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What story should I write next ? (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: What story should I write next ?
vended (User)
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What story should I write next ? 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 7  
Hello !

I'm pretty much finishing the chapters of my first story "a well fitting swimsuit" and as I have a good bunch of idea, I was wondering which one would be most appreciated among the ARchive.

As you maybe know, english isn't my first language, so this is basically a thread to discuss about the story I'm going to write ( I'm a pretty slow writer ) and to make them as much english culture related as possible
Don't refrain to point what could be improved, what's interesting or not and what should be changed in your opinion.

So here's quick summary of the differents plots I wish to write. _title_s could, and names obviously would be changed each times, but right now let's call all main boys and girls characters Dan and Amy to simplify things.

Never post selfshots on the internet.

Despite her friends warning, Amy intend to take some sexy selfshot for her boyfriend. After all, as long as she make them more sexy than showing, there will be no problems, isn't it ? Besides, she truly trust him. But her old phone resolution is so crapy ! So, when an old customer lady forgot her high resolution strange looking camera on her part time job's place one evening, she decide to postpone giving it back till some photo session and send a few of them to her boyfriend. Only to discover the following day that the strange device is actually magical and slowly regress thoses photographed not only physically but also on the eyes and mind of everyone, with time lags. And not in that order ! The only way to counter back the effect, as she discover it, is to destroy the taken pictures. Not a so easy task as it seem, as Amy then find out her (former) boyfriend wasn't so trustfull in the end...

Female physical AR with reality altering as cited above. Surely also with male Ar depending on Amy's "adventures".

How to start a new life.

Nineteen year old, Dan truly hasn't quite enjoyed his life until now. His parents got killed in a car accident during vacation when he was little, leaving him with an injured leg and in his grandparent's care. Beside, he spent most of his school life as a chubby timid boy then late blooming somewhat bullied teen. No memories to be fond of, right ? But starting now, he decide, everything will change. Training himself all vacation he finally acquired a body to be proud of, and he's starting university far from all his older camrades. Deciding not to care about the past, Dan seek to start a new life, and a good one.
Yet, the young man sure didn't predicted the coming of a plain looking liquid soap bottle in his new life. A transparent bottle who bear some well detailled instructions and measurements going from nineteen on the top to zero on the bottom... A soap bottle, or as he will soon discover, a time machine equivalent, able to transport him in his past reality and body with each mold of liquid soap he use.
But how far will the boy be willing to go now that he got the chance to start anew from olders starting lines ? And should he read more closely thoses tiny instructions about age limit and mental effects ?

Physical AR as in 'back in 199X, in 199X's body', again cited on the summary. And obviously mental changes.

The Book

Dan is in deep shit. As deep as his own procrastination, which now left him a week far from his final exam without either the mental nor physical ability to succeed (Note: in France, near 18-y-o, there's a national exam called the BAC students have to take. It's easy providing you at least listen in class, revise a minimum, and learn what to do during the PE exam. Otherwise, you're pretty sure to fail it. I will see how to make this fit.). Truly, Dan isn't very bright. But when he discover in the old attic of his equally old granddad's house a book who led to a magic dimension where tiny half sized gnome and elfs devote themselves to you while assuring the magic time _frame_ here allow to spend weeks in it to the equivalent of a second in the real world; he know he got a golden eggs's goose. One who will allow him all the time he want to train before his exam.
And so begins days of soft life in a warm magic world where he can quietly walk in shorts, study as much as he want when not swimming, riding bike or just playing. With elf at his service. And all for free !
It would be the perfect deal if some stranges things weren't intriguing him.
True, he feel more and more energetic each days passing, but are the creatures really, like they told him, just in a growth spurt at this time of the year ? They truly seem growing taller to him, but not so much changed. And the mirror forbidding, is it really because thoses items are deadly to them, beings magic creatures ? Did he really mingled the shower body gel and the hair eraser ?
And indeed, Dan will soon discover the creatures also expect to get some profit from his trip here.
Yet, you could expect him to start reacting at least before finding himself wetting the bed again, but, truly, Dan isn't very bright.

Male Slow AR (slow as in several days) with slow mental effects (as in knowledge loss).

