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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing)
shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 1 Month, 1 Week ago Karma: 2  
vended wrote:
Babyhood, here he come! ^^ Will be way harder to get himself out of this situation now.
Oh yeah, a slow and painful, and arousing, inexorable path of shame and embarrassment...


I was looking at my reflection in the mirror, still nervous after my little big accident in the rug. But Marissa and Silvia picked me up quickly and took me to the changing table.

There, Silvia took out something of her waist bag. It was a weird kind of diaper underwear, blueish in color. Silvia raised me and Marissa pulled it up to comfortably fit my waist I let a sigh of relief as I saw myself ready. At least it hadn’t been a diaper change like the previous times, no baby cream or powder were applied to my bottom.

But as my students walked me by my hands, one in each side, through the living room, I couldn’t help getting a hard on in my tiny penis. It was such a weird sensation walking with my pee pee under those, because of the cotton-like _layer_ in the inside, that rubbed my tip at every step, making me feel soft and warm. But also, the awkward cranky sound it made as I moved my legs... It didn’t feel exactly like a diaper but not like underwear either, it was probably the most awkward and uncanny mix of sensations I ever had, no doubt. I didn’t know if I had to feel safer or more afraid to control my pee in one of those.

It was only noon and there was a whole journey waiting, but fortunately, I was able to relax for a couple hours. While my ‘mommy’ Marissa was busy with some of her student processes, I chilled out with Silvia. I knew she was weird and hippyish, but I hadn’t experienced yet how fun she could be. She was part of both the drama and dance clubs while she was my student and it was common seeing her around the school wearing the weirdest outfits and performing weird steps and poses.

But this time, she sat me on the couch and brought me a sippy cup filled with juice, which I was pleased to drink. Then, I saw her put on some vynils on and began to strike some poses, for my sole entertainment. It was a very amusing spectacle seeing her perform all kinds of modern and contemporary dance steps, according to the songs.

All this time, she danced for me. She didn’t stop looking me in the eyes with every dance, as I followed her like an idiot. Silvia’s range went from punk rock, where she discharged all her energy, to Electronic, when she made robot and EDM steps which I saw hypnotized; then some funky and a-go-go music where she showed off all her sensuality. I was completely amazed of how good she was and the beauty in motion of her body. And she knew it.

She couldn’t stop chuckling as she saw me, and between song and song, she fitted me with accessories trying to get me more involved. First, she raised my arms and put me a tiny black t-shirt from some punk band, and later she took out some big sunglasses from her waist bag and put them me on. As she saw me like a complete baby rocker, she stroke the ‘horns’ hand sign and holding my hand, which tried to make me do the same, which I miserably failed to. She laughed nonetheless.

And during the last round, after my sippy cup had emptied, she took me by the hands and pulled me to the floor, where she danced with me. I was very immersed in the sound and the beauty of her dance, so I clumsily tried to move my bare feet along her, which I did clumsily terrible but she laughed at the cuteness of my attempt, as she took me by my arms and moved me in different ways. We had a real good time.

It was around 2 p.m. when Marissa arrived to the doorstep to find us dancing together. Silvia had turned a sort of ‘disco ball’ effect on the big Bluetooth speakers of the living room, and the music was quite loud, so this was a spectacle to behold indeed. With a big grin, Marissa leaned back in the wall and, holding her own arms, looked at us for two or three minutes, laughing every now and them at my clumsy attempts at dancing.

Finally, Silvia turned off the lights and the music, and took me to the couch. She took out her cellphone and prepared a selfie for me and her. I looked up sporting my big sunglasses, my rock T-shirt, diaper and a wide smile, and she made a “V” sign and a funny face. The picture was taken and she tagged it as “#babysrock”
“Oh, here’s my dancing boy!”, Marissa saluted, cheerfully, affectionately messing with me hair as she crouched to see me. Her hair was now completely loose and crowned with carey sunglasses as a diadem; she wore a salmon blouse, white denim capri pants which were very tight, high heels, and also golden necklaces, rings and bracelets. Add to that a purse hanging from her arm and she looked like a complete adult. And very contrasting with Silvia.

“You finished?”, Silvia asked to her.

“Yes. Everything’s packed”, Marissa answered, aiming at a pair of bags far beyond, in the living room.

“OK”, Silvia answered. “I’ll change this boy’s diapey and we go”, she added.

