Tales from the ARVInn, 2

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024

Chapter 50
ARVInn: World--Walt, Jockey, Too

Chapter Description: Walt wrote a testimonial letter for the assistance ARVInn gave him, in his adaptations after the AR Virus. He described his new career, not only owning the horses, but riding them, too.

Walt--Jockey, Too

Mr. Callendar: 

You asked for a comment about services provided by the ARVInn Foundation.  Since it was so helpful to me, I’ll give you a bit of background, as well.   I was a small-time horse owner and breeder for years before the AR Virus.  After a string of so-so mounts, Mariposa was my best shot at getting real winnings in 2082.  At 6’5” and well north of 200 pounds, I didn’t ride him for any length of time.  My favorite jockey for him was 5’1” and just 109 pounds--almost ideal.

The AR Virus made a big difference for me, leaving me as a thirteen-year-old physically at age 48.  At 5’ and 98 pounds, I felt like I’d become one of the Seven Dwarfs.  Not having ridden a racing horse since I was a kid, I just had to try it out.  The first thing I found out was that I was nowhere near strong enough to guide a horse during a real race.  I felt like I’d taken a beating after just a couple of tries.  My wife, ever-kind, gave me the ‘I told you so’ look, but encouraged me to keep it up.  She was my number one fan; I do miss her greatly.  Our daughter also stepped up to help manage the business and her kids are even helping out these days.

Read the remainder here: Tales from the ARVInn--Walt, Jockey, Too (mediafire.com)



End Chapter 50

Tales from the ARVInn, 2

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024


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