The App.

Amy's life isn't as happy as the spoiled nine year old girl want it to be. Her half brother, ten year older than her, keep joking about her age and youngness and, worse, never accept to play with her ! If only her brother wasn't so grown up, and proud of it.
One day, she replaces her brother in theirs neighbor's house, where he usually take care of a poor mentally delayed 18yo girl whose mind never got past babyhood. When the girl's mother give Amy an ipad she think only the girl's brother could have left here, she don't pay attention to the struggle and yelling of the baby teen. But once at home she discover a strange app on the item, a so called "ABDL" one who not only allow you to calibrate at which age boys and/or girls acquire one or several physical or mental ability, but also change the reality to make peoples other than those selected thinks it has ever be normal that way ! The little girl thus understand the girl surely was normal before but meddled with the advanced functions. Or was too stupid. Whatever. Oh sure, she will change the poor girl back to normal, no doubt. But no harm would be done if she use it before - oh, only a few time - to teach her jerk brother a lesson.
And indeed, as he found himself progressively robbed of his adults features while everyone -even his (not for so long) girlfriend- think everything's right, the 'teen' isn't going to feel grown up much longer.

I don't really know how to categorize this sort of AR, It's something I thought of while reading all thoses newly added altered reality story. But I would like to push it further and try to imagine how the society would change with each changes. Basically, It's AR by step. Try to imagine it by thinking how would you react if suddenly everyone, even your body, assured you body hairs don't appear until twenty years old, then same for voice change, then breasts, then for the rest of puberty, then learning or potty training, etc. (non limited list). Oh, and there's a twist ending.

One breast back, two breasts forward

Good news : Amy won against breast cancer. Bad news, it left with almost whole of it.
Depressed, the rich middle aged woman has trouble to overcome the blow to her feminity.
But her newly wed husband suddenly offer her to try a secret government controlled Spa where peoples are given a chance to overcome theirs illness from the start. The treatment work in strange ways, though, and her breasts cells having been destroyed, she have to go as far as before puberty, then grow back the normal day to day way. Even so, after considering the possibility, she accept.
She thus enter the hidden spa where she will be slowly ( as not to shoke her physically and mentally) growing younger via process camouflaged as ordinary spa sauna, shower and massages.
A not so calm journey for Amy for she will soon discover it's maybe not the governemen who's running the spa, but sure is her new husband who contacted them, and not with 11 years old as a final goal for her.

Female not so slow AR, with sprays AR mental devices used pretty much in the same way others devices are used in most Sebtomato's stories. Some twists as well.

I've also some imprecise ideas about

- a poor doctor discovering and experimenting the AR serum in the wrong place. 'Wrong place' as in badly run orphanage where corrupts and child traffic rulers don't care if there's a child claiming he's truly an adult who's not in the nonexistent list of new day's childrens arrival. (Male AR, with AR spurts)

- an englishmen taking his vacation in France who find himself before a bureaucratic angel after being overthrow by a car. The good thing : angels don't really care about religion nowadays as long as you've been good. The best thing : he's in fact not dead but into a coma, waiting for his soul to come back. The bad thing ? The old angel's almost deaf. The worse thing ? He's French. And here we find our poor english tourist desperatly trying to be sent to the good corpse with numerous failure. (Male AR, actually _base_d upon a french pun, for in french "I'm seventeen years old" is phonetically the same than "I've said seven yeard old". Even more so when yelled. Don't know how I would fit this in an english story, though)

But for thoses two I don't have in mind the whole story setting with just holes to fit with backstory and adventures like the others.

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Fossil (User)
Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz!!
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Re:What story should I write next ? 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 8  
The Book and The App sound like interesting choices to.
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Entropic (User)
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Re:What story should I write next ? 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 18  
Hello! I second "The App"!
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Jeffr_2bya (User)
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Re:What story should I write next ? 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 35  
The App.
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PixChick (User)
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Re:What story should I write next ? 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 19  
I vote for "Never Post Selfshots on the Internet." Sounds most interesting.
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Long_Rifle (User)
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Re:What story should I write next ? 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 4  
I second never port self shots
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