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Re:Looking for one story with group male AR (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Re:Looking for one story with group male AR
vended (User)
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Re:Looking for one story with group male AR 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 7  
Oh, right, thanks for the reminder, I knew I had read this name before, but couldn't pinpoint where.

So, basically, I asked if he could share the file. He answered he prefered not to because it's completely mixed with all kind of fetish that he's embarassed to share, to a total of "30,000 individual files, in 300+ folders".

I tried to make it clear it wasn't a problem for me. I asked that, if he really didn't want to share even then, he could maybe just make a folder search through it to see if he has anything from some author whom I know have written stories now lost, like Libra or Louder.

He said that he would look into it.

I haven't heard of him ever since.

Tejay, if you happen to read this, I'm still interested in seeing what hidden gems you may have stored all these years.
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Utopianfubar (User)
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Re:Looking for one story with group male AR 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: -11  
Teejay! don't be embarrassed. love your stuff
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vended (User)
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Re:Looking for one story with group male AR 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 7  
Same here. I sent you a private message.
The community is small. Would be a shame if you had some hidden gem accumulated over the years, no longer on the net, that would end up lost if not reuploaded!

By the way, I'm also looking for another story. It was male AR, and a large part of it focused on a long scene of the character, an adult man dressed in something akin to a cowboy costume (Las Vegas maybe), walking down a hallway as he become younger. With him eventually having difficulties making steps in his increasingly roomy boots, wondering why the people walking by call him boy, etc.

I don't even think the story was finished, but that one long sequence was really neat, as I recall it.

Does it ring any bells?
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Entropic (User)
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Re:Looking for one story with group male AR 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 19  
vended wrote:
Same here. I sent you a private message.
The community is small. Would be a shame if you had some hidden gem accumulated over the years, no longer on the net, that would end up lost if not reuploaded!

By the way, I'm also looking for another story. It was male AR, and a large part of it focused on a long scene of the character, an adult man dressed in something akin to a cowboy costume (Las Vegas maybe), walking down a hallway as he become younger. With him eventually having difficulties making steps in his increasingly roomy boots, wondering why the people walking by call him boy, etc.

I don't even think the story was finished, but that one long sequence was really neat, as I recall it.

Does it ring any bells?

Yeah, especially from Yahoo - like the one it sounds like you're thinking of:

Tobbie's Toy
by fucil99

Tobbie and Mike came down the long flight of stairs that led into the
under ground level area of the arena. They opened the door at the
bottom level and walked into a semi wide very long area of what was
appearently one long coninous huge oval hallway. They weren't
supposed to be there, and they knew it. But they didn't really care
about that. What they were planning to do there, was a hell of alot
more serious then just being where they werent supposed to be
anyways. They looked around and down the long oval shaped empty
hallway. They were in the middle of one of the arenas sides. Far to
each end of the long hallway the walls curved in the same direction
and their site of the hall from those points disappeared behind the

"Theres no one even in here, Tobbie. Where are we gonna find some
guy to try that thing out on?" Mike said as he looked down the long
hall way.

"SHH! I here foot steps! Those are cowboy boots Mike, you can tell
by the way they sound. SHH!" Tobbie said in a quited voice, as he
busily preprogramed his fathers device. He set the device for age,
and hit 4, then he programed the minutes for 10.

Then Tobbie and Mike ducked in between two of the beams that lined
the long hallway that curved at its far ends. The whole hallway
seemed to be lined with these thickly protruding beams, they were
rather close together, but still amply far enough apart for the two
guys to hide between two of them together comfortably. They each
snuck glances out every so often, to see who was coming. Soon the
sound of the cowboy boots got louder and they knew who ever it was
was going to be coming around the corner at anytime now.

Both of the guys took a glance out as soon as they knew who ever it
was had come around the curve of the hall. It was what Tobbie had
hoped for, it was one of the cowboys! He saw that he was a young
guy, who was maybe in his mid to late twentys. He was wearing a
cowboy hat and had a very handsome face that sported a well trimmed
goatee. He was tall and lanky but still looked really well built.
Tobbie quickly hid behind the beam and pushed Mike back to stoped him
from sticking his head out from the cover of the beams and put his
finger to his mouth to tell Mike to be quite.

Tobbie was the shorter and smaller of the two of them so he figured
his smaller head sticking out from the cover of the beams would be
less noticable then if they both had their heads peeking out.
espeacially Mike's big old head. So he motioned for Mike to just
stay hidden and to be quite, while he took another peek out to see
the guy in more detail.

The guy was one of the rodeos cowboys that was for sure. He was
dressed in a very tight fitting pair of jeans, with a rather large
male endowment that showed quite nicely in the crotch of them, his
legs were somewhat bowed out abit, but they were thick, well defined,
and very well muscled. He was, of coarse wearing cowboy boots.
Above his nice fitting jeans he was wearing one of those colorful
type cowboy shirts, it was blue with a multy lined diagonal criss
crossed pattern, the sleeves cuffs were buttoned around his wrist,
and not rolled up. The upper part of the sleeves was taxed tightly
by his strong arms and muscles, and showed that he had very nice
sized biceps and nice sized forarms too.

