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Main >> AR & AP >> A Visit to Aunt Millie's

A Visit to Aunt Millie's
Author: Dreamtales  

Chapter #: 7
Summary: Cindy is so helpless now, her sister Mary has to take care of her.
Updated On: 12 June 2005 - Words Count: 3875 - Number of Reads: 683

Part 7 Print
Little Cindy spent the night huddled against Mary's breasts. Mary was the first to awake the next morning and had to literally pry her tiny sister's hands from her bosom. Cindy's little face frowned as Mary pulled away from her, and the tiny child continued to squirm and fidget until Mary gave her a big stuffed animal to replace her.

Last night's ordeal had a profound effect on Mary. For the first time she really began to understand the responsibility that went with authority. Where yesterday she had been just playing at being a big baby sitter, thinking it was just a fun game for her, now she realized just how very serious and real it was. Poor Cindy was now so helpless - and Mary knew that, with their mother far away, her older sister now was completely dependent upon her!

Knowing Cindy's fate was in her hands, Mary sprung into action. She called Dr. Johnson, describing Cindy's shrinkage, and was relieved to be assured that the reduction in size would be temporary and would be counteracted by the growth serum. Dr. Johnson said he would call the lab to provide an extra strong dosage so that Cindy would quickly be restored to normal. The formula would be shipped directly from the research lab in Switzerland and should arrive in a few days' time.

Then, gently waking the tiny child, she carried little Cindy over to her dresser, standing her up beside a ruler. Mary's heart sank as she saw how tiny Cindy had become - she now stood barely 17 inches high! Mary called the results back to Dr Johnson, so he could prepare the antidote accordingly. Then Mary went to find clothes for the tiny child, finally settling on a flowery nightie that one of Missie's big dollies wore.

Meanwhile Mark was with the two other children. Both adults felt it was important for the children to see what they had done to Cindy, and to apologize to her for it. Mary wasn't yet sure what punishment they should have, but at least an apology was a beginning.

Ever since she awoke, Cindy was quiet and very clingy, refusing to be away from Mary for more than a few seconds. When Mary told Cindy that the two children would come in to see her, her fear showed clearly in the tiny child's face. Cindy was almost in tears, begging Mary not to let the mean children inside their bedroom, but Mary gently insisted. She wanted Cindy to see how remorseful they were so she wouldn't be afraid any more.

"Cindy? I'm going to open the door and let Missie and Billie in now. I'll be right here all the time, so there's nothing to be afraid of. You understand, Cindy?"

"I-If you say so, Mary. You w-won't let them t-touch me, right?"

"Of course not honey! Now just wait right there..." Mary went to open the door, leaving tiny Cindy standing on the dresser top.

As soon as Cindy saw Missie, her little heart started beating like mad, and her breath came in shallow gasps. Missie seemed so big - even standing on the dresser, some 30 inches high, Cindy was still below Missie's eye level! Missie had a sullen expression on her face as Mark led her and Billie into the room - obviously she still wasn't happy with having to apologize to Cindy. When she saw the tiny child on the dresser, she momentarily stopped in shock - she hadn't yet realized how tiny Cindy had now become!

"Hiya Mary. Er, I mean,... um... Cindy." said Missie.

As Missie stood in front of the dresser, little Cindy backed up in fear. She was too frightened to say anything at all, and just stood silently, her little body now shivering in fright before the huge child.

"Er, I guess I'm... uh... er... I mean... Billie and I are... um... real sorry that we ... um... teased you and ...err...made you all scared last night." Missie was looking down at the floor as she spoke. "I guess that was... um.. not a nice thing to do..."

Mary was standing next to Missie. "Cindy? What do you say to Missie? Do you accept her apology?"

Cindy turned to Mary, looking up with a helpless little expression, then burst into tears and scampered across the dresser top, throwing her little arms around Mary's waist and wailing. "N-no, Mary! PLEASE don't make me t-talk to them!! Just get them AWAY from m-me!"

Mary picked up the tiny frightened child and motioned for Mark to take the two children out of the room. As she held the little crying figure, she could feel that poor Cindy was again shivering in fear. Mary held her against her warm bosom for a good ten minutes until she finally relaxed. But when she put Cindy back down and checked her height she was shocked - Cindy had shrunk another two inches! She was now only 15 inches tall!!


"So you think she's getting better now?"

"Well, I don't really know, Mark. She LOOKS better, I guess. I think it was definitely a good idea to send Missie and Billie away to stay with the neighbors, anyway - she seemed to relax a lot after we got them out of the house..."

Mark rolled to his side on the beach blanket. The two were sunning themselves in Aunt Millie's backyard, Mark in his bathing trunks and Mary in her revealing little yellow thong bikini. It had been a few days since all the excitement had died down, and they both hoped things would soon get back to "normal" - whatever that meant!

