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"Was It Worth It"
Author: N/A

Chapter #: 1
Summary: forgive me t
Updated On: 19 June 2008 - Words Count: 1116 - Number of Reads: 0

Was it worth it Print
"Was it really worth it" he would ask.

His name was Jake he was twenty-three and he has worked the same job for five years, five whole year he had worked at the same place his parents were disappointed his sister was disappointed heck everyone was disappointed. His life was a failure a complete and miserable one. He knew it his boss knew it everyone knew it. In fact If you went to another state and asked about Jake they will tell you what a steaming failure he is but, on to Jake's life. He prayed every night for something anything to intervene and help his life get better.

Jake got up to the sound of his alarm clock you know those really annoying buzzing ones he had no idea why he purchased it at all he hated it despised it but every morning he put up with it he got up and took a shower brushed his teeth and prepared for his day as he did every work day. He put on his name tag and uniform and got into his car and drove to work. As he got into work he saw his boss she glared at him she hated him despised him as much as he despised his job. Where all the scorn came from in that petite body of hers he would never know. She was beautiful blond hair blue eyes and a nice ass to boot she was definitely one of the few perks of his job, but she smiled and her smiling was never good "Jake" she said "I need you to work returns today" Ah returns the most dreaded task he thought to himself Of course she gives it to me the curse of arriving early "Oh alright" , he said with a sigh heading to returns to open the registers and get started even for hating his job he worked hard but he never got promoted ever partially because of his bosses hate the rest his ill favored luck. He started to clean up the returns from the day before the people working yesterday didn't do a very good job of it but the eighteen nineteen year olds he worked with hardly did anything completely just another reason to hate his job while cleaning he found
a coupon for a deluxe smoothie from a place he had never heard from before. A lucky break for him considering he was on returns. So after a long and hassling day at returns he finally got on lunch break as he went to find the smoothie place in the mall in which he worked. He went to an area he had been many time he saw the smoothie store it hadn't been there yesterday he shrugged it off though he though Maybe its new. As he walked up into the store and to the register he saw there motto Were Ar smoothies are best but it seems the E had fallen off on the Are as he reached the counter a very creepy man with pale skin and very dark eyes said "Can I help you Sir" so Jake "Showed him the coupon and received his free drink. As he made his way back to the store into which he worked as he made it back behind the counter he suddenly felt very relaxed and he made it through the day without so much as a bother when he got home he quickly went to sleep and this sleep would have been the best he had ever had, but for the dream he was having. In his dream their were to people fighting he could tell one of them was the man from the smoothie shop he was arguing with someone he was saying "Will it be worth it to you Will it" but Jake never heard the other persons response as soon as he heard that the man from the smoothie shop looked at him and said " Can I help you Sir" he said going into a dark and sinister laugh that gave him chills all the way down his spine. As he woke up the next day to the buzzing alarm clock he was a little late to be early and a little early to be late so he got up and went through the normal routine but as he went for the bathroom door handle it looked closer to him a little higher up then usual as he finished showering and started shaving he saw himself in the mirror his face looked different some how but he could not put his finger on it
as he drove to work that day like the day before traffic was bad this day very bad as he made it to work his boss chewed him out he is early every day and is later one and his boss chews him out so unfair. As he sat behind his counter a funny thing happened a woman walked up to him and asked him his age she also asked if the sales clerk would be back soon when he screamed he was the sales clerk she walked away. He swears some people have problems as the clock ticked slowly towards lunch break he wondered what he would do for lunch he thought I know I'll go to that smoothie place again as he made his last sale before break he walked out of the store. He walked all over that mall both floors he could not find that smoothie store it was so odd he could have sworn he went to the place he was yesterday. he even asked security they told him there had never been a smoothie store in the mall he called them liars and they told him to run along. As he started back towards the store in which he worked his pants started falling down he grabbed his pants and held them up thinking this is ridiculous I have had the same waste size since I was a junior these pants should fit just fine. As he made it back to his store he passed one of those big in store mirrors as he did he walked past it but he did a double take and walked back He was shocked to see what the saw a ten year old looked like he just beat up an employee and took his uniform.

to be continued sorry about before I loaded the wrong version I loaded a very very rough draft this has punctuation and is easier to understand so lol forgive my incompetence


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