The shirt the guy was wearing showed off his strong build quite
well. The torso area of the shirt was spread wide and taxed at his
upper torso area by his broad back and well pronounced pecs, and
delts from there it tapered down still rather tight fitting all the
way to his narrower, but still man sized waist line.

He didn't have a bit of a gut to speak of, so Tobbie could imagine
quite easily that he had a tight set of abbs under the shirt. The
top couple of buttons were undone and a nice amount of brown colored
chest hairs could be easily seen where the unbuttoned part of his
shirt was spread open by his massive pecs and wide delts it was
spread open from about his mid pec level to the top of his neck
line. The guy was a hairy guy indeed Tobbie thought all the more fun
to watch as that hair receeded back into his body with his lost years.

The guy seemed to be pretty preoccupied as he walked by the them,
he didn't even seem to notice they were there at all he was pulling
back his one sleeve to see what time his watch said it was just as he
went by Tobbie and Mike, and never noticed them at all. As soon as
he went by and was walking away from them with his back facing the
two. Both guys peeked around and looked at him from behind.

He looked as good walking away as he did coming, Tobbie thought. His
shoulders were wide and strong looking and the shirt was tight on his
back from his wide shoulders to the top of his narrow waist line of
his belted very tight fitting Wrangler jeans. He deffently had a bow
type stance to his legs from riding horses alot. But other then that
his whole lower body from his waist line down looked amazing!

His ass was perfectly shaped and jutted out just right. He had a
long biker type wallet in right hand back pocket that stuck out of it
abit, and the top corner of the wallet was chained to one of his belt
loops. The other pocket had a small but prominent perminent worn
out circular area at the _base_ of its middle, with a can of some kind
of chewing tobbaco stuck in it. Other then that his ass and legs
were perfectly well muscled and firm looking.

His jeans were so tightly fitted on him, that from behind they
looked like a second skin, with only the napps of the back of his
knee areas showing any signs of wrinkles. Those areas had tight
sets of vertical wrinkles on them that reacted by tightening and then
loosening as his legs straitened out with every step he took.

Tobbie stepped out from behind the beams and aimed his fathers device
at his broad back, and pressed the big red button at the top of the
devices liquid screen display. A bright red spot of light about the
size of a half dollar showed up almost mid way between his strong
shoulder blades. He seemed to shrug abit when it hit but he didn't
seem to be bothered by it. He just kept on strutting forwards still
obviously in deep thought about something.

Tobbie looked down at the screen and it read out the guys stats for
him. The guy was 6'1" inches tall and weighed 193 Lbs. His
apoximate age showed up as 27-29 years old. Below that at the
bottom of the screen it read target age 4.

'Wow look at this shit man! I didn't even know it would do this
stuff." Tobbie said quietly to Mike as he held the screen way up for
him to read it.

The cowboys name was Mark Brodie. He was one of the top contenders
in the bare back riding competion. That was one of the reasons he was
in such great shape, the other was that he worked out diegently to
stay in top competion form. Mark did feel the beam hit him but it
just felt like a slight tingle near the center of his shoulder blades
it gave him a momentary chill, but that was about all he really felt
by it.

Mark had never been in this arena yet, it was brand new and rather
space aged looking to him. This long under ground circular hallway
with its strong looking tightly spaced expossed support beams holding
up the building far walls, ran all the way around the outside
circumfernce of the oval shaped gagantuan buildings under ground
foundation. He was hopelessly lost, and had been since he went down
the first set of stairs he came to that went down to this level.
Somewhere along the inner walls of this seemingly continous hall way
with its many, to many unmarked doors on the inner wall, was the
dressing room for the riders. Where it was was as complete a mystery
to him as where he was in its oval shaped circumfernce. All he
knew was he was in one of its two long oval race track looking strait
aways. It seemed to be totally empty right now. He hadn't seen
anyone in it yet.

Mark began to turn around to see if anyone had come into this long
part of the hall, so he could ask where he was, and how to get to
where he wanted to be. The guys saw him turning around and quickly
jumped back into hiding behind the support beam. The hall was still
empty as far as Mark could tell, he didn't hear the guys or see them
either. To him he was totally alone in this long as hell under
ground ovel hallway.

angerly and very loudly, in his deeply southern accented baratone
voice, he was pissed off and anyone would have know it as his voice
echoed down the leanth of this side of one the two longest streaches
of the large oval shaped hallway.
It was all the boys could do, just to keep from laughing at how
almost desperate sounding and lost the cowboy seemed to them.

Mark looked down the leanth of the long hallway back towards the
direction he had come from. He couldn't beleive it was totally
empty. This was where he thought they had told him to go, he
thought as he turned around and started to walk farther down the long
hall towards the other gently curving part of the giant oval
hallway. Maybe I should have went left instead of right when I came
down the stairs? He thought. maybe Im on the wrong side of this
damb place.