I was really confused after she said that. I looked at the couch and there was my empty cup just thrown there. Then, I looked down to my training diapers and aghast, I found them very much soaked and hanging. I couldn’t believe it. I had had too much juice but I never imagined that would ever happen. I had peed myself without any notice and had been dancing with Silvia completely unaware of that.

But, she didn’t seem to care at all. She played along me all the time, even when I was wearing a diaper completely peed, and never rejected me. I didn’t know what to think… well, maybe it was just part of being a baby, and completely natural.

I took Silvia’s hand and gladly followed her to the bathroom. She took my sunglasses away, then raised my arms and pulled my t-shirt up. And finally, she pulled down the soaked up diaper. There, I noticed, very embarrassing, it was not only pee what was in there: the rear part had a round and flat chocolate stain. I had emptied my bowels without noticing at all. Maybe I was too enticed with the music and dancing, but I was still embarrassed.

Silvia didn’t mind and threw my diaper to the garbage can, then she pulled some baby wipes and moving my hands apart, she scrubbed my buttcrack once and again, several times, to make sure I got completely clean. Then she also rubbed my crotch area, including my scrotum, until I was refreshed and free from any dried urine. And finally, with soft Kleenex, she began to dry both my front and behind.

I stood there, feeling very nervous. So, this was my new reality… having my butt and penis cleaned in the bathroom by my former students, because I was no longer able to do it for myself. I needed teenage girls to do it for me, because I was definitely not an adult men for all. For the moment, I felt sad and concerned, but I didn’t know what to do. At least, Silvia was being very serious and professional about it, she only cared about my welfare and during the cleaning process she inspected everything very careful. So, I knew I was in good hands.

Suddenly, Marissa came into the bathroom, as Silvia and I turned our heads to see her; she was still finishing drying my groins.

“Almost done? Good”, Marissa said, and crouched on front of me without hesitating, picking me up from the floor. Without a word, she raised me and sat me in the bathroom’s changing table, and Silvia followed her.

I was a little confused as Marissa pushed my chest to lay me down on the table and took a canister of baby powder. I looked to the ceiling, fearing the worst, when she grabbed my ankles in one hand and put me in diaper position.

I thought I was going to get the training pants again! I was disappointed at myself to see I had screwed up again.

Silvia arrived and stood next to us. While Marissa was completely focused on powdering my tushy, I could see that Silvia was looking at me, and maybe it was from the angle but I could tell Silvia seemed… sorry.

“You couldn’t make it”, I think I read in Silvia’s stare. But it looked more like also one of empathy and shared guilt. “I’m sorry. We fell together”.

What broke my heart was that Marissa didn’t seem to care, she looked completely unworried as she slipped a baby diaper under my butt. Again I remembered, she told me I wouldn’t be able to last for long as a toddler before regressing into the most helpless form of an infant. No doubt, Marissa knew me perfectly.

Out of shame and embarrassment, I could feel my already tiny body shrink a couple inches even more, and grow younger once again. I turned to see myself in the mirror and I looked like a real _expression_less baby, definitely not a toddler. As Marissa ended to tape my diaper, I knew for certain I was a 1 year old, couple months less couple less more.

What was coming to me now? I didn’t know. But what I knew, and was terrified at, was that anything that happen would make me lose further control of myself on front of my students… every teacher’s nightmare.

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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 1 Month ago Karma: 2  

After diapering me, my students dressed me with a pink onesie that was also a swimsuit. I remembered it from my ‘dream’ because it was one of the ones they had bought before. My bulky diaper protruded grotesquely under the swimsuit’s rear, like it uses to in these cases. After considering it for a couple minutes, the girls went on with an experiment. Taking me by each hand again, they lowered me to the floor with care.

I shook my bare feet impatient; I was afraid but also had a little hope I could prove my value. To my fortune, I was able to stand! First, with the help of her hands, and then, as Silvia and Marissa let me off by myself little by little, I began to sway my hips in order to keep balance. And I could do it.

They turned at the same time, exchanged a glance and then smiled proudly (I guess). After that, Marissa squatted a meter in front of me and present me her hands. Her face looked SO beautiful, and she was inviting me to come with a smile of trust and love! I only had to walk to her. And it was a complete challenge. I felt like I was drunk (how do I know it if I never drunk?), my head was heavy, but I could take my first step. My hips seemed to have life on their own and my feet moved erratically as I tried to take the second one, but I was able to do it more or less, and then came the third. Silvia looked down, with great expectations.

