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Some Like It Young
Author: N/A

Chapter #: 1
Updated On: 16 September 2005 - Words Count: 1401 - Number of Reads: 1567

A man is regressed by his wife Print

Some Like It Young

She was so cute. She came to the pool with her friends, other 12 and 13 year olds I suppose. She stood there in her tee-shirt and shorts, kind of about to take them off for a while in a flirty sort of way...then off they came. She was wearing a really cute 2-piece, which was sort of bright orange-red. Playing with her friends who were threatening to throw her in the pool...I was mesmerized. She had brown hair, about 5'3...the perfect girl in every way.

"What in the hell are you staring at Jon!" I could tell my wife Eve was pissed.

"Nothing!" I retorted.

"Like hell you are. What is she, 11? You're sick! She's a child and you are a dirty old man! You disgust me!"

Well, I'm only human. true, I am 40 years old as is my wife. She's a beautiful woman and tall. At 6 ', she is 2 inches taller than me, and with the body of a model. I really have no excuse to ever look at other women, but I do anyway sometimes. And sometimes I look at girls too. Its like at that age, they are so perfect, so cute. So forbidden. Its just not fair.

"what, you want to ask her out? Go ahead!"

"Yeah, right. I only love one woman, you know."

"You wish you could have her I bet, you sick-o. What would you even talk about? She's a child.. Sometimes you act like one too." I guess she means when we make love, I sort of concentarate on her breasts, sucking on them....calling her mommy.

The girl looked up. She saw me looking at her and kind of smiled, adjusted her top. They sure do know when they are cute and when guys are looking. I guess they learn that young. If I kept looking, I would get aroused.

"Is that hard on for me or for your little girlfriend!"

"Come on Eve, stop it"

"I bet she likes older guys, like 15 or so...hmm." She seemed lost in thought all of the sudden "I wonder...I wonder if maybe i could give you your wish, would you like that?You would make such a cute little couple"

What in the hell was she talking about? I swear, women sometimes just baffle me. All I was doing was looking at a cute girl, was that so wrong? I mean, it makes me remember when I was a teen, chasing girls, flirting with you. Everyone has memories like that I guess.

That night, she seemed to forget about it. We made love, and it was nice. Sucking her, she tasted so sweet. I could have sworn that I tasted sweet liquid, enough to swallow, come from her breast..."Ooooh, I bet you like that, don't you little boy, hmmm?" "Yes mommy....." I snuggled against her, and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke refreshed. I felt like I had more energy than usual. I took my shower, and when I got out it even looked like I had more hair than usual. I was using Rogaine, but I was never sure if it worked. I guess it does. Even makes the gray go away apparently. They don't advertise that. At breakfast, Eve was looking at me kind of funny. She was sort of smiling. We were both taking the week off from work, not really doing anything but relaxing.

"What do you want to do today? It looks nice out, want to go to the pool? Maybe your girlfriend will be there." she teased.

"Oh cut that out. I only have eyes for you." I kissed her. I was glad she wasn't still pissed at me. We did go to the pool, and the cutie sure enough was there. This time looking at her did give me a hard on. "I was talking to her mother, her name is Lauren. She's almost 14." My wife informed me.

"That's nice"

"I thought you would want to know." It was funny, but she didn't seem mad, it was just like she was teasing me. Lauren was wearing a blue one piece today. As she got out of the pool, i saw how it clung to her, outlining her perfect ass, her small round breasts. I had to look away and went to the snack bar. I got a coke and sat down. A few minutes later she sat down at the table opposite from me with two girlfriends. Her long brown hair was slicked back, and she had a towel wrapped around her waist like a skirt. I tried not to stare, but i did and she caught me doing it. She smiled.

That night Eve asked me if I hit it off with Lauren. "Will you stop it, I'm not doing anything! I went to get a coke and she happened to sit down too. Its not like I ran off with her."

"Why should I stop, I think it gets you horny thinking about that sweet young thing." She slid her hand between my legs, and sure enough I was horny."Lets go to bed, I'll make you forget about her..." And so we did. And sucking on her that night got me very aroused. And I wasn't imagining it, she had milk in her breasts. I couldn't believe it, how could that happen? I thought that only happened when women were nursing. I drank and drank until she was dry. My hand slid between her legs, felt her silky panties....she pulled them off. We made love twice that night.

The next morning I felt great again. Almost too great. I showered, and noticed... I had no belly. Sure, I went to the gym and tried to keep in good shape, but I always had this kind of flabby part that wouldn't go away. Until now that is. Even my clothes fit differently. I really had to clinch the belt. I got on the scale and saw I was 20 pounds lighter. Weird. In fact, I looked like I was about 20 years old. Eve came up behind me.

"You sure had a lot of energy last night young man." She kissed my neck. "I just might want to keep you this way."

"what are you talking about," I said, making like I didn't notice anything going on.

"what i am talking about, sweetheart, is my college-boy husband. Or didn't you notice? I bet you aren't even old enough to drink...legally, anyway."

"You're deranged Eve, people don't get younger"

"Than what's your explanation honey? I'll tell you mine. I was in the health food store and saw this supplement, meant for nursing mothers to increase their milk production, and thought I would try it. You know how you like to suckle? Thought it would be a real treat. More of a treat than I thought, its made you younger."

"there must be some other explanation..." but I couldn't think of any. I had to use one of my older pairs of trunks at the pool that day. Of course Lauren was there. Wearing a pink bikini, and looking oh so cute. I decided to do some laps in the pool to cool off, and wouldn't you know it, swam right into her.

"Oops, I'm sorry..." I stammered. It was an accident, really.

"That's ok." she squealed and sort of blushed. It was like she was really into me. she brushed up against me as she swam by...I could feel just a little of the silky fabric of her bottom. I had to stay in the pool for a while before I got out or I would have been really embarressed. When I did, and sat down with my wife I got "....oooooh, Jonny's got a girlfriend, Jonny's got a girlfriend. I think she likes you Jonny, go ask her out! I wouldn't mind, really!"

"Oh come on, even if I did get younger, like you claim, I'm still too old for her! She's only 13!"

"Almost 14. And maybe we can fix that sweetie...

to be continued...


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