"Gosh, I really hope I'm doin' the right thing - not telling mom and all. I mean, what would be the use? She's gonna be on her trip for another 10 days and Dr. Johnson says its all temporary anyway. I guess I'd rather not have her worry about it, y'know? And besides, he says the antidote's gonna come any day now."

Mark grunted his assent. By now he was used to Mary's long monologues about her sister's welfare - it seemed that these days that was all she ever talked about!

"And I hope little Mary doesn't mind being cooped up in that room all day, with all those big toys and stuff. It's so hard to tell with her - the poor little dear never complains about anything..."

Mark cut in, "Look, Cindy, why don't you just stop worrying about her? I really think you're still blaming yourself for her shrinking, but it's not like it's your fault or anything. I really don't know what else you can do for her. I mean, you already do EVERYTHING possible - you feed her, wash her, set up her little bed and tables and everything. Christ, you're even still letting her SLEEP with you..."

"Now Mark, you know we discussed this. She just needs a little loving care until she can recover from her traumatic experiences. The poor dear just needs to be held, that's all. Anyway, I've already told her that it's only for a few days, and we're going to end it real soon." Mary sat up and kissed Mark on the cheek. "Don't you worry lover! We'll be sleeping together again tonight - I promise!"

Mary continued, "But I'm still worried about her, y'know? I mean, she SEEMS happy, but it's like she's so different now - so fragile! Ever since that night she got little she's been so helpless, so dependent! She's almost like a little child now, poor thing..." Mary's voice trailed off as she stared into the distance. Suddenly, she seemed to snap back from her reverie. "Oh, I guess it's about that time - I'd better go look in on her again!"

"Now don't you go anywhere - I'll just be a minute!" Smiled Mary, standing up and adjusting her bikini.

Mark turned on his side to watch Mary's lovely rear as she walked off towards the house. "Tell her I said hi." He grinned and called after her. "Hey - and tell her I'm jealous, too!"

Mary stopped at the top of the stairs, her beautiful breasts in profile, and gave Mark a wink and a big smile before disappearing inside the doorway.


Things had changed so much for little Cindy in the last few days. The world was now such a big and scary place! She never even THOUGHT of leaving her bedroom - everything was so big and here she was so small and helpless! Even inside her warm, safe bedroom sometimes things still seemed so big and scary. Gosh, even some of the dollies lined up against the wall were as big or even bigger than she was!

Sometimes when she was alone she would get scary thoughts. Like that big bad Missie girl! She was so bad and scary! Cindy hoped she'd NEVER see HER again! Even thinking of her made her shiver and even cry sometimes!

But when the bad thoughts came, Cindy tried her very best to think of good thoughts instead. She remembered that Mary had told her not to think about bad thoughts, and more than anything Cindy wanted to be a good girl for Mary!

Mary!! She was the best, most wonderfulest person in the world! Even just thinking of Mary made all the bad thoughts go away! She was so wonderful!! And little Cindy was so lucky to have a big sister like Mary! Mary was so big and strong - she'd NEVER let bad things happen to Cindy! And Mary was so beautiful, too - the prettiest most beautifulest girl in the whole wide world!

Sometimes it got boring - or scary! - when Cindy stayed in her big room by herself all day. But when Mary came everything was wonderful! She wished Mary could just stay with her always and forever!

Suddenly Cindy heard the door slam shut downstairs - could that be her? Her little heart beat with excitement! It SOUNDED like her? Cindy stopped and listened to the footsteps coming up the stairs. Yes! It sure WAS Mary! It WAS!! It REALLY, REALLY was!!

Cindy could hardly contain her excitement! MARY was coming!! She started hopping up and down excitedly as the footsteps got closer and closer! Finally she started giggling uncontrollably and clapping her little hands together, her little body bouncing up and down with frantic glee!!

The door opened a crack and Mary, a big smile on her face, looked down at the tiny child. "Cindy? How's my favorite little girl?"

"MAREEEEE!!!!" squealed little Cindy, as she took off running towards the huge smiling figure, her tiny legs scampering across the floor. Jumping up and wrapping her little arms around Mary's long legs, the tiny girl's brightly grinning face was still well below Mary's shapely knees!

"Mary!! Mary!! Mary!! Mary!! Mary!!" giggled the tiny figure as she hugged her sister's huge leg, craning her little smiling face upwards, her tiny body still bouncing with excitement!

"Hey! (giggle) All right there, Cindy!" grinned Mary. "Let's not overdo it now, sweetie!"

Cindy unwound herself from Mary's leg and happily shouted up at her. "Look, Mary! C'mere an' look what I did today!" She scampered across the room, stopping at a small folded blanket on the floor. "See Mary! I did it just like you asked me to! Aren't I a good little girl?"