I only needed to take one last step, Marissa’s hands were so close I couldn’t wait… and then my body simply worked on its own, as without me wanting to, I extended my arms to her and practically launched forward, tripping and felt I was about to fall. Fortunately, Marissa’s arms were closed and she was quick to catch me and then instantly take me on her arms and get up.

She gave me a smooch in the cheek and Silvia joined by taping my shoulder as we all three quietly celebrated. Hey, at least I wasn’t completely dependent yet, even if that meant I still needed to have my diapers changed and I could only walk in the most rudimentary way possible.

Then, my students carried everything on the car for the big trip to the beach. This time Marissa drove and I was in the backseat with Silvia taking care of me. As always, she didn’t stop talking with Marissa during all the way, but she also was very attentive to me. She talked to me every now and then, cleaned any mess I made and even gave me of her popsicle as we crossed the road in that tranquil Sunday morning.

Until that moment I had considered Marissa the perfect idea of a mother, but seeing the very relaxed Silvia that time, with her glasses on and her modern clothes and haircut, taking a great care of me as one of her priorities, I began to reflect upon. Perhaps in those days, this young girl was actually what new mothers aspired to. She had taught me to dance and rock, she took selfies with me, she made sure I was perfectly clean and healthy and ok, and she took our ‘potty training’ thing as a serious and common goal. As we failed, she didn’t put the blame either on me or her alone, she simply recognized we both made mistakes and moved on.

Maybe I could be happier with Silvia at my side…

I was thinking all those things when we arrived to the water slides. The girls took all the bags and Silvia fitted me into a baby carrier, which she put on her chest, as we headed to the water park. It was around 3 p.m. and the place was really crowded. I didn’t use to go to many places when I was an adult but this looked like a very cool park, with flumes, swings, a water rollercoaster, slides and all kinds of pools. Also there were food stands, squares and areas for families and friends, and everyone looked very busy and having a good time.

As we moved forward to get to whatever attractions my caretakers wanted to visit, I saw passing by a lot of people. Family men and grown-up men, sporting muscular chests and wearing nothing but swimming shorts and trunks. Also women, mothers taking care of young kids. And lots of teenagers, male and female, having a good time.

We came next to a pool and the girls. They laid a cloth in the floor, took out the beach chairs and the picnic baskets. They had brought some Gerber puree and a bottle of warm milk for me, while they ate some good sub sandwiches, enjoying the sun while wearing the hats and glasses they had bought last day.

After we had lunch, the girls kept chatting for other 20 minutes or so, until the sun and the food made their effect. Silvia laid down on the blanket, mouth down, to take a brief nap, while Marissa sat on a beach chair and started reading a book. She placed me on her lap and didn’t stop caressing my hair as she turned the pages, where I saw an uncountable amount of scribbly signs I couldn’t understand passing before my eyes.

Some good 30 minutes passed and the sun was finally becoming gentler. Silvia woke up in a good mood, and Marissa had already started getting tired of reading. They saluted each other and mutually agreed it was time to go to swimming. So, they took off their clothes revealing the swimsuits they had brought one day ago. Silvia picked me up, put on some swim rings around me and carried me under her arm to take me to those very crowded facilities.

First, they reached the babies area; the water barely there reached their ankles, and as Silvia lowered me to the floor, the current easily covered me up to the tights. My students looked so beautiful in their swimsuits, while as for me, I was a look beyond ridiculous with my short figure covered in broad floaters in arms, legs and waits. If walking was hard without them, I could barely make my way in the water, walking and bumbling at the same time. Fortunately, the floaters sort of blocked each other, making me impossible to trip and fall.

As they walked me in, Silvia and Marissa enjoyed the water. They had fun crouching and splashing each other with water, their swimsuits already getting wet and sticking tighter to their bodies. Marissa also poured some water on my head, crouched and turned to see me.

“Are we having fun, Tom?”, she said, with a big smile under her dark sunglasses.
I couldn’t tell if I was, since the experience was too weird and awkward to have enough fun. I wasn’t the only baby around, there were lots of parents and children around that zone; some of them holding their kids by the hands, some other babies and toddlers safely placed on their daddy’s shoulders, and some others even holding them from a leash like they were sort of pets. I found it kind of appalling, but at least I wasn’t the only baby in a bad position there, and no one seemed to tell me apart from the other babies around there.

But things improved as we advanced. We soon reached a zone with taller waters. There, Marissa hugged me tightly by my waist and put me on front of her as both of my students walking in. The water reached their navels more or less and I looked around, worried, as the water covered half of my torso, but I was kept safe by the floating rings.

