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Re:Mommy Mall (Draft) (UB, BF, AR) (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Re:Mommy Mall (Draft) (UB, BF, AR)
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Re:Mommy Mall (Draft) (UB, BF, AR) 3 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 9  
You really made a full fledged excellent story here. Thanks for all the great read.
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Re:Mommy Mall (Draft) (UB, BF, AR) 3 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: -1  
(Okay, here is, fingers crossed, my final draft. Enjoy.)

It was a balmy summer afternoon at the Astarte Meadows Mall, and a group of classmates was celebrating their graduation from high school at the food court, or at least, some of them were.

"Stupid bitch Cavendash making me go to summer school." A young man muttered hands clutched on the sides of his spiky blonde head.

Next, to him, a pretty young girl with dark skin and long hair pulled into dreadlocks "Right Davis, she's the stupid one. How could she not see the brilliance of wasting all your time on a crappy youtube series or 'answer everything with C' test-taking _style_?" she scoffs

"Seriously dude, Sabrina's right. You screwed yourself over. Though, given your Kleenex budget, that's nothing new." Another boy, this one with a buzzcut and goatee smirks, the whole group save Davis laughing.

"Have I mentioned I fucking hate you Eric?" he grumbles, tossing a fry at Erics Steven Universe shirt.

Eric clutches his chest and falls over, earning less laughter than before as he gets up "Love you too sunshine."

"Not that this isn't fun, but I gotta pee. BRB" A girl with pale skin and violet hair says, sitting up and skipping off, her fancy ankh necklace bouncing around her neck as she went.

Eric _b_link__s "...did you hear her say 'brb' phonetically as well or am I stroking out?"

Sabrina sighs "No Eric, that's just Willie."

Eric clicks his tongue "Damn, it's never the stroke."

A third girl adjusts her glasses, framing her heart-shaped face, green eyes and coal black hair " hear there's been another disappearance?"

Eric rears up in his seat and stares at the girl in shock "Holy crap! You talk? I thought you came with the table as a deca-AAH SHIT!!!" He yowls as Sabrina stomps his foot.

"Enough Eric, Davis was asking for it, Yuki didn't do anything to you."

The last two members of the group were sitting at their own table. One was a short, stocky girl wearing a large purple sweater and black tights "Seriously Eric, it's all snark from you. Can't you be nice for once?" She sighs, looking at her Instagram.

"Nah, Eric would sooner stop breathing than stop cracking wise." The other girl giggles, wearing a pink beanie, a white t-shirt, and black shorts, her hair dyed neon orange.

"I screw with all my friends. It's nothing personal, I'm just goofin. I mean, come on Alexa, a shutterbug like you can see I'm harmless" he says, the chubby girl rolling her, but smirking in spite of herself.

"And Sylvia you...are basically here in case there's a bad fog and Santa's slay needs a guide. Seriously, your new hair color could be seen from space!" he chuckles

Sylvia grins and flips her hair "Why do you think I picked it?"

"Only one I kinda mean is Davis, and that's because is brains are permanently in his dick." Eric says, crossing his arms

"Uh huh, check out that fine piece of ass." he said, nodding at a redhead moving towards the restrooms.

"I rest my case." Eric sighs.

"Eric, Yuki's just trying to share, and we agreed to help her try to be more social. Yuki honey, tell us your story." Sabrina says softly.

"Next town over, four people in the past two weeks just vanished into thin air. Homes were locked, nothing taken, but nobody, no blood, nothing that could count as evidence. The same thing happened around this time last year, only that was a whole state away."

Sabrina shivers "Weird. I wonder if anything like that could happen in town?"

Davis scoffs "We're in the ass of nowhere Sabrina, nothings gonna happen to us out here."


Willie was washing her hands, humming quietly to herself. Turning towards the dryer, she accidentally collides with another woman.

"Oh shit, sorry lady, didn't see you there." she mutters, looking up. She lets out a soft gasp at the woman before her. She was beautiful, long red hair, dark blue eyes, and creamy pale skin, wearing a long brick red dress with a lip over the chest.

"No harm done dearest. My, you're just adorable aren't you?" she coos, stroking the back of her head.

"Uh..." Willie stammers, face bright pink, unsure how to react. Something about the way she looked and the scent of her perfume was causing her head to swim.

The woman pulls up on the lip of her dress, revealing her naked breast to Willie.

Willie pulls back "What the hell are you doing lady!? I gotta-"

"Shhhh, now-now. No fussing love, just drink mommy's milk like a good girl." the woman coos, pulling Willie forward onto her breast.

Willie fights for a few seconds before suckling from the woman's breast, resistance draining out of her with each suck.


Eric looks at his phone "Calling it now, Two-Twenty four pm, Willie managed to flush herself down the toilet."

Davis smirks "Seriously, how long does it take a girl to pee?"

Sabrina rolls her eyes "I'll go look for her."

Making her way back into the bathrooms, and was surprised to find a cleaning cart in front of the women's side. She was about to turn around when a moan caught her attention. Pushing the cart to get by, she snuck inside to see what was going on. Peering around the corner, she gasped at the sight before her. In the middle of the room was a woman with red hair and pale skin, breastfeeding a child who looked to be at least seven. What was scaring her though was that around the child were Willies clothes, most notably her fancy ankh necklace around their neck. It also seemed like the child was now four instead of seven.

Her brain overloading with the shocking imagery, Sabrina runs away, somehow making it back to the table on autopilot.

Eric sits up "Sabrina? What happened? Where's Willie?"

