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TOPIC: Re:Regression Force (concept)
shlalom_masters (User)
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Regression Force (concept) 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 2  
In this post I'll try to explain the sort of basis of most of my favorite regression stories.

I don't think this is truly original, but it's the logic followed by my stories, and I guess there are many stories from other authors that also follow that logic.



The "Regression Force" is a concept similar to 'the Force' from Star Wars, which is an intangible force in the universe that has a will of its own, it's able to influence events, focus on people and perform impossible feats in some ways.

The Regression Force is a feminine force, superior and opposite to masculine power, and it resides in all female sentient species in the universe, often unknowledgely to them.

The Regression Force acts through a female individual or group of female individuals, and its main power is physically making one or more male individuals younger (a process called a regression).

The Force can alter the mind or body of the victim, or both, in any number of years.

A regression can be temporary, permanent or reversible.


As such, the Regression Force acts against the regular laws of Physics, but it has regulations on its own:

1. As soon as the regression acts, the mind of sentient creatures around adjust in different ways in order to not perceive it as an extraordinary phenomenon (with exception, see later).

2. By the laws of the Force, in this universe no sentient creature is able to openly address it or communicate about it. The Force acts in the mind of everyone involved in the process to take a regression as a natural casual thing, no need to talk about it. As it, it is a natural law that remains in complete secret (with a few exceptions, see later).

3. The exception of this is the regressed individual. The mind of a victim of the Force more than often doesn't adjust to the idea of getting younger. This almost always causes a psychological clash in which the individual can't understand what or how it happened.

4. When an individual resists to assume the new state the Force sets for it, the Force will usually push forward and make the individual even younger, up to the point of turning it into an infant or even an unborn creature, in order to prevent any unwanted disruption of other natural or societal laws.

5. If a victim of the Regression Force tries to address it, the Regression Force's mechanisms works in sentient creatures in order to create disbelief or, more oftenly, make the creatures complete oblivious about a regression ever happening (retroactive memory). Any contradiction is also instantly ignored along this mind adjustment.

6. Said in this form, for female individuals in this kind of tales, it is completely natural and casual that a male can turn into a kid or a baby in any moment, and they won't have any problem with that.

The Regression Force may act very often (for example, many times a day, or massively) in this type of tales, but no one other than the regressed individuals, seem to care about it and won't talk openly about that, as life follows its routine.


The usual victim of the Force is a mentally immature male. The Force evaluates the psychology of the individual, and decide whether it needs a physical adjustment according to its mental age.

The Force usually acts in moments when the victim acts in a very immature way that affects negatively other individuals or themselves.

The effect of a regression can be reversible, but the Force won't leave the victim alone easily. Many victims of regression can experience regressions and progressions more than once, or sometimes even during all their lives.

The Regression Force is a benevolent force. It won't necessarily act over a 'harmful' individual. In very rare cases, it can also grant wishes to willing or unwilling individuals that have the desire (either conscious or repressed) of becoming younger.

The Force can also act in females, but as female psychology is usually more evolved than male psychology, this happens very rarely (about 1 case out of 20).


The Regression Force may have Force Bearers. These are people who are conscious about Regression Force and are able to aim it and use it at will.

A Force Bearer is ALWAYS female, with no exceptions, and has a strong-willed psychology (either naturally or acquired).

There are Force Bearers who are born with this knowledge and ability ingrained, and are able to perform regressions in nearby males from the moment they're born, sometimes unconsciously or even unknowlingly to themselves.

A female can also become a Force Bearer during or after a regression process, when the Force acts through her or through other females around her. When this happens, the female acquires conscience of the Force, understands it and is able to use it indefenitely through all her life.

A Force Bearer can use the Regression Force in any form and way she wants. She has complete control over it, and can choose how and why the force acts, in which victim or victims.

A Force Bearer is able to control her own age, or stop aging. As such, Force Bearers can live for indefinite time in the universe. There are many of these 'Immortal' Bearers living in Earth.