Marissa and Silvia were already wet up to their faces. They took out the sunglasses and left their hats behind. Gradually, as we swam in, I began to relax feeling the movement of the water around me, and enjoy the journey a little more. After some good 20 minutes wandering together, Silvia, as the adventurous girl she was, said something like she was getting bored and asked permission to Marissa to separate and go swim to deeper waters.

After she got it, I saw Silvia turning round and take a short run, her bikini already gotten deep inside her crack and completely soaked and then taking a dive to escape swimming with such speed I couldn’t imagine. Needlessly to say, I instantly missed her, as I got a baby boner right under my diaper.

Marissa stood around some time more with me, until she decided too it was time for us to get out and go for a different attraction. I guessed Silvia had told her they were meeting later, anyway, but I was still anxious, like the baby I was, to reencounter with her. Marissa walked out of the water, and took me on her arms, removing the floating rings, and she headed for the water slides. And there was when the hardest part of the trip began.

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vended (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 1 Month ago Karma: 7  
I didn't expect the story to go on this much over his baby "adventures". I wonder what's awaiting him now. :]
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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 1 Month ago Karma: 2  
vended wrote:
I didn't expect the story to go on this much over his baby "adventures". I wonder what's awaiting him now. :]
Well, you can expect a couple more twists in the follwing episodes

By the way, which one of the two girls is your favorite so far?
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vended (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 1 Month ago Karma: 7  
Eh, can't say I have a preference ^^
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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:How to fall for a younger girl (Ongoing) 4 Weeks, 1 Day ago Karma: 2  
Final part of the day:


I already told you how crowded the place it was, but what I didn’t expected was tumbling upon someone I had already known. It happened exactly like that, as she walked, Marissa bumped into a group of girls around her age. She quickly apologized, because it was all but uncommon bump into someone in such a crowded place. But as the group turned to see it, I recognized them, and she did too. Those girls were nothing but some of Silvia and Marissa’s classmates…! and so, they were my students!

The pack was lead by Karla. She was a tall, blonde 19 years old girl, with a strong temper and a natural leader personality; she wasn’t that well liked for everyone, but she was a leader none the less. Karla wasn’t very graceful when it came about her face, as she had strong features and freckles, but she had big green eyes and a wide mouth, and as the leader she was, she knew make out the best of those with some makeup and good care. She was very well endowed when it came to feminine shape, and that day she was wearing a quite sexy one piece swimsuit, with a weird cut in one side that left her right shoulder uncovered, and a very high cut in the bottom, which resulted in semi-exposed hips and a cameltoe as big I couldn’t take my eyes away.

Next there was Ruth. If Karla was a leader, this shy girl was a natural follower or subordinate. I remember she was good friends with Marissa and Silvia. She was a brunette, wore glasses and braces, she had sweet and childish features, her very ample forehead always uncovered and her hair picked up in a tight ponytail. She was timid and a little awkward, so she always looked for the protection of Karla, which did much to boost her self-esteem and self-confidence, so, she seemed doing alright that day. As for physical shape, she was the opposite of Karla, she was shorter, petite and had small breasts and almost flat buttocks. That time she wore a two piece black bikini, with ties at the side of the bottom and the rear of the top, which did nothing to highlight her attributes but didn’t call for any unwanted attention either.

Finally, there was Allison. She was a blonde girl with short hair. She had a rebel personality and loved doing witty and snarky comments, I knew she was into smoking and drinking, but she was also far away from being a ‘bad girl’; she only liked to make her own rules and go her own way; Allison didn’t hang out a lot with her classmates, but she had lots of friends everywhere, and she was solidary with the classroom when it was needed nevertheless. She was in the shorter and plumper side when it came to body shape. That day she was wearing a white two piece broad bikini, sporting a hat and sandals.

“Oh…!” Karla said, after Marissa and her paused for a couple seconds, recognizing each other. “Marissa! Hi…!”

“Hi, Karla”, Marissa smiled a little forced, and then they greeted each other with the usual girl kiss and waved with her fingers. “Hi, everyone”, she continued with a grin, turning to see the other girls, who nodded cordially.

“So good to see you here…!”, Karla said, moving towards my ‘mommy’, doing a seductive gesture by caressing her shoulder with her hand. “Oh…!”, she said, noticing me hanging from Marissa’s “And this is your…?”

“Oh, this is Mr. Greer”, Marissa hurried to explain, grinning and raising her eyebrows. “You remember him, the… Literature teacher?”