Sabrina gulps "Y-you're not gonna believe this..."


Eric nods "So you saw a woman in the middle of the bathroom breastfeeding a shrinking child who just so happened to be wearing Willie's clothes, and you think it means Willies been turned into a toddler."

"I know it sounds crazy, but what other explanation is there?" Sabrina mutters, shaking slightly.

Eric, takes her hands and smiles gently at her "A simple one." he then turns to Davis "The hell'd you put in her drink!?"

Davis scoffs "What? Nothing! Way to frigid for me to find attractive."

Eric growls "I swear to god man..."

"Hey is that her?"

The group looks up to see Alexa pointing towards the red-headed woman from before, only now she was five months pregnant. If that wasn't enough, she was wearing a silver ankh necklace, identical to the one Willie wore.

Eric _b__link___s "Okay unless you have future vision, I don't think she was breastfeeding anything." he says, putting a hand on Sabrina's shoulder

"What? No, I, she had an actual child. I'm not crazy! The necklace..." she sobs into Erics shoulder.

Eric rubs her back "Is probably from the same place Willie got hers. Hon, you got confused, it happens, relax."

"Guys...I think she's right." Davis of all people says, looking at his phone.

Eric looks up "Let me see." he says, taking the phone, the group gathering around to see. On it was a photo of the woman walking to the restroom, considerably less pregnant.

"...why did you take a picture of the woman headed to the bathroom?" Yuki asks confused.

Sylvia sighs and puts a hand on her shoulder "I'll tell you when you're older."

"...Okay, this just buried the needle on the 'weirdshit-o-meter'. Sabrina, I'm so sorry."

Sabrina shakes her head "Not your fault. Come on! We need to follow her and figure out what happened to Willie."


Eric looks around the crowded corridor "Damn, she did come this way right?"

Sabrina groans "I thought so! What are we gonna do now?"

Davis punches his palm "Split up, everyone looks in a store and call if we find her."

Sylvia sighs "And then what? Tell the police she used magic boob milk to turn our friend into a fetus? Think Davis, we gotta be smart about this."

Sabrina thinks "Okay Davis, you go scout stores you think she's at, we're gonna keep walking around here."

Davis pumps his fist and runs off, Alexa watching him "Is that really the best move Sabrina?"

"Well, one of two things will happen. One, he'll find her, call us and we can corner her together. Two, he dicks around the mall while we focus on actually saving Willie. Either one works for me."

Eric grins "Nice job, this'll make things way simpler. Besides-"


How much trouble can he get into on his own?

Davis smiles and heads into Victoria's Secret, looking around while his 'girlfriend' tried on something. As he looked around, he hears a throat clear behind him.

"Oh, sorry mam, my guh..." he began to explain, but lost his train of thought as he turned around. Infront of him was an incredibly beautiful woman. She had silky black hair worn in a bob, her light brown skin making her glow in the dim light of the store. She also wore a dark green dress that seemed familiar somehow...

"Hey there handsome. Does your mommy know you're peeking at ladies undies?" She teases, making Davis blush brightly.

"Nuh-no. I'm a high school grad, I don't need her to hold my hand and I was peeking at anyone, I was just, uh, looking for someone." Davis says, crossing his arms.

"Really? So am I. I'm looking for a big strong man to keep me company at night." She purrs, stepping closer.

"Muh-mam?" Davis asks, his mind reeling from the sudden advances.

"Call me Wendy. Do you have a name? Or should I just call you Cutie?" Wendy giggles

"Davis, but I also go by stud muffin, sexy, and yours." he grins

Wendy laughs "Oh my god you're just precious! My friends will love you!"

Davis _b__link___s "Friends? Shit, look I am...painfully sorry, but I need to go back to looking for my friend, she's lost in the mall and might need help."

Wendy pouts "Come now, your friend has a phone, right? She'd call if she needed help."

Davis bites his lip "Well..."

"And I'm sure that even if something was wrong, someone would say something, it's a big mall after all"

Davis looks at the ground "Well...I do have other friends looking for her."

Wendy grins "Then what say we head back into the changing room and I can show you something really special?" she giggles, taking his hand and leading him back.


Davis shuffles awkwardly as Wendy locks the stall "I'm just letting you know, I've never done it with an older woman before..."

Wendy giggles and turns around, opening the to top flaps of her dress to reveal her mocha colored breasts "Then it's about time you started. Come to mommy big boy."

Davis stares at her wide-eyed "...don't have to tell me twice!" he yelps before making his way over. Bending down, he starts to suck on Wendy's chest, eliciting a moan from her. To his shock, a jet of liquid shot into his mouth with each suck. It was sweeter and heavier than anything he'd ever had from a carton. It made his whole body feel warm and fuzzy. He smiled and kept nursing, Wendy smiling down at him. She watched as his body starts shrinking, gradually rolling back from eighteen to fourteen, to ten.

"My my, you're hungry aren't you my little man?" Wendy coos, holding Davis close as his clothes quickly started to slip off him. Soon, she picked him up and sat on the bench provided by the stall, placing the toddler sized Davis on her knee. She smiled, stroking his hair as he moved on, his now tiny hands holding him steady as he drank, continuing to shrink down into infancy.

"I think I want to keep you a boy. I know what the others will say, but you're just too cute to change! Though as your mother, I'll be working to raise you better than to try and peek at girls in a lingerie store. But we have all the time in the world don't we Davey?" Wendy giggles as the boy stopped shrinking, having reached the size of a newborn. With a big yawn, Davis falls asleep in the bizarre woman's arms.