Mary followed the tiny child across the room and knelt down before her, looking at the little folded blanket and smiling down maternally. "Why, yes, Cindy! You ARE a good girl! You did a VERY good job - you made your little bed just like Mary said!"

"An' look at THIS!" squealed Cindy, her little legs dashing across the room until she came to a small dish with some scraps of food on it. "You SEE, Mary? I did my VERY best! Look how much I ate, Mary!"

Mary giggled to herself as she followed the tiny figure across the room, her lovely breasts almost falling out of her skimpy bikini top as she crawled on all fours. "Oh, that's VERY good Cindy! You finished almost all of your sandwich! And LOOK! ALL of your fruit! Oh, I'm just SO proud of you, Cindy!"

"An' look at the room, Mary! I did just what you said! I cleaned up ALL of my toys!"

Mary grinned down at the tiny excited figure. "Oh, you've been SUCH a good girl, Cindy. Yes, I think you've done a VERY good job today! Now can you tell Mary what you're supposed to do now?"

"Ummmm... help Mary measure me??" grinned tiny Cindy.

"That's right! Now you just stand right there and let Mary pick you up and put you on the dresser top..." Mary reached down and gently circled Cindy's tiny waist with her huge hand, picking her up and, after a fun ride through the air, depositing the tiny giggling child on the dresser top. Then Mary sat down on a chair in front of her and stood the ruler up next to tiny Cindy, eyeing her height on the scale "Now Cindy, stand up straight while Mary checks..."

"What”cha see, Mary?" called tiny Cindy in her high little voice.

Mary was frowning as she lined the tiny little head up against the ruler. "Cindy!" she huffed. "Just look at you - you lost another 3⁄4 inches! Honey, you're only about 12 inches tall now!" She looked down at the tiny girl, her brows furrowed in concern. "Sweetie, you're not still scared are you? Don't you remember what Mary said?"

"I'm sorry, Mary!" smiled little Cindy. "I'm trying my best y'know. It's just sometimes... well, sometimes I kinda get all scared an' stuff..." She looked down at her little feet in embarrassment. "I guess some things still get me frightened."

Mary smiled down maternally. "Well, just you remember - Mary's right here to protect you. So if you ever get scared, just..."

"...just think of MARY!" squealed tiny Cindy, a bright smile on her little face as she looked up from the table top at her huge sister.

"So Mary!" squeaked Cindy. "Am I still a good little girl?"

"Oh YES, Cindy! You've been VERY good! Why I think you're just the best little girl ANYWHERE!" grinned Mary.

"Yipeee!" squealed Cindy. "I was a good girl today! So that means I get to stay in YOUR room tonight. Yayyy!!"

"Now Cindy." Mary put on a serious expression and spoke in a gentle but stern voice. "I've been talking this over with Uncle Mark and we both think that it's about time you start spending the evenings in your OWN room. I just don't think you should be sleeping with Mary like this any more..."

"But you PROMISED!" cried Cindy. "You SAID! You said if I was a good girl I could stay with you..."

"Yes, dear I know I said that, but that was a few days ago when you were still very frightened. Now that you're better, I think we should..."

"NO!!! We had a DEAL!! You SAID!!" pouted tiny Cindy.

"Now sweetie, don't make me get angry with you! Like I said Mark and I already made our decision..."

"You'd BETTER! You'd better let me sleep in your bed! Or else I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." Cindy had her tiny arms folded, a petulant expression on her tiny child's face as her little brain thought through her options. Suddenly she brightened and turned up to face Mary. "Yeah! That's it!! If you don't do it I'm gonna make myself get all scared an' shrink myself down!!"

"CINDY!! Stop that! Now I don't want to even HEAR you THINK about that..."

"I WILL! I'll DO IT, Mary! You just watch me..." She ran over to the ruler and stood beside it, pretending to get herself scared. "Ooooohhhh! I'm so scared!! Missie is comin' to get me!! H-help, Mary! I'm gettin' all little now!!"

"Cindy!! PLEASE, sweetie!! Now don't tease me like that..." Really frightened that she might actually shrink herself further, Mary suddenly huffed in exasperation and smiled ruefully down at the tiny petulant child. "All right, Cindy!! You win!"

Cindy giggled, hopping up and down as she clapped her tiny hands together in glee. She started running across the table top towards Mary, but was stopped in her tracks by a giant finger pointed right at her chest.

As her tiny sister looked up in surprise, Mary took on a stern expression as she lectured the tiny child. "All right, Cindy! I'll let you stay with me tonight - but only for ONE HOUR! Then you go back to your OWN BED! You understand me, Cindy?"

The tiny girl nodded, a stubborn pout on her little face.

"So do we have a deal, Cindy?" asked Mary, her big eyebrow arching as she looked down at her tiny audience.

"Well... all right!" called Cindy submissively. Then she smiled up at Mary. "BUT! You gotta give me TEN MINUTES!!"