Karla got genuinely surprised by half a second, opening her mouth to say something, but instantly cutting into a sort of mute laugh.

“Ah, of course…!”, she said, trying to contain the laugh, seeing the little baby I had become. “Hello, Mr. Greer…”, she said, extending her arm to tap at my head.

I instantly clinched tighter to Marissa’s chest and tried to hide myself from her. I already had a hard time trying to hide my embarrassment from Marissa and she was a model student, I can’t explain to you how ashamed I was with Karla.
She was the leader of the classroom and she defied my instructions in more than one occasion, openly criticizing me at least one time. I really can’t explain how intimidated I felt, and even when I managed to sort out the situation, I knew anything she said about me made a profound impression in the rest of the students. I had to, I was sort of afraid of herself.

And now I was nothing but a baby on front of her… but I suspect I already had been that anyway. For her, at least. Or maybe everyone knew?

After that, Marissa and Karla exchanged a few words, where Karla explained how the group had came together: initially they were Karla and Ruth only, they later bumped into Allison (the water park was crowded indeed, because all my classroom seemed to be there, and I’m being sarcastic). Then she asked Marissa about her.

“I came here with Mr. Greer…”, she explained. “Oh, and… Silvia is around here too. We’ve been hanging out together”.

To my dismay, Karla was pretty glad with her finding and her group joined Marissa as all them were going to the water slides. There were lots of talks in the way, with Karla being the most talkative, Marissa serving as the interlocutor and having some snarky interventions by Allison every now and then, and Ruth serving like the always giggling silent listener. Everyone ignored me completely, like the cute but stupid baby I was.

After we served our time in the line, all four girls were on top of the slides and ready to slide down in a thrilling experience. As soon as I looked down, I got extremely terrified by the incredible heights we were at (maybe my tiny baby body made it look wat higher than it would if I still were an adult) and I think I almost soiled myself (a fart definitely came out).

But Marissa seemingly had a better perspective than me, since she didn’t worried. She only tied me up to her waist, sat down, crossed her arms over me, and in a flash we were falling at incredible speeds, along with the rest of the girls. The hyperspeed from the slide was to me almost like entering a different dimension; I could see everything in normal speed as we slide down, and even turn round to see the trajectory of my students.

Marissa was very calm about the situation, she only smiled and aimed her bare feet to the direction we were going. But from my other students, the “bad ones”, there was a lot of screeching, a lot of “woos” and the general hustle one could expect from a group of female teenagers. Those things, that I gotta say, I loved but I felt so distant from for most of my life. And this-- was a brand new life for me.

We landed with a huge splash, on another pool, and I was briefly submerged in the water for a second before Marissa’s arms expertly pulled me up back to the air.

“Oh, Tom, are you alright?”, she said, wiping the water away from my eyes. I looked at her face, with an _expression_ that made me look like I had just born again. “That was fun, wasn’t it?”

I looked around, breathless, for a few seconds after that. The sun was shining hard and I had to squint my eyes to realize, I was in the open, I was a baby again… and these girls were teaching me (their teacher) how to enjoy and live life.

The other girls emerged from the water, clapping and making lots of noise. Unlike me, they loved thrills and strong experiences. Gosh, they were so much stronger than me, so much mature, I thought. And, let me say, I think the experience would have been no different at all if I had been an adult -or, most precisely, if I was in my adult body-.

To my surprise, Silvia joined a few seconds later. Apparently she had been there around and happened to bump into us too.

“Hey, what’s going on?”, she saluted profusely.

Then she gave high fives (sometimes with both hands) to the other girls, who were still recovering from the shock of the slide.

“Hey, Silvia”, Karla said, the amount of emotion of her voice was so palpable.
And so on, my group of five students spent the rest of the afternoon having fun in the water park, while also carrying me with them. I was barely paid any attention but I was taken complete care of by my ‘mommies’ Marissa and Silvia.

Around 5:30 p.m., the girls were already exhausted and they sat next to the kiddy pool. Marissa put me there where I wandered around playing with floating toys he had bought me, while she held me by my waist every now and then to prevent me from falling and so.

Dipping their feet in the water and moving her toes, my students talked about their future plans. In the face of the dying sunlight, that highlighted their developed female bodies, I realized they were the future, not me. I was completely stuck in the past and I had absolutely no chance of moving forward; I simply couldn’t grow up and maybe the best option for me was to remain a baby, in mind and size, and trust me into the hands of my much more capable teenage student girls.