She sighs "Okay, now for the hard part..." Wendy mutters.

Lowering Davis to her pelvis, she hitches up her skirt and begins to insert his tiny feet into her vagina. Wendy takes a deep breath and slowly pulls him inside, using her hands to help guide until her got to his waist, and let her body take care of the rest. After what felt like an eternity, she sat up, smiling at her now pregnant belly. "A big strong man to keep me company, just what I always wanted." she giggles.


The group stops outside Victoria's secret and groan "Where the hell did he go!? We need that picture on his phone to help identify her!" Sabrina growls, looking around.

Eric shrugs "We checked all his favorite stores, maybe he went home? Or is being detained for trying to peek at girls in the Victorias Secret again."

Sabrina shakes her head "Fine. Let's just...lets just go. We still gotta find Willie." she mutters, walking off. The remaining four look at each other and follow her.

As they turn around, Eric spots Wendy walking out of the store humming to herself. He stares at her for a minute before catching up to the others.


It had been almost an hour after Willie had been taken, the group was starting to grow restless.

"She must have left the mall by now, we should just go home and try to help when she's reported missing. Davis still has the picture on his phone, we can say she was the last person seen entering the bathroom." Yuki says, looking at her feet.

Sabrina groans "Damn it! You have a point. Let's go see if Davis is in the security office." she mutters, crossing her arms.

Eric gives her a hug, but Sabrina just tugs away from him.

They pass in front of a store and a woman in a violet dress comes out "Excuse me! Hello? Can I see you for a second?"

The group look at each other wearily and walk over. She was tall, wearing an odd looking Purple dress with Long auburn hair and green eyes that were almost hypnotic.

"You there, the tall girl and her orange friend, come forward please"

Alexa and Sylvia walk over and she grins "Yes! This will work! I'm the owner of a clothing store and rather than use professional models for my advertisements, I prefer real, everyday people, and you guys are perfect! Can I interest you in doing a quick photoshoot? I'll pay you each four hundred dollars and you'll get a permanent discount at my store. What do you say?

Alexa blushes "Wha-what? Mam, I am not model material, I"

"You are as God made you and beautiful. I will hear no more nonsense, is it a yes or no?" she asks, causing the others to step back.

"She's...passionate I'll give her that. But I don't think this is the best idea guys..." Eric mutters, looking at the woman.

"Eric, shut the fuck up right now. Alexa, you owe it to yourself to do this, we'll get Davis on our own." Sabrina says, putting her hands on Alexa's shoulders

Alexa sniffs and hugs her "Thank you! I promise I won't be long." She says, walking back over to the woman "I'd be glad too. Sylvia?"

"Hey, I'm not gonna say no to free money, let's roll." She grins, the two following the woman back into the store.

"Come on, we need to hurry up. It's gonna be dark by the time we get home at this rate." Sabrina says, marching on.

Yuki tugs on Eric's hand "Come on Eric, they'll catch up."

Eric sighs "Somehow Yuki, I sincerely doubt that."


Alexa rubs her arm "Umm, miss..."

"Jennifer darling, call me Jennifer.

"Okay Jennifer, I'm starting to have second thoughts about this whole thing, I'm really not 'add' material..." the girl mutters, staring down at her feet

"Alexa, chill out. Jennifer thinks you got what it takes, I'm here with you. There's no pressure." Sylvia says, giving her friend a cocky grin.

"But what if people make fun of me? Or, oh god, it tanks her store! I can't live with that kind of guilt!" Alexa groans, clutching the sides of her head.

"Darling, breath. You are not ugly, fat, disgusting or any other rotten words associated with your physique. Do you think your friend worries if people think she's a punk, hooligan, hipster or lesbian?"

Sylvia _b__link___s "Okay, I'll have you know I'm in no way shape or form a hipster. But she's right Alexa, you just gotta except people are shit heads." she reassures

Alexa sniffs "I guess..." She hugs Sylvia "Thanks. I don't know how I'd get out of bed without you."

Jennifer walks over, holding two cups "Let's have a cup of water to celebrate our new venture, shall we?"

Sylvia and Alexa each take a cup and grin at each other.

"Cheers!" Alexa says

"Shalom!" Sylvia giggles, the two taking a drink, which Alexa immediately spits out.

"Ugh! It's so sweet! What did you put in this lady!?" Alexa groans, rubbing her tongue on her sleeve

"Something my friend came up with. It's funny, it usually takes a skilled taster to notice the drugs." Jennifer giggles.

Alexa's face drops and she looks over at Sylvia, who's swaying on her feet. Running for the door, she tries to open it desperately. Hearing a short cough, she looks back to see Jennifer holding a key up tauntingly.

Alexa falls to the ground, tears in her eyes "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!"

Jennifer walks over, leading Sylvia over as well. Kneeling down, Jennifer smiles gently "I want two beautiful daughters. I never lied about your looks. I want you to feel good about yourselves, unashamed of your bodies and yourselves as a whole"

Alexa groans "Your perfumes so dense, it's...making me dizzy."

Jennifer smiles and pulls up the lip of her dress, her large breasts spilling out. "Don't worry dearest, you won't feel like that for long."

Putting a hand on Alexa's head, she gently pulls Alexa onto her breast, giving it a slight squeeze with her free hand to get her milk flowing. Alexa starts sucking, pulling more milk from Jennifer, and starts her journey backwards.