Mark kept walking towards the curving wall, still very far ahead of
him, but there was something slightly weird about this end of this
long hallway. It seemed like the hallways roof was starting to get
taller looking to him. He looked at one of the many closed doors
that lined the hall, and it seemed to be taller looking too. Why
would they have taller doors on this end of this hallway? He stopped
and tryed the doors door knob it was of coarse locked like all the
others he had tryed along the way. He wasent to surprized about that
anymore they all seemed to be locked. But what did seem weird was
that this doors door knob seemed to be higher up on this door. He had
to reach up farther to turn it. Why?

Mark shrugged it off and started to walk down the hallway again, he
uncontiously hiked up his jeans again never really thinking about
that as he went along. By now though there was no doubt in his mind
that the roof deffently seemed to be taller on this end of the
hallway then it was on the other end.

Mark kept on walking and noticed that even the distance to the other
end of this hallway where it began to the curve seemed farther away
then it did to him only moments ago. it seemed like he should have
been alot closer to the curve by now. Was he walking on a part of
the floor that was like one of those conveyer floors some airports
have? Was it just really slow moving and he was walking against
the direction it went. Mark stoped and looked down at the floor to
see, he knew that it really couldn't be moving but he had to at leist
make sure it wasent.

He was sort of taken back abit when he noticed that although the
ceiling seemed to be higher looking to him, the floor now semed to
be, for some weird reason closer looking to him.

when he stopped walking he also noticed that his feet felt a little
more free in his boots. He looked down at his boots and noticed that
his jeans seemed to be looser looking to him as well. They must be
just streatched out abit he figured, why else would they look that
way. He was confused about it, but it was the leist of his worries
right then. He was hopelessly lost in a very weirdly built hallway!
And that should be his first real concern right now, he thought as he
started to walk again and again had to pull up his jeans.

Mark shrugged it off and just kept walking down the hallway. But
after a little while, he felt something that just didn't feel right
to him? Even though he had just pulled his jeans back up again, to
what he knew was his waist level, he could feel the middle seam of
his crotch of his once tight fitting jeans brushing against the upper
inner thighs of his legs? It felt out of place like it was to far
down his thighs to be where the bottom of his crotch should be. But
the jeans waist line was at his waist line. He shook his head and
his cowboy hat moved around abit as he did it, he straitened it out
and undid his heavy belt buckle he had won in one of his comptitions
to tightened his belt, and his jeans slipped back down abit again.
Thats weird he though, he hadent unbutton them?

He pulled them back up and began to tighten his belt again, his
belt could have been tightened by nearly two full belt holes, but
stoped he stoped at just the one hole, they felt like they would
stay up and that one hole was weird enough he thought. As he
adjusted his belt and his now looser feeling jeans. He could still
feel that the crotch seam of his jeans felt to far down from where
his crotch was. "Boy these jeans are really getting worn out or
somthing." Mark said in a low, slightly apprehensive voice that had
a tone of denial in it. He was hoping that was the case at leist.

He could also now feel the ass and legs of his jeans felt baggyer
to him and when he looked down he saw that his jeans were starting to
bunch up on the tops of his now looser feeling boots, there were
concenrtic vertical wrinkles starting to pile up over the tops of
what he could see of his boots from his knees down. Above his knees
his jeans looked alot looser then he knew they should be. He began
to walk again, this time a little faster he had to get changed out of
these wron out jeans bad, he thought. But as he walked he could now
feel unmistakeable long horizontal loose and Airy feeling wrinkles
brushing against the back of his upper legs of the looser feeling
jeans the wrinkles seemed like they started at the top of one side of
his ass to the back of the oppisit knee with each step he took.

Mark had to finally stop again and hike his jeans back up to where
he knew they should have been! What was up here. I just tightened
my belt?" Was he suddenly loosing weight? Or were his jeans and belt
suddenly growing bigger? Mark thought to himself thats impossable!
He shook his head and his cowboy hat fell down his forhead and almost
covered his eyes. He paniced and pushed it back where it should have
been. Was it becoming bigger too! He adjusted it as best as he
could but he could feel it was riding on the tops of his ears now.
Even his shirt sleeves looked real loose to him and the cuffs were
covering part of his hands even with them held upwards to adjust his
hat. He was starting to get more then just abit worried now, and
with a look of total confusion in his eyes he continued to walk even
faster to where the hallway dissapeared behind the curving wall.

But as he walked he could feel his hat starting to slip back down his
down over his ears it was starting to cover his face again. He could
also feel the cuffs of his shirt sleeves begining to cover over half
of his hands, and he could feel his jeans were slipping back down his
thighs again also. Only this time they were nearly half way down his
waist area and slipping farther down fast this time. They felt way
to loose in his legs too, they were now weighted down by his heavy
belt buckle and wallet, and this time they didn't seem to want stop
their trip down his legs! If he didn't stop and pull them back up
again, they would have ended up around his knees this time.

