Tales from the ARVInn, 3

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024

Chapter 71
ARVInn: Residents--Eddie J., Child Cause

Chapter Description: Little Eddie was a special case for ARVInn. Found on a roadside, he was eventually found in need of special care. The SCF became his new home.

Tales from the ARVInn: Eddie J., Child/Cause

On June 16, 2094, a New Hampshire State Police officer spotted a young boy walking along State Route 112 toward North Woodstock at 2:00 a.m.  When he stopped to check, he soon discovered the youngster was alone, scared and very confused.  He could give the officer only his first name and say that “Daddy and Mommy left me.”  He had no idea how long he had been there or where he had come from.

In the following days, an ever-broadening search failed to find any leads as to the identity of the boy, Eddie.  His picture was featured on television throughout the northeast and even on a couple of national evening news broadcasts.  Searches through the various social media channels found no pictures which matched him.  He was placed with the Department of Child Welfare, which found a foster home placement.  He was given the name Eddie Jessup, after the officer who found him, since he could not tell them his own surname.  The media called him “Eddie J.” 

He appeared to be about age 12 when found, but it was soon apparent that he was not mentally capable.  He showed a maturational level more like a five-year-old.  When school began that fall, he was placed in special needs classes.  Eddie remained there for the year, but his foster parents began to ask questions when he did not show any signs of growth over the following two years.  DCW arranged for a full physical examination at UNH Hospital in the spring of 2096.  The examination showed that Eddie’s lack of growth was due to the fact that his growth plates were already fused.  This and other tests convinced the doctors that he was an ARV victim, rather than a normal child.  At this point, it was decided to seek a full-time institutional placement for Eddie, rather than a foster home, as this would be better suited to his long-term needs.

One of the doctors at UNH was familiar with ARVInn’s Specialized Care Facility and made the connection.  In the summer of 2096, Eddie was transferred from New Hampshire to ARVInn-SCF, where he continues to reside.  After an initial settling-in, he has adapted and is quite satisfied with his new home.  With the intensive therapies used there, he has improved in self-care and takes part in a number of recreational and craft activities.

No one has yet come forward to identify Eddie or give any information about his background.   His DNA has also produced no matches close enough for identification.  His year of birth is, of course, not known.  It is speculated that his family may simply have become overwhelmed with trying to care for him and drove to the area from elsewhere.  He was found only a few miles from I-93, which links the area to Vermont, Quebec and Massachusetts. 

His face is one of those found in the online Child Abuse/Abandonment Hotline’s section for unknown ARV-Adults.  Sadly, there are nearly one hundred such faces there.  The hunt for clues to his identity still goes on, as it does for all of them.

Written 3 April 2103; verified 12 December 2110                                                                           1 Photo by Garrett Jackson on Unsplash



End Chapter 71

Tales from the ARVInn, 3

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024


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