"Darling, would you come over here and join your sister?" she asks, the Dazed Sylvia numbly bending down and begins to suckle too. Soon, both girls are back in their preteens. Alexa is already half her original size, with a cute pot belly and shoulder length black hair, while Sylvia has gone completely flat, her orange hair fading out into a light brunette.

"That's it dears, drink up. You're going to be mommy's little muses." she coos at the two girls, wrapping her arms around them

"Always were a greedy guts, weren't you Jen?"

Jen looks up from the two four-year-olds to find another woman, this one in a stark white top with strawberry blonde hair, glasses and a glowing complexion.

"Very funny Candace. They were too cute together to split up. Besides, they seemed to be as close as sisters before, why not make it official." She giggles, two tiny yawns causing her to look down at the two infant sized children.

Candace smiles widely "Well, they're adorable, I'll give you that. Want me to help you get those two situated?"

Jennifer nods, and Candace walks over, crouching down and helping her friend tuck the children away inside their new mother. Alexa squirms, bawling loudly in Jennifers arms, causing Candace to _b_link__ "Wow, she's still awake? I'm sure you'd have doped her."

Jennifer _b_link__s, looking just as surprised "I did. Hell, I gave her a double dose!"

Candace stares and grins "Ooh, do we have a little Wall? Very few adults can shrug off enchantments in such quantities, much less a regressed child. I can already tell you're gonna go places darling. Now, since you're being fussy, let's get your sister in first."

Alexa cries again as Sylvia is taken and given another shot of breast milk. She watches in horror as a long, fleshy chord grows out of her friend. Candace takes it and starts feeding it under Jennifer. Jennifer bounces her, trying to calm her down. She's briefly distracted until she sees Jennifer wince, and looks to see Sylvia being inserted into the crazed woman! She struggles to push herself out of Jennifer's arms, but she was too weak in her current state.

Alexa starts bawling in earnest as the last of Sylvia is tugged up inside Jennifer. Jennifer gives her one last bit of milk, which she tries to refuse, but her _base_r instincts drink for her. She shrieks in pain as the umbilical chord grows out of her middle. The stress of her new growth and situation as a whole causes her to pass out, breathing softly, tears in her eyes.

Candace sighs "Well, least she's out now. I've heard it's difficult to unbirth Wall's, now I know why." she mutters, inserting Alexa's feet into Jennifer.

"You keep saying wall like it Unf means something." Jennifer mutters, trying to pull through a contraction.

"Right, you're still relearning things. Wall's are what witches call those with high magical resistance, like how a Well is a witch with large mana pools. Both are extremely rare in the comunity, and nigh-mythical in mundane society. We should look into her family tree later." she explains, watching the last of Alexa slip inside, Jennifer's cervix closing with a snap.

Candace helps the now heavily pregnant Jennifer to her feet. "By the way, why do you always want to use my store for your little 'add model scheme'?"

Jennifer giggles "Easy, if I took them back into a Maternity store, they'd be suspicious."


Sabrina stomps out of the security office, looking ready to scream "How the HELL is he nowhere in the mall!?" she snarls looking around

"He either got bored and left, found a cheap floozy and left, did something stupid getting kicked out and left..." Eric lists, counting on his fingers.

"I GET IT! I'm just sick of no one appreciating the gravity of the situation..." she mutters.

Yuki rubs her back "We should go home, its almost dinner time, and our parents are probably worried."

Eric nods "Yeah, I'm gonna give my mom a ring to let her know I'm still here." he said, walking off.

Sabrina sighs and looks at her own phone when a familiar redhead in a brick red dress wearing a silver ankh necklace walks by.

"Excuse me" she says, putting a hand on her pregnant belly as she squeezes by people.

The girls stare wide-eyed, look at each other and then bolt after her.

Eric shakes his head "Of course she's half asleep at four thirty, what was I thinking?" he mutters "Hey guys, what's the game plan...guys?" He looks around the crowd but soon realizes he's alone. "Fan-freaking-tastic. Fine, I'll grab some dinner and catch a bus home." he grouses to himself as he makes his way back to the food court.


Eric sits at his table alone, dejectedly eating a plate of lo mein. "Probably saw that pregnant chick, but if I'm right, that's the last thing they'd want." he says, thinking out loud.

"This seat taken?"

Eric _b__link___s and looks up, his eyes going wide. Infront of him was a very attractive blonde moan with peach skin, freckles, and hazel eyes, wearing a blue dress in a __style__ he's seen three times already.

"N-no, go ahead." he says, shivering slightly.

"Easy! I won't bite. Unless you ask me too" She giggles, sitting down with her pizza. "So, Steven Universe fan huh?"

He _b__link___s and looks down at his shirt "Right! Yeah, it's a great show, really well written, great characters both written and voiced, the show's a whole package."

"Heh, yeah. Broke my heart when they delegated it to Steven Bombs, but that's the pants on head execs for you. Wish we still had Gravity falls to soften the blow."

Eric smiles, finally relaxing a bit "Now you're talking. Tell me, Favorite side of the Nineties Renascence, Fox Kids or Disney Afternoon?"

"Fox Kids, full tilt. Sure Disney had hits, but they were lower quality than the monster hits coming from WB."

Eric nods "Okay, you're legit. Let's get to nerding."


The two of them talked about cartoons, writing and anything else that crossed their minds, well after their food was done.

"So come on Eric, ask me anything, I'm ready for you." the woman says, smiling cockily.

Eric chuckles "Anything huh? Okay Summer, why are you guys kidnapping people?"

Summer _b__link___s "I...what?"

Eric smiles triumphantly "Pro tip, if you're running a kidnapping ring, don't wear matching uniforms. They all have that weird lip on the chest." he points out.