Mark stopped and Pulled them back up again, but this time they didnt
stop anywhere near his old waist line they just kept coming upwards
till they were way past his navel! His hat fell over his eyes
completly this time and he freaked out and let go of the waist line
of his jeans to push the cowboy hat back up. only to find that his
jeans now rode right back down his waist and thighs even more easily
then they had just seconds ago. He had to fight the cuffs of his
shirt slleves and free his hands from them. He was barely able to
catch his jeans waist line before they fell all the way to his kness
this time. He was in a state of total shock and fear now.

Mark was more then just a little baffeled and confused now and
finally just looked down at his jeans and coundn't beleive how they
looked on him now. Just twenty minutes ago these same jeans fit like
a second skin! Now they looked like a rodeo clowns pants do! They
were way to big for him and way to long now too! His hat feel back
over his eyes again and blinded him for a moment till he reached up
with his hand now almost completely engulfed by his shirt sleeve and
just knocked it off his head completely with a flick of his arm.

His once skin tight fitting shirt felt looser then hell on him and
rediculous looking now! The buttoned cuffs were riding way over his
hands completly now, it was way to long in the sleaves and way to
big all around for him. He was beginning to get really get scared
now, and the tears of that emotion were now freely falling down his
face, he could feel them as they left his eyes but he seemed to have
no control over them, or for that matter what was happening to him
anymore! He just had to find out what was happening to these
clothes. Or even worse find out why he was suddenly loosing weight
and height.

Mark was indeed loosing weight, height and as of yet unkonwn to him.
AGE! As well. From the guys point of veiw, which was of his back
side, he looked like he was a kid in his early teens wearing adult
sized clothes that were baggy as hell and looked way to big for him.
The shirt looked hugely over sized on him now, the shoulder seams
that held the sleeves on it were half way down his upper arms and the
sleeves were multy _layer_d folds of fabric that dissapeared around to
his front area of the wrinkled loose as hell looking back of his
shirt. It that had completly come out of his over sized jeans waist
line by then.

The toung of the back side of his shirt hid what his jeans ass
looked like to the guys, but they could tell he was holding his jeans
up now. His jeans now had huge horizontal wrinkles that showed
clearly under the shirts back tail. They went from his knees to the
tops of his now roomyer feeling boots. He was visably holding the
wasit line of the jeans way up well past his present waist line.

Mark could feel more then just abit more of extra room in his boots
now too! And these were the same boots that were so tight that
morning, that he litterally had to struggle just to get them on.

Something was more then defenetly wrong here and Mark knew it. He
looked down the now higher looking and longer looking hallway for any
door that might be a bathroom he needed to see for himself what he
looked like..

He was desperate, when he finally saw a younger guy of about 18 or so
coming around the curve of the hallway and he started towards him as
fast as he could. He was panicing now, because he could swear that
he could actually feel himself shrinking and growing even smaller
with every step he took! This was unreal!! What was happening to

Mark could feel his shirts cuffs riding over the tops of his hands
now and they were covering his hands completly except for his
expossed fingers that gripped his belted jeans waist line. His watch
felt like it was a loose braclet now. His colorful cowboy shirt that
had hugged his well built muscular torso like a glove, was now baggy
and loose feeling to him, he could feel the fabric brushing loosely
against his chest and stomach and back. He was in tears now and his
face where his goatee was and everywhere he had any body hair on his
body was itching like crazy.

Mark unconciously went to scratch his chest only to find his hands
were now all but covered by his shirts buttoned cuffs only his finger
tips were showing when he raised his hand to scratch his chest. He
was shocked!! Unreal or not there was no dening it, he was loosing
weight and shrinking in height!! HOW? WHY? WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO
HIM!! He thought, He was panicing when he finally got closer to the
only guy in the all but empty hall.

Mark was used to being a tall guy and used to looking down at other
guys for the most part, but now he was forced have to look up
instead. WAY UP! Was this guy just really that tall? Or was he
really that much shorter suddenly?

Mark's emotions had begun to become unstable he was crying, and he
could feel his nose was running and he could feel the unstopable
tears as they left the corners of his deep blue eye's. Mark went to
wipe them dry and felt the cloth from his shirts cuff touching his
now hairless upper lip as he did it. His eyes widened at the feel
of his naked skin below his nose, he had had a mustash since he was
about 14 and had never shaved it off. To feel his skin feeling the
shirts fabric sent him into almost shock and he let go of his jeans
with his other hand and was desperatly trying to find any facial hair
with the tips of his cuff covered hands finger tips.

His jeans rode back down his thighs even more easily and farther
then they had before and he could feel he was actually walking on the
backs of the jeans cuffs now.

By the time he finally got to the guy, he was shuffling in his over
sized boots with his pants around his knees in folds above the tops
of his boots just to get there. He reached down and pulled his jeans
back up as far as they would go. They felt impossably heavy to him
and now went almost to the top of his chest before the crotch stopped
at his ass. There was still folded fabric from his boots tops to
the crotch of his present butt. He had to stand tip toed on the tips
of his now way over size feeling boots to pull the cuffs of his pants
out from under the heels of his boots. His feet never even touched
the toe area of the boot though and he could feel the tops of them
were wide and roomy feeling, his feet slipped around in them easily
and he could feel that his socks had begun to bunch up around his
ankles inside the deeper feeling boots.