As she has completely knowledge and control of the Force, a Force Bearer is able to openly talk about the Force: its secrets, its powers, or even to announce when she's used or will use it. But she won't do it often, and if she does, the individuals around it won't take it much seriously and it won't alter their course of actions.

A Force Bearer is one with the Force, and as such, she won't abuse this power. That means, in every case, the victiom of a regression in this kind of stories completely deserve it

Even when regressions are regulated by the Force, the Force itself doesn't take responsibility for any other actions of a Force Bearer. If a Bearer performs some undeserved, unacceptable actions (other than regressions), the Force can take the Bearer powers away. When it does so, it also regresses the ex-Bearer herself as a penalty. As the Force usually selects its bearers very well, these are rare cases.


When used by a Force Bearer, the Regression Force can turn a victim into an 'unborn infant' inside the womb of a female subject (which is, almost always, either the Bearer herself or a willing subject).

The Regression Force may spontaneously alter _object_s or generate accesories related to age (like diapers, child clothes or pacifiers) to fit the victim better. This is more common when a Force Bearer is in control.

The Regression Force, when used by a Forcer Bearer, can also change the gender of the individual (from male to female or viceversa in extremely rare classes). This is always accompanied by an age regression, and usually very severe. These kinds of regressions are usually performed by Force Bearers, but they can also happen spontaneously, although rarely.

The Regression Force can also reduce a victim to a pre-unborn being, reducing it after the unborn state into a single cell, which is then completely dissolved and absorbed into the body of a female individual. This is an extremely rare ocurrence.

A regression reversal takes place when a Bearer regresses an individual and then performs undeserved, unacceptable actions. In this case, the Force usually takes away the powers from the Bearer and also switches age with its victim. The victim doesn't gain any Force power because of the reversal, though, but retains consciousness about the regressions processes that took place (most likely won't talk about it openly).


Well, that's it.

As I said, I don't think this is a very original idea but it's the concept I often work around in my stories.

I'm sure you can find other examples of stories that can fall into this concept/category.

If you know any of them, you can tell me in the comment sections
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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:Regression Force (concept) 1 Month, 1 Week ago Karma: 2  
This is the retroactive list of my stories that used the 'Regression Force' concept as its regression device:

My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny
TYPE: Mystical (Regression Force Itself)/Casual

Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan
VICTIM: Michael
TYPE: Force Bearer
*Notes: AR/TG, gradual

Bart's Job Interview
VICTIM: Bart Simpson
TYPE: Casual

Kristina's Gift
VICTIM: Madison, Jaime and Shannon
TYPE: Casual
FEMALE FOCUS: Kristina (Unaware)
*Notes: Female AR

My Wife Is The Best
VICTIM: The narrator
TYPE: Casual
FEMALE FOUCS: The narrator's wife
*Notes: AR/TG, AP/TG

My Sumo Challenge
TYPE: Force Bearer

La EducaciĆ³n de Sailor Vegeta
VICTIM: Prince Vegeta
TYPE: Force Bearer
FORCE BEARERS: Sailor Scouts Haruka and Michiru
*Note: AR/TG

The Dreams in my Aunts' House
VICTIM: The narrator
TYPE: Force Bearer
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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:Regression Force (concept) 1 Month, 1 Week ago Karma: 2  
My current ongoing, 'How to fall for a younger girl', is a Regression Force story too.

How to fall for a younger girl
VICTIM: Mr. Greer
TYPE: ??
*Notes: ??

I won't spoil any details but you'll find it by yourself as weeks go by
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Stolas (User)
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Re:Regression Force (concept) 1 Month ago Karma: 4  
I suggest listing if the ar used is physical or mental ar.
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shlalom_masters (User)
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Re:Regression Force (concept) 1 Month ago Karma: 2  
It's always physical. Men are always babies in their heads. So, it's just an adjustment
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