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Keeping Your Guard Up
Author: N/A

Chapter #: 2
Updated On: 20 September 2005 - Words Count: 3902 - Number of Reads: 775

one good turn... Print
one good turn...

Chris smiled at me. "Maybe you are 15, Greg. Pushing me in the pool, thats like something I would expect from someone in my class, not a senior," she laughed. "But we know that's impossible. Why don't you take the upper today, I'll take the lower." Now usually, since I was the senior guard, I would make the guarding assignments. But strangely I felt like it was Chris who was in charge today, and I almost felt like it was my first day on the job. I hoped I remembered what to do!"

"Sure, Chris, if you say so," I said, and Chris kind of got a gleam in her eye.

"And remember to flush the filter, and clean all the traps, and skim...I want it to look really nice up there, ok?" she added, sort of taking charge. I didn't question any of her orders or tone, after all she was the boss ( I, that just isn't right, is it?).

"Uh, ok Chris, I'll make it really nice up there," I said.

"Atta boy," she said.

I went to the upper pool and started my chores, and when they were all done I got into my chair. I wondered if Cindy was gonna come bye. God, she was so cute, I wondered if she would go out with me...and I almost had to slap myself in the face. She's already going out with me, and she has been for 2 years! What was the matter with me! I must have been getting too much sun. The clientele started trickling in. God, most of them were such fossils. I didn't think I would see Craig and Kelly today, but I was wrong. They showed up a little afternoon, to get the best sun. Kelly was wearing a pretty tiny string bikini, and I had to remind myself of the events of yesterday and that she is really only hands off! I thought she would keep away from me, at the very least find out which pool I was covering today and go to the other one. But to my surprise, after she laid down her towel, she looked right at me and smiled. And she exchanged glances with Craig, who also smiled in a weird sort of way. Then she walked right over to me. I was up in the chair, and as she walked up I got a great aeriel view of her lovely tits.

"Hi Greg," she said. "Look, about yesterday...maybe I was being too sensitive. And I shouldn't have led you on, I should have told you my real age from the start." She looked luscious. I got an immediate boner.

"That's....that's ok Kelly," I stammered. "We can still be friends I hope, and I'll behave, I promise."

"Friends," she said. "Swim with me when you're on break, 'k?"

"Sure thing," I answered. And when my break came up, I went over to her spot. She was talking to Craig. He immediately got up and faced me. I cringed a little. He seemed very imposing, and he seemed to know it.

"Look shrimp, hands to yourself today, ok? Or you don't get off so easy. You be nice to Kelly," he said. Who was he calling shrimp? But...I was sort of skinny these days, and was easily intimidated. I promised to be the perfect gentleman.

Kelly and I chased each other in the pool. She was, once again, daring me to catch her. I guess she was holding back the day before, because she was a good swimmer and I had a little trouble keeping up. When I finally caught up with her, I think this time it really was because she let me. "Looks like somebody didn't eat his Wheaties today," she joked, and I splashed her. I caught up with her and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. That she seemed to like. I looked over to where Craig was sitting, to make sure he didn't look like he was going to beat me to a pulp, and he looked calm. When my break was over I pushed myself out of the pool at the edge near my chair, not using the ladder or the steps. My trunks sagged down as I did so and I had to hike them up. I heard Kelly giggle as I did so, bet she got a flash of my crack! I blushed a little. I tied the drawstring tighter, and sat down. Chris came up to see how it was going for me.

"You ok Greg? Did you do those filters? " she asked. She seemed to be enjoying her new found power, and although she said nothing to me about it per se, it was apparent to both of us that she was now my boss. She is 15, and she's the senior guard! What does that make me? "Do you want to take another break to get some food? You can take your little friend with you if you want. You just look so skinny, even more than you did this morning! I can't get over it," she said, laughing. "You know, there is a strict age requirement to work here at the pool. Now, I looked at your application at it says there that you're 17, but, gee Greg I don't know...when I get a close look at you," and she walked over to me and was very close. I stood up. I was taller than her, but...was I just a little less taller than her? I didn't know. And now she going to catch me for faking my age on my application! What was I thinking, putting down that I was 17! I gulped, I hope she didn't get me fired....and somewhere in the back of my head a voice was shouting that I am 17, but that voice was getting fainter, like it belonged to someone falling into a bottomless pit. "You have to be at least 15 to work here Greg, you know that. Level with me. How old are you? You are certainly do not look 17," she said.

