Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 23
ARVInn--The Electricians

Chapter Description: Work crews at the ARVInn handle most of its upkeep, remodeling and repair needs. They are composed of a mixture of residents and local employees, working together. Specialized skills are often found among residents.

Tales from the ARVInn: The Electricians


From the ARVInn Foundation Development plan, 2061. 

The ARVInn should make use of the latest and best developments in power usage and generation.  While the current situation shows no problems with power supply, in-house solar energy and other alternative sources of power should be developed and utilized to the extent it is economically practical.  Future planning and construction should take these into consideration.

Due to the age and complexity of the physical facilities and the need for fast responses to problems, an onsite staff of electricians should be established promptly.  Any residents who are qualified should certainly be involved, along with other ARV-Adults who might be recruited.  The physical demands of the job will also require full-sized employees as well.  The number of positions should start with 5 and then be adjusted according to the work needs and the availability of residents.  Experienced and licensed workers will be required.  For residents who may come from outside Ohio, state licensing assistance should be a priority for the facility.  Equipment should be purchased as needed to assist the staff with their work.

In the interim, a local electrical contractor should be retained for construction and repair needs until the in-house staff can assume full responsibility.  A detailed agreement should be established to define the work expected.  At least one person should be onsite at all times.

Job description

The staff electricians are responsible for onsite repairs and upgrades to wiring and equipment for anything other than new construction.  They will maintain all institutionally-owned electrical wiring and equipment, including solar generating panels and backup systems.  They will work with other departments to provide expertise as needed.  They constitute a department under the Facility Maintenance Division of the Business Affairs Office.  There will be a lead electrician, multiple electricians and may include apprentices.

Addendum, 2092: The staff will be available for advice and material assistance to ARVInn associate members who reside off-campus in their own homes. 

Hiring and positions

Pursuant to the Development Plan, Athens Electrical Contractors contracted for electrical repair work for the initial year following the construction phase, which was under Myers Construction and Engineering, the General Contractor for the preparation of the facility.  An apartment was made available and one or more of their employees were onsite at all times.


Albert Dalmers (8/2029)1

During the first year, hiring began for an in-house staff.  The first was an employee of Athens Electrical, John Lee Starling, age 33, a licensed electrician with 9 years’ experience.  He remained with ARVInn for five years, until 2067.  The second employee was Albert Dalmers, an ARV-Adult from Columbus, OH.  He became a resident in 2063.  Unmarried, Albert was born in 2029, with an apparent age of 8 (50”, 58 lbs.).  His former experience was as an electrical lineman for OP&G for 12 years.  He remains on staff currently.

Continued at: Tales from the ARVInn--The Electricians (mediafire.com)



End Chapter 23

Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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