A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 90
CHAPTER 190 .......... Little Buddy Day – Part 2

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The circular blade whirred to life once again.  It was loud.  I pushed the plank forward until the powerful cutter was within six inches of the boy’s little package.


Dorcus’s eyes were very wide now as he looked at me, silently pleading to stop.  So I stopped pushing the plank, turned off the saw, and pulled the duct tape off his mouth.


“Ouch!” he yipped when I pulled the tape off.  “You fucking asshole!  What are you doing to me?!”


“I already told you, Dorcus.  I’m cutting off your penis to make you behave better.”


“Okay!  I’ll behave!  I promise!  Cut me loose!”


I looked at his desperate facial expression for a few seconds and then I sighed.  I shook my head and replied, “Nah, you’re lying.”  Then I flipped the saw switch back on and returned to the back of the plank … and started pushing him forward again … slowly.




Well, the kid could definitely scream.  But when the blade gouged into the wood, no one could hear him.  The sharp serated disc got to within three inches of his little balls when I stopped pushing and asked him again, “Are you really going to behave?”


“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” he spat the words out quickly.


I sneered at him.  “I don’t know if I can trust you, Dorcus, but I’m going to give you one more chance.  If you screw up, we’ll come back here and finish the job.  Understand?”


“Yes!  Let me go!”  he sqeaked loudly.


I shut off the saw again and untaped his wrists and ankles.  Then I stood him up and grabbed his balls and squeezed, but not too hard.


“Owwwwwwww!  Quit it, you pervert!”


I didn’t think I was a pervert.  Principal Glass just told us not to sodomize our little buddies and not to teach them how to jack off … although with having an older brother, I kind of figured that Dorcus was already pretty ‘handy’ at that.   I just enjoyed dominating a miniature bully who had put me through daycare hell when I was a three-year-old.


“Don’t disappoint me, Dorcus.”  Then I ‘flicked’ the head of his boner with my middle finger (off the thumb).  In case the little boy didn’t know, that really stings.


“Owww!!  Stop it!”


“Dorcus, do you want to walk around the school all day with your boner sticking out?”




“Then get dressed.  And then sweep up your sawdust mess.  Come on!  Hurry up!”


“Alright!  I AM!”





I was proud of myself.  Little Buddy Day had gotten off to a good start.  I escorted my ‘buddy’ to Mr. Victum’s Math class where there was still a half period remaining.  He just sat on my lap brooding with his arms folded and wouldn’t say a word.  Maybe he was planning more mayhem.  I could never tell with a kid like this.


I looked to my left and saw my partners’ buddies, Zebulon and Ling Ling,  jiber-jabering away at each other.  All four of them looked like they were having a good time.


“Where have you been, Derrek?” asked Madeline.


“I was just showing my little buddy, Dorcus, here how the power tools worked in the wood shop.  He helped me clean up, and everything.”


“That was nice of him,” said Hoshiko.


Nice of Dorcus?  Sure, except this was just first period.  I didn’t know how I was going to be able to keep him under control for a whole day.




The bell rang and we headed off to Spanish class.  I held his wrist tightly in the hallway so he couldn’t run away.  In the back of my mind, I thought ‘Stay away from water.’


I took my normal seat again and greeted Senorita Gato.  I really enjoy breaking out lines from my favorite movies.


“Buenos dias, Professora.  Decir hola a mi amiguito.”  (Good morning, teacher.  Say hello to my little friend.)  “Se llama Dorcus.”  (His name is Dorcus.)


My instructor told the class, “Los estudiantes de septimo grado estan realizando una dia para pequenos amigos vean nuestro escuela.   (The students of the seventh grade are conducting a day for little friends to see our school.)


So far, there wasn’t much reaction from my eighth grade classmates, so my teacher added, “Deberliamos derle la bien venida, classe.  Di ‘Hola Dorcus’.  (We should all welcome him, class.  Say hello to Dorcus.)


“Hola Dorcus,” they all repeated.


The boy, sitting on my lap, surprised me by pulling out a paper with some Spanish words on it … that he appeared to want to use to reply to the class.


With his high pitched, somewhat irritating voice, Dorcus read from his paper, “Come mi orinar con sus hermano y hermana, tu cerebro pedo, como comiendo, lamedores de pollas.”  (Eat my piss with your brother and sis, you fart brained, cunt eating, cock lickers.)


Isn’t that about what Dorcus told me this morning in English?  That had to be something that his older brother Chikon made up for him to say.


My astounded classmates responded with, “QUUUUEEEEEEEAYYYY???!!!”  (What?!)


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and for the five-year-old brat sitting on my lap, it wasn’t a very good one.


“Lo siento, Professora,” I quietly said.  (I’m sorry, teacher.)  “El es un chico travieso.”  (He is a naughty boy.)


“FUERA!!” my teacher yelled.  “USTEDES DOS!!”  (Out!  Both of you!)