"I'm uh...i'm 15 Chris.." I swallowed hard. I hope she believed me.

"Uh huh. That would make you about my age Greg," and she looked at me closely. "Which I guess is ok for the application. But you know what? You sure seem younger to me. I have a little brother who's almost 14, so I know what a 14 year old looks like, know what I mean? I mean hey, you were older yesterday," (there! I knew I wasn't imagining it, she sees it too!) "than you are today, and I have no idea how such a thing is possible, but facts is facts. I'm going back down to the lower. You get me if you need me, ok sport?" she said.

I started breathing again. Today was turning into a nightmare! At least I had fun with Kelly. She came by to say goodnight. She seemed a little taller to me too. I mean, she's a tall girl, but I was still taller than her. She smiled at me. "I hope I see you tomorrow Greg," and she gave me a kiss on the lips. I almost died when I tasted her tongue, and she was giving me such a woody! Luckily my trunks were so loose that was hard to see. Craig left too, I never realized how big he is. I was almost like a child by comparison. I locked up and headed home. I went into the bathroom, and showered. I sure didn't need to shave! Not a trace of a beard! I wrapped a towel around myself and went into my room to change. I was planning on seeing Cindy as usual. I put on some older boxers and shorts from the back of the drawer that I thought I grew out of, but I guess I was wrong, and a tee shirt. That was when Beth came into the room. She stopped as she opened the door and stared, and laughed.

"You look so funny!" she said, "Look how skinny you are! Wait till mom sees! Mom!, oh mooooooom!" she called. I heard my mother's steps in the hallway.

"Whats all the shouting about Beth, " my mother said as she came into the room. Then she looked at me, and looked so shocked I thought she was going to faint! "Greg? Is that you? But...but I don't get it...what happened to you," she asked. What was wrong with these people?

"What do you mean mom?" I asked. I knew something wasn't quite right, and felt like I should know what it is. Chris said yesterday I was 17 and although that seems far-fetched I sort of believe her. Maybe mom thinks so too.

"What do I mean? What I mean is why are you younger than you should be? That's impossible. You are supposed to be 17 Greg, not 13, and thats how old I think you are now!" Beth giggled.

"He's not much older than I am mom," she said, laughing.

"No he's not, Beth. Well, this is certainly a shock. Maybe we should take you to a doctor. There must be some sort of explanation," mom said.

"I feel fine,mom, really," I protested. And really, I did feel fine. "I'm going out now mom," I said finally.

"You are? And just where do you think you're going," she said.

"To Cindy's," I answered.

"How will you get there. Are you old enough to drive?" she asked, knowing the answer.

"Of course not mom, I'm going to ride my bike," I said.

"I want you to be home no later than 10:00. And if there are any problems, you call me. Ok? And Greg, Cindy may be kind of surprised at what's happened to you as well, so don't take it too hard if she's ...well....insensitive," she said.

"Ok, ....uh....I'll be home by 10:00," and I left.

I rode to Cindy's house like I usually did. I really loved her, she is so cute. Maybe she'll let me kiss her, I'll bet she does! I've wanted to kiss her since we started 7th grade last year...or was that this year? Its all getting so confused. She has such a cute little body...I got to her house and let my bike fall over on the lawn. I went up to the door and knocked. She answered, at least I think she did. I couldn't believe what I was looking at, she was all grown up! I was so confused.

" that you?" she said, unbelieving. "I can't believe this, what happened to you?."

"What you mean," I asked, mesmerized by her breasts, they were so big! When did she get so big? She looks like a college girl. I felt kinda uncomfortable, like I was at the wrong house.

"What do I mean? How about, why are you a little kid?" she smiled. "You are so cute! I remember when you looked like this in middle school," I felt very self conscious. I thought we were both in middle school, only from the looks of things she wasn't anymore. Cindy was wearing shorts and a sort of halter thing, I guess its called. I was a little taller than her, but I sort of remember being a whole lot taller. She asked me in. "My parents are out, although I guess that doesn't really matter, does it little man?"