"Now, Cindy..."

"Ten minutes or NO DEAL!!" called Cindy, crossing her tiny arms in defiance.

Mary sighed at the sight of the tiny determined face before her, then reached behind her back and untied her bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. She leaned forward, lowering her huge nude breasts onto the dresser top, as Cindy burst into giggles and scampered towards her, throwing her tiny arms around Mary's giant mammaries. Mary broke into a wry grin, looking down at her tiny sister as she began happily suckling her huge nipples.

"Oh, all right, sweetie. Ten minutes!"


Later that afternoon, Mary went up again to check in on little Cindy. But as soon as she opened the door to her room, Mary could see that something was different - something was very wrong! Cindy's little bed was unmade, her food spilled on the floor, and her toys scattered about! It almost looked like someone had deliberately messed up all of her little things!

Her heart beating with anxiety, Mary rushed across the room to her play area and fell to her knees. "Cindy? Cindy, honey? Where are you? W-what's happened to your room?"

Horrible visions flashed through Mary's head as she desperately looked about for her tiny sister. The poor little dear - was she hurt? Had someone broken in and taken her away? "Cindy? PLEASE, honey! It's me, Mary! Just tell me - are you all right?"

Suddenly Mary heard a little sound, like the tinkling of tiny bells - the unmistakable sound of Cindy's giggling laughter! It was coming from behind a shoe box in the corner of the room!

Now relaxing, Mary burst into a grin and used her best make believe angry voice as she pretended to look though the scattered toys. "Ohhhhh! Just LOOK at this mess! SOMEBODY's been a VERY bad little girl!" The giggling increased, getting louder and louder as Mary continued, "Boy, I bet it's that bad little CINDY girl! She's SO bad! Just WAIT until I get my hands on her! I'm REALLY gonna teach her a lesson THIS time!"

"Oooohh, I'm not gonna be nice to HER any more! That bad little girl's really gonna get punished NOW!" giggled Mary as she crawled across the floor, pretending to look around the room for her tiny sister. "Now where could she be? I bet she's hiding someplace!" She reached over and picked up a big stuffed animal lying on the floor. "How about HERE?"

A burst of giggles came from the corner of the room as Mary lifted the stuffed animal, putting a pretend disappointed look on her face when she saw that nothing was behind it.

"Ohhhhh! That terrible bad little girl! She'd better not be hiding from me!! She's gonna be SO sorry!!" The giggling came much louder now, as Mary crawled closer to the shoe box. "Hey, what's that sound?! Sounds to me like a bad little girl! Is there a bad little girl behind that shoe box??"

"(giggle) No! There's no bad little girl here!" squealed tiny Cindy.

"WHO SAID THAT??" laughed Mary. "Is that Cindy?? Where IS that bad little girl?" She reached over and picked up the shoe box with one hand, revealing her tiny sister, curled up in a ball, grinning up at her and giggling like crazy!

"THERE you are! I KNEW it! It's that bad little CINDY girl!!" laughed Mary.

Cindy squealed and hopped to her feet, then started running across the room away from her huge sister, her tiny legs churning as fast as she could go. "Can't catch me!!" squealed Cindy in her tiny high voice.

Mary reached down and easily caught her doll sized sister, scooping up her tiny body in one hand. She lifted her tiny squirming body up to her huge smiling face and, once again putting her pretend angry look on her face, began scolding tiny Cindy. "NOW I've got you!! Oooohhhh, you BAD, BAD little girl! Just LOOK at how bad you've been! You messed up your WHOLE room!! You should be so ashamed!! Now what do you think Mary should do with this bad little girl?"

"S-spankin'!!" squealed tiny Cindy.

"What did you say??" laughed Mary.

"Y-you're gonna give m-me a spankin'!!" giggled the tiny girl, squirming with glee as she helplessly struggled against the overpowering grip of Mary's huge hand.

"That's right Cindy! You'd better believe it!! That little bottom of yours is gonna get a BIG spanking!!" laughed Mary, as she carefully took her tiny sister in her other hand, flipping her over and lifting up her little skirt with her huge fingers, revealing her tiny bare bottom. She held the tiny struggling girl helpless with one huge hand about her waist, using the two fingers of her other hand to lightly swat the tiny little upended rear.

Cindy's tiny legs kicked and kicked helplessly as she squealed with laughter! The big love pats rained down on her tiny tushie, the tiny high sounds of her joyful giggling merging with Mary's deeper chuckling. As the two girls continued their little game, the whole house became filled with the happy sounds of the two sisters' bright laughter echoing down the hallways.

Downstairs, Mark sat listening to the sounds of the happy pair and laughed to himself, shaking his head in amused disbelief. Not again! he thought ruefully. Didn't those two ever get tired of these little games? Jeez - this was the third time today!!


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