His feet slid in the boots unhindered now, and tears formed again in
his confused eye's as he stood there hiking his pants up as far as he
could, only to find that his belted waist line came up even farther
now! Even his underwear were way to big for his waist now, and he
could feel the loose elastic waist band touching one of his nipples
as he stood there crying and holding his jeans up as far as he could,
which was now almost to his underarms. He felt so ashamed and
humiliated all at the same time and he had no clue as to why or what
was going on with him.

"Help me please!" Mark said in a voice that sounded all wrong to him
it was high pitched and screachy sounding like a kids would be. Why?
he though as he coughed to clear his throat.

"Whats the matter son? What are doing down here son? This is the
maintence hall hone and a restricted area. Why are you dressed like
that? Where did you find those clothes at? Ahh I bet you want to be
a real cowboy when you grow up don't you? It's Ok I wont tell
anyone you were down here OK, now where are your parents at son" The
guy said as he mussed up Mark's hair and smiled down at the now teary
eyed crying Mark.

Mark was dumbfounded by the whole statement, and why was this guy
using those two words, son and boy to reffer to him when the guy
talked to him. He wasent a boy! He was older then this guy by over
5 years at leist! If anyone of the two of them was a boy! He was
the boy! Not him! What the fuck was he talking about?

Mark was at a lose for words he was confussed and frightened and this
guy had just called him a boy. He was 28 years old and he was one of
the top contender for the bare back bronco competion and the leader
in points in his area of the rodeo circuit. But above all that! He
was A MAN and by no means a fucking BOY!

Mark looked around the empty hall way for anyone else but this guy to
help him. Something was happening to him, and he needed some help
NOW! And this dick head wasent going to be any help for him. Mark
reached down father on his jeans and grabbed what would have hugged
his lower thighs area of them and jerked them up till more fabric
folded above his now tiny hands then did below them and looked
around in a frantic search for someone more mature and older and
hopefully more farmilar with this place then this teen ager.

There was no one else around, just the young guy. Mark tryed to just
walk away from him but found it very hard to do now. His boots
were just way to big for his feet, and his foot wanted to come right
out of the boot when he lifted it, as he put his foot back into the
boot hecould feel that the jeans cuff now rested on top of the boot
top, the jeans leg was now hopelessly wrinkled looking and made him
look that much more rediculous looking. He was so embarrassed and
utterly humiliated now that tears flowed freely from his eyes. He
looked back up teary eyed to his only hope of help the young man.

"I...I..I Don't know what to tell you mister but Im...Im.. My names
Mark Brodie. Im..Im one of the cowboys here!" Mark stammered out in
his now very child like and higher pitched sounding voice as he
sniffled back his running nose. He even sounded like a kid to
himself now too. He was crying and sniffling like one thats for sure
he thought. He sniffled again, he was about to lose it entirely if
this guy couldn't help him. He was so confused and scared now that
he just started to bawl like a kid would his shoulders shuddered
uncontrolably under his now huge shirts fabric, his hands were
completly covered by it now with the cuffs freely swinging empty as
he brought his fabric covered hands to his face and buryed his face
in the fabric of his sleeves to hide his now uncontrolable emotional
out break from this guy. Mark was more then just ashamed now he was

"Alright..alright ! Take it easy kid. You don't have to cry.. So
your Mark Brodie AYE?" The guy said as he squinted and tilted his
head abit in a confussed sort of way himself. Then he just smiled and
winked, "Well I have to addmit if your going to be a big rodeo star
when you grow up then you picked one of the best ones to be son." The
young guy said as he placed his hand on Mark's shoulder and gently
massaged his shoulder blade.

Mark was freaking out now big time this guy had not only called him a
boy but he didn't reconize him either! He appearently knew who he
was or he wouldn't have said he picked one of the best rodeo stars to
be. There was that sentence again! What the hell was he talking
about? When he says when he grows up?? Mark was in dire states now
he needed to go to a bathroom So he could find a mirror and see for
himself what appearently this guy saw he looked like, and he needed
to do it NOW!

'Mark gathered his compossure again and wiped his face dry of the
snot and tears that now covered it. He sniffled one more big time
sniffle and sucked in what would have surely ran down his barren
upper lip to his mouth and looked back up to the guy teary eyed
again. "Can you please tell me where the nearest bathroom is?" Mark
said in a shakey frail childish sounding voice that he seemed to now
remember hearing before, it seemed almost to farmilar to him for
some reason. He sniffeled in the snot running from his nose again
and wiped the remainder away with his now way over sized shirt sleeve
as he said it, he knew he looked real bad, but what choice did he
have now.