"I'm confused Cindy, I don't understand how you grew up like this, like why aren't you 13 anymore," the world really didn't seem to make sense.

She laughed. "I haven't been 13 for 4 years Greg. Don't you remember coming here yesterday?" she asked.

"Sorta," I answered.

"And what did we do...remember?" she went on.

"I...umm...remember kissing you," sort of remembered, anyway.

"We did a lot more than that sweetie...ohhh, but I guess you can't do that anymore, can you? I can't get over're a little boy!" and she really started laughing. I turned crimson. I felt very small, and almost felt like crying. Cindy saw, and she softened. She hugged me. "Oooohhhh, its ok baby, I'm sorry for teasing you, you are just adorable as a child though. Just so sweet. Why don't we go into the kitchen and I'll get you some milk and cookies?" she said, and I followed her in. We sat and talked, and I realized how silly I was to come here. Of course, we couldn't have been dating. I must have dreamed that. But I knew we were close, I just couldn't remember how. Then I figured it out, she must be my sitter, and lots of boys have crushes on their sitters, especially when they are as cute as Cindy. Say, its getting late, almost 9:30. What time does your mommy want you home sweetie?"

"10:00, " I managed, around a mouth full of cookie.

"You better be getting home then little guy. Can you get home ok? Want me to drive you?" she asked.

"I can manage," I said.

"Your mommy has my number..if she needs anyone to sit for you and Beth, just give me a call....k?" she said sweetly.

"Ok," I said, and got on my bike to leave. The pedals were a little tough to reach, I had to remember to lower the seat tomorrow.

I got home and my mother was waiting up for me. "I'm in the kitchen, honey," she called out, and I went in to say good night. She looked at me for a long while. "Are you ok sweetheart?" she asked.

"Sure, mom," I said.

"Beth's been waiting up for you, why don't you get ready for bed and watch tv with her," she said sadly.

"Ok," I heard myself say. I went to my room and took off my pants, and went into the tv room. Beth was there watching tv, she was also ready for bed, and was wearing a nightie. She looked at me and giggled.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked. She kept on giggling.

"Oh Greg..this...this is just so, so funny! I can't believe my eyes! I mean, I thought when you left you were smaller...but now," and she laughed uncontrollably. "Here, I'll show you what I mean," she said standing up. She pulled me to my feet easily. I never realized how strong she is, but after all she's as big as I am. "Look at you!" she squealed. "How old are you Greg," she asked between laughs.

"13," I said, and that was greeted with more laughter.

"O...ok, lets try this...what grade are you in. I'm in 7th grade Greg, how about you.

"I'm in 5th grade Beth," I said with confidence.

"That's more like it," she said. "And how old are the children in 5th grade. Are they 13? Aren't 13 year olds in 8th grade?"

"Uh, yes..." I was confused again. She suddenly pulled down my boxers and laughed. I tried to cover up as best I could.

"You really don't look 13 Greg...or 12...and a 5th grader is usually about 10, and thats what I think you are. My 10 year old little brother." I tried to wrestle her down, but she was way too stong and was on top of me instantly. Then she straddled me, in her panties and everything. I was scared. Then she started tickling me mercilessly. I couldn't stop laughing.

"S....stop, stop...ah..ha....stop,"but she kept on tickling me. I was afraid I would wet my pants.

"Awwww, doesn't little Greggy like this, poor little baby," and she kept at it, until I just started crying.

"Mom....mommy! Mommy!" I cried, and mommy came in the tv room.

"Leave you little brother alone Beth," she said, and Beth got off of me.

"We were just playing mom," Beth said.

"Are you ok sweetie, " mommy asked.

"Uh...sure mommy, I'm ok," I heard Beth snicker.

"Ok then. I think its time for bed for you 2 anyway. You turn that off and go to your rooms," she said, and left. Beth turned off the tv.

"I really was just playing, Greg, like you used to play with me, remember? I'll ease up on you, I guess I was being kind of mean. I should take better care of my little brother. I'm sorry," she said, and she hugged me. I hugged her back. We went to our rooms and went to bed.