Summer groans, putting her head in her hands "It's a for breastfeeding, you pull the lip up and pop a tit out. Wearing maternity clothes makes...acquiring a target easier. How the hell do you know any of this!?"

"Because one of your friends abducted one of my friends in the bathroom a while back, she went in, flat as a washboard and came out looking like she swallowed a watermelon." Eric says coldly.

"God damn it Tabbi...Look, it's not as bad as it sounds. I, ugh, it's a long story, but believe me when I say I'm not swimming in options." She grabs Eric's hands "I'm sorry, about all of this. It's not fair to you, or your friend. But since you've stated you know what going on, you're gonna be a target." Summer tries to explain "It's honestly not as bad as you think. You get to be a kid again! Doesn't that sound fun?"

Eric crosses his arms "Oh sure, you just gotta erase my whole identity."

"Not the whole thing. Okay, all your knowledge? Reading, writing, algebra? That goes out the window. But your love of art? Your favorite foods? That all has a chance of staying! You still get to be 'you', all that happens is a soft reboot."

Eric strokes his goatee "That's a little reassuring at least. But why just random people like me or my friend?"

"For Tabbi? Visual appeal. Others target jerks. Like this one kid my friend Wendy picked up, he was perving on her in Victoria's Secret." Summer starts telling him, only to be stopped.

Eric holds up a hand, using the other to pinch the bridge of his nose "Wait. Big palooka? Spikey Blonde hair? Girls dark skinned with a cute haircut in a green dress?"

Summer _b__link___s "...what, you heard this one before?"

Eric stares at her for a second before busting up laughing, putting his head in his arms. "Oh my god, this is beyond ridiculous! My life was supposed to start now! But nope, go back to square one, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars."

Summer looks at her drink sadly "Sorry hon, this was completely random. I just saw your shirt and went 'Oh! He likes that show too! I bet it'll be fun to watch it together while he grows up'."

"...that, actually sounds kinda nice. My mom divorced my dad when I was young, but apparently, he was an asshole so no big loss there. The downside is that she's a nurse, so she was busy all the time keeping a roof over my head. I have more fond memories of babysitters than I actually do of her. It's not her fault, I know it's not but...I kinda wish we spent more time together." Eric admits, figuring he had nothing to lose at this point.

"And you will, I promise. I'm going to let you in on a secret, our family? The women who can shrink people? We own the entire mall. Did you stop and wonder why security hasn't been alerted to women suddenly becoming pregnant, or unbirthing people in full view of a store camera?"

Eric _b__link___s "...well now I have." he chuckles.

"However, since our groups quite large, not everyone has to work, just the ones who want too. I usually stay home, cleaning the house and cooking when needed. I'll have nothing but time for you, to give you the love and attention you deserve." Summer says, looking into Eric's eyes with the utmost sincerity.

Eric remains silent for a bit, before finally sitting back up "...does it hurt?"

"Oh no love, you just feel really warm and fuzzy, and then you go right to sleep." Summer reassures him, giving him a warm, comforting smile.

Eric nods, standing up "Okay. If I do this, can you talk to my mom? Tell her what happened and that I loved her, and I'm sorry I couldn't talk my way out of this...."

Summer hugs him "Of course I will. You're a good man Eric, I can tell you care deeply about everyone around you."

Eric nods "Yeah. So, shall we get myself tucked in mom?"

Summer wipes tear from her eye and nods "Sure thing baby, let's go." she says, offering him a hand.

Taking it, Eric and Summer walk off out of the food court and towards the restrooms, ready to start a whole new life together.


Sabrina and Yuki pant doubled over in a small hallway dedicated to lockers no one used.

"How can a pregnant chick be that fast!?" Sabrina groans

Yuki giggles "Pilates?"

Sabrina frowns "Are you serious?"

Yuki's eyes go wide "Sorry! I thought! I...oh no." she mutters, tucking her knees into her chest.

Sabrina winces "Oh shit. Yuki, Yuki I'm sorry. I'm just really frustrated right now. I didn't mean to snap. It was pretty funny..."

Yuki sighs "My dad was right, this was a waste of time. I'm too browbeaten to have friends. I should just go home, find a college to attend, and pray I get married before I'm twenty-five."

Sabrina scowls "YUKI! You're my friend, you're family shouldn't tell you what to do with your life, but support what you want to do with it! I love you like a sister. Please, get up. We'll go to my house. Eric's probably taken a bus back home by now, let's try to salvage this nightmare of a day."

Just then, two men in security uniforms walk over to them "Excuse me, mam, we need you to come with us."

Sabrina _b__link___s and smiles "Oh thank god! You saw her! What did she do? Is Willie safe? What can we do?"

"Stop talking nonsense and come along quietly, you and your friends have been charging around the mall like wild animals! You're going to be taken to the security offices and sign a form banning you from the premises."

Sabrina just stares at him in shock, tears welling up in her eyes.

Yuki sighs and takes her friend's hand. "Come on Sabrina, let's just get this over with."

Sabrina just whimpers, numbly following Yuki's pulls as the pair make their way towards the back of the mall.


Yuki kicks her feet in her chair as she and Sabrina wait for security to come back. They'd been taken to an average sized office with a desk, bookshelf, and the like.

"Think this is what it feels like to be Davis?" Yuki asks curiously.

Sabrina groans, her head buried in her hands "I don't fricken care..."

Yuki sighs and jumps as the door opens behind them "This way girls." a feminine voice calls.