"OK Don't worry son I'll get you to a bathroom Ok?" The guy smiled
down at Mark again and patted his shoulder and began to lead him down
the hall towards the bathrooms. He toward over Mark now even more
then he had when he first got to him, and Mark was forced to have to
hold up his jeans at nearly their old knees level now just to be able
to shuffle forwards in his over sized boot and his hard won rodeo
belt buckle felt increadibly heavy and huge now and his feet had way
to much room in his boots and they threatened to come right out of
them if he lifted his feet to high, he was humilated at be being
forced to shuffle so stupidly like this just to keep up with this
giant of a teenager and to keep his boots on.

By now tears were again finding their way down his cheeks and he
could taist their salty ingredients as they found their way to his
now barren of any hair upper lip and traveled down his cheeks till
they droped off his chin and hit the top of his shirts collar, a
collar now so loose and huge it that it was now starting to fall off
one of his frail shoulder half way to his up turned elbows of his
arms that were now barely able to hold the now very heavy feeling
excess fabric of his way over sized jeans with his prized heavy
belt buckle weighing down the front of them and his over sized heavy
wallet now hanging loosly out of its back pocket by its chain, it
swung freely now and banged against his backs of his boots as he
shuffled his feet.

"Man that was so cool!" Mike said patting Tobbie on his shoulder.. "
Man look at him MAN! Man from behind he looks like a god damn
midget!" Mike laughed out loud and the sound carried down the long
open hallway towards what looked like a tall young guy leading a kid
playing dress up down a hall.

"SHH.. Don't laugh so loud! They'll hear us, be quiet OK." Tobbie
said to Mike who was still smiling and watching as the once former
star of the rodeo's Bronco riding circuit being lead down the hallway
holding up jeans that not even ten minutes before huged his ass as he
passed the two young guys as they hid just out of his site.

"How old is that guy now anyways Tob?" Mike said as he still watched
the confused once super star and the now older younger man go into
the bathroom together the big guy holding the door now for the
formely bigger and older then him cowboy.

"I don't know maybe 6 or 7? I don't know? But he's still got like
three or four more years to lose before he's finished though."
Tobbie said as he looked into the devices liquid screen display
window and smiled. "Who did he say he was to that guy anyways?"
Tobbie said as he haphazzardly aimed the device at Mike.

" I think he said he was Mark Brodie!" Mike said as they both began
to walk down the empty hallway towards the bathroom. Tobbie was a
small guy compared to his friend Mike who towered over him by a half
a foot at leist. Both guys were still rather young and rather dumb
when it came to realitys real features though, and Tobbie had always
had a thing against Mike for being taller and bigger then him. They
were good friends and all, but Mike had always picked on him about
his size, and often used his height and size advantages over Tobbie.
But now in Tobbie's hand was a way to change that advantage for a
little while at leist.

Tobbie looked back at his dad's device and programed in the necessary
comands to reactivate it and aimed it at Mike's back. The liquid
screen lit up bright blue and Mike's stats showed up on the screen
just like Mark's had. Tobbie was impressed by what the screen said
Mike's stats actually were. Mike and Mark were simalar in height.
But Mike out weghed the cowboy by a good bit.

Tobbie was surprized to find this out, he always thought his best
friend was rather well built and big, but it was an eye opener to see
his stats displayed like this. Mike was an impressive 6'2" tall too,
But he weighed in at an even more impressive 220 Lbs. This gave
Tobbie the idea of changing a few of those stats. For one thing Mike
was just way to tall and he was way to big as well. Tobbie was kind
of getting the hang of how to make this new device work now as well,
and Mike was as good a canidate for him to increase his understanding
of how the device worked. So why not he thought as he prograhmed in
his new stat's for Mike.

Tobbie set Mike's new height for 4' 10" and his new weight would be
only 65 Lbs. he then hit 3 minutes, and smiled as he thought about
what was going to happen if it worked.

Mike was going to be in for a little more then just a surprize he was
going to be down right shocked. Tobbie weighed in at only 140 Lbs
and was only 5'6" tall. If these settings worked the way the cowboy
settings did, he would then out weigh Mike by more then 70 Lbs, and
he would be the taller of the two by over a half a foot as well.
Mike's new stats if it worked would leive the once budding stud a
pretty pathetic looking little whimp.

Tobbie couldn't help but grin again as he aimed the device at Mike's
back and pressed the red button down. Tobbie knew the ray from the
machine could'nt be felt. orat leist it seemed that way by the
cowboys reaction to it. But he would find that out soon enough he
figured. He couldn't wait to see what the final results would be
like for Mike. He also knew that once they were in the bathroom that
the other young guy who was not affected by the device would have to
have some kind of a reaction to what was going to happen to Mike
right in front of his eyes. Tobbie took no chances there either and
programed in just an age and set it for 3 years old. He wasent to
sure just how old the young guy really was, but he guessed he was
maybe in his very late teens or early twentys at best. He looked
bigger then he did by about 30 or so Lbs and he did have a fairly
decent build too, but that fact didn't really matter anyways. He
was just going to aim it and fire it at the guy. He set the regress
button for 2 minutes. He figured that way both Mike and the young
guy would be having enough problems of their own to be worry about
at the same time. Neither would be any real problem or a real threat
to him then. The now ex cowboy was no longer even a factor or a
even any threat to him now in anyways.