I bumped the boy off my lap as we stood.  But I chose not to leave just yet.  I explained to my instructor, “Professora, Dorcus ha sido un chico tan dulce, que quiero darle algo para que recuerde la clase de Espanol de hoy.”  (Teacher, Dorcus has been such a sweet boy that I wanted to give him something to remember today’s Spanish class.)


The boy was on my left as we stood in front of the teacher’s desk, facing the class.  Then I turned him about-face and put my left arm all the way around his tummy and lifted him off the floor.  I grabbed the back waistbands of his pants and underpants simultaneously and ripped them down to his ankles, giving the boy an opportunity to display a junior full moon to my surprised classmates.


Then, with my right hand, I turned slightly and grabbed Senorita Gato’s 18 inch wooden ruler off her desk … the same ruler she had used to paddle me during her molestation of me on the first day of school.


Of course the boy screamed bloody murder and kicked and punched as he tried to struggle his way out of an embarrassing and very painful predicament.  


My classmates roared with laughter and yelled “Bravo, Diego!” as I pummeled my little buddy’s ass without much mercy.


Even Senorita Gato smirked at the goings-on and made no effort to stop me as I turned his buttocks into a quite pronounced shade of crimson.


“AAAAAAAAAAggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! … You mother fucker!”


When the boy was finally crying big crocodile tears, I stopped, set him down, and turned him around to face the class.  Then I lifted him up under his armpits and held him high, displaying him to my classmates the same way Rafiki was showing off baby Simba at the beginning of Lion King.


I figured a little frontal nudity was no big deal since he was only five … and yes, he sported another baby boner.  He cried hard through his unflattering exposure.


The eighth graders were quick to pick up my take on the movie scene and they started waving their hands high and singing … ‘The cirrrrrrrrrrrrrr-cle …The circle of life.’


Then they clapped their approval … that I would dare give this foul-mouthed imp the taste of a well deserved come-uppance.   A few of them cheered, “El Presidente!” in recognition of my status as the president of my grade.


I was really amazed at what I could get away with in this school just by having a prestigious title.  It was like a rank of nobility that enabled me to stretch the rules to my liking.  Showkat was right.  I could have ruled the school.


My instructor told me, “Gracias, Diego.  Deberias irte ahora.”  (Thank you, Diego.  You should go now.)


I set Dorcus’s bare butt down on the floor and let him scramble to fix himself up again.  He was not a happy camper … but I was.  I took hold of his wrist and led him out of the classroom amid more outbursts of foul language.  I had to smack his butt once more and yell, “Stop it!  … for him to finally get the message.


Once in the hall, I told him, “That’s what you get when you piss people off.”


He sneered back at me, “My big brother is going to kick the shit out of you, Derrek.”


I knelt down and faced him eye-to-eye.  “I’ve got news for you, Dorcus.  He already did once … So I don’t like you OR your big brother … You’re going to get punished today, every time you fuck up.”


“Fuck you, Derrek.”


With the rest of second period to kill, I decided we would hide out in the library in hopes that my little buddy would find some cooling off time where he wouldn’t need to aggravate either students or adults.


Upon entering, the librarian, Mrs. Cabudol, saw me and flagged me down.


“Derrek, the DVD you were looking for came in.  It’s the movie version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.  Wait here.  I’ll get it for you.”


“Derrek,” said the boy, “can I please go check out the comic book section?”


“As long as you stay out of trouble … and by the way, they’re now called graphic novels.”


“Thanks … I will.”


‘Please and thank you?’  I was shocked to hear those two words come out of the boy’s mouth.  That drew suspicion.


Dorcus took off toward the back of the library where the school had arranged a private nook where middle schoolers could relax and chill in a comfortable setting.  They were trying to go to extreme measures to get kids to read.  I remember how I hated to read when I was twelve the first time.


Mrs. Cabudol came back to the checkout counter a few minutes later and said, “It’s a great film.  Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1962.”


“Thanks.  We had to read the novel for English class and it got my curiosity up to compare it to the movie.”


“Are you having fun with your little buddy today?”


“He’s a bit mischievous, but I’m trying my best.”


“Well, I think Dr. Glass came up with a great idea to let the Kindergardeners get a sneak peak at what they have to look forward to in a few years.  These are my future customers.”


I nodded.  “Oh yes, it’s quite thrilling for them … Well, here comes little Dorcus back now.”


“Derrek,” said the boy, “can we please take a walk outside for a little bit?”


Considering that he seemed to have calmed down, I gave in.  “I don’t see why not.”


I wondered why he was being so polite all of a sudden.  As we entered the hallway, I got my answer.  Without warning, he bolted away from me and ran to the nearest little red box affixed to the wall.  He pulled the handle straight down, breaking a small glass rod … which set off the fire alarms all over the school.


The ear-splitting bedlam began … BZZZZZZZZZ!!!   BZZZZZZZZZZZ!!


I clenched my fists and screamed, “Why did you pull the FIRE ALARM you idiot??!!


He calmly replied, “Because the library is on fire.”


“How do you KNOW that??!!  I blustered.


Again, the boy calmly replied, “Because I just set a bunch of comic books on fire with my Bic lighter.”



End Chapter 90

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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