A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 76
CHAPTER 176 After the Sleepover

Chapter Description: (2 NEW pictures added 4/3/24) ..........Link to story images: https://sites.google.com/view/comedy-ars-characters/home .......... (I'm not sure why the ARarchive website had a glitch in late May 2024 that removed all my chapters from 75 to 99 and all greater than 175 so I'll post here with chapter 176 and onward.)


“Welcome back, Madeline,” said the girl’s mother.  “How’d it go last night?”


“It was fun, Mom … and Sammantha made a nice breakfast … and I’m eight years old now too!”


Debbie asked Sammantha, “And who’s the little boy?”


But Madeline jumped in and answered, “Oh, it’s just Derrek, Mom …  Since he preferred to just masturbate in his crib, I had to punish him.  The sock he was using was all crusty.  It was really disguting.  I warned him that only bad boys masturbate, but he didn’t seem to care until I spanked him with a ruler and threw water in his face.   And you know what that does.”


“I do, but wait, you said you had to spank him, and put him in his crib?”


“Yeah, well I think Derrek might be ashamed of his penis because he was still sucking his thumb and holding onto his bunny rabbit at the time.  Those are his only toys—his bunny rabbit and his penis.  He gets a lot of erections but I don’t think he can help it … So I had to wipe the post-cum off the tip because he has a problem making everything sticky.  And on top of all that, he wet his bed.”


“Madeline, does Derrek really sleep in a crib … like a crib for a baby?”


“Oh yeah, he likes it.  And you should hear him when he talks in baby talk.  It’s so cute … He normally wears diapers at night, and I removed his, but I wish he had showed me what a big boy he was by staying dry … but that didn’t happen.   But it concerns me that Derrek still has a rather abnormal and unhealthy relationship with his penis.  Perhaps Sammantha should tie mittens to his hands when she puts him to bed in his crib tonight.  You can’t trust him not to play with it. 


Her mother agreed with part of that.  “Yes, Derrek … You are a big boy.  I think you said you were 28.  So maybe someday you’ll get to sleep in a ‘big boy’ bed.”


Madeline continued, “He touches himself in school too.  I sit right next to him in every class and it’s really embarrassing.  He puts a notebook over his crotch like he thinks I won’t notice, but I can hear him rubbing it … that’s after he pulls the zipper down and feels for his fly hole.  If he wasn’t my friend, I would tell the teacher.  All the kids at school know that their future class president is a chronic masturbater.  I just hope he doesn’t do it during his campaign speech.  Frankly, I think Derrek needs to see a psychologist.”


“But Madeline,” said Mrs. Davenport, “isn’t Derrek’s mom a psychologist?”


(I just stood there with a blank stare on my face as the eight-year-old ran off lie after lie to her mother. There was no limit to the amount of embarrassment Madeline delighted in causing me.)


The girl replied, “Yes, but she’s too close to the problem.  It’s like when a shoemaker lets his own kids run around barefoot.”


Maddie added, “But I did wash his play-toy thoroughly.


“The bunny rabbit or the penis?”


“Oh, his penis …  so right now it’s very clean.  You could touch it and not pick up any of his little boy diseases.”


Mrs. Davenport fumbled for the right congratulatory words for such an occasion, “Well, Derrek, as a young boy … How old are you now?”


“I’m six.”


“Okay, well as a six-year-old, I think you should be thankful for having such a well-scrubbed male organ.”


“I am, Ma’am,” I replied in my high voice, while handing her a stack of clothes for Madeline’s weekend age changes.  “She’ll be age ten tomorrow and back to twelve by Monday.”


Maddie had one more dig for me.  “You still need to try harder to stay dry, Derrek.  It’s not a good look to have a class president who’s a bedwetter.”


“Okaaaaaaaaaaay,” I shot back with great annoyance.


“Madeline,” her mother commented, “I think you need to cut Derrek some slack.”


“Sure, Mom.”  Then Madeline waved at me.  “See you in school on Tuesday, Derrek … and stop playing with it!”


Her face had a big smile … mine, not so much.




The ride home was a bit awkward.


“Sweety, if I had to make a guess, I would say that your sleepover with Madeline didn’t exactly go according to plan.”


“You’d be right, Mom … except that there really was no plan.”


“In her mind, there was.  Did you enjoy being infantilized?”


“Not any more than when you did it to me … except you went all the way to make me into a baby.”


“Then we’re lucky she didn’t.  When Madeline and I were having our bedtime snack in the kitchen, she was practically bragging about how she put you to bed in the crib.  I thought maybe she would release you after she finished.  But I guess that didn’t happen.”


“No, it just got worse.  Were you surprised when she sat down right next to you on the sofa and spanked me?”


“I just thought that that was her way of expressing affection for you.”


“No, she was just basking in her ‘power trip’ … and keeping me in the crib just reinforced her imaginary powers.”


“Well, from the way you approach role play, I know that you have personal standards that you follow.  You never like to break character and you never call for a ‘break’.  Sexual embarrassment can be a very powerful emotion.  So I admire your discipline … but I also have to think you found the whole storyline last night very titillating and exciting to some degree … and that’s why you stuck with it even after she threw the water on you.”


“To some degree, maybe, Mom, yes.  But I’m a little nervous about what she might dream up to do to me at our next ‘date’ if we actually go through with it on New Year’s Eve.”


“May I make a suggestion?”


“Sure, Mom.”