Mike seemed to have not felt a thing when the beam hit him square
in his lower back. Mike just kept on babbling about how cool the
cowboys transformation was.

Tobbie took a mental note of how Mike looked right now. Mike was
very tall for one thing, more so then he had really cared to pay
attention to till now. He was also very well built. Mike was
wearing relaxed fitting jeans and a muscle tank top that just
essentuated his greater size that much more. Mike's body looked
actually rather impressive from behind. His shoulders were broad and
strong looking alot broader Tobbie thought then even the cowboys
were. His back had that perfect 'V' Shape to it so many guys strive
real hard to get. From those broad strong shoulders hung some very
well muscled arms, each one sporting strong forarms and biceps in
excess of 20" in diameter. Below those guns Mike's very thick and
well muscled forarms tappered down to thinner looking yet
impressively sized wrists, that unlike his own, someone could
probabily not touch their forfinger and thumb together around.

Tobbie knew Mike worked out alot, but he had never until now, had
given any of his efforts a second thought. Tobbie could tell even
though Mike was wearing a pair of relaxed fitting jeans that he
sported a fine looking muscular ass, that much showed nicely, but
even housed in the looser fitting legs of Mike's jeans, he could tell
that he had two very powerfully built legs as well.

Now seemed like a pretty dumb time to be concidering their
definitions though, espeacially if the device worked. Tobbie knew if
it was going to work, then it wouldn't be long before the first signs
of it began to show. He was right too. The first things that seemed
to start to change on his rather good looking hulk of a friend, were
his legs. Their leanth at first it seemed change. Mike was getting

Tobbie was surprized to see that happen first, he expected his
shoulders and arms to shrink first. But it was, Mike's pants that
were loose fitted on him, but still were unwrinkled above his boots
and had matched his legs heights nicely. They were first things
that showed his changes, they were begining to bunch up abit and
folds of fabric were forming on them from his knee's down to the tops
of his work boots he was wearing. Then the ass of his jeans started
to get looser and soon longer even looser looking vertical wrinkles
formed from it with every step he took forward.

Then the rest of his grand body started to follow suit, and Tobbie
watch with great pleasure as Mike's broad shoulders and powerfull
arms, lost width and size almost at the same time. Mike's shoulders
just seemed to start to soften up in look first and then narrowed
visably. His huge biceps followed, as they shrank in diameter to at
first to18 inch guns and then to 16 inchers. Mike still hadent
seemed to notice anything yet. But he was shrinking in height that
was obvious to Tobbie, even his tight fitting tee was becoming looser
looking as Mike's broad delts followed suit with his shoulders and
arms and they too shrank in width and size.

By the time they had gotten to the bathroom door and Mike had to
open the door, Mike knew something wasent quite right anymore. The
doors knob seemed higher then any of the other doors knobs they had
passed. Mike had also had to now hike his jeans back up as well.

If the solid wood door of the bathroom had, had eyes. It would have
seen Mike's widen conciderably. Mike pushed the door open and again
found his jeans were slipping down his waist again. As he pulled them
back up he knew something was all wrong now they didn't come close to
staying around his waist anymore. they were way to baggy feeling to
him now. The waist line of them felt way to loose and didn't even
come close to his now, he would need a belt just to keep them up
now. He knew now that Tobbie had hit him with the device. turned
around with a shocked almost betrayed look on his face.

FUCKER!!" Mike screamed as he stared angerly at Tobbie. He was
forced to have to hold them up with his hands now. He looked down at
them and saw they were huge looking looking and way to long for him
now. He saw his bare arms as well and saw how much tinner they had
become. He barely had any real muscle defintion at all to them now,
and his muscle tee hung loose from his once fabulous torso. It hung
from its straps far away from where he once had nice sized visable
pecs. Those were dissapearing right in front of his eyes and he
could see it happening to him too. Soon all he had was a thin
looking hairy weak chest with two quarter sized nipples sitting over
what was rapidly becoming just skin covered ribs Tobbie smiled
knowing that the two were now also looking at each other eye to eye.

"YEP! And it's not done yet Mike." Tobbie said as the young guy
and the now 4 year old looking cowboy turned to see who the two guys
arguing were. Mark looked down right rediculous now his shirts
sleeves now hung empty from the elbows down and the cuffs were laying
out empty and flat on the floor. The shirt had come completly out of
his jeans and it sat wrinkled in folds over top the waist band of his
hugely over sized jeans. They too were fold upon fold of empty
fabric now. The tops of Marks cowboy boots now scraped against his
tiny knees.

