to act. Young males below the age of eighteen would be relegated to the role of infants. Young males from seventeen and below were confined to diapers; and other babyish fashions. Even the pampers they wore required a resemblance to an infants from color to pattern.

Meal times required boys eat specially made baby food with an ever present baby bottle. Of course older boys could drink out of sippy cups, but all were forced to sit in highchairs. Meals revolved around a specialized formula handed out in baby bottles. The official line was that the milk contained a lot of proteins for boys and teens, but everyone knew the truth. It effectively made teens and boys docile with a severely decreased libido. Resistance to authority was greatly diminished with most boys complying without a single argument.

The "side effects" were far more severe. Young men eventually found themselves shrunken around 5"6 and quickly burnt fat. Body hair also ceased production with only the tops of thier head spared from this fate. The same could not be said for females, as it simply tasted repulsive to them and had no effects.

Even more humiliating were the activities thrusted upon them by a “well-meaning” government. All boys’ entertainment was restricted only to what was deemed appropriate for four-year olds with anything higher being deemed “at risk”. Lastly, they were denied access to the internet until the age of eighteen.
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