The pair look at each other and get up, walking over to the door. Outside, they notice a large cleaning cart blocking them from the rest of the mall while the large double door at the other end of the hall was wide open. Taking the others hand they walk through the doors, into a large open story room, where no less than twenty women, all dressed in similar looking outfits, the most distinct feature a lip on the bust, circling the door. And at the head of the circle, was Tabbi, flanked by Wendy, Jenny, Candace, and Summer, who was nursing a small one year old.

"So, I heard you girls were looking for me." Tabbi grins, giggling.

Sabrina screams and runs for the door, but they were surrounded, all exits covered.

"Now, since you're so interested in What happened to my darling Sarah, I'll be more than happy to indulge you. Not like you'll remember anyway." Tabbi giggles, stroking her gravid middle.

Candace rolls her eyes and steps forward "Oh my god, could you be any more of a Bond villain?" She turns to the girls "I'm the one who's actually in charge here. Candace Daemoore, I own the land the mall's built on and quite a few places surrounding it too."

Yuki gulps "And if you can use your powers on each other, you've owned it for quite a while."

Candace grins "Look alive girls, we got a sharp one here." She leans over to Yuki "That's correct. Our clan is host to a very unique magic, we have the ability to take anyone and reverse their age, and unbirth them into our own children. I myself have gone through the process eight times now, and have owned these hills since they were farmland, with nothing but sheep and goats as far as you could see"

"Why!? Why are you doing this! Willie didn't do anything to you! She just graduated high school, she was gonna try to be a librarian."

Candace sighs "First, it's easier to cover up the disappearance of teenagers and children than adults. Teens are reckless and naive, children are small and frail, not that we'd ever abducted a child, but still. As for why..." She looks at the floor "...we don't have a choice."

"Our clans magic may make us immortal, but it also sterile. The only chance to know the joys of motherhood is to unbirth others." Candace explains, sounding a little solemn.

Yuki nods "That's one question answered, but what're the requirements? Is it just one gender that's preferable? Race? Body type?"

"Some sects of our clan are more specific, but we here just look for a target that's cute and grab 'em. Like my little Susan" Tabbie says, cooing at her belly.

"Her name's Willie you ditz! Wilma Evalyn Avamore." Sabrina snarls.

Tabbi _b__link___s "...Wilma? Seriously? I'm doing her a favor renaming her, yeesh."

Yuki shrugs "She never liked it, said it kept making people think of the Flintstone. Who'd you think we were talking about? We mentioned her like five times?"

Tabbi shrugs "The guy Summer shrank?"

Summer shakes her head, playing with the baby boy "No, this is Eric. Well, Erica after a few adjustments."

"What!?" Sabrina runs full tilt over to Eric, kneeling down and looking him in the eye "No no no no! Eric? Is that you? Give me a sign."

The baby stares at her curiously, sucking on his hand before taking in out of his mouth and wiping it on Sabrina's face, giggling.

"...Yep, that's Eric alright." she mutters. Summer hands her a napkin, that she takes and cleans herself up.

"Are you gonna be okay?" Summer asks, frowning slightly

"I'll live, as soon as I get over the shock of having my best friend in diapers." she mutters

Yuki looks at Eric curiously "So...why aren't you stuffing him up your cooch too?" she asks flatly.

Sabrina gasps "Yuki!" but to her surprise, the witches just laugh it off.

"Well you see, Eric here asked me to tell his mom what happened to him. It was very sweet, so I thought I might offer her a chance to be his sister this time around." Summer explains.

"His mom? I thought you were waiting for that barista at the Starbucks to go on break." Jennifer asks smirking.

Summer turns bright pink and looks away "...don't judge me."

Jennifer smiles and hugs her "Only teasing love, it'll be nice not to have the biggest belly around here. And you'll look dead sexy with a taught, titanic, triplet tummy" she purrs, Summer going from pink to red in an instant.

"Ahem!" Candace says, stamping her foot. "One of the girls is asking a question."

Yuki nods, also blushing "Thanks. So, if we let this, we'll be witches? I'll be able to do magic and stuff?" Yuki asks

"Not like Elfalba or Hermione if that's what you mean. More like Jedi and the force, manipulating a vast grid of energy to allow you to live longer, look better, move faster, you get the picture." Candace explains.

Yuki thinks for a long time and looks up "I'm in. Can I choose my new mom?"

"What!? Yuki, you can't do that!" Sabrina shouts, running over "Look what they did to Eric! To Willie! We gotta figure out a way out of this!"

Yuki puts her hands on Sabrina's shoulders "Sabrina, look around you. We're surrounded on all sides by witches who can shrink you with the pop of a tit, the best you could manage is a Bolivian army ending. Besides I..." She shuts her eyes tight, eyes dotting with tears

"I don't want to go home! Ever again! I get it, China was shit, they want me to live the American dream and be successful, but they're putting too much pressure on me! I can't take it anymore! Sabrina, if you want to go, go. Be happy, be free, and know I'm getting a second chance to be happy." she sobs, tears falling to the floor like rain.

Sabrina watched in awe as the Circle closed in, past her, and surrounded Yuki in a tight hug.

"There there sweetness, you're not going home. I promise. We get cases like this all the time." Wendy says gently.

"Yeah, you're one of us. Soon as you pick your new mom, this'll all be a bad dream." another girl in hot pink says.

"We're here for you child, no more tears. It's time to choose a new life." Candace coos.

Yuki sniffs, drying her eyes. She smiles and hugs Tabbi, the closest one in front of her "Thank you, all of you. Let me see..." she looks around and then walks over to a slightly chubby woman in yellow with dark brown hair and blue eyes "What's your name?"

