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A horror story with an abdl/mental ar fusion wip (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: A horror story with an abdl/mental ar fusion wip
Stolas (User)
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A horror story with an abdl/mental ar fusion wip 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 4  
“Sorry lil man, but this is just business.” Said the smartly dressed gentlemen to a confused youngster named Anthony; who was only recently asleep in bed. Instead of lying prone betwixt thin sheets and a soft mattress he stood parallel to a stranger. The expensive black suit worn by this mystery man initially misled Anthony to believe he was at a club, until his eyes wandered elsewhere. “Where is this…?” Anthony’s words died in his throat. His gaze newly transfixed upon the horrors all around him.

Green grotesqueries of all sizes and shapes encircled the duo. Many of whom were misshapen with bulbous eyes sat atop gargantuan human faces, anchored to bloated bellies flanked by shriveled arms. All of which were held aloft by enormous legs peppered by hairs. Behind them loomed mountains of toys and maggots that peeked out from the surrounding darkness. Tall and wide they played prison to countless human figures half-sunken in their insectoid mounds. The screams of their prisoners drowned out by gibbering monstrosities below.

“I see you brought us an innocent young one, Marcus. Yes?”

The largest abomination asked, making its presence known in earthshaking steps.

“Of course, you are my best customers.”

Finally Anthony knew this man’s name and at least partially understood what was happening. This dude Marcus was the one who brought him here, but how? Where was this? And what the fuck were those things? “Yo, lil man why you so quiet?” Marcus inquired alongside the ginormous thing with swollen pupils derailing the boy’s thoughts. “Afraid. The poor boy fears us.” The monster cackled, inspiring Marcus to smirk. They weren’t lying. The beads of sweat streaking down Anthony’s dark skin made his terror evident.

“Where am I?” Were the only words he managed to utter in a quiet trembling voice. His dread still all too apparent, but held at bay by a nagging curiosity. “For them it might as well be hell” With a flick of his watch clad wrist, Marcus pointed to the moaning heaps at his back. “Let me give you some free advice. Whatever happens just say yes. They didn’t, and looked what happened to them.”

“Enough talk. We grow weary. Come.” Despite its size the beast was quick. Anthony hadn’t even registered it’s movements before the gross goliath seized his arm in its powerful grip. “Now we see who wants you, yes?” With the realization that Marcus was the one who brought him here, he began to kick and scream with all his might. “Marcus, how do I get out of here? Help me!”

“Like I said, lil man just agree to whatever they want.” He said with a parting wave before vanishing into inky blackness. In spite of Marcus’ disappearance Anthony still fought tooth and nail to be free. His struggles only stopped when young Anthony was thrown into the awaiting clutches of another aberration. “Ahh, human teenagers are good workers. They adapt quic…” A tearing sound, like the sundering of meat ended the nightmare’s ramble.

Anthony would’ve thanked his rescuer if not for what he saw. Its head was that of a woman’s and while inflated like its kin, it was considerably more human. Though its defining trait was a crooked beak-like nose jutting from the cartoonish simulacrum, ending in a wart covered point. She possessed a nigh human body with equally portioned arms and legs. She was almost stereotypically grandmotherly in appearance, but a monster nonetheless. “Aww, poor baby. You just need a mommy.” The horror cooed in an unnaturally deep voice. Young Anthony’s body was pinned to her rotund _frame_ by the creature’s powerful limbs. “I’m seventeen. I’m not a baby.” Anthony spat in adolescent rage, momentarily forgetting his plight.

Thankfully, she ignored his outburst, or so he thought anyway. “You do want to be my baby don’t you?” Driven by fear and Marcus’s parting words the boy agreed. “Good.” Before he could contemplate the ramifications of his actions they were gone.

“Anthony, why you sleeping in the hallway?” Asked a bewildered Brian; curious as to what his brother was doing. “What happened?” Awakened, but puzzled as to his location. Anthony endeavored to stand only to be downed again by a throbbing ache in his legs. Attempts to recall what occurred within the past hours only resulted in an intense headache.

“Get up.” Brian whined, in that way younger siblings do when marshalling their elders into action. “Shut up I am trying.” Anthony replied through gritted teeth, agony surging through his legs with every effort upward. It was only until unconsciousness took him that his struggling ceased.

“Wake up.” An unfamiliar voice visited him, its distinctly feminine quality revealing the speaker to be female. She was a rather crass and made her presence known to Anthony by shaking him until he awoke. “About time. Do you want to be fed or not?” Reality returned to the chocolate-skinned teen in hazy snapshots of blacks and browns. Even the pale visage of the adult before him did little to differentiate itself. From what he could make out, Anthony was in the belly of a vast kitchen consumed by rust and age.