The young guy who name was Zack. was in shock over all of this, he
watched wide eyed awe as Mike's muscles just seemed to fade away from
him and he grew shorter right in front of him. Mike looked alot
like the cowboy did only older. Mikes jeans and muscle tee looked
impossably huge for the guy now. He looked down at the cowboy he
knew now that he had also changed alot since he first saw him. Zack
looked over at Tobbie and let out an audible gasp as Tobbie raised
the device up and aimed it at him

Tobbie was quick to shoot the young guy with the already programed
device. The guy didn't know what to think about it at first. He
just staired down at the glowing red dot on his chest, and then tryed
to desperatly cover the spot with his hands in a defencive move. It
was way to late to try to protect himself though. The years were
already begining to fade away from him as he stood there froozen by

Tobbie backed away from the ever thinning Mike's reach as he
desperately tryed to snatch the device from his hand. But found his
main concern to now be keeping his own pants up. Mike was now
rapidly getting thinner and shorter as well.

Mike stoped in his tracks and looked down at himself and saw what
was happening to him. His eyes had begun to water at the thought of
it. It was fun to watch the cowboys plight, but this was no fun at
all. "Make it stop Tob!! PLEASE!!" Mike said in a desperate tone
as he was now forced to have to hold up his own jeans.

Tobbie snickered at first as he took his bathroom counter front
seat veiw of the two guys who were both still changing in front of
him. The poor younger guy was now just that. He was traveling fast
back in time body wise and soon would be going through a very rapid
reversed puperty. and even that would be a fast trip. His khaki
pants were already two sizes to big for him before he even knew what
was happening to him. His short sleeved shirt that hugged his modest
sized biceps at mid way and clung tight to a nicely muscle torso now
hung loosely from a thinner _frame_. The short sleeves of it now were
riding the tops of his up held arms at elbow level. He was a full
foot shorter as was Mike by this time.

Mike tryed to walk towards Tobbie but his feet were slipping in
his boots now, and even though he still had one hand trying to hold
his now massivly over sized jeans up far enough for him to walk. The
excess fabric now hindered any forward attempt at walking. Mike
triped in the baggy legs of them as one foot came completly out of
its work boot leaving even his sock behind in it. He let go of the
wasit band of his jeans and they fell in folds around his thinning
knee area and stoped his legs forward moves and tripped him. He
desperatly tryed to stop himself from falling forward but his one
over sized work boot and his now way over sized relaxed fit jeans
were just to big and cumbersome now for him to be able to adequetly
mavouver his legs anymore with the waist line of his jeans around his
knees . He headed head long toward the floor face first sticking his
now nearly stick thin spindley looking arms out in front of him to
stop his face and his now muscless boney upper torso from hitting the
floor full force. The floor was now thankfully for his weak looking
skinny body, alot closer then it was before. He hit hands first and
then his empty of his bodys muscles tee shirts front fabric touched
the floor next, dispite the fact he had actually been able to stop
the rest of his upper body from hitting the floor.

Mike's thin as hell chest was now no wider from the side then one
of his once thicker legs were wide. He looked like a skinny little
whimp who tryed to wear a big muscle guys muscle tee its once well
built torsos fabric now hung empty all the way to the floor from its
thin straps off boney muscless shoulders expossing his shoulder
baldes and upper part of his now only skin covered upper torso and
rib cage showed clearly for all there to see. He was in near tears
when he finally realized the full extent of what had just happened to
him. He struggled in his over sized jeans just to be able to stand
back up.

During the time since Zack had been hit by the devices beam, he was
having his own problems. To him it seemed like his clothes had all of
the sudden just started to get looser feeling on him. He could feel
his pants begining to creep down his upper thighs and he could
actually feel his modest sized muscles shrinking all over his body.
He looked down at himself to see what was wrong with him and his
clothes. Only to see that now not only did the ground look closer it
was rapidly becoming even closer with every second that passed.
Zack's body went from that of a health consious fittness freaks, to
the body of a self involved young man in his earlyer teens.. Soon
that body was replaced by a very much younger male going through the
last part of his bodys pupbest development into an adults. Only his
body was doing it in reverse. His body was now racing through time
backwards, and soon he was a young guy who was now going back thru
his pupety at an alaming rate. His adult body hair sucked back into
his skin leiving him hairless everywhere including his pupic hairs
area. His arms and legs became weak feeling as he grew ever shorter
now and before his very eyes his arms dwindled down to thin weak
muscless arms barely still able to hold up his own pants! He was now
forced to have to hold them up.

He now looked like he was about ten if he was even that old. By
the time Tobbie looked at Mike again and then back to him. He looked
like he was maybe 7 or 8 he was really freaking out badly. He had no
idea of what was going on. Or for that matter what was happening to
him. All he really knew was that the room was growing larger and so
were his clothes. He had no idea he was getting younger yet.

two minutes finally became three minutes and there in the mens
bathroom were two toddler sized kids both hopelessly engulfed in
adult sized clothes, one very short, patheticly skinny looking 19
year old whimp, who was also dressed in clothes that were obviously
way to big for him. And one very happy looking, averaged sized 18
year old guy with what looked like a over sized expensive looking TV
remote in his hand, TOBBIE!

Tobbie giggled at all their different responces to their delemas
and looked back down at his father device. It had now become Tobbi's
new toy.. He smiled again at the panic stricken guys there and
thought to himself. WHO"S NEXT!
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