Tales from the ARVInn, 2

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024

Chapter 32
ARVInn: Residents--A Family-sized Affair

Chapter Description: The Montgomery family was almost unique in its AR changes from the Virus. They were also fairly unique in their adaptations as a result of having contracted it. Resilience is obviously a family trait.

Tales from the ARVInn: A Family-sized Affair     

The Age Regression Virus created many unusual situations for families all around the world.  Within a few short years, it became common to see parents looking younger than their children or even parents being cared for by their children.  For the first few years, until legislation could be passed, ARV-adults were frequently treated like true children by many around them, often including their families.  Any number of abuses were found to happen.  Today, this is almost totally a thing of the past, although scattered occurrences still come to light. 

Because of the random nature of the mutations which allow the virus to have its most thorough effect, it is uncommon to find a family where there is more than one person affected.  It is virtually unheard of to have an entire family affected.  One of the few times this happened was with the Montgomery family of Rochester, New York.  Both parents and their two adult sons were affected, but not uniformly.  The family order ended up being almost reversed in appearance.  Arthur, Sr., the father, bounced at age 4, leaving him the smallest.  His wife, Laura, bounced at 7, while their older son, Jonathan, bounced at 6.  The younger son, Arthur, Jr., is now the largest of the family, appearing as a large 11-year-old.  

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End Chapter 32

Tales from the ARVInn, 2

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2024


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