“Since it will occur during winter break, why don’t the two of you abstain from doing a water touch-up for a couple days and then go out as 17-year-olds instead of twelve?  We could even double-date.  I could let you drive the Porsche and have Madeline sit up front.  And Daniel and I could sit in the back.  Maybe we’d even get a couple hotel rooms after dinner.”


“Mom, you had me at ‘drive the Porsche’.  That would be better than the sex.  I think that’s an awesome idea.”


“Would Madeline go for it?”


“I’m sure she would.”




When we arrived back home, Sammantha checked her email, and sure enough, there was another message from Principal Glass.


I noted, “Mom, this one ought to be pretty good after the Empathy Day fiasco.  I’m just wondering how many sexual harassment lawsuits she’ll be facing.”




Dear Parents:

I am pleased to report that our experiment with ‘Empathy Day’ was a complete success.  In total, 31 boys were sodomized, all in the seventh grade.  Apparently the seventh grade girls took the assignment much more seriously than their eighth grade counterparts.  They brought various devices to school which would help the boys empathize with what it’s really like to be a girl.  And the boys were grateful and eager to consent.


Throughout the day, one boy was sodomized five times, clearly a result of his effeminate presentation of makeup and dress.  His empathy must have been very strong.


(I paused reading to tell Sammantha, “Randy was crazy to dress up like Tinkerbell.  He was so pretty that no girl in the school could resist fucking him in his ass.  But let’s keep reading.”)


As mentioned, all this activity was consensual, and although some boys were spanked, not a single one complained here at my office.  A few boys told me that they were forced to perform cunnilingus on several girls, but those particular boys had reputations of being loose with the truth so their comments were discarded.


There was, however, a bit of confusion in the morning when a good number of boys were taken into the bathrooms and masturbated by girls.  Their complaint was not that their panties were taken down, but that this behavior by the girls was not consistent with the spirit of the day.  The boys were supposed to have vaginas on Friday, not penises.  So the girls should not have been ‘jerking off’ any penises.  This was corrected by afternoon.


Every boy took to this assignment with good humor and the results are encouraging.  None of them were injured, none incurred any sexually transmitted diseases, and of course, none of them got pregnant. 


On the other hand, the girls came out of this assignment with a much better understanding of how power, and especially sexual power, can become intoxicating.  By sexually assaulting boys, they became more aware of a boy’s thought processes that occur to him throughout each school day.


As Dr. Adams pointed out, every thirty seconds, a sexual thought enters a middle school boy’s head.  After today’s exercise, we hope that the boys will practice empathy before acting out on these instincts.


(I told Sammantha, “There you go, Mom … You’re a social icon.)


Our Empathy Day commentary would not be complete without a huge shoutout to the Jerry Sandusky Middle School football team who outperformed the Al Capone school by staging the greatest comeback in school history … all while taking the field in their skirts, panties, and training bras in a beautiful extension of our day-long celebration.


The Capone players showed poor sportsmanship by calling our boys ‘vaginas’, although the actual word they used rhymes with ‘bunts’.


The home team trailed by a score of 26 to zero going into halftime.  In addition to the lopsided tally, Coach Parker had been ejected from the game for arguing with the officials.


In the second half, it all came down to the determination and incredible leadership of team captain Dilinger X VonChompion, who rallied his squad to five highly creative touchdown drives that totally baffled the opposition … and led to a victorious final score of 38 to 34.


These boys proved that girl power is nothing to be taken lightly.  Perhaps they should consider dressing up as girls for all of their remaining games.



This coming week will be a busy one at our school.  Tuesday will be the assembly for those running to be class officers, Wednesday will be the vote, and Thursday will be the swearing in ceremony.


And on Friday, our vaunted and undefeated football team will load up their bus and go on the road to face Vlad The Impaler Middle School.


And once again, I want to thank all the moms out there who helped their kids, especially the boys, prepare for our wonderfully successful Empathy Day.


Sincerely yours,   Dr. Tiffany Glass,   Principal,   Jerry Sandusky Middle School




“That was a long note, sweety.”


“Yeah, and she made an error in her count.  There weren’t  31 boys sodomized. The real number was 32.”


“Who was the extra boy?”


“I’m afraid it was me, Mom.  I never reported it.”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh … sweety, after what you went through with Sally, who would do such a thing to you?”


“Madeline … under the football bleachers … but I deserved it.”


“No, Derrek.  No one deserves to be raped.  I thought she liked you.  Why would she do this?”


“Madeline does still like me, but she was very angry that I allowed Sally to come into our homeroom class and shoot her gun instead of locking her out.  She said Sally could have killed her and Hoshiko … and she was right.”


“So you allowed her to do this to you?  What did she use?”


“I thought it was best to let her get her anger out all at once, by fucking my brains out.  So it’s out in the open now and she forgave me … And I forgave her for fucking my ass with a strap-on penis.  Starline was passing them out to all the girls.”


Sammantha reached out and gave me a big hug.  “Sweety, I can’t believe what a good heart you have.  This girl violently reams out your ass, and yet you still immediately help her when she’s hit by the water.”


“I was the only person in the world who could have helped her at that moment, Mom.  And I’m not a hater.  Despite everything that happened yesterday, I still think Madeline is a good person.  At least when she’s age twelve, she’s a little more mature.  Us water-cursed people need to stick together.”


“Sweety, I’m really starting to wonder how many more of you are out there.  If Queenemma Allred was a ‘busy bee’, then Buffalo, right now, might be populated by a lot of extra children.”




End Chapter 76

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2024


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