"I'm Christina. I'm the clans cook and I own a kitchenware store in the mall. If you stick with me, you'll never be lacking in food or love." she said brightly, giving her belly a pat. "And don't worry, I'm not gonna expect you to be a nuclear physicist, but I don't want you slacking off either. I'm gonna help you become whatever person you want to be."

"I always wanted to learn how to cook." Yuki said, smiling broader than she had all day.

Christina grins and pulls her breasts free "Then let's get you on your way."

As Yuki starts to nurse, Sabrina walks over to Candace. "...So are you looking for a kid too?"

Candace looks over and smirks "Giving up are we?"

Sabrina crosses her arms "Not that I really want too, but...the way you comforted Yuki, I could see you genuinely care about her, and she's not even part of the club yet."

Candace nods "A lot of women here have dealt with a lot of pain over the years, so we're more than ready to provide comfort when needed."

Sabrina nods "Obviously. So, can you be my mom? If I'm gonna be forced into this anyway, might as well aim for the top."

Candace smirks "I'm no better or worse than anyone else here. For what it's worth, I am truly sorry for ruining what was supposed to be your journey into adulthood, but on the other hand, it's a whole new journey. A journey into a world where magic is real, where the impossible is only so because no one's tried, and where death is an option, not a certainty."

Sabrina smiles "Sounds okay, I just feel bad about my grandma..."

Candace thinks "If you'd like, I could hold off on this until you talk to her, or I could send someone to her house after I'm done."

"Later option. If I saw her now I wouldn't be able to do this." Sabrina sighs.

Candace nods "I completely understand. Hmm, why don't you talk to some girls first, see what it's like to be a member of the family."

Sabrina nods and looks around the room at the girls.

Sabrina wandered back over to Summer and smiles at Eric "Heh, he's a cutie isn't he?" she giggles, letting him play with her fingers.

Summer nods "He's a stinker alright. I've never seen a baby lob more spit than this one, and he giggles each time I swear!"

Sabrina laughs "He's always had a weird sense of humor. Huh, think that's carried over somehow?"

Summer giggles "Maybe. A lot of times, certain personality traits carry over between each transition. I've done this twice now and apparently I've always had a fondness for stories, a love of white chocolate, and a love of being pregnant." she giggles

Sabrina giggles "Neat. I wanted to be a mom myself. Maybe I will after all this is done."

Sabrina winks "Happy hunting."

Just then, a blonde woman with tired blue eyes in green scrubs comes in "The hells going on? Someone wanted to talk to me about my son?"

Summer _b_link__s "Whoops, best move on to someone else, this is gonna be difficult."

Sabrina nods "Good luck." she says, running off to find another witch.

She got just far enough to avoid being seen before meeting with Jennifer.

"You're that lady who wanted my friends to advertise for her. What are they advertising? Prenatal care?" she mutters, putting a hand on Jennifer's belly, feeling a kick.

"Funny. I run a clothing store that caters to the developing mother and her soon to be born children, so we'll all be modeling well into kindergarten, and by then their college funds will be set."

Sabrina nods "That's cool. Heh, guess you didn't exactly lie about all they were getting."

Jennifer frowns “I never lie about what matters. I just bend the truth a bit. Your friend had self-image issues, yes?”

Sabrina shrugs “Not severe ones. She just didn’t like getting her picture taken, or being seen in a swimsuit.”

Jennifer nods “Well I’ll help her understand she is beautiful, no matter what.”

Sabrina nods “Is she even gonna be pudgy still? I mean she’s going all the way back to zero...”

“Body types are like personalities. Some tend to stick more than others. Heh, a lot of things stick around in spite of a complete reboot.” She giggles, looking over at Summer stroking the hair of a blonde ten-year-old that she was also nursing.

Summer _b_link__s “Like what?”

Jennifer smiles “What if I told you Summer and I have fallen in love three separate times?”

Sabrina _b_link__s “No way...”

Jennifer nods “Soul mates are real darling. I first fell for her before she joined our click. We’d been dating for a year, and then some unfortunate business with a bus crash lead to us restarting early, or so I’m told.” she explains, even lifting up a bang to show Sabrina a fairly prominent scar on the border of her forehead and scalp.

Sabrina shakes her head “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be, we’re alive, and that’s what matters.” she says, smoothing her hair out “This also means you need not worry about losing your friends. You’ll all find each other again, I promise.”

Sabrina nods and smirks "Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better. But what happens if you like guys?"

Jennifer chuckles "For whatever reason, I personally point to a complete balance of hormones, we all became bisexual after our rebirth."

Sabrina _b_link__s, blushing "I-interesting..." she mutters. She then hears a loud daww behind her. Turning around, Sabrina finds Yuki is already ten years old and shrinking fast.

"Wow, this is...not nearly as scary looking when you actually know whats going on" she mutters.

Sabrina watches as her friend ages in reverse, like someone hit a giant rewind button. Arms, legs, even hair shrinking to fractions of the size they were just a moment before. As Yuki finally rounds two years old, Sabrina moves in and kisses her head "Good night Yuki, I'll see you in about a year for a play date." she chuckles, letting the others move Christina into a birthing position.

Sabrina watches in amazement as a chord grows out of Yuki's navel. One of the witches takes it and slips it between Christina's legs, feeding it through till it snaps taught, slowly growing darker in color. As the blood reaches Yuki, she grows deathly, but Sabrina watches as her tiny chest moves up and down. It's then the witch holding her starts to slip her into Christina legs first.