At 6:15 p.m., the girls had already rest a bit. Instigated by Karla, they got up and ran to the kiddy pool with renewed energies, wooing a lot. I looked around, like an idiot, thinking I was so immersed in my thoughts of defeat, I had lost every notion about what I was doing. Suddenly, I saw Marissa coming.

“How you doing, handsome?”, she asked, taking me by my wrist. I couldn’t focus enough to see her.

Karla turned to her, a little impatient.

“Hey, what are you waiting for?”, she waved her hand towards Marissa, inviting her to go with them.

“Oh, I gotta check the teacher here”, she said, crouching and aiming at me.

The girls grinned in some sort of condescending light, halted and turned to see me while Marissa dragged me from my wrist. I didn’t know exactly what was happening but I was laid down on a beach chair. Marissa knelt on front of the chair and she quickly unbuttoned my onesie swimsuit with the tips of her long, feminine fingers.

My suit came off quickly as the other girls watched in amusement, until I was left in my bulky diaper, which was completely soaked of course. Marissa felt it with the palm of her hand and squeezed it a couple times, before deciding to open it, leaving my tiny ridiculous manhood at the sight of everyone.

I instantly felt how I began to shrink and regress again; one thing was getting changed in front of my ‘mommies’, now I would be changed in front of my whole classroom of girls. My diaper had been soiled and peed at least three times, and all girls could see it, as the greenish and very liquid stain was all over the insides of my diapers and buttocks.

Eagerly, Marissa took out the baby stuff from her bag and rose my legs, then she began cleaning my butt, and I felt getting even younger little by little. I tried to turn round to not behold the looks of fun, mockery or simple curiousness of my young students, but I realized my neck and shoulders had become too young to work properly and I could only stay there, looking at them with my stupid baby face.

As Marissa finished drying me, she turned to see the bag of new baby stuff. Then she paused for a couple seconds, then a second longer, and then she made a decision. She just left my swimsuit thrown there next to the chair, and didn’t took out any new diaper to put me on. She just lifted me by my waist, gave a couple sweeps to my tushy to remove any trace of dust there and helped me to seen.

“Come on, baby”, she said, walking me towards the water as I hardly could take any walk with my baby feet. “Let’s have fun”.

The girls, especially Karla, laughed in good mood seeing me clumsily walking towards them, with the stupid baby _expression_ I had, and being the naked baby boy doll I was now for them. Then, Marissa began to run; I had to move my baby legs quicker and hurry my cute naked tushy to be able to them in the pool.

But together, we had some fun. Or, more precisely, they had fun with me. I was celebrated, made dance, and was lifted in arms by each one of my students at a certain point. I wasn’t angry or annoyed because, as I gradually realized, my new baby body wasn’t able to get angry or annoyed.

I was able to experience the feeling of several different female bodies, smell their fragrances and enjoy their whispers as close as I could get… but I only had it now, that I was a baby, and never as an adult male. I found it scary, yet fascinating.

But it was humiliating none the less.

There was a moment when Karla chose to play a game with me, she lifted my by my arms and stood out of the pool, while the other girls were still in there, and watched curiously with grins in their faces. Karla then began to spin, faster and faster, until my legs started to flyby because the acceleration and I was wrapped in a sort of tornado of twirling colors.

“Focus on me, baby, focus on me”, she mocked me, with a maniac smile on her face.

I didn’t know if she purposefully wanted to humiliate me in revenge for something, or if meanness and insensitivity just came naturally to her as her way of life, but she had lots of fun playing cruel games with me as a baby. But, in that tornado of color, I could only do what she asked me, and focus on her face, smiling brutal to the point her forced prettiness came off as scary, to avoid to get dizzy in the tornado of colors.

At Allison’s request, Ruth had taken out a cellphone to record the whole game, and the girls began to laugh as we accelerated more and more, and clapped and clap and woo where it came the point my legs were at a complete horizontal position, my tiny baby manhood flying around there. That’s where Marissa and Silvia called off the game (which, by the way, lasted for only about 5 seconds).

“Wooo… woohoohoo. Oh my God oh my God”, Karla laughed and celebrated with the emotions still on her, she as struggled to walk after spinning too much. I was picked up by Marissa and clinched at her chest still uncomfortable.

“Sorry, Mr. Greer, I’m sorry. Aaand thank you so much! This was so much fun!”, Karla kept laughing, ending wih a clap, a lapse of some more uncontrollable laugh and then a deep breath.
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