Tales from the ARVInn, 2

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024

Chapter 38
ARVInn: Residents--Wes Charles, Survivor

Chapter Description: Wes went from pouring concrete to being a teenager. From there, he had a journey to find himself again and to reorganize a life.

      Wes Charles, Survivor                

AAAAH! Wes Charles (13/2032) lurched up in the bed.  His recurring dream of the accident brought him fully awake in a flash.  It didn’t matter that it had been eighteen years…it was still there.  The memory of trying to swim in an ocean of soft concrete, struggling to stay on top, was as fresh as yesterday.

He’d been working on a new high-rise in Chicago, a newly-minted concrete placement specialist, when it happened.  One moment he was guiding the pipe, the next he was on the floor as the unguided boom poured more around him.  Only an eagle-eyed operator’s quick shutdown on the pump kept him from being buried alive.  Even then, it was a struggle to avoid sinking into the soft, wet mass until someone could find a line and get it to him.   Three men had to pull hard to get him free, as he was nearly buried.  His body had concrete burns all over the next day and he was told to take the week off.

That would have been enough, but it was only the beginning.  The blackout, on that hot July day in 2060, that caused him to fall was the first symptom of his Age Regression Virus infection.  Two days later, his roommate had to call 911 when he wouldn’t wake up for breakfast.  He was admitted and quickly found himself in the Isolation Ward of Chicago Reserve Medical Center. 

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End Chapter 38

Tales from the ARVInn, 2

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024


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