Christina's face contorts in effort as Yuki makes her way inside, and yet Yuki never seemed to stir. Sabrina walks up and takes Christina's hand. The woman smiles at her and squeezes as she hits a contraction. This happens three more times before Christina sighs and stands up, a soft snap heard as Yuki was sealed inside.

"Okay, I've seen everything I needed. I'm ready to go now." Sabrina says, walking back over to Candace and kneeling down, stripping her clothes off. "Don't need these anymore." she chuckles, slightly embarrassed at disrobing in front of so many, but also strangely at peace.

Candace giggles, taking her breasts out "Not anymore. I promise this will be painless. Surreal maybe, but painless."

Sabrina sighs and tries to relax, shaking a little as she bends down and gently puts her mouth on the witches bare nipple. Sucking as gently as possible, she yelps at how easily Candace's milk starts flowing. Swallowing, she gasps, never having tasted anything as rich or sweet as the magical breast milk in her life. Smiling to herself, she starts nursing in earnest.

As Sabrina nurses, she feels herself shrink, her arms and legs receding into her much smaller torso. It was as if someone was reeling them in on a fishing pole, not painful, just uncomfortable. She felt her breasts flatten out against her chest, briefly wondering if Candace was somehow letting her be more aware of her surroundings than Yuki or the others were.

Soon her head began to spin as the entire world grew gigantic, Candace the size of a small giant. She smiled and picked Sabrina up, humming a soft lullaby, the now infant girl smiling tiredly.

Sabrina then watched as a few girls came over, positioning themselves around their leader. Jennifer stood at Candaces side, holding her hand and rubbing her shoulder. A tall black woman helps Candace sit up in a typical birthing position, Tabbi taking Sabrina and as with Yuki, waits for a long umbilical chord to grow out of her navel. The black woman who'd helped Candace before takes it and feeds it into her sex, following the same motions until it snaps, and grows darker.

Sabrina would have yelped if she could, the feeling of Candace's blood entering her body was odd to say the least. It also removed her innate need to breathe, making her more relaxed. The girls wave goodbye to Sabrina as she was lowered her towards Candaces sex. She watched her feet enter, feeling them grow incredibly warm and wet as if entering a bath. The feeling would creep over her waist, chest, arms until finally her head was forced through tight, fleshy walls and squeezed down a long, narrow hallway until she felt herself emerge into a small, cozy room.

Settling into her new mother, Sabrina yawned, reflecting back on her day.
You know, in a weird way, we are starting the rest of our lives. Not as adults, but witches. Who knows? If we keep abducting new people, we might bring the whole world in one day. That'd...that'd
With that last thought, she drifted off into a sleep that would last nine months. When she awakes, her world would be far more fantastic than she ever knew.


Eighteen years had passed since the bizarre disappearance of several teens outside Astarte Meadows Mall. While no one knows exactly what happened to them, local law enforcement and officials searched for days, not finding much of anything. They'd eventually give up, and the group of friends would become just an odd footnote in town history.

However, inside the mall, a group of eight friends sit, laughing and chatting as they celebrated their graduation.

"Hey, where's Davis? I thought he was gonna come to celebrate." Asked a girl with long red hair and dark brown eyes, wearing a silver Ankh necklace.

"Sorry Susan, he's got filing at the hospital to do, being an RNA is hard work." Another girl with steel blue eyes and dirty blonde hair notes, taking another bite of her lo mein. “But let's be real here, we all know you just want him here cause you lurv him” she giggles, batting her eyes.

Susan turns bright pink "Shut up! It's not like that!"

"Erica, is there ever a time you’re not goofing around?” A short, stocky girl with long black hair and Emerald Green eyes giggles, taking a selfie with her phone.

“Nah, she’s pretty much on twenty-four seven.” her sister laughs, her Turquoise hair bouncing back and forth.

Next to Erica, a girl with platinum blond hair tied into a ponytail, hazel eyes, and pale skin, making her near identical to Erica and the other girl with red hair on the other side gives a short cough "So...we really gonna do this? This is huge..."

A girl with a heart-shaped face, green eyes and short Black hair smiles at a girl behind the counter of a Starbucks “See you after your shift cutey pie.” Yuki winks, heading back over to the group. "Just got us a replacement for Davey in our hunting party. Personally? I'm pretty excited."

Sabrina, a girl with caramel colored skin and Strawberry blonde hair grins "Sure thing, Mom gave us the okay, and Patricia wants to wait till after college. Personally, I can't think of a better way to start the rest of our lives. So come on girls" She says as the group gets up, each wearing a dress with a lip over the chest for easy access.

"Let's become mommies."
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Sorry, I had missed the message.

Excellent story. It really felt fleshed out now in one uninterrupted form.

I didn't expect the turn you did, that's for sure. Made one interesting read.
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Alright then, I'm posting this sucker in completed stories. Thank you all so much for all the help.
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Must have felt like such a satisfying click finally posting it whole.

Just a nitpick, though : I doubt most people know what (UB,BF,AR) mean. Would be better not having it in the _title_ (not the _style_ over here) and simply spelled out in the end of the summary part, imo.

Anyways, it had been a long time since an author posted a draft on the forum, asked for constructive criticism, aknowledged them and improved his story before posting it whole. Thanks a lot for that. I would love to see more new "author in the making" do it when working on their very first story draft.
Always help, and it make it quite alive around here. :]

Keep the great work, and I'm crossing fingers on seeing you again some time in the future.
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