Even stranger were the garments he wore. Tied to his neck was a bib, bedecked with colorful creatures prancing about its surface. “Why am I wearing? The fuck?” Greater than the shock and dismay he felt at this revelation, was the sensation Anthony felt between his thighs. Something soft, warm, and, thick took the place of his pants. Could it be a diaper? He pondered, looking to his left only to see his behind clad in a white badge of shame.

“Where am I?” He asked, struggling to move in vain. “You are in a high-chair and I am your babysitter. Now do you want to fed or changed?” She delivered in a voice that spoke of irritation. Any patience she had for such questions expiring long ago. “Hey, fuck you lady I’m sixteen not three. I don’t need to be fed and shit.” With an audible groan the young woman’s irises rolled around their milky home before she bothered to reply. “And I’m a twenty-six year-old woman whose boyfriend was a psycho that sold her out to rich fucks that won’t die. Look, if you work with me. I promise I will tell you wants going on. Ok?”

Angry, but not an unreasonable person Anthony relented and agreed. “Ok. I will chill, but do you really gotta feed me tho?” With an apologetic _expression_ the previously unknown woman introduced herself as Kim before speaking once more. “You won’t be able to, or at least your body won’t let you. Sure. You are a teenager, but whatever these things can make you act in to whatever “role” they’ve given you. See for yourself.” Kim said placing a bowl filled with carrots before him. “Use this spoon and try to feed yourself.”

A few minutes later and poor Anthony succeeded only in amusing Kim. For whatever reason the spoon could never find purchase inside Anthony’s mouth. Instead, it slathered his face in orange goop further infuriating the youth. “Fuck!” He yelled inciting a hearty laugh from Kim. “I am sorry, honey. I know it sucks.” Between the humiliations he faced and the shame she felt from laughing at him. Kim instinctively adopted a motherly tone and began wiping his face off with a napkin.
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Octavian (User)
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Re:A horror story with an abdl/mental ar fusion wip 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 10  
Interesting beginning. I wonder what exactly is going on there.

The idea of a very real role play in which the victim is simply forced to behave (not only act) like his role is promising.

To make it a horror story isn't easy - I'm curious how you will handle it!
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Stolas (User)
Expert Boarder
Posts: 131
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Re:A horror story with an abdl/mental ar fusion wip 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 4  
Thanks for reading over it. I was afraid no one would bother. Yeah, I have been thinking about how hard this could be, but I am gonna try anyway. I also fleshed it out more and added some details like him wearing a diaper, etc.

Vhapter 2 goes pretty heavy into teh infatilist stuff, but also kind of dark horror elements. I might cut waaaaaaaaaay back on those though.

“I know it’s frustrating, but that’s how this works.” She explained, removing the last vestiges of mushed vegetables from his cheek. “When you agreed to be her baby she marked you. The mark compels you to behave in whatever way they please. For you it was to behave like a baby.” At this revelation, Anthony’s heart sank, but what alarmed him was turning into an actual infant. “I know what you are thinking and no, you won’t become an actual baby, but you will act like one. Not completely mind you. You will remain largely who you are, but portions of your personality will become babyish. Your bodies’ functions will suffer the most though. “

Before he could inquire further as to what Kim meant. Anthony felt a rumbling in his abdomen, but it wasn’t until he felt a surge of movement towards his hindquarters that he understood. “No. This can’t be fucking real.” He cried, a stream of fecal matter flooding the diaper he wore. Overwhelmed by shame, all Anthony could do was weep as the rest of his lunch emptied out of him. “’s ok. It’s not your fault.” Kim cooed, rubbing the boy’s back. “This will make you feel better.” A rubber teat belonging to a pacifier found its way in-between his lips, which Anthony instinctively began to suck. “Now let’s get you changed. You smell horrible, baby.”

Kim teased removing the miniature table from the oversized highchair in order to free her chocolate charge. Emotionally drained he simply followed Kim by the hand as she led him out of the kitchen and down a grand hallway. Along the way she explained how the creatures that held them prisoner were once wealthy humans, or at able to afford the cost to extend their lives indefinitely. In exchange for this long-life and new power they became hideous monsters that served some darker force. As its servants they were tasked with feeding those unwilling to serve to it, explaining the hills of bugs.

She further went on to explain how deep down they were still human and desired things like children. In fact Kim was “adopted” as the thirteen year old daughter of a neighbor, even though she was a twenty-six year old woman. “Is there a way out?” Anthony asked through a torrent of tears.
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