I slept pretty good that night and my mommy woke me up in the morning. "Time to get up sleepyhead," she said. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. "I went into the attic and got some of your old clothes." She looked at me. "I think they'll fit. Why don't you come downstairs after you get dressed." I brushed my teeth and got dressed, and went downstairs. Beth was already up. She was dressed, and eating cereal.

"Well, kids, I was wondering what to do about today. Now I had gotten used to you guys looking after yourselves while I go to work, but obviously I can't do that anymore. Beth can take care of herself, but you Greg, well, I would feel more comfortable if someone looked after you," she said.

"But mommy, I don't need anyone to look after me," I said.

"Yeah mom, I can take care of the squirt," Beth said.

"I know you're bery responsible Beth, and we had talked about you babysitting, but I still think you're just a little too young. Luckily, Greg, I called the pool to tell them you couldn't work there anymore. I talked to a very nice girl, I think her name is Chris. I wasn't going to tell her about your,...uh,condition, but she seemed to already know. She's really very nice Greg. She already got someone to take over as lifeguard, and she said she could look after you at the pool. That way you would be able to go swimming too, it is a nice day," she said.

"I don't need a babysitter mommy," I said indignantly.

"How old are you Greg?" mommy asked.

"11," I said.

"Maybe you are sweetie, but I think you're closer to 10. And I think a 10 year old boy does need a babysitter. Like Cindy. But she's not available today, I already called. So finish your breakfast, and I'll drive you over there. And no buts young man. And I expect you to behave yourself and not give the girls any trouble. Okay?" she said. There was no changing her mind, I could tell.

"Okay," I said sullenly. We drove over to the pool and mommy dropped me off. She gave Chris her number in case of emergency, and led me to the upper pool.

"You sure have changed in the last few days Greg. To think you used to hit on me! Isn't that funny," she asked. I looked up at her, she was taller than me now, and looked so grown up. "I was lucky to get another lifeguard on such short notice, and I think she's a friend of yours. I looked up at the chair. It was Kelly! She waved at me.

"Hiya Greg," she said getting out of the chair. She walked up to me and I looked at her. She towered over me by a head. I was eye level with her boobs. She was wearing the same pretty tank suit she wore the other day.

"Um..hi Kelly," I said.

"Aww, don't be sad, we'll have fun today, I promise," she said, mussing my hair. Chris went back down to the other pool and I picked out my spot. I had a pretty good time I guess, the water was very nice.

"Kelly? I thought you were 13. You have to be 15 to guard," I said.

"I am 13," she said," but I look a lot older, so they hired me. Isn't that cool? Don't tell on me, please?" she smiled at me. She is very pretty. "Hey, I'm on break now. C'mon, lets play in the water." We went in, and played tag. She was a much better swimmer than I am and caught me easily. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't catch her. She was always just out of reach. We splashed around, and then she caught me and held me, sort of in her lap. Like usual, there was practically no one there.

"You are really a very cute little boy," she said. "I remember when I was younger than you...remember?" she asked.

"Uh, I sorta remember that," I said. I thought I was very lucky to have such a beautiful girl, who looked a lot older than 13, paying so much attention to me. I blushed.

"Oh...I see you're a little shy now. Like I was," she said soothingly. "Your so precious, like a little baby sort of, aren't you sweetie," she said.

"Um...I...I guess..." I was getting a little nervous.

"yeah, I guess so," she said, and gently kissed me on the cheek. I blushed. She kissed me again, on the lips this time. I started to tremble. I felt her hands holding my bottom, sort of rubbing it. I shook a little more. I felt her hands work their way between my legs, massaging my crotch over my suit. "There there now, don't be afraid...Kelly won't hurt you," she said. I didn't know what to do I was so scared! I started to cry.

"There. Thats right. Now you know, don't you? Now you know how I felt when you did that to me. Its scary, isn't it, to be a child and have some one who's much older touch you like that," she asked, and stopped touching me.

"y...yes," I said, crying. "Did I do that to you Kelly? I am so, so sorry," and I cried, and she held me against her breast, and she rocked me.

"Its ok little one....shhhh...its ok," she said. "Maybe tomorrow, when you wake up, you'll be your normal age. Maybe. And if you are, always remember," she kissed me, and let me go. She didn't mean to hurt me, she really is nice. I hope I do get older like she says, and if I do, I'll never, never